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Shelton Vengesai



Perception is also referred to as the point of view or viewpoint and it is one of the most powerful and rewarding attributes of human beings. People are where they are in life based on how they see things or how they perceive.

Yes, situations and circumstances may come but what sets people apart is their point of view on circumstances.

To other people, some situations even though negative, they come as a stepping stone to their destiny or towards the achievement of their goals and yet to some, the same situation may come as a hindrance.

Personally, I have always asked the question,” Why is it some people tend to be prospering or growing while some tend to be disadvantaged in any given adverse situations?

And so, in trying to answer that question, I have realized that it is the viewpoint that matters the most in every situation, since the way people see things is very critical in determining their reality.

Quite often, I have come across people who did not even fight for their goals simply because they thought it was impossible for them to achieve anything and I have also met people who in their adverse situations still saw it possible for them to achieve big and make a difference.

Romans 8vs.28 And we know God causes all things work together for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His plan and purpose.

The scripture above helped me to understand that in all situations or circumstances, God causes all things to work for our good but unfortunately, in most cases we rarely look at the positive side since we will be entangled on the bad side of what will be happening in our lives. 

Have you ever seen that when the stock market crashes, some people take advantage of that and grow their monies and yet some people are heavily affected?

What separates those who win during such a market crash and those who benefit from it is the difference in perception of what is happening.

One good story that inspires me in this context is in the following scripture: Genesis 26vs.12-13. Then Isaac sowed in that land and received in the same year an hundredfold: and the Lord blessed him. 13 And the man waxed great and went forward and grew until he became very great.

Previous verses states that there was a famine in the land and from that the reality is that such a situation makes it hard and difficult for one to decide to sow seeds and to imagine reaping a harvest.

However, regardless of all that, Isaac did not allow the weather conditions to be the only basis of his decisions since he looked at the situation with a different perspective and hence, he sowed seeds and reaped a hundred fold.

He had a different perspective of life and so, he did something unimaginable at that time while the majority may have been folding their hands and complaining about the situation.

Please note that, with everything going on around the globe today, I would like to encourage you to sit back and look at things from all the different angles and then ask yourself what good can come out of that situation which you are facing.

Always remember that the reality of your life is not all about what the majority says but it’s all about your personal convictions and perspectives on issues that matter. 

As such, in all what you do, I want you to always bear in mind that we are all born with a specific purpose that the world cannot do without and that you are living at such a time like this for a reason.

Because of the unique qualities that you possess whether you were aware of them or not, I would like to encourage and advise you to change your viewpoint on any situation and do something extra ordinary that can make a difference which can change the world.

God bless you

Shelton Vengesai is a Motivational speaker, Personal Development Coach, Aviator and Entrepreneur based in Frisco, Texas, United States of America.

Follow him on Instagram: @captain_eagle_shelton

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