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Ms. Alisha Smith deposits Mr. Daylin Van Vollenhoven



Ms. Alisha Smith deposits Mr. Daylin Van Vollenhoven, the founder, and CEO of BAZALWANE  BUSINESS PARTNERS PTY LTD, a company duly incorporated and operating in terms of the laws of South Africa (BBP), that provides solutions to several companies, into the Bank of Hope or the 10,000POL Hall of Fame.

From the left: MD Mawere, Mr. Van Vollenhoven, and Ms. Smith

Yesterday, Ms. Smith, an Ambassador for the Banking on Africa’s Future (BOAF), organized a BOAF get together at the Rivonia News Cafe with Mr. Van Vollenhoven to share ideas, insights, knowledge, and experiences on what is required to lean forward in search of the opportunities that are available to unlock value and in so doing secure a prosperous life.

Ms. Smith said: “When I arranged the get-together, my primary focus was to introduce Edusysms, a digital education management information system, to BBP as I thought that this would enhance the reach of BBP.

I was introduced to the www.edusyms.co.za portal by Mr. Mawere and I immediately fell in love with it not least because the developer of this unique and novel platform is a member of the BOAF but because of its functionality and relevance in this digital era.

I believe that this platform holds a very good promise for business owners apart from its core use in the education arena to aggregate, accelerate and optimize to build clusters of connected value chain actors into a formidable market force.

I believe that volume delivers value that is not only competitive but least-cost. I am pleased to welcome Mr. Van Vollenhoven to this initiative of converting connections into an organized and structured formation.

I am always excited to extend the reach of people who share a common interest that better days are yet to come when a choice is made to be part of something bigger than oneself.

Problems are better solved when minds meet on them rather than when people choose to operate silos.”

Ms. Rebecca Uhuru who accompanied Ms. Smith and is a teacher by profession said:

Rebecca Uhuru in the middle

“I have learned one thing today “I am not an African but just me.”

My strengths are in communication, paying attention to detail, bringing people together, and administration, and from what I heard yesterday, I feel I can add value to BBP and many other forward-leaning initiatives that need more and not fewer customers.

It is ironic that many business actors believe that customers owe them something when in reality customers are like flies with no loyalty to the provider of sought-after services but to the value in the service.

The more visible your brand is, the luckier you can become. This is where I think the genius of the idea of building a mountain of candles or points of light lies.

I would personally want to be a grain in the sand than a grain standing alone to be noticed.

Mr. Mpasiri, a member of the 10,000 POL Hall of Fame, said: “When I paid my annual membership fee I thought it was not an investment but through this initiative, my return has been exponential. I now know people that I could never have met.

I have deepened and broadened my understanding of business through this community power-building initiative and when fellow indictees like Ms. Smith meet with me, it is truly like a family gathering.

This is the Africa I want to be part of. We must always keep our ears and eyes open because untapped opportunities are not in the rearview mirror but in the future where no one has been.

I look forward to working with BBP and adding value to the company’s offering so that we can all make some money in our lifetimes without worrying about which bush of Africa one was born.

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BOAF salutes Ms. Nicole Roos, Nestle’s CEO for East and Southern Africa Region



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“ABSA fraudulently and audaciously invented a court order and used to prejudice me,” said Mr. Roodt, a member of BOAF – 10,000 POL & JUROL campaigns – PART 2



Mr. Johan Roodt

Mr. Johan Roodt, a member of the BOAF – 10,000POL Hall of Famers, asserts that he is not alone or lonely point of light on the role played by ABSA BANK Limited (ABSA), in shaping and defining the kind of constitutional order that believes is characterized by self-help schemes and manufactured processes and outcomes.

In this audio, Part 1, he corrects a frequently reference to his ordeal with ABSA that there was a legal nexus between the bank and the companies that were victims of orders that were created and prosecuted outside the perimeters of due process of the law.


He makes the point that his group of companies were not indebted to ABSA as a matter of fact, yet ABSA sought and obtained court orders that were not part of the court records.

At the material time, he asserts that he was initially shocked that this reality could materialize without the knowledge and involvement of his companies.

