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Active Involvement, the Rule of Law and the Game of Numbers towards Building Successful Communities

Mutumwa Dziva Mawere



Mutumwa Mawere, 18/12/2020

It is the case that no government exists in the animal kingdom. You may wonder why? Animals like humans are living creatures but they lack order and structure.

Order and structure are consequences of human choice and action.

It is futile to expect a functioning government underpinned by people who refuse to pay taxes to enable it to deliver the promise.

Ask not what a government can do for you but what you can do for yourself in the name of the government after paying your taxes but the link between value given up and the claim on the promise of a government is easily misconstrued.

Even in WhatsApp groups like WHAT IS A COMPANY, though they are free to join, there are some who are too smart not to see the value already delivered in form of knowledge that would ordinarily be absent in the public domain.

Some have said even America is not a country but an idea whose nobility is premised on the genius that when forward leaning people choose to associate or create a company, the outcome or promise will always be inclusive and superior to any silo-centric construct.

America with a population of just over 300million is number one (1) because of the genius of the idea underpinning it.

The founding fathers are long dead but the idea endures to allow anyone to enter into the contract without asking the question – where is the leader – but just getting on with it.

What happens when one joins the USA as the chosen community? One still has to live and pay taxes. The taxes represent value one has to give up to create the community that one is proud of.

Imagine today, you chose to share with the world starting from here, why you have chosen to be part of this initiative and be the leader that you expect from others, how many others may emulate you?

I was talking to Yvonne yesterday and I was encouraged that since she chose to be part of the WHAT IS A COMPANY group, her perspectives and paradigms have been shifted in a positive manner.

This has allowed her to conclude that her Connections2Communities (C2C) membership fee was the cheapest entry to knowledge that she could never have accessed as a pedestrian of life.

She has been inspired to promote the building of a community who are keen to try a wholesale mentorship program focusing on what you have just done – that is to join – without expecting another person to lead your life but for you to live your life in the glare of a new family called C2C.

Who is C2C? Look in the mirror and you will find your face in it. You have chosen to include C2C as your ID. You are the reason why C2C exists and must exist. Be proud of your choice to be part of this community?

Go on top of a mountain and just tell everyone who cares to hear with the loudest voice that effective today, you are C2C by virtues of giving up value, albeit small, to secure knowledge, ideas, experiences and insights in a structured manner.

I have given a target of a circle of 100 per mentor. People like Maureen and Yvonne are already on the road to building this circle using C2C as their glue. Does C2C exists? No. It only exists through the minds and actions of its paid up members.

Either one is married and in a union or not. Either one is a member or not.

I am reminded by Chiedza Mavangira a member of C2C who said it is not done until it is done.

She joined and guess what she paid for a person to be nominated by Masimba Australia. That payment was made and to date Masimba Australia has failed, refused and neglected to name the person.

Instead of grabbing and taking advantage of this generosity, he has chosen to operate outside the four corners of C2C when he could easily have appropriated this offer to be the name behind the offer.

Is it not encouraging to see the spirit of building community power manifesting itself in the gesture made by Chiedza Mavangira

There are many good stories of what power the human spirit is that would allow people to leave the comfort zones of places of birth to distant shores without any promise yet some would want a promise for giving up so little to secure hope at a time when hope is the most expensive community in life.

Imagine a million members of paid up members, what would be the impact? This is the hidden and overt power of numbers. Volume matters and scale delivers the least cost to deliver an outcome.

Imagine the wallets of 1 million people choosing to buy a product like rice from the same source. Just imagine the power anyone who spends money randomly and singularly can unleash as a community.

Economic freedom is best secured when literacy is the order of the day.

If you subscribe to this message, what should you do as the next step after reading? SHARE SHARE SHARE without any limitations.

You are the change that you are waiting for. You are the leader who will never arrive unless you are the reason to make it happen. You are the company that you are trying to define and shape.

Below is a confirmation of the people that choose to add value and participate in noble causes:

[12/18, 7:04 AM] Justice – rule Of Law 1: Now a member… Fully paid

[12/18, 7:04 AM] Justice – rule Of Law 1: C2CWIA00022

Experienced Chairman with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Strong entrepreneurship professional skilled in Negotiation, Budgeting, Business Planning, Operations Management, and Analytical Skills.

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Wisdom For Emerging Leaders: Balanced Living, Managing Depression and The Art of Public Speaking

Simbarashe Nyamadzawo



Simbarashe Nyamadzawo

Simbarashe Nyamadzawo, 23/02/2021

Creating a Balance between Pursuing Your Dreams and Being There For Your Peers

There is a certain point in time when you are emerging as a leader and there is a lot of demand placed on your gift. Everyone in your circle will want a piece of you. People get referred to you as the go to person.

