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The Royal India Restaurant Gets The Restaurant Guru Award – 2022



Restaurant Guru Award (2022) - The Royal India Restaurant

The Royal India Restaurant which is owned by an award winning serial entrepreneur, Jagjit Singh has been awarded the restaurant recommendation – Restaurant Guru Award (2022) for its good quality customer service and delicious Northern Indian cuisines.

Restaurant Guru is one of the world’s most popular food centered review platforms with over 30 million monthly users.

The award which Restaurant Guru described as well-deserved is a result of the positive reviews The Royal India Restaurant continues to receive from various people across the world.

Situated in South Africa’s flamboyant Sandton suburb popularly known as the richest square mile in Africa, The Royal India Restaurant is a prime food outlet with a variety of dishes and beverages including its famous butter chicken soup and Masala tea.

Over the years, this Northern Indian cuisine centre has been patronised by people from across the globe who visit the restaurant as either tourists from other countries or local citizens who want to enjoy meals in a place with free secure parking and no power cut related stress.

Recently, The Royal India Restaurant owner, Jagjit Singh was named among the Top 10 Indian Leaders in South Africa for the year 2022 by a leading business publication, CEO Insights.

According to CEO Insights’s Managing Editor, Sujith Vasudevan, The Top 10 Indian Leaders in South Africa is an annual recognition that showcases exceptional Indian origin leaders in South Africa who guide the country’s business landscape to its future by setting benchmarks across several key parameters.

In an interview with CEO Insights, Jagjit who is popularly known as JJ said that their unique customer service is what makes The Royal India Restaurant a favorite place for its diverse clientele.

 “As a business, we always strive to make people feel at home when they come to our restaurant, and we always make sure that they enjoy our dishes.

If you are looking for a place that prioritizes quality, The Royal India Group is the perfect home for you. We pride ourselves on the expertise of our team, the majority of whom have worked in the hospitality sector for many years.

He also further explained that the way they prepare their meals is among some of their greatest strengths.

Other restaurants take shortcuts since they buy prepared spices and toss them into meals to replicate Indian cuisine. At The Royal India Restaurant, all our chefs are from India, and they have worked in India’s most renowned restaurants.

Most of the spices that we use are prepared by our team, from whole spices to powder. Everything we serve is created from scratch so that our customers can experience the distinct flavor of Indian food in every bite.” JJ explained.

The Royal India Restaurant has over the years hosted various prestigious events and is also a favourite venue for filming South African telenovelas such The Family Secrets.

Brian Kazungu is an Author, Poet, Journalist, and Technology Enthusiast whose writing covers issues to do with Business, Travelling, Motivation and Inspiration, Religion, Politics, and Communication among others. https://www.amazon.com/author/briankazungu https://muckrack.com/brian-kazungu http://www.modernghana.com/author/BrianKazungu [email protected] @BKazungu-Twitter He has written and published several books covering various aspects of human life including leadership, entrepreneurship, politics, personal development as well as poetry and travel. These books are found on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/author/briankazungu

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Minister Lindiwe Sisulu to lead the state of world population report launch focusing on the impact of unintended pregnancy in her capacity as the Acting Minister of the Department of Social Development, the Minister of Tourism – Ms Lindiwe Sisulu, will deliver a keynote address at the State of the World Population (SWOP) launch today, Thursday 23 June 2022, in KwaZulu-Natal.

Nearly half of all pregnancies, totalling 121 million each year throughout the world, are unintended. In Southern Africa, 65 percent of pregnancies between 2015 and 2019 were unintended and 36 percent resulted in abortion.

For the women and girls affected, the most life-altering reproductive choice – whether or not to become pregnant – is not a choice at all.

It is in this context that the Department of Social Development, in partnership with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), is launching the State of World Population 2022 report focusing on the unseen crisis of unintended pregnancies.

Titled: “Seeing the Unseen: The case for action in the neglected crisis of unintended pregnancy”, the State of World Population 2022 report highlights the 121 million unintended pregnancies every year as a global failure of basic human rights, and a neglected crisis.

It reveals the scope and impact of unplanned pregnancy on women, girls, households, societies, countries, and global development.

The launch will take a South Africa-led multi-country format, which entails a dialogue with senior government officials, to be followed by youth engagement activities facilitated by young people from youth networks in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region.

This engagement will be attended by SADC region dignitaries, and cabinet ministers from countries including Malawi, Zimbabwe, the DRC, and eSwatini. The Premier of the KwaZulu-Natal Province, Mr Sihle Zikalala, and the MEC of the Department of Social Development in the province, Ms Nonhlanhla Khoza, will also join the delegation.

