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From Her First Novel: Life Will Humble You, to the Second One: Chances, Audrey Chirenje Juggles between Romance, Suspense and Thriller

Brian Kazungu



Audrey Chirenje

Brian Kazungu, 06/02/2021

In the novel, Life Will Humble You, Riko and Ronda had a beautiful love encounter that later on took a lot of suspense filled twist and turns which even gets us to a short stint with secret agents that worked with Riko’s sister who was trying to help save her sibling’s marriage.

As we delve into Audrey’s second book, titled Chances, these secret agents become the main actors in a novel filled with crime scenes, secret service heroism and a touch of romance.

Through a chance meeting, Agent Ralph, a secret service operative specialising in busting money spinning human trafficking syndicates had his heart swept away by a young woman who had become adventurous as she tried to deal with traumatic heartbreaks and the stillbirth of her child.

In the novel Chances, Audrey’s imagination is fascinating and her story telling is mind grabbing as she keeps you guessing all the way until you finish reading the book.

The love story between a once-heartbroken psychologist, Ropa and the mysterious Agent Ralph dramatically shows how far a person can go to get the attention of a soul mate and more-so, it reveals the mysterious happenings that can occur if a secret service agent is falling for you.

Ropa have had three failed relationships and she had developed quite a disliking for the menfolk but the daring agent Ralph had some few tricks to conjure up before this young lady in order to make her change her mind and explore the world of love again.

As you read through the book, you will find your mind taken on a tour of so many countries such as South Africa, Cambodia, Nigeria, Canada, Zimbabwe and even the United States of America.

In her writing, Audrey also indulges readers with a sense of beauty and passion for good living with her exquisite description of food, fashion and luxury resorts

As shown in the closing paragraphs below, the exciting story of Ralph and Ropa ends on a beautiful note after their engagement since two months later, they got married and had a wedding at the beach.

We had our very simple wedding two months later by the beach with just immediate family and close friends. The sky was painted turquoise and there was a gentle breeze blowing. As we said our personalized vows, I just marveled at how God had favored me.

It appeared to be by chance, but I knew that the Lord ordered our footsteps and it happened when it was supposed to. We lived in faith ever after. Our house was full of love, joy and noise of our children, whose number increased to four thereafter.

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