“When it sank that this was no movie, I started the lonely journey to establish the facts surrounding the orders that were enforced against his companies.

I then established from the court records that on the day, one or more of the orders were granted, the matter was not even enrolled in court and as such there was no record of proceedings resulting in the granting of the order.

For this to happen, the inescapable conclusion is that banks like ABSA wield enormous power in the justice delivery system.

Mr. Roodt also tells the story of liquidators, who ordinarily should conduct their duties in an independent and impartial manner, taking sides with ABSA.

He also fingers his own attorney, a family friend, as acting in the interests of ABSA.

In the main, in this audio, the point that Mr. Roodt wishes to convey is that the existed no legal causa for ABSA to be involved as a creditor because no creditor to debtor relationship existed to permit the existence and operation of any order of court.

“I am inspired by Mr. Roodt’s compelling story and testimonial. I had no idea that a regulated bank like ABSA would be this audacious.

I am looking forward to the building of this circle of 10,000 victims who through story telling on an organized and structured platform, citizens can be angry and do something to ensure that the promise entrenched and enshrined in the constitution can be realized and enforced by each and every one of us.

The sword of Mr. Roodt spares very few in the justice supply value chain and as such this POL should be celebrated and showcased to ensure that frontiers of corruption are reduced,” said Mr. Frederick Koomson, a member of JUROL.

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The Challenge and Promise of Converting Undocumented to Documented Migrants – The Story of BOAF – 10,000 POL Inductee – Mr. Kelvin Iweriebor.



There is nothing as divisive as Identity Politics in the affairs of human beings. If Nigeria, for instance exists, as a proud sovereign nation, the question is why should South Africa not be allowed to chart its development trajectory without foreigners interfering in its journey of discovery to the benefit of its own nationals.

This is Kelvin’s SA company that he uses as a channel to provide solutions to clients who are not only South Africans but are inclusive.

Nationalism premised on IP is not necessarily a bad thing because the right to exclude is not limited to South Africans but even in family settings, it is not unnatural for people to seek to exclude a woman married into another family on the basis that marriage should at best be limited to persons who bring something of family into the potential family.

The story that has unfolded for years in South Africa would seem to suggest that xenophobia is a group thing and that contrary to what President Ramaphosa asserted eloquently on Heritage 2022 Day, not all South Africans subscribe to a monolithic worldview that all foreign undocumented persons are enemies of the project to build an open, transparent, and accountable South Africa.

The project Banking on Africa’s Africa (BOAF) – 10,000 Points of Light (POL) was inspired by a recognition that there exists no shared understanding on what it means to build a nation state that works for all who live in it and not necessarily for all who hold valid documents evidencing a relationship between the individuals and the adopted country.

Mr. Federick Koomson, Director of Equality, Identity and Inclusion in behalf of the BOAF project to use 10,000 individual migrants who have used their stay in SA to add value to the promise to reduce the frontiers of poverty, inequality and unemployment said: “I met Mr. Kelvin Iweriebor in South Africa. His story is instructive. He arrived in South Africa 12 years ago with no promise that he would be what he is today.

He married in South Africa and has 3 deposits into the SA population as kids born out of two individuals who came to SA without any expectation of falling in love and using SA as an address to build a family.

The 3 children did not choose to be born in South Africa but it is an undeniable fact that they are born here.

When human debates on foreigners are held, it is often the case that the facts become victims of ideologies and vested interests therein to allow the reality to dawn that humanity is indivisible to allow for the 3 children to be alienated from their parents.

It is true that these children will without their choice be condemned to the nationality of their parents yet their reality speaks to persons born and bred in South Africa with very little or no connection with the countries where their parents were born.

If anything, I am a member of this initiative so that stories i.e. 10,000 stories can be told and hosted by BOAF, INIAFRICA, AHS, C2C, and THE 1873 NETWORK to expose the practical challenges of presuming that all black foreign-born residents and citizens pose so grave a risk to the project of using SA as a fertile address for delivering the promise of a progressive, inclusive and progressive Africa that inspired many to sacrifice so much to realize it.