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Tabitha Khumalo says NO to Mwonzora rapprochement



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A Battle of Ideas on Power Illiteracy – When Pro. PLO Lumumba, Mr. Mutumwa Mawere, Goodman Tamuona Musariri & Mokoma Benjie…. and Others Collided



A Battle of Ideas on Power Illiteracy – When Pro. PLO Lumumba, Mr. Mutumwa Mawere, Goodman Tamuona Musariri & Mokoma Benjie…. and Others Collided on the Africa Political Debates (APB), a WhatsApp platform that was created to provoke, ignite and inspire conversations on what is important in shaping and defining a new character and personality of what it means to be African in this century.

The simple observation by Prof Lumumba at 2:40 PM CAT provoked many minds to probe into the question of whether the people who assume high public office positions really understand their role in the affairs of sovereign citizens in securing the future that speaks to their dreams and aspirations.

The conversation below is shared against a background of divisions that characterizes the African reality.

Where is wisdom and knowledge to be found on the troubling questions of our time when the people who the majority often look up to are bankrupt on matters that they are generally expected to know?

Follow the Thread to the End:👇🏿

[4/3, 2:40 PM] Professor PLO LUMUMBA: President Mnangagwa must have assumed that he is addressing ‘economic illiterates’.

[4/3, 2:47 PM] Mutumwa Mawere: He did not have to assume because illiteracy is the bridge to power in many of our societies otherwise if the voters were alert and vigilant, do you think this reality would be possible?

[4/3, 2:49 PM] Professor PLO LUMUMBA: I must agree with you.It is the bane of most of Africa.

[4/3, 2:53 PM] Mutumwa Mawere: Pervasive illiteracy on what matters including CIVICS is debilitating and fodder for abusive political actors.

[4/3, 2:54 PM] Professor PLO LUMUMBA: Marcus Tullios Cicero quote:
“Do not blame Ceasar, blame the people of Rome who have so enthusiastically acclaimed and adored him and rejoiced in their loss of freedom and dance on his path and give him triumphal processions. Blame the people who hail him when he speaks in the forum of the new ‘ wonderful good society, ‘ which shall now be Rome. Interpreted to mean more money, more ease, more security, more living fatly at the expense of the industrious.”

[4/3, 2:54 PM] Mutumwa Mawere: Nothing much has changed.

[4/3, 2:55 PM] Professor PLO LUMUMBA: Still relevant centuries later👆🏿Europe stirred up but we remain in deep slumber

[4/3, 2:58 PM] Mutumwa Mawere: As long as public power is prostituted, there will be no one left to protect the public from tyrants.

[4/3, 3:01 PM] Professor PLO LUMUMBA: The Brothel that is African political systems can only guarantee Africa’s downward spiral.
The few voices of reason will continue to be pooh-poohed as irrelevant, utopian, and even stupid irritants.

[4/3, 3:31 PM] Mutumwa Mawere: [3:22 pm, 03/04/2022] +263 71 875 7379: These EDiots want transfers be it USD or RTGS vanoda cash
[3:26 pm, 03/04/2022] +263 77 760 5405: Illiteracy in politics, economics is our bane, as an electorate, for sure!

[4/3, 3:32 PM] Hon Goodman T Musariri🌾🌿🍀: Let us prove how literate we are on the concepts of money, credit, and debt which are important examples of financial aggregates.

Let us agree in our enlightenments or debate that:

• Money, credit, or debt are country-specific empirical concepts that are defined to reflect the financial instruments, financial institutions, and conditions within each country.

• As markets evolve definitions, the definitions of financial aggregates may also evolve.

• Financial innovation has increased the range of instruments that may have characteristics of money, new financial instruments and institutions are being created, and financial conditions between economies vary widely.

• Money has therefore a special role in economic theory. It is generally defined as a financial aggregate that provides the means to carry out transactions, serves as a liquid store of value, denominates the value of goods and services, and has a fixed nominal value.

• Money can be related to important macroeconomic variables, including inflation, growth of output, the balance of payments, and the exchange rate. Moreover, the quantity of money can often be changed through policy actions, which may give authorities the ability to affect inflation or other macroeconomic variables.

• So I stand with President of Mnangagwa in that video because of a further statement that I wish to say below, that:

• That the specific instruments classified as money have changed over a period of centuries; from coins of precious metal to currency issued by the central bank, to checkable and sight deposit accounts at banks, to other deposits and close substitutes, to portfolios of assets that emulate the features of monetary instruments.

• At present, although currency and transferable deposits at domestic banks are universally defined as part of the definition of money.

• In some cases, foreign currency-denominated instruments are part of the definition of money.

