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Towards Building the Acardia Lithium Mine in Zimbabwe



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Royalties to the government of Zimbabwe on targeted minerals to be paid half in form of commodity.



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Mr. Goodman Musariri asserts the importance of the Rule of Law in delivering inclusive human growth and prosperity.





What is the rule of law critical to you?

By: Goodman Tamuona Musariri✅🍀🌿🌾🇿🇼

• Through the picturesque landscape of the meadows lining its banks stands a monument with an inscription that commemorates a 13th – century event. Here at Runnymede English King John (reigned 1199 – 1216) met with opposing barons , powerful landowners disgruntled by royal excesses.

• The barons demanded that the king appease their grievances by conceding certain rights . Under tremendous pressure the king finally affixed his seal to a document that later became known as Magna Carta (The Great Charter).

• Why has this document been described as “the single most significant legal document in the history of the West”? The answer reveals much about man’s quest for freedom.

The Articles of the Barons

• King John was in trouble with the Roman Catholic Church. He defied Pope Innocent III by refusing to recognize Stephen Langton as Archbishop of Canterbury. As a result , the Church withdrew its support and , in effect excommunicated the King.

• King John , however , attempted a reconciliation. He agreed to hand over his kingdoms of England and Ireland.

• The Pope then returned these to John on the basis of the king’s profession of loyalty to the church and his payment of an annual tribute . King John was now the Pope’s vassal.

• Financial difficulties compounded the King’s problems. During his 17- year reign , King John levied extra taxes on the landowners 11 times .

• All the strife over church and financial matters led to a widespread belief that the King was untrustworthy. John’s character evidently did little to allay such concerns.

• Finally , unrest boiled over when barons from the north of the country refused to pay further taxes.

• They marched on London and renounced their allegiance to the King.

• Much haggling between the parties ensued , with the King in his palace at Windsor and the barons camped to the east in the nearby town of Stains .

• Behind-the-scenes negotiations brought them face-to-face between the two towns , at Runnymede.

• Here on Monday , June 1215 , John sealed a document listing 49 articles . It begins: “These are the articles that the barons seek and the King concedes”.

Freedom Under Law

• Mistrust of John’s intentions , however , surfaced quickly.

• Amid much anti-royal and anti-papal feeling , the king dispatched envoys to meet with the Pope in Rome.

• The Pontiff promptly issued papal bulls declaring the Runnymede agreement null and void .

• Back in England civil war quickly erupted .The next year , though King John died suddenly, and his nine-year-old son , Henry , acceded to the throne.

• Young Henry’s supporters arranged for the Runnymede Agreement to be reissued.

• According to the booklet Magna Carta, this revised edition had been “hastily converted from an instrument for the suppression of tyranny into a manifesto by which men of moderate views might be rallied to his [the King’s] cause.”

• The agreement was reissued several more times during Henry’s reign.

• When his successor , Edward I , confirmed Magna Carta once again on October 12 , 1297, a copy was finally placed on the statute roll, a listing of documents of special public significance.

The Charter curbed the monarch’s power. It stipulated that he , like all his subjects , was now subject to the rule of law.

• According to Winston Churchill , a renowned 20th-Century Historian and Prime Minister of England, Nagna Carta provided “a system of checks and balances which would accord the monarchy its necessary strength, but would prevent its perversion by a tyrant or a fool. Noble sentiments , indeed!

• But what did this document mean to the average man? – At the time, very little.

• Magna Carta detailed only the rights of “free men” – actually , a somewhat exclusive group , who were then in the minority .

  • While in 1215 the word ‘freeman’ had a limited meaning by the seventeen century it signified almost everyone

• “Quite early in its history,” Magna Carta “became a symbol and a battle cry against oppression, each successive generation reading into it a protection of its own threatened liberties”.

• Reflecting this significance , each session of England’s Parliament opened with a reaffirmation of Magna Carta.

• Lawyers in 17th- century England used articles from Magna Carta as the basis for such privileges as TRIAL BY JURY, HABEAS CORPUS, EQUALITY BEFORE THE LAW , FREEDOM FROM ARBITRARY ARREST , AND PARLIAMENTARY CONTROL OF TAXATION.

• Thus in the eyes of British Statesman William Pitt , Magna Carta was part of the ‘Bible of the English Constitution

The Quest for Freedom Continues

• Historically , the constitutional significance of Magna Carta has depended much less on what the charter said, than on what it was thought to have said”, acknowledged Lord Bingham, who wasord Chief Justice of England and Wales from 1966 to 2000.

• Nevertheless , the ideals of freedom associated with the Charter later spread throughout the English-speaking world.

• The Pilgrims , who left England in 1620 bound for America , took with them a copy of Magna Carta.

• In 1775 , when British colonies in America rebelled against taxation without representation , the assembly of what is now the state of Massachusetts declared that such taxes contravened Magna Carta.

• Indeed , the official Massachusetts seal in use at that time depicted a man holding a sword in one hand and Magna Carta in the other.

• When representatives of the fledgling nation met to draft a constitution for the United States of America, they upheld the principle of freedom under law.

• The U.S Bill of Rights, descends from this acceptance. Thus I 1957 and in recognition of Magna Carta, the American Bar Association erected at Runnymede a monument bearing the inscription , “To Commemorate Magna Carta – Symbol of FREEDOM UNDER LAW.

• In 1948 , American Stateswoman Eleanor Roosevelt helped to draft the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, hoping that it would become “the international Magna Carta of ALL men everywhere.

• Indeed , the history of Magna Carta shows how profoundly the human yearns for freedom.

•Despite noble aspirations, today basic human rights remain under threat in many countries.

Human governments have repeatedly shown themselves unable to guarantee freedom for all

• Probably that is the reason why millions on earth have resorted to the QUEST OF EVEN HIGHER form of freedom under the law of a different government, God’s Kingdom which explains why national or International CONSTITUTIONS are and have to be dedicated to God Almighty.

• And the Christian Bible says something remarkable about God Almighty and as a Prophet myself (Prophet Bokolings), allow me to quote from 2 Corinthians 3:17:-

• “Where the spirit of Jehovah is, there is freedom” (2 Corinthians 3:17).

• All Citizens Sovereigns must therefore seek for justice under the rule of law from God Almighty himself to find a fascinating and liberating FREEDOM from whom all constitutions of the universe are dedicated by both DIATHEKE COVENANTS (Between Man and Man) and SUNTHEKE COVENANTS ( between God Almighty and Man.

