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Mr. Zuo Bruno inducted into the BANKING ON AFRICA’S FUTURE (BOAF) – 10,000 POINTS OF LIGHT

Peter Smith



Mr. Zuo Bruno, a technically gifted problem solver who hails from Cameroon who invented solutions that mitigates the pervasive loss of mobile assets from affirmative borrowers commonly referred to as car thieves, has been inducted into the BANKING ON AFRICA’S FUTURE (BOAF) – 10,000 POINTS OF LIGHT.

Ms. Caroline Du Plessis, a member of the BOAF – 10,000 POL Public Outreach initiative and a contributor on the iniafrica.com platform said: “It is always encouraging to know that Africa is not so dark at midnight when knowledge is introduced that problems that are common cause have provoked, ignited and inspired an individual like Zuo to use his gift of nature to shine on the problem and produce a world class solution.

I celebrate the fact that the solution is applicable worldwide and addresses the key issue of operability even if data connectivity is absent or unavailability.

The world is better for people like Zuo.

Mr. Bruno is currently based in South Africa, the Dubai or Paris of many Africans, a country that in which the idea of IDENTITY POLITICS or xenophobia has raised its ugly head allowing for human beings to be divided or separated on account of their place of birth.

The revolutionary solution that a person like Zuo is credited for knows no borders and its potency and utility benefits humanity yet ignorance would allow many human being to identify him as a FOREIGNER notwithstanding the fact that humanity is indivisible.”

Mr. Bruno said: “I am honoured to be inducted into this Hall of Africans who by solving problems have without any invitation helped to shape and define the character and personality of the Africa I want in which a person is judged by the human problems solved than by the place of birth.

I look forward to use my story to raise awareness on what is possible when problems are solved.

The solution’s identity exposes the bankruptcy that informs ideas like racism, sexism, xenophobia etc”


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