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Ms. Alisha Smith deposits Mrs. Berene Johnson to the 10,000 Points of Light Hall of Fame

Caroline Du Plessis



Today, Ms. Alisha Smith deposits Mrs. Berene Johnson to the 10,000 Points of Light Hall of Fame.

Ms. Smith said: “I am excited that today I spent about 3 hours with Mr. Mawere and my sister from another mother, Ms. Johnson, talking about the urgency and importance of building a bank of hope whose currency is the people in it.

I learned today that a bank is not a building but a store of value.

If a bank is an idea just like the bank of 10,000 names. If I add one to the bank this is akin to depositing something of value in the bank.

Today I am so excited that Ms. Johnson agreed without reservation to be part of the BOAF community power building initiative that seeks to solve problems and challenges through structured and organized networks.

I learned a lot as I always do when I am in the presence of Mr. Mawere.

Ms. Johnson is a business proprietor apart from working as a Forensic Specialist for one of the big South African banks.

Her company’s website is www.gabnetworksolutions.co.za.

As Mr. Mawere always says, volumes delivers and drives value, I am confident that when we reach the target of 10,000 connected Africans using one bridge to wealth creation, this holds a better promise that investing in the bad idea that weakening the strong strengthens the weak.

We are stronger when we chose to work in human networks and not in silos.

When we left for home, I was so fired up and I believe that Africa’s future is stronger when we choose to build bridges and not walls.

Ms. Johnson is not apologetic when she says that she wants to build wealth through commerce.

By exchanging her value for equivalent value, it is unmistakable what the outcome will and should be.

It means no one will be a loser. I am looking forward to working with her to build the future that is possible when ideas are shared and opportunities are unlocked without using slogans.”


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