You never want to break promises but you find yourself not keeping your word. Everyone is taking and taking from you, no one is prepared to replenish you. Others request to see you in free time when you don’t even have free time.

You open your WhatsApp and you see tens and tens of messages which need to be replied.

Others see you online and assume you are ignoring them when in actual fact you are working on their requests and you can’t afford to reply the massages without having your work and thought pattern getting interrupted.

When you get emotionally depleted, you take some time off so that you can recharge , when you get back to work you are greeted with a dozen to do list which needs your attention and these are issues you can’t delegate.

I have experienced that and I have learned to be strong and remain focused and not lose my plot. If you are in such a space I pray that the LORD will increase your capacity. I pray that the LORD will give you the courage to say “NO” to some of the requests from people.

I pray that you put a monetary value on your time and those with requests of a commercial nature get to pay you. I pray that you will not lose your mind as you work out a way to meet all your demands.

I pray that the LORD will give you the wisdom to sort out your priorities. I pray that the Holy Spirit will become your mentor and teacher. I pray that the LORD will send you people to elevate you to the next season of your life.

Wisdom for Managing Depression during Trying Times

Most people are going through a lot, depression and much more. They don’t have courage to speak out.

Be kind to people and have the courtesy to check on your friends and be there for them when they need you most.

The church in Africa does not value counseling that much. Very few leaders teach on how to handle pressure, depression and other ills of the 21st century. May the LORD grant us the wisdom to deal with our dark sides. Amen

Mastering the Art of Public Speaking

Reduce your message to the level of your audience. Most speakers lose it the moment they want to sound intelligent and knowledgeable.

Let’s say you are a politician addressing a rally, don’t tell the electorate about the GDP, balance of payment and other big economics terms.

What they want is an assurance of their needs. Jobs. Health. Water. Affordable Tax.

For most types of presentations, the simpler the language the greater the impact.

One of my favorite speakers is Dr. John C. Maxwell, he is regarded as one of the foremost authorities on leadership. He has won himself a wider and captive audience because he has this knack of breaking a complex message into simple and understandable language.

Next time you are given an opportunity to speak, labor as much as you can to make your message simple.

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Leadership Ideas Are Borderless: Conversation with Mutumwa Mawere Part 1

Noah Mangwarara



Mr Noah Mangwarara

Noah Mangwarara, 13/01/2021

The leadership conversation between Mutumwa Mawere and Noah Mangwarara was prompted by the quest to answer the question; “WHAT IS A LEADER?”

ln the talks that ensued, a number of thoughts came up and these have been crystallized into a series with one idea explored at a time.

The starting point is that Leadership ideas are borderless since in as much as we are living in a world that has physical borders, no one has a monopoly over knowledge nor ideas.

The one with ideas cannot afford to keep the ideas to themselves. The circulation of ideas has reached levels where trying to harbor them will not help nor address the advancement of the human race.

The leader is the one who realizes that imagination has no borders because the only borders to imagination are the ones you create.

Real influence therefore doesn’t come from the confinement of ideas into your little office, whether it’s corporate, political, social or spiritual since the world is on a constant shift and following after relevant ideas that advance the cause of civilization.

The leader must have ideas that people are looking for and as such, in addition to that, true leadership comes down to empowerment of people to a point where they can readily source ideas circulating in this terrestrial space because positions and titles devoid of ideas won’t make you influential.

ln a world of physical borders, a true leader is not necessarily one with titles, qualifications, positions or a couple of years of earthly existence because age on its own when devoid of sound ideas, it will never take you far even if you have a so called powerful position.

A qualification obtained ages ago will never help anyone unless that knowledge is mixed with modern ideas that address the ills of the world and more-so, a title has never been known for producing answers to questions; ideas do.

It is ideas that rule the world; the leader ought to have their antennas high, eyes open  and ears on the ground to  tap into ideas that are free flowing.

The world is after ideas and not necessarily the person with the traditional sources of power. The one with the position will leave but the ideas will keep flowing.

ldeas are in constant circulation around the world and it is these ideas that rule supreme.

As such, a leader is then the person who applies the ideas at their disposal for the betterment of humanity.

The other topics in the series have been picked up as follows.

1. Ask critical questions

2. They all want to be Presidents; they think a President is a leader

3. Self-Governance- The starting point of great leadership

4. Develop rules of Responsibility

5. Connected for a purpose

6. Experts in talking versus Experts in delivery

7. When great minds meet

8. The mask of Leadership

9. Let reason and logic prevail

10. lf you are passionate, the world will follow

11. Stand out – be Outstanding

12. Learn as you go- be a soldier at heart

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Brian Kazungu



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