• Before we delve into the modern dynamics of JURISPRUDENCE which is achieved through the following:





• It was important that I highlight the origin of the RULE OF LAW versus JUSTICE DELIVERY and as a consequence of the CAUSATION AND EFFECT relationship between them.


• |” Magna Carta (Latin for “The Great character”) began as “The Articles of the Barons”. King John affixed his seal to this 49-article document. During the next few days , the agreement expanded to 63 articles , and the King again sealed the document. The reissue 1217 accompanied a second, smaller charter that dealt with forest law. Henceforth, the articles assumed the description Magna Carta”.|

• |” The 63 articles fall into nine groups among which those that deal with the barons’ grievances, the reform of law and justice , and the freedom of the church. Article 39, the historical basis for English civil liberties, reads: “No free man shall be seized or imprisoned, or stripped of his rights or possessions, or outlawed or exiled , or deprived of his standing in any other way , nor will we proceed with force against him or send others to do so, except by the lawful judgement of his equals or by the Law of the land.|





  • From Latin “you should have the body”, a writ of habeas corpus is a legal document that orders inquiry into the lawfulness of a person’s detention in custody.
  • Magna Carta is Latin Phrase for “The Great Character”

I thank you!

Goodman Tamuona Musariri✅🍀🌿🌾🇿🇼

+263 718425373

[email protected]

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“The future is cooked today and imagined in the minds of those who dare, asserts Mr Mawere



This story started with Ms. Irene Gunsaru reaching out to Mr Mutumwa Mawere last Tuesday in desperation regarding her dad who died on 12 November 2022 in South Africa.

She informed Mr. Mawere of her family’s ordeal that having paid Nyaradzo, a funeral solutions company based in Zimbabwe, to sort out the repatriation of her father’s remains to Zimbabwe, the company was unable to deliver the needed clearance of the body from the Zimbabwe consulate in Johannesburg.

According to Irene, who is based in SA, the officials at the consulate could only deal with Nyaradzo hence her decision to involve Mr. Mawere solely to pimp his contacts to accelerate the required outcome.

Below is a chat that followed on WhatsApp after the above message on LinkedIn:

[11/22, 1:12 PM] Irene BOAF: Good day Sir, trust you are well. May you kindly notify when you have a moment for a call🙏
[11/22, 3:01 PM] mdmawere1: Who is this?
[11/22, 3:01 PM] Irene BOAF: Irene Gunsaru (Basia Nasiorowksa’s former assistant)
[11/22, 3:02 PM] mdmawere1: Oh ok.
[11/22, 3:02 PM] mdmawere1: Did you send the message on LinkedIn?
[11/22, 3:06 PM] Irene BOAF: Yes its me, i was trying to reach out, and i realised thereafter i have your number
[11/22, 3:06 PM] mdmawere1: Ok
[11/22, 3:06 PM] mdmawere1: Any luck
[11/22, 3:06 PM] mdmawere1: With the consulate
[11/22, 3:10 PM] mdmawere1: Tx
[11/22, 3:10 PM] mdmawere1: Who do you need to push
[11/22, 3:10 PM] Irene BOAF: Zimbabwean registar
[11/22, 3:11 PM] Irene BOAF: Registrar
[11/22, 3:11 PM] mdmawere1: In Zim?
[11/22, 3:11 PM] Irene BOAF: Yes
[11/22, 3:11 PM] mdmawere1: Who are talking to here?
[11/22, 3:11 PM] Irene BOAF: Because they now hold the documents and need to confirm dad was defnatly zimbabwean
[11/22, 3:50 PM] mdmawere1: e-boaf.africaemart.com
[11/22, 3:53 PM] Irene BOAF: Thank you Sir for your wise words, I received the link and will register

I will also let you know once my bother is at the registrar in zim tomorrow morning
[11/22, 3:53 PM] Irene BOAF: 🙏
[11/22, 3:54 PM] mdmawere1: Great
[11/22, 5:42 PM] Irene BOAF: I have some questions aboit the platform but i will explore further just after im settled with my current crisis
[11/22, 5:42 PM] mdmawere1: No problem
[11/22, 8:27 PM] mdmawere1: Hello
Freedom is letting go of your past. Your hatred, anger, greed or your any other poisonous traits. Sometimes, you have to let go off your old self inorder to blossom. You live a new life for language you speak. Acknowledge and accept change. Renew Yourself. Trees are doing it. Wage a war against anything pulling you downwards. Just let go.

YOU are a reflection 2 two major forces in Life

  1. Choices
  2. Association

People say, Your Life will always look like the top 5 people you spend most of your time with…..

What i know is that

  1. People Are environments..
  2. People are contagious…

No Relationship leaves you the same.
It will either take you Up or it will bring you down.

So, The 5 people you give your ear time will define what your lifetime will look like..

Note that,

Association can accelerate your progress

Association can divert your attention

Association can affect your direction

Association can expand your horizon

Association can empower or weaken your consecration..


Your association will either make you or mar you…

A leader said to his disciples, Follow Me and i will Make You

He also said,
Learn of Me and you will find rest for your souls.

He was Bold to say, associating with me will benefit you always,i make not mar , i bring rest not trouble.

If You Want to CHANGE your life
Change what You Hear, if you want to change what you hear,
CHANGE who You Hear and those you travel with.

LIFE is a journey and those you travel with can make it bearable or unbearable for You

Listen, Change begets change.

Nothing changes around You until Something changes within You..

Become desperately intentional about who you listen to and who you associates are.

Perseverance pays off. Surround yourself with positive people. For you will always be a reflection of your closest association. Most people are stronger than they know, they just forget to believe it sometimes. You need to be Courageous to make changes. Knowing alone is not enough but actioning is important. Action is louder than words. Action for success is required. Bold thinking require bold actions. Be consistent. Be determined. Continuing is Father of Success. Let go of what is no longer of service to You. Win Big!
When love is Blind, the Soul Sees Beauty not Faults. In the game of loving, people must sometimes play fool to keep it alive.