I have read the following thread and I would encourage you to consider being part of this movement to change paradigms on what is required to be done at the person level to provoke, ignite and inspire new conversations.

I am a community actor who has inspired the building of positive music factories based on new partnerships and can now boast of about 20 songs that speak to the urgency and importance of using SA as any other human address to advance the business of life based on diversity as a weapon to build and not divide.

I am excited to welcome Kelvin to this call to action and even the best meat will never inspire a single fly to visit it when it is hidden comfortably in a refrigerator.

It is time for foreigners to step forward in an organized and structured basis to tell their stories – one individual at a time.”

[9/15, 7:44 AM] POL00012: Good morning

[9/15, 7:44 AM] kelvin Iweriebor: I have registered the boaf

[9/15, 7:44 AM] kelvin Iweriebor: Is d tv working?

[9/15, 7:44 AM] POL00012: Go to your wallet and choose create and use your name to create a Rand wallet.

[9/15, 7:45 AM] POL00012: No

[9/15, 7:48 AM] kelvin Iweriebor: Ok call me on video when you have time

[9/15, 7:49 AM] POL00012: Have you registered as a merchant or user

[9/15, 7:49 AM] kelvin Iweriebor: User

[9/15, 7:51 AM] POL00012: Let me check

[9/15, 4:32 PM] POL00012: [9/15, 4:03 PM] POL00012: Any luck with emart

[9/15, 4:30 PM] Joseph Mudekunye: Let’s try the email registration for now

[9/15, 4:30 PM] Joseph Mudekunye: The phone one is not functioning

[9/15, 4:31 PM] POL00012: Is it possible to disable the option for now

[9/15, 6:23 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: Ok no worries

[9/15, 6:23 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: Sorry I couldn’t make today but I will come early in the morning tomorrow

[9/15, 6:24 PM] POL00012: Great

[9/15, 6:24 PM] POL00012: Can you try to register using email?

[9/15, 6:27 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: Ok

[9/16, 6:36 AM] kelvin Iweriebor: Good morning sir

[9/16, 6:36 AM] kelvin Iweriebor: Am coming this morning

[9/16, 6:51 AM] POL00012: Good morning

[9/16, 6:51 AM] POL00012: What time?

[9/16, 6:59 AM] kelvin Iweriebor: 8:30

[9/16, 8:45 AM] kelvin Iweriebor: ZA45eboaf16632211U10078

[9/21, 8:17 AM] kelvin Iweriebor: Good morning sir

[9/21, 8:18 AM] kelvin Iweriebor: Have you receive the tv?

[9/23, 7:51 PM] POL00012: Hello

[9/23, 7:51 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: Yes, sir

[9/23, 7:51 PM] POL00012: Did Fred speak to you?

[9/23, 7:52 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: No sir

[9/23, 7:54 PM] POL00012: Did he tell you about the initiative to convert 10000 undocumented foreigners into documented persons? Starting with him.

[9/23, 7:56 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: No he didn’t tell me

[9/23, 8:03 PM] POL00012: What do you think? I told him about the platform and he has not spoken to you.

[9/23, 8:05 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: Yes I can do for my wife but for me am using business permit

[9/23, 8:05 PM] POL00012: Where is your wife from?

[9/23, 8:06 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: Nigerian

[9/23, 8:06 PM] POL00012: What is her status?

[9/23, 8:09 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: She was using asylum before the covid now nothing

[9/23, 8:10 PM] POL00012: What skills does she have and did the asylum permit expire?

[9/23, 8:11 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: Yes it has expired

[9/23, 8:11 PM] POL00012: When

[9/23, 8:11 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: Before covid

[9/23, 8:12 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: She’s a perfumer

[9/23, 8:12 PM] POL00012: Music?

[9/23, 8:13 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: But back home she red computer school BSC

[9/23, 8:13 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: She’s can do music

[9/23, 8:13 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: She got good voice

[9/23, 8:14 PM] POL00012: Great. How long had she been in SA?