• Professor PLO LUMUMBA is truly aware that many countries have more than one definition in order to construct aggregates appropriate for local conditions and different types of analysis.

• In the future, new instruments including more electronic forms of money than cryptocurrency forms, seem likely to develop.

• Whatever the specific instruments that are incorporated in it, some concept of money has always had an important economic role as a measure of value, a store of wealth, and an agent to facilitate exchange.

• To drive my point home supporting President Mnangagwa’s assertions in the video let me highlight the complexity of his ARGUMENTS by my conclusion below:

• In many countries the definition of money is complicated because:

(1) numerous financial instruments have some monetary characteristics and can substitute for traditional monetary instruments

(2) distinctions between financial institutions have blurred, and:

(3) financial innovations have changed the relationships between money and other macroeconomic variables.

• Also, the comparison of monetary aggregates between countries is complicated by the diversity among financial systems.

So I stand with the President of Zimbabwe His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe Cde Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa is his attempt to show to both laymen and to the financially literate like Professor PLO LUMUMBA that :

• |” In some countries like during the RTGS money DERIVATIVES in Zimbabwe – that in some countries and at certain times there is a continuous spectrum of financial assets ranging from those closely substitutable for narrow money to those which are clearly distinct from it, so a concept of narrow money may not be relevant or cannot be separately identified as RTGS CURRENCY to a Kenyan National, especially in comparison with other Convertible Currencies in the region such as the RAND.

I thank you!

By :

Goodman Tamuona Musariri✅🌿🌾🇿🇼🍀

[The Republic of Zimbabwe]

+263 718425373

[email protected]

[4/3, 3:38 PM] Mutumwa Mawere: Are you illiterate?
[4/3, 3:38 PM] Mutumwa Mawere: [3:34 pm, 03/04/2022] Mukoma Masimba: I agree with Prof Lumumba, Ed talk doesn’t make sense. He gets applause. Shame
[3:37 pm, 03/04/2022] Mukoma Masimba: Mr. M, l would love to be part of the WhatsApp group Africa Political debates plz add me
[3:37 pm, 03/04/2022] mdmawere1: I am not admin
[4/3, 3:40 PM] Mutumwa Mawere: [3:39 pm, 03/04/2022] Mukoma Masimba: No worries. Plz, forward my answer to the group. I agree with you Prof Lumumba, Ed talks shit n gets away with it. Courts are captured. Eg #SMM Case study

[3:40 pm, 03/04/2022] mdmawere1: I have already shared in the group.

[4/3, 3:42 PM] Hon Goodman T Musariri🌾🌿🍀: I have a literacy LEVEL in quite a number of aspects

Literacy is generally defined as the ability to read and write


No !!!

[4/3, 3:42 PM] Hon Goodman T Musariri🌾🌿🍀: I do not agree

[4/3, 3:43 PM] Mutumwa Mawere: If you are literate, then don’t crowd the illiterates by substituting their point of view, if any.

[4/3, 3:47 PM] Hon Goodman T Musariri🌾🌿🍀: By Botswana South Africa, and Swaziland needing MORE of their own currencies to ONE USD $1with Zimbabwe needing the least of the SAME:

It can be argued from that perspective that Zim’s RGTS Currency was ” STRONGEST* in the region at the time…

the word “strongest” being in QUOTES

[4/3, 3:48 PM] Hon Goodman T Musariri🌾🌿🍀: There is no social law that really discriminates between literates and illiterates in that way

[4/3, 3:53 PM] Mutumwa Mawere: Why seek to substitute those who believe are illiterate rather than show by example what literacy does to those who possess it?

[4/3, 3:54 PM] Hon Goodman T Musariri🌾🌿🍀: Professor PLO LUMUMBA

Are you certain that you possess a greater financial aptitude, financial knowledge, and financial intelligence, and or financial IQ to warrant your statement that I have tagged above☝🏿

[4/3, 3:55 PM] Mutumwa Mawere: I have learned not to assume that the silent majority are silent because they are illiterate.

[4/3, 3:58 PM] Mutumwa Mawere: Literacy is never subjected to subjective tests but the reality is Zimbabwe is challenged because those who are in the mountains behave as if they know what the valley looks like even though they came from it. It would be unfair to test anyone but to look at where Zimbabwe is and try to juxtapose it with where it would have been if public policies were informed by common sense, logic, and reason.

