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What is the Story Behind InnBucks’ Ban?

Caroline Du Plessis



What is the Story Behind InnBucks’ Ban by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ)? Zimbabwe is a divided nation.

The divisions are more stark when the character and personality of the forex market is taken into account.

Foreign currency by nature is issued and regulated outside the borders of Zimbabwe yet in Zimbabwe, the reality is otherwise.

The idea that $100 in the left hand pocket of a person that was acquired by exchanging services and goods in the open market, should have an exchange value that is determined and regulated by an administrative organ like the RBZ offends the constitutional promise underpinning the Bill of Rights.

The right and freedom to give up the $100 in question should be vested in the holder of the property.

The sad truth is that companies like Simba Foods are driven by actors who believe that is good for them should not be democratized.

The RBZ applies one rule to some and another rule to others. Why should InnBucks be permitted to do what others citizens are harrassed and arrested for doing?

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