[9/23, 8:14 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: 11years sir

[9/23, 8:15 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: We got three kids together all was born in SA

[9/23, 8:15 PM] POL00012: Would you want to be part of this initiative as a member of BOAF

[9/23, 8:16 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: Yes sir

[9/23, 8:17 PM] POL00012: Did you finally register on e-boaf?

[9/23, 8:18 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: Yes but I haven’t transfer fund inside and she too have also registered

[9/23, 8:18 PM] POL00012: Do you want me to try to transfer money to you?

[9/23, 8:20 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: That I will be grateful if am not inconveniencing u

[9/23, 8:22 PM] POL00012: Have you opened your wallet

[9/23, 8:24 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: Yes, sir

[9/23, 8:24 PM] POL00012: Copy your account number

[9/23, 8:24 PM] POL00012: And share with me

[9/23, 8:24 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: Ok sir

[9/23, 8:26 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: ZA45eboaf16632211U10078

[9/23, 8:26 PM] POL00012: Thanks

[9/23, 8:26 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: Thanks so much

[9/23, 8:27 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: So regarding d permit issue what’s d way forward sir

[9/23, 8:28 PM] POL00012: Ok

[9/23, 8:32 PM] POL00012: The first step is to be a member – R1000

The second step is to be part of the 10000 grouping

Then using this platform start being part of documenting the stories of the affected people

Then take the documented stories to DHA as points of light to build an inclusive south Africa

[9/23, 8:32 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: Oh ok

[9/23, 8:34 PM] POL00012: What do you think? A person like Fred may not want you and others to know yet there is nothing to hide about not having documents.

[9/23, 8:34 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: Yes I understand sir

[9/23, 8:34 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: I will push

[9/23, 8:35 PM] POL00012: It starts with you the person.

[9/23, 8:37 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: Yes that’s true

[9/25, 7:56 AM] POL00012: Morning

[9/25, 7:57 AM] POL00012: https://iniafrica.com/index.php/2022/09/24/who-is-a-better-african-no-one/ – https://pol.boaf.cloud/post/819

[9/25, 9:19 AM] POL00012: Hello

[9/25, 9:25 AM] kelvin Iweriebor: Good morning sir

[9/25, 9:27 AM] POL00012: Have you listened to the above?

[9/25, 9:28 AM] kelvin Iweriebor: Yes I have similar story with me

[9/25, 9:28 AM] POL00012: Can you summarize below your story again?

[9/25, 9:30 AM] kelvin Iweriebor: Am a ceo of my company have given job to a lot of South Africans I never take their jobs either nor their women

[9/25, 9:31 AM] POL00012: When did you come to SA?

[9/25, 9:32 AM] kelvin Iweriebor: Since 2010 February

[9/25, 9:32 AM] kelvin Iweriebor: 12year on

[9/25, 9:32 AM] POL00012: From where?

[9/25, 9:32 AM] kelvin Iweriebor: Am from Nigeria

[9/25, 9:33 AM] POL00012: What was your CV like – before choosing to move to SA?

[9/25, 9:34 AM] kelvin Iweriebor: Am graduate bachelor in accountancy

[9/25, 9:34 AM] POL00012: Had you worked before? Which University?

[9/25, 9:36 AM] kelvin Iweriebor: Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma edo state Nigeria 🇳🇬

[9/25, 9:36 AM] POL00012: Had you worked before?

[9/25, 9:36 AM] POL00012: What led you to choose SA?

[9/25, 9:36 AM] kelvin Iweriebor: There’s no job in Nigeria I came here to seek for greener pasture

[9/25, 9:37 AM] kelvin Iweriebor: No

[9/25, 9:37 AM] POL00012: Who paid for your ticket?

[9/25, 9:37 AM] POL00012: Did you have family in SA?

[9/25, 9:37 AM] kelvin Iweriebor: My brothers paid for my ticket

[9/25, 9:38 AM] POL00012: Were your brothers in SA or Nigeria?

[9/25, 9:38 AM] kelvin Iweriebor: Yes I have a brother, wife and three kids

[9/25, 9:38 AM] kelvin Iweriebor: In Nigeria

[9/25, 9:39 AM] POL00012: Great. So you had a family link?