[4/3, 3:59 PM] +44 7932 896076: Well said

[4/3, 4:03 PM] Leader Simm: True true🙏🙏🙏

[4/3, 4:04 PM] Hon Goodman T Musariri🌾🌿🍀: The moment that there is a coincidence of or existence of those that profess to be illiterates and those that claim to be literates then we have an environment that calls for UBUNTU than the display of VARIOUS MISEDUCATIONS

Imagine a Professor who is an outcome of MISEDUCATIONS trying to show what his own miseducation does to disinterested but probably wiser fools?

How much care to seek for PRESIDENTS Mr. Mutumwa Mawere?


The powerful call us ignorant

Yet even for every complex problem, there is a solution that is straightforward, simple, and wrong.


Probes: Goodman Tamuona Musariri✅🌿🌾🍀🇿🇼

+263 718425373

[email protected]

[4/3, 4:07 PM] Hon Goodman T Musariri🌾🌿🍀: I have also learned that: ” To repeat what others have said , requires education : to challenge it, requires brains”

[4/3, 4:13 PM] Mutumwa Mawere: What if the constitution is instructive in that there is no reference to a leader in it but a servant who is a public trust and as such public property who is subject to public scrutiny? If you defer to a person created by law, then you have no one to blame if the monster therefrom turns out to be devoid of reason. It is not the monster’s government but government when properly construed is a vehicle for all. Can it be hijacked? By a few who think it is an address for thinkers when in truth and fact, the process to create and vest public power is not an intellectual enterprise. Be always vigilant not with words but with actions.

[4/3, 4:13 PM] Mutumwa Mawere: This is a fallacy. Be interested in how your power is used NEVER TRUST ANY MAN WITH BORROWED POWER.

[4/3, 4:14 PM] Hon Goodman T Musariri🌾🌿🍀: By other currencies needing more of their UNIT CURRENCIES to one USD $1 than ZIMBABWE’S RTGS CURRENCY – surely the Zimbabwean Currency was STRONGEST in the SADC region.

ZIMBABWE’S currencies after slashing ZEROs in the early 2000s, always EMERGED STRONGEST than most currencies in the SADC region.

[4/3, 4:15 PM] +263 77 327 5131: Very true especially in the majority of the governance systems in Africa whose pillars are military mercies

[4/3, 4:17 PM] Mutumwa Mawere: No exception all humans are subjective, irrational, self-serving, random, vindictive, small-minded, memory-centric, etc including me.

[4/3, 4:17 PM] Mutumwa Mawere: Putin is no different.

[4/3, 4:17 PM] Mutumwa Mawere: A comedian v an Imperial President?

[4/3, 4:18 PM] +263 77 327 5131: OK ya but the degrees of any of such must be tolerable, just like inevitable bacteria

[4/3, 4:19 PM] Mutumwa Mawere: Life has no address for anyone to live life judging others when no one has the time to judge him or her.

[4/3, 4:21 PM] Hon Goodman T Musariri🌾🌿🍀: As long as any man has POWER then MIGHT will always be RIGHT.

Helen Keller once exclaimed and I quote :

• | Militarism . . . is the Chief bulwark of capitalism. When it is that militarism is undermined, capitalism will fail.”| Helen Keller

Then about your own statement that: |”NEVER TRUS ANY MAN WITH BORROWED POWER

I say:


Probes :

Goodman Tamuona Musariri✅🌿🌾🍀🇿🇼

+263 718425373

[email protected]

[4/3, 4:32 PM] Hon Goodman T Musariri🌾🌿🍀: On this one I totally agree with you Dad and Mentor : Mr Mutumwa Mawere

Presidents of nations have also proved to be the most DISORGANIZED persons of the Universe

Especially judging by all the Presidents of the US since their Declaration of Independence on 4 July 1776

• When the sufferers learn to think , then the thinkers will learn to suffer.

• Every decent man in the universe not in Africa only Professor PLO Lumumba wants us to believe of which I for one am RESISTING …


• And may I quote Thomas Paine once more:

• |”It is the responsibility of the patriot to protect his country from its government”| Thomas Paine


Goodman Tamuona Musariri✅🌿🌾🍀🇿🇼

[4/3, 4:40 PM] Hon Goodman T Musariri🌾🌿🍀: It is therefore the responsibility of the patriot to protect oneself and his country from its government with every decent man being always ASHAMED of the government he lives under.

And regarding your postulations about mingling of literates and illiterates amongst BROAD MASSES:

• Most conversations even with professors such as Professor PLO LUMUMBA AND PROFESSOR JONATHAN MOYO who is also in Kenya right now are SIMPLY MONOLOGUES DELIVERED IN THE PRESENCE OF WITNESSES such as members in a Cyberspace called Africa Political Debates

I thank you!

Probes :

Goodman Tamuona Musariri✅🌿🌾🍀🇿🇼

+263 718425373

[email protected]

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