A man married a beautiful girl. He loved her very much. One day she developed a skin disease. Slowly she started to lose her beauty. It so happened that one day her husband left for a tour. While returning he met with an accident and lost his eyesight. However, their married life continued as usual. But as days passed she lost her beauty gradually. Blind husband did not know this and there was not any difference in their married life. He continued to love her and she also loved him very much. One day she died. Her death brought him a great sorrow. He finished all her last rites and wanted to leave that town. A man from behind called …
[10:00 am, 22/11/2022] +94 77 779 1485: Hello 👋
[10:05 am, 22/11/2022] mdmawere1: My name is Mutumwa Mawere. I am the Chairman of the Africa Heritage Society (AHS) and we are championing a campaign to build a Bank of Hope of a pilot of 10,000 African actors under the Banking of Africa’s Future (BOAF) – 10,000 Points of Light (BOL) as a way of exposing the reality that Africa is not so dark as it has 1.4 billion POLs who are the movers and shakers in term of problem solving but rarely does this CAN DO problem solving and forward leaning property or character show to the world. I benefit a lot from your shares in the JumboAfricaOnline group and thought that no prejudice would be suffered if I took the next step of introducing myself to you.
Would you mind if this was published?
By all means feel free, as this will bless and motivate a lot of our people. The more, the merrier.
Can we use you as the author?
Nice to meet you Mutumwa Mawere.

I’m Magic Nkhwashu, from South Africa.

You can get a glimpse about me when you Google “magic nkhwashu”
Nice to meet you too. I hope you do not mind a short Q & A.
Sure, no problem. Feel free.
Good morning. What informed you to write about freedom – what it means to you – and share your insights?
Good morning to you,

Given the past imbalances in South Africa as a result of apartheid, getting freedom that led to our democracy in 1994 means a lot to me. Although we only attained the political freedom, there’s still a lot to be achieved when it comes to the economical power. This is visible around me when considering the triple challenges of inequality, poverty and unemployment. This situation is worse when you look at people with disAbilities, a sector I represent as a person with a disAbility myself.
Are you South African, I presume?
Yes I am, born and bred at Dan Village, under Chief Muhlava in Tzaneen, Limpopo Province of South Africa.
What makes you South African, if one may ask?
Is it your case that 1994 is a year in the human civilization that freedom was the outcome?
This is my native country, where I was born and bred. I’m proud to be a citizen of this nation.
Somehow, and the crafting of our new constitution that came into effect in 1996. Looking at where the country seems to be heading now gives me goosebumps.
What is a native country in terms of freedom?
Born in a village, by a father who worked in the mines in Johannesburg, he used to share with me the bad experience encountered when in cities as a result of apartheid. I also had some experience when I did my high school in a boarding school in Pretoria. It was also informed about my grandfather’s experience when he worked in a diamond mine in Kimberly, where they used trains to get there.
Are you suggesting birth place qualifies one to be a native?
Indeed, especially given where we come from as a nation. Apartheid segregation ensured we’re placed along the lines of ethnicity in the former homelands and bantustands, as well TBVC states. This has since been reconfigured in the new dispensation where we have nine (9) provinces.
Do you agree that we have had 28 years of post-apartheid experience for us to use a rearview mirror to confront the triple challenges?
To the contrary, the project has been derailed by those in power interested in self enrichment, as opposed to delivering to the needy. Corruption and sabotage of infrastructure has become a norm as per the outcome of the State of Capture. Nothing is getting better as crime is rising unabated, with energy (Eskom) not giving us a breather.
Thanks for your insights. You raise a departure point that is often ignored yet it is instructive on why most nation-states fail while those to whom the future the protect them point fingers at their office bearers as the drivers of decay.

Should we not look at the construction of a constitutional republic to establish the fault lines?
My pleasure.

That’s what our forebears dreamed of – Nkwamme Nkruma, Mahummar Ghadafi, Nelson Mandela, the list is endless. We need to go back to the basics as the continent has enough (minerals, etc.) to feed us and uplift our economies as a continent.

If the AU is to make a difference, we can have a United States of Africa.
[11/22, 9:58 AM] mdmawere1: Hello
[11/22, 10:00 AM] +94 77 779 1485: Hello 👋
[11/22, 10:05 AM] mdmawere1: My name is Mutumwa Mawere. I am the Chairman of the Africa Heritage Society (AHS) and we are championing a campaign to build a Bank of Hope of a pilot of 10,000 African actors under the Banking of Africa’s Future (BOAF) – 10,000 Points of Light (BOL) as a way of exposing the reality that Africa is not so dark as it has 1.4 billion POLs who are the movers and shakers in term of problem solving but rarely does this CAN DO problem solving and forward leaning property or character show to the world. I benefit a lot from your shares in the JumboAfricaOnline group and thought that no prejudice would be suffered if I took the next step of introducing myself to you.
[11/22, 3:16 PM] +94 77 779 1485: Hello good evening Mr. Chairman
Thank you for the update. How are you there
[11/22, 3:16 PM] +94 77 779 1485: I’m senior business chamber consultant in Sri Lanka 🇱🇰
[11/22, 3:17 PM] +94 77 779 1485: Very nice to meeting you sir🤝
[11/22, 3:46 PM] mdmawere1: Great. How were the elections?
[11/22, 4:10 PM] +94 77 779 1485: Our election will be next year.
[11/22, 4:10 PM] mdmawere1: Ok
[11/22, 4:12 PM] +94 77 779 1485: We were in huge political crises. Now slowly becoming normal
[11/22, 4:14 PM] mdmawere1: The crisis is known universally. Do you see any prospect of building platforms to facilitate trade between your clients and African actors.
Very touching. I wish all these can come to pass and they live normal life.
Why should you not be a POINT OF LIGHT to problem need to be solved by you and I?
Yes we can, we need to be the change we want to see in the world!
Can you share your pic?
[11/22, 8:37 PM] Irene BOAF: Surround yourself with positive people, for you will always be a reflection of your closest association – fact
[11/22, 8:49 PM] mdmawere1: Have you ever chosen people to surround yourself with? How can one predetermine or know who should surround you when life itself is random?
[11/22, 8:52 PM] Irene BOAF: I believe that just like how one “chooses owns battle”, one can decide to entertain,torelate and settle within a certain crowd. Again, like you say life is ramdon, you can not always decide
[11/22, 8:53 PM] mdmawere1: Do you agree that the creator is the decider of who you meet?
[11/22, 8:54 PM] Irene BOAF: He is
[11/22, 8:54 PM] Irene BOAF: Do you?
[11/22, 8:55 PM] Irene BOAF: I have noticed one thing though in my life
[11/22, 8:56 PM] mdmawere1: Do you agree that it is a clitche to suggest that one can decide who to surround oneself with when in reality one gets the hand given?
[11/22, 8:57 PM] Irene BOAF: There are plans for each one of us, but i also have my prayers..i have seen things happening in response to this
[11/22, 8:58 PM] Irene BOAF: No was not aware
[11/22, 8:58 PM] mdmawere1: Do you agree that it is the creator who created life and suffers the burden to provide for it?
[11/22, 9:02 PM] Irene BOAF: Not so familiar with but of we referring to biblical terms, i might say with a purpose, maybe
[11/22, 9:04 PM] mdmawere1: Do you agree that we walk on the same ground? And each step forward is a precedent?
[11/22, 9:06 PM] Irene BOAF: Honestly, not
[11/22, 9:07 PM] Irene BOAF: Sir, do you think so?
[11/22, 9:07 PM] Irene BOAF: And why do you say or believe so?
[11/22, 9:09 PM] mdmawere1: Because any thing that has occurred is a story or history and anything yet to happen requires the actor to choose and act. Each decision is new and each step is always the same.
[11/22, 9:11 PM] Irene BOAF: I get it now
[11/22, 9:11 PM] Irene BOAF: I want to download your ebook
[11/22, 9:13 PM] mdmawere1: No problem. A book reflects my state of mind when I wrote it. Now you can write your book provoked by the death of your father who had to die for you to reach out. If he had not died, do you agree this conversation would be dead?
[11/22, 9:14 PM] Irene BOAF: You are so right Sir, i reached out to you for this very reason
[11/22, 9:17 PM] Irene BOAF: One thing though, and it pains me so much, my dad was a gardener, but he made sure that all us kids, go to the best A schools, get all needa for school, went to the best collegws and unversities, but he was only a gardener earning so little
My dad was very protective over me but if it was not fore, i woild not have where I am.
Now he is gone, i expectedly
[11/22, 9:18 PM] Irene BOAF: Meant unexpectedly
[11/22, 9:19 PM] mdmawere1: You should celebrate that the creator used him as a vehicle to define and shape your journey to death.

Life has no expert. History of human civilization has no record of any living thing including humans being able to cheat death.
[11/22, 9:21 PM] Irene BOAF: These are strong words, yet so true
[11/22, 9:25 PM] mdmawere1: You don’t choose when and why life ends and our duty is to live it knowing that the creator reveals his genius and purpose through other human beings.
[11/22, 9:26 PM] Irene BOAF: No, we dont have a say
[11/22, 9:30 PM] mdmawere1: This is called AMAZING GRACE and the sound is sweet even to a wretch and what does this tell me?

If I can’t cause a fly to visit meat, then what power do I have to cause another human being to do that which he or she doesn’t want to do?

If you can cause a flower to blossom, you must be comforted that no human being can rise above the limitations imposed on all humans but celebrate the grace endowed to each and every human being.
[11/22, 9:31 PM] Irene BOAF: Speaking as a true inspiration☺️
Thank you very much🙏
[11/22, 9:33 PM] mdmawere1: I am not the speaker because if I was I would have planned the words but they visited me and whatever I say to use, please forward to people who are in your circle who may be pursuaded to think that I created the words and chose the time to exhale them. I didn’t know I was going to speak to you but I did.
[11/22, 9:44 PM] mdmawere1: I have no wisdom to know what is yet to happen but I have the privilege to tell a story of what happened but all too often some live through live without telling and sharing their stories expecting the world to know.

We are 8 billion human actors, would it be desirable for anyone to know all?

NO. I am comfortable sharing what is known to me so that others may be provoked to download their own experiences.

You had to look for me only to answer your questions in your self-interest yet what has happened today is a lesson of the POWER OF GRACE.

If you choose to play GOD, please ignore what I said but if you believe in GRACE, act on what we discussed than wait for the opportune time.

Death has no timetable yet to reach it one needs the time that no one has paid to the true giver of time.

Our relationship with time is so reckless to allow us to procrastinate until death visits without any warning.

Your father story is instructive. Use it to to raise awareness on how perishable life is.
[11/22, 9:52 PM] mdmawere1: [11/22, 8:53 PM] T Bob Mandhlazi: True indeed.
Thank you
[11/22, 8:56 PM] mdmawere1: You are welcome
[11/22, 9:06 PM] T Bob Mandhlazi: Interesting..

The creator decides who you meet..

So discretion/control is a illusion in our minds right?
[11/22, 9:18 PM] T Bob Mandhlazi: OK..
So the only thing you have is hope.

Hope that things will work out.
Hope that the next person means you good

Hope that you will make it through the next second..

That’s very scary if you ask me…
[11/22, 9:23 PM] T Bob Mandhlazi: “it’s the creator who created life and suffers the burden to provide for it”

Mmmm where does that leave the human mind?
[11/22, 9:24 PM] mdmawere1: To live life to the fullest and pretend to be in charge. To be selfish without paying for the life given common to all. Imagine the creator was human, what would follow?
[11/22, 9:25 PM] T Bob Mandhlazi: I know.. But your perspective is not by mistake.

It’s a consequence of a life lived. A sum of lessons learnt..

I find your perspective interesting
[11/22, 9:26 PM] mdmawere1: Do you agree that every experience of life will never repeat itself?
[11/22, 9:28 PM] T Bob Mandhlazi: Maybe not with the same fright, excitement, surprise or randomness.. But some things do repeat.. Some not all
[11/22, 9:30 PM] mdmawere1: Do you agree that a second consumed has no repeats?
[11/22, 9:32 PM] T Bob Mandhlazi: Correct.. True
[11/22, 9:36 PM] Russell Chipunza: Fantastic stuff vaMawere
[11/22, 9:37 PM] mdmawere1: Thanks.
[11/22, 9:39 PM] T Bob Mandhlazi: Death is never easy.. But I think this person needs to celebrate. The fathers life to me is a life well lived..

I have seen CEO who neglect their family.

So it’s not what you do in life..

She must celebrate the fathers life
[11/22, 9:50 PM] mdmawere1: Each life is lived by all the living to allow me to tell another what to do when a loved one passes on.

I am too small to pretend to know better.

All she wanted me to help on was in relation to the expeditious repatriation of the remains.

If this problem had been solved, I do not have any idea, if the lessons you now enjoy would have been possible.

Death of one creates new vistas for others yet the one with the compass is not you or me.

Life is strange yet each second unconsumed reminds one of how perishable life is yet the enterprise of living it creates a facade that one can control its narrative.
[11/22, 9:54 PM] Irene BOAF: Im a christian believer and if iv’e correctly interpreted all you have said, its a reflection of the written scriptures, even though you do not take credit, you are truly a wise man.
Today ive learnt something
[11/22, 9:56 PM] mdmawere1: I am an instrument of the same God you worship and he alone knows the time and the words to use.

All praise be to him and I would be a thief of his grace if I attempted to take any credit for his will.
[11/22, 9:56 PM] Irene BOAF: Lol, i see you shared my story
[11/22, 9:56 PM] mdmawere1: Indeed. A story not shared is DEAD.
[11/22, 9:58 PM] Irene BOAF: Amen
[11/22, 9:59 PM] mdmawere1: [11/22, 9:53 PM] Hloni Plumblink: Pls send to Hlonis no 0834037686
[11/22, 9:54 PM] mdmawere1: Sorry
[11/22, 9:54 PM] mdmawere1: Ok
[11/22, 9:54 PM] mdmawere1: I hope this is his wife.
[11/22, 9:55 PM] Hloni Plumblink: Yes
[11/22, 9:58 PM] mdmawere1: I did it ok purpose because you are the boss. You can share with him as you may please.

You gave me his number yesterday and I used it but life lessons have more meaning to the wife than husband. It is just a joke.
[11/22, 9:59 PM] Irene BOAF: Thank you vaMawere
[11/22, 10:01 PM] mdmawere1: You are welcome. Don’t forget about joining.
[11/22, 10:02 PM] Irene BOAF: Yes, ive registered and will share only the good☺️
[11/22, 10:03 PM] mdmawere1: Never share the good if God refuses to do this. Share what has been revealed to you in his name.
[11/22, 10:03 PM] mdmawere1: What was your experience in joining?
[11/22, 10:04 PM] Irene BOAF: Sir, how willi know that “God is refusing for me to share the good?”
[11/22, 10:05 PM] Irene BOAF: That is why i had questions about the platform, i did not find much information
[11/22, 10:05 PM] mdmawere1: Because life is a journey of ups and downs and be assured that all experiences when shared become life for others.
[11/22, 10:05 PM] mdmawere1: Did Jesus write a Bible?
[11/22, 10:07 PM] Irene BOAF: I see
[11/22, 10:08 PM] Irene BOAF: I do not even know who wrote the bible, unless if i have to research on that
[11/22, 10:12 PM] Irene BOAF: I lack in religious background understand, but im a strong christisn believer
[11/22, 10:16 PM] Irene BOAF: 🙈tormenting Sir
[11/22, 10:16 PM] Irene BOAF: Ok let me send you the details
[11/22, 10:17 PM] Irene BOAF: I have his passport,ID and permanent residence, born in Mozambique, lived and married in zim since 70’s
[11/22, 10:28 PM] Irene BOAF: Apologies, accidentally send this back to you
[11/22, 10:32 PM] mdmawere1: In 5minutes will be done just assure me that she is willing to be part of BOAF
[11/22, 10:32 PM] Irene BOAF: There is a death certificate reku SA in the documents, then my affidavit is in there too
[11/22, 10:32 PM] Irene BOAF: You have my word
[11/22, 10:35 PM] Irene BOAF: Sir he was not yet on his way to states but we were planning to have him go there, he passed away in hospital
[11/22, 10:36 PM] mdmawere1: Ok. What is the difference when he passed on? The focus is to get the papers and solve the problem
[11/22, 10:36 PM] Irene BOAF: Ok yes, thank you
[11/22, 10:38 PM] Irene BOAF: Thank you so much
[11/22, 10:39 PM] Irene BOAF: I really appreciate it
[11/22, 10:41 PM] mdmawere1: [11/22, 10:38 PM] Mr Banks: Mr M is this person a member
[11/22, 10:39 PM] Mr Banks: They should be a member because these things I do them for our community only
[11/22, 10:40 PM] mdmawere1: She says she will join yet you are already at work.
[11/22, 10:42 PM] mdmawere1: [11/22, 10:41 PM] Mr Banks: Can she join because I am done already
[11/22, 10:42 PM] Mr Banks: 9:30am she gets the birth certificate
[11/22, 10:42 PM] mdmawere1: Let me tell her.
[11/22, 10:42 PM] Irene BOAF: Oh wow im interested im linking with her and see how we can collaborate🙏🙏
[11/22, 10:42 PM] Irene BOAF: Which birth certificate Sir?
[11/22, 10:46 PM] mdmawere1: Let me check
[11/22, 10:50 PM] Irene BOAF: Ok Sir
[11/22, 10:51 PM] Irene BOAF: Sir, its the approval needed so that dad can be repartriated
[11/22, 10:52 PM] Irene BOAF: To zim
[11/22, 10:52 PM] mdmawere1: [11/22, 10:50 PM] Mr Banks: Must be Zimbabwe birth we are doing
[11/22, 10:51 PM] mdmawere1: From Mozambiquan
[11/22, 10:51 PM] Mr Banks: Yes word
[11/22, 10:51 PM] Mr Banks: Orrh it’s fine she must worry about other things it’s done
[11/22, 10:52 PM] mdmawere1: Let me check
[11/22, 10:53 PM] Irene BOAF: I have his Mozambican birth certificate only
[11/22, 10:53 PM] Irene BOAF: Dad is at Nyaradzo mortuary, document also in the papers i sent
[11/22, 10:54 PM] mdmawere1: I think to repatriate to Zim, they need a Zim link.
[11/22, 10:54 PM] Irene BOAF: Yes
[11/22, 10:54 PM] mdmawere1: [11/22, 10:53 PM] Mr Banks: We are done already on that
[11/22, 10:53 PM] Mr Banks: It’s just the trauma they are going through but this is why they should be part of the community
[11/22, 10:54 PM] Mr Banks: Not forcing them to be part of it now but there is more value being part of
[11/22, 10:55 PM] mdmawere1: [11/22, 10:55 PM] Mr Banks: I am the link it ends there basa tatorova
[11/22, 10:55 PM] mdmawere1: Great
[11/22, 10:56 PM] Irene BOAF: Ok thank you, so will the confirmation be then sent directly to the zim consulate this side? Because they are the ones needing the clearance
[11/22, 10:57 PM] mdmawere1: Let me check
[11/22, 10:58 PM] Irene BOAF: Then ndowanozopa Nyaradzo, then again, wekuconsulate takes time also, but il keep in faith🙏
[11/22, 10:59 PM] mdmawere1: Let me confirm
[11/22, 11:00 PM] Irene BOAF: Ok
[11/22, 11:00 PM] mdmawere1: You know how to pay your subscription?
[11/22, 11:01 PM] Irene BOAF: From the link you sent for sign up?
[11/22, 11:01 PM] mdmawere1: Yes
[11/22, 11:05 PM] Irene BOAF: Ok found it
[11/22, 11:05 PM] mdmawere1: You do to deposit and you can do an eft
[11/22, 11:06 PM] Irene BOAF: Membership fees?
[11/22, 11:06 PM] mdmawere1: R1000 per year
[11/22, 11:06 PM] Irene BOAF: So i can split payment through the year
[11/22, 11:07 PM] Irene BOAF: Or it must be once off?
[11/22, 11:07 PM] mdmawere1: Once off.
[11/22, 11:07 PM] Irene BOAF: Ok
[11/22, 11:08 PM] mdmawere1: Send me the PoP so that we can confirm that you are a member
[11/22, 11:08 PM] mdmawere1: [11/22, 10:54 PM] Mr Banks: Not forcing them to be part of it now but there is more value being part of
[11/22, 10:55 PM] Mr Banks: I am the link it ends there basa tatorova
[11/22, 10:55 PM] mdmawere1: Great
[11/22, 10:55 PM] Mr Banks: Yes Mr M but people with selfishness interests we should drop them
[11/22, 10:55 PM] Mr Banks: We will do it but they should learn from this
[11/22, 10:56 PM] mdmawere1: The cost of waiting for papers is never included because of selfishness.
[11/22, 11:00 PM] Mr Banks: It’s a phone call to clear everything
[11/22, 11:01 PM] mdmawere1: Ok. I think she is worried because of her father’s Mozambican link.
[11/22, 11:09 PM] Irene BOAF: Is it ok if i pay month end? Ive really got so drained with all the costs at the moment
[11/22, 11:10 PM] mdmawere1: Do you want them to stop until you get your membership organized?
[11/22, 11:11 PM] Irene BOAF: Im not going to join and become a member just because you are helping me now. Im joining for business purposes, my job requires me to make many connections and il be excited to join
[11/22, 11:12 PM] mdmawere1: I am not the one helping but others who are keen to build community power otherwise they will charge for their time and results. What does it cost you to delay by an extra day?
[11/22, 11:12 PM] Irene BOAF: I would be grateful if they can assist me now, i am defnatly joining, hence i registered bit for the reasons i mentioned
[11/22, 11:13 PM] Irene BOAF: Yes Sir i understand, and im grateful there are people doing this
[11/22, 11:14 PM] Irene BOAF: Hence i reaches out to you and if you can assure them i will pay for membership, you have my wors
[11/22, 11:14 PM] Irene BOAF: Word*
[11/22, 11:15 PM] mdmawere1: He has already asked if you are a member. If membership becomes optional and time is money, then do you expect someone to give up time on your problem based on your word?
[11/22, 11:15 PM] Irene BOAF: No
[11/22, 11:17 PM] Irene BOAF: Sir, so what do i do now, I will definately pay by 29 Nov
[11/22, 11:18 PM] Irene BOAF: may you kindly assure them on my behalf
[11/22, 11:18 PM] Irene BOAF: Willit help if i transfer 500 for now?
[11/22, 11:19 PM] Irene BOAF: But that will be tomorrow morning?
[11/22, 11:20 PM] mdmawere1: If one makes an exception on you, then no institution will be built.

I thought that you would understand that others are giving up time to solve a problem that does not deserve their time.

If you can’t see that, then you may be seen as selfish to expect others to give up time for your problem when they have no knowledge of who you are.
[11/22, 11:23 PM] Irene BOAF: And im grateful for efforts, i do apologise that im putting you under this strain
[11/22, 11:24 PM] mdmawere1: [11/22, 11:17 PM] Mr Banks: It’s done what she needs is a birth certificate
[11/22, 11:17 PM] mdmawere1: She wants to know which birth certificate?
[11/22, 11:18 PM] Mr Banks: Zimbabweans birth certificate
[11/22, 11:19 PM] Mr Banks: Some times it’s painful to tell people this but how do I help someone without a common understanding
[11/22, 11:20 PM] Mr Banks: After the problem is solved it ends there but they should know the value they get from being in a community
[11/22, 11:25 PM] Irene BOAF: I see, i am definetly making plans to sort, tomorrow early morning
[11/22, 11:26 PM] Irene BOAF: Its sorted for early morning
[11/22, 11:28 PM] Irene BOAF: I am grateful for your efforts even during this time of the night, thank you
[11/22, 11:28 PM] Irene BOAF: May you be blessed
[11/22, 11:32 PM] mdmawere1: [11/22, 11:18 PM] Mr Banks: Zimbabweans birth certificate
[11/22, 11:19 PM] Mr Banks: Some times it’s painful to tell people this but how do I help someone without a common understanding
[11/22, 11:20 PM] Mr Banks: After the problem is solved it ends there but they should know the value they get from being in a community
[11/22, 11:38 PM] Irene BOAF: Dad does not have a zimbabwean birth cerificate, he has mozambican birth certificate.
Then zim ID, Mozambican passport, these were alos submitted to the SA consulate this side
Or am i misunderstanding birth certificate issue?
[11/22, 11:44 PM] Irene BOAF: Mr M and Mr Banks, i will send POP early morning
And thank you🙏
[11/23, 6:20 AM] Irene BOAF: Good morning Sir, kindly find attached PoP, may you also let Mr Banks know🙏
[11/23, 6:48 AM] mdmawere1: Good morning. Thanks. He was prepared to assist based on the reality of the problem but he seems to have developed cold feet after your questions.

He thought he had understood the issue that your Zimbabwe has no jurisdiction to accept the remains of a non-national.

The government of Zimbabwe only has title to issue documents to its nationals.

He could be wrong. Is this the crux of the problem?
[11/23, 8:46 AM] mdmawere1: [11/23, 8:45 AM] Mr Banks: Is this the same lady we are helping
[11/23, 8:46 AM] mdmawere1: Yes
[11/23, 8:46 AM] Mr Banks: Sending the copy for the birth certificate shortly
[11/23, 8:46 AM] mdmawere1: Great.
[11/23, 9:46 AM] mdmawere1: Tinashe from the BOAF office will contact you to refund your membership fee.
[11/23, 9:55 AM] Irene BOAF: Hi Sir,
I apologise sincerely indeed if I have stated anything offensive. The process for my dad’s repatriation has taken long and sometimes words can be said without much thought. All I want is for my dad to be well rested. 🙏 I apologise sincerely if I have said anything offensive. The situation has been draining and we are very desperate for any help that anyone who can can offer. And at the same time it also can be frustrating.

Once again my apologies for my choice of words
[11/23, 9:57 AM] Irene BOAF: I still want to be part of it for work purposes if thats ok but may we discuss this after all has settled and perhaps connect🙏
[11/23, 12:15 PM] mdmawere1: [11/23, 11:10 AM] Mr Banks: The certificate is out
[11/23, 11:10 AM] Mr Banks: The other thing she was saying about the consulate handiti it’s just approval
[11/23, 11:12 AM] Mr Banks: Should I call her so that she can speed up the process on her end
[11/23, 11:37 AM] Mr Banks: Going to hillbrow police Station’s to get the affidavit
[11/23, 12:14 PM] mdmawere1: Hello
[11/23, 12:16 PM] Irene BOAF: Hi Sir, MrBanks is waiting for us as per above, thank you for all efforts🙏
[11/23, 12:16 PM] mdmawere1: Not sure how an association of human beings can be divisible into work and non work when life is all that connects us.
[11/23, 12:19 PM] mdmawere1: I was in a virtual meeting and I not sure what he was talking about. This is to do with the consulate. My understanding is that the consulate can only come in once the certificate is out. Let us hear from him.
[11/23, 12:19 PM] Irene BOAF: Alright, thank you
[11/24, 10:23 AM] mdmawere1: [1:34 pm, 23/11/2022] +263 77 625 6714: Good afternoon Mr Mawere. I had the opportunity to go through the literature you sent me yesterday as I had some very free time today. Now I thought I must just learn more from you by asking you the lesson (s) which you intend to make me learn from those varied messages
[1:38 pm, 23/11/2022] mdmawere1: Good afternoon. I am sure you will agree that life has no prescription and the meat is visited by uninvited flies but stories when shared can provoke, ignite and inspire another person to look at a problem differently. I am sure you will agree that Jesus ran away from this kind of question. How would he have coped if people asked questions regarding the lessons he wanted them to draw from his own ordinary life experiences? I guess you can share what you personally have drawn from the shares so that we can share with others.
[1:45 pm, 23/11/2022] +263 77 625 6714: Yes I hear you. That’s true and great. More people deserve the enlightenment
[1:54 pm, 23/11/2022] mdmawere1: Is there anything that you have learned that you believe could be worth sharing?
[1:57 pm, 23/11/2022] +263 77 625 6714: Yes indeed. A good number.
[3:06 pm, 23/11/2022] mdmawere1: Which specific ones?
[3:38 pm, 23/11/2022] +263 77 625 6714: Well the list can really be very long but outstandingly would be the self-imprisonement that emanates from holding on to offence. And also how our destinies are a product of our current associations.
[3:44 pm, 23/11/2022] mdmawere1: Tx
[10:09 am, 24/11/2022] mdmawere1: Morning
[10:14 am, 24/11/2022] +263 77 625 6714: Good morning to you sir. How are you this morning
[10:15 am, 24/11/2022] mdmawere1: Fine and you.
[10:18 am, 24/11/2022] mdmawere1: I should like to believe that no one deserves any enlightenment as it could not have been the intention of the creator to create equal actors only to surrender to the idea that others must share as charity and others must be entitled to benefit. I am sure you will agree that public office exists as a public trust and as such it is public property whose use must be subjected to public scrutiny.
[11/24, 12:44 PM] Irene BOAF: Hi Sir, we can finally find closure
[11/24, 12:44 PM] mdmawere1: Good luck.
[11/24, 1:11 PM] mdmawere1: [11/24, 10:22 AM] Mr Banks: Amazing thread
[11/24, 10:23 AM] mdmawere1: How so?
[11/24, 10:30 AM] Mr Banks: I thought on it is one he wants to learn ,taking is a charity club is nonsense being part of the community can then help him understand more or rather learn more if he is not a member there is nothing I can share more with him
[11/24, 10:35 AM] Mr Banks: From Benadate
[11/24, 10:38 AM] mdmawere1: Thanks.
[11/24, 10:42 AM] Mr Banks: How can we tackle this issue she wants to put you in a panel with the chancellors at wits
[11/24, 10:55 AM] Mr Banks: We can do the meeting anytime he is ready
[11/24, 10:56 AM] mdmawere1: You mean Prof Mutambara.
[11/24, 10:57 AM] Mr Banks: Yes
[11/24, 10:58 AM] mdmawere1: He said that he will come back to me later and will then revert.
[11/24, 10:58 AM] Mr Banks: That’s right
[11/24, 11:58 AM] Mr Banks: Mukoma ndati embassy itaure na Irene
[11/24, 11:58 AM] Mr Banks: How is Nora now
[11/24, 11:58 AM] Mr Banks: She must wait for the call now
[11/24, 11:58 AM] Mr Banks: Done
[11/24, 11:58 AM] Mr Banks: Just get ready that we go to Nyaradzo anytime from now
[11/24, 11:58 AM] Mr Banks: Ok still waiting for the call
[11/24, 11:58 AM] Mr Banks: So she said qe can actually leave
[11/24, 11:58 AM] Mr Banks: See the trouble I have to put everyone to stop working and push this issue for us
[11/24, 11:58 AM] Mr Banks: Nyaradzo just confirmed zvaita
[11/24, 11:58 AM] Mr Banks: Come pick me up we go there
[11/24, 11:58 AM] Mr Banks: It’s all done ✅
[11/24, 11:58 AM] Mr Banks: Will be going to the Parlour shortly
[11/24, 11:58 AM] Mr Banks: Chat later Mr M 🙏
[11/24, 12:10 PM] mdmawere1: Great
[11/24, 12:10 PM] mdmawere1: Is this done
[11/24, 12:31 PM] Mr Banks: Yes
[11/24, 12:40 PM] mdmawere1: Thanks. This is what community power delivers.
[11/24, 12:41 PM] Mr Banks: That’s right Mr M but last time we were labeled scammers 😂😂
[11/24, 12:42 PM] Mr Banks: Comes back to selfish reasons individuals do when they need help
[11/24, 12:42 PM] mdmawere1: This is the default position that unfortunately is pervasive.
[11/24, 12:43 PM] Mr Banks: I have not seen any acknowledgement from them to you as the Initiator
[11/24, 12:43 PM] Mr Banks: Selfish interests from the start
[11/24, 12:43 PM] mdmawere1: You can listen to the audio to establish the state of mind that fails or refuses to recognize the derivative causation in the name of BOAF.
[11/24, 12:44 PM] mdmawere1: And to the end. It is as if you arrived on a plane from heaven and catapulted into a messiah.
[11/24, 12:44 PM] Mr Banks: Can’t even comprehend that they have to make a testimony over such causes
[11/24, 12:44 PM] Mr Banks: But since I paid zvavharana and that’s it
[11/24, 12:45 PM] Mr Banks: Can’t even go to LinkedIn and make an appraisal
[11/24, 12:45 PM] Mr Banks: Can’t even thank the mind behind the reason why we connect
[11/24, 12:46 PM] Mr Banks: Saka that’s it zvatopera they are happy they are going to bury their father😂
[11/24, 12:46 PM] mdmawere1: Time is a continuing wasted resource and when one gives up time to make things happen, it is always the selfish side that transforms this into a transaction that can be equated to value exchange.
[11/24, 12:46 PM] Mr Banks: That’s right 😂😂
[11/24, 12:46 PM] Mr Banks: Hence Jesus ran away to avoid such
[11/24, 12:47 PM] mdmawere1: You will find yourself being singled out for gratitude and no mention of BOAF.
[11/24, 12:47 PM] Mr Banks: But we soldier on in the trenches
[11/24, 12:47 PM] Mr Banks: That’s right but then what is me without being a member of BOAF
[11/24, 12:48 PM] mdmawere1: No shared understanding exists even after yesterday. Instead of using the experience to provoke change, the approach is instructive.
[11/24, 12:49 PM] Mr Banks: I want to add you in the conversation with Irene
[11/24, 12:49 PM] mdmawere1: Ok
[11/24, 12:49 PM] Mr Banks: Your phone is ringing
[11/25, 3:34 PM] mdmawere1: [11/25, 9:42 AM] +263 77 750 6350: Sir, how are you and good morning. It is my honour to send you a message this morning. Maybe to just give a little bit of a background. I had the privilege of working for one of your great companies by the name of Hastt Zimbabwe which was part of the Steelnet group run under SMM and ARL. I was there when you came for the Iso9001 and she 14000 attainment ceremony. I acknowledge you as a highly respected businessman and so I would love to learn from one of the greatest minds from Zimbabwe, Africa and the world at large. My name is Taurai Vandira and I was in the sales department serving as an Internal Sales Representative from 2002 to 2007. I hope you can understand my quest to learn from the best. Thank you and have a blessed day.
[11/25, 9:44 AM] mdmawere1: Thanks. What are you doing these days?
[11/25, 9:47 AM] +263 77 750 6350: I am into part time mining equipment maintenance, repairs and installation but I am thinking of getting into the medical field so I am working on an online medical neuroscience certificate as probably an entry point.
[11/25, 9:52 AM] mdmawere1: Great. Are you in touch with some of your colleagues at the time?
[11/25, 9:53 AM] +263 77 750 6350: Yes I am sir. I live in Norton, Zimbabwe so that is where most of the guys were staying and they are still here.
[11/25, 10:27 AM] +263 77 750 6350: Thank you sir. Let me listen to the audios and give you feedback.
[11/25, 1:00 PM] +263 77 750 6350: Ok I have listened and so I will think through it, consult others and respond sir.
[11/25, 1:26 PM] mdmawere1: Great
[11/25, 1:26 PM] mdmawere1: Does it make sense?
[11/25, 1:45 PM] +263 77 750 6350: I know you as a good business man with professional ethics and integrity. You even refused to meddle with politics when they offered you a post for financial chairman. I personally do not know of any links to the ruling party. Did you not lose your business to some allegations which did not materialise in the court of law. I remember you challenged the fact that your business empire was put under a government appointed administrator who was taking in so much in terms of his remuneration yet they alleged you had failed. Your question was “so where is the money coming from?”. You never had an office yet a residential place of your own in Zimbabwe. You used to stay in the Meikles Hotel for as long as you were in Zimbabwe. Is it not true that you won the case concerning your business empire in the UK court of law. Your business was registered in the UK and so it was proper that the matter be heard in the UK and it happened as such and you won the case if I correctly remember. You had internal auditors by the name of Regatta Financial services to ensure due diligence in financial accountability and administrative issues before the coming in of external auditors. You were so humble to the extent that you sat with the employees during the ISO ceremony where former honourable Minister Joseph Made was the guest speaker. He had to beg you to join him at the high table. To which you agreed after some strong persuasion. You hosted the SMM annual sports festival where you mingled with all employees and got them to sign a white jacket you would come wearing as your tradition and you gave away some financial donations. That empire you had built is yet to be seen again in Zimbabwe. You were the envy of many and I believe you still are because of the professional ethics and humility you conducted yourself in. You drove in old Volvos or BMWs and you kept on investing back and ploughing back the profits you made. It was the biggest empire I had ever seen from a black man in Zimbabwe and I am yet to see that again in terms of the depth and magnitude. Others have tried to follow your footsteps but my assessment is that your kind of depth and magnitude was just the best business acumen I have seen locally.

As can be seen above, Irene’s challenge was resolved through community power.

Mr Amos Biti, a member of BOAF, stepped up to the plate when the problem of the repatriation of her father’s remains was known to him through the agency of Mr Mawere.

When Nyaradzo failed to deliver after receiving value, Irene did not give up and she chose among many people who she knew to reach out to Mr Mawere, a person she hardly knew to give up his time to solve the problem.

Mr. Mparisi, a member of BOAF, said: “I have followed this story with keen interest because it ecposes the lack of structure and organization to handle death matters including repatriation issues.

The problem that Irene and her family faced which was not Nyaradzo’s making was that her father, a Mozambican citizen by birth and a permanent resident of Zimbabwe died in South Africa but his children and family are Zimbabwean citizens and they wished his remains to be repatriated to Zimbabwe and not Mozambique for burial.

The question that then arose was whether Zimbabwe has jurisdiction to receive the remains of a foreign national.

It is ironic that the reason for Irene to approach Mr. Mawere was simplistically stated as speeding the process of getting the needed clearance than the true nature of the problem that the clearance sought was to enable the remains of a foreigner to Zimbabwe to be repatriated to the adopted country of residence.

When I asked Mr. Mawere if he knew Irene to provoke him to assist, he said that absent the request, he had no idea of who she was and with 30,000 LinkedIn contacts, it would be absurd for him to remember personally each of the contacts and more importantly