[9/25, 9:39 AM] kelvin Iweriebor: Yes

[9/25, 9:40 AM] POL00012: You can on a visa?

[9/25, 9:41 AM] kelvin Iweriebor: Yes visitors visa

[9/25, 9:41 AM] POL00012: And what happened when you arrived?

[9/25, 9:42 AM] kelvin Iweriebor: I was selling fruit on the street before I went to learn how to install dstv dish

[9/25, 9:43 AM] POL00012: I mean regarding your legal relationship with SA? How did you migrate from a visitor to an income earners in SA?

[9/25, 9:45 AM] kelvin Iweriebor: I summited application for relative before my 30days expired

[9/25, 9:49 AM] POL00012: Was it granted? And after how long?

[9/25, 12:22 PM] POL00012: Hello

[9/25, 12:22 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: Yes

[9/25, 12:23 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: Still renewing it every 3years

[9/25, 12:23 PM] POL00012: Since then?

[9/25, 12:23 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: Yes sir

[9/25, 12:24 PM] POL00012: How many people does your company employ?

[9/25, 12:24 PM] POL00012: Do you have any property in SA?

[9/25, 12:24 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: 2

[9/25, 12:24 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: No

[9/25, 12:25 PM] POL00012: If someone offered you to return permanently to Nigeria, would you consider the officer?

[9/25, 12:25 PM] POL00012: Offer

[9/25, 12:25 PM] POL00012: Do you consider yourself a SA?

[9/25, 12:25 PM] POL00012: How many children do you have? How many were born in SA?

[9/25, 12:26 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: Yes am really tired of SA because we don’t feel at home here

[9/25, 12:26 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: 3children all where born in SA

[9/25, 12:27 PM] POL00012: Who do you think should make you feel at home when others believe that SA is not your home and should never be your home?

[9/25, 12:27 PM] POL00012: Is it correct to say that you now have roots that connect you to SA?

[9/25, 12:27 PM] POL00012: Do the kids have any connection with SA?

[9/25, 12:27 PM] POL00012: With Nigeria? Sorry

[9/25, 12:28 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: No

[9/25, 12:28 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: They’re schooling here

[9/25, 12:29 PM] POL00012: If you left SA, do you not think that a part of you would be affected?

[9/25, 12:30 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: Yes all part of life will be affected but life goes on

[9/25, 12:30 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: Yes

[9/25, 12:30 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: They’re chasing us

[9/25, 12:30 PM] POL00012: Are you clients limited to only SA citizens or diverse.

[9/25, 12:31 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: Diverse

[9/25, 12:31 PM] POL00012: Do you think that the people who are chasing you know you and your profile?

[9/25, 12:31 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: I don’t know

[9/25, 12:32 PM] POL00012: Do you agree that you have a good story to tell?

[9/25, 12:33 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: Yes it’s good story

[9/25, 12:33 PM] POL00012: Should it not be celebrated and saluted?

[9/25, 12:33 PM] POL00012: Have ever been arrested in the 12 years, you have been living in South Africa?

[9/25, 12:34 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: No

[9/25, 12:38 PM] POL00012: Can one conclude that you have been law abiding for 12 years?

[9/25, 12:44 PM] POL00012: When did you establish this company?

[9/25, 12:56 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: Yes

[9/25, 12:56 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: 2016

[9/25, 12:59 PM] POL00012: Great. If you to guess, what would be the contribution you believe you have made to SA or the difference you have made to making SA what it is today?

[9/25, 1:00 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: Putting smile on peoples face

[9/25, 1:01 PM] kelvin Iweriebor: Making sure they’re satisfied with my service

[9/25, 1:11 PM] POL00012: What comes to your mind from this poster?

[9/25, 10:25 PM] POL00012: Thanks for the answers

[9/26, 6:49 AM] POL00012: Good morning

[9/26, 6:49 AM] kelvin Iweriebor: Good morning sir

[9/26, 8:48 AM] POL00012: Thanks for the chat.

[9/26, 8:49 AM] POL00012: Do you want to be #1 in the story telling project as a vehicle to build an inclusive and cohesive SA in this heritage month?

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