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Is the assertion by Musariri of the existence and operation of some kind of WORLD ORDER plausible and realistic?

Caroline Du Plessis



World Order

Do you know why the African elite, African wealth and African heads of state are at the service of the West? Do you know why apartheid, colonization, neocolonialism or even Françafrique existed? Do you wonder why the African is poor when his continent is full of so much wealth? Have you ever wondered why the black continent only knows despots who squander without qualms the public funds that they then deposit in the West? Do you know why African nationalists (Lumumba, Sankara, Edouardo Mondlane or Amilcar Cabral) were assassinated? Do you know why the peoples of Africa are gagged or why do the Western “democrats” support dictatorship and spread the red carpet to welcome with pomp the potentates who govern us?

To all these questions, the Franco-Ivorian Mireille Saki found the answer at the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren, Belgium. She discovered there an unpublished document long kept secret: the Charter of Imperialism. In this protocol of 28 articles is the macabre plan which maintains the African in misery and which submits Africa in bondage.

“This charter was drawn up in Washington during the slave trade, then discreetly negotiated at the Berlin Conference in 1885 while the Western powers were dividing up Africa; secretly renegotiated in Yalta when the world was divided into two blocks after the Second World War and during the creation of the League of Nations, the ancestor of the UN.

The ills from which Africa suffers are not the result of chance. They have been planned for centuries. The African who we wondered if he had a soul is on a drip by the will of the masters of the world.

Mireille Saki gutted the boa by publishing this exclusive document in her book entitled

Samuel Malonga




Item 1
Of the Motto: – MOTTO OF IMPERIALISM: To govern the world and control the wealth of the planet; Our policy is to divide and conquer, dominate, exploit and plunder to fill our banks and make them the most powerful in the world.

Item 2
No Third World country is a sovereign and independent state.

Item 3
All power in Third World countries emanates from us, who exercise it through pressure on the leaders who are only our puppets. No body in the Third World can assume the exercise of it.

Item 4
All Third World countries are divisible and their borders movable according to our will. Respect for territorial integrity does not exist for the Third World.

Item 5
All dictators must put their fortunes in our banks for the security of our interests. This fortune will be used for donations and credits granted by us as assistance and development aid to Third World countries.


Item 6
All power and government established by us is legal, legitimate and democratic. But any other power or government that does not emanate from us is illegal, illegitimate and dictatorial, whatever its form and legitimacy.

Item 7
Any power that opposes the slightest resistance to our injunctions thereby loses its legality, its legitimacy and its credibility. He must disappear.


Item 8
We do not negotiate agreements and contracts with Third World countries, we impose what we want on them and they submit to our will.

Item 9
Any agreement concluded with another country or negotiation without our endorsement is null and void.


Item 10
Where there are our interests, third world countries have no rights, in southern countries, our interests come before the law and international law.

Section 11
Freedom of expression, freedom of association and human rights only have meaning in the country where the rulers oppose our will.

Item 12
The peoples of the Third World have no opinion or right, they submit to our law and our right.

Item 13
Third world countries have neither culture nor civilization without referring to Western civilization.

Item 14
We are not talking about genocide, massacres, war crimes or crimes against humanity in countries where our interests are guaranteed. Even if the number of victims is very important.


Item 15
In third world countries, no one has the right to put in their banks more than a ceiling of money set by us. When the fortune exceeds the ceiling, it is deposited in one of our banks so that the profits return in the form of loans or economic aid for development in cash or in kind.

Item 16
Only countries whose leaders show total submission to us, our puppets and our servants, will be entitled to the aforementioned aid.

Section 17
Our aid must be accompanied by strong recommendations likely to prevent and disrupt any development action by Third World countries.


Item 18
Our armies must always be stronger and more powerful than the armies of Third World countries. Limiting and prohibiting weapons of mass destruction does not concern us, but others.

Section 19
Our armies must help each other and unite in war against the army of a weak country to display our supremacy and be feared by third world countries.

Item 20
Any military intervention aims to protect our interests and those of our servants.

Section 21
Any evacuation operation of nationals of Western countries hides our real mission, that of protecting our interests and those of our valets.


Section 22
The UN is our instrument, we must use it against our enemies and third world countries to protect our interests.

Section 23
Our objective is to destabilize and destroy the regimes that are hostile to us and install our puppets under the protection of our soldiers under the cover of the mandates of the UN forces.

Item 24
UN Resolutions are texts that give us the right and the means to strike, kill and destroy countries whose leaders and peoples refuse to submit to our injunctions under the cover of Security Council Resolutions of the UN.

Item 25
Our duty is to maintain Africa and other countries of the world in underdevelopment, misery, division, wars, chaos in order to dominate them, exploit them and plunder them through the United Nations Missions .

Section 26
Our rule of thumb is the physical liquidation of Third World nationalist leaders and leaders.

Section 27
The laws, resolutions, courts and tribunals of the United Nations are our instruments of pressure against the rulers and leaders of countries who defend the interests of their peoples.

Section 28
Leaders of Western powers cannot be prosecuted, arrested or imprisoned by UN courts and tribunals, even if they commit war crimes, genocide or crimes against humanity.

It is edifying this Royal Museum of Central Africa of Tervuren in Brussels in Belgium. It is a living witness to the slave trade by white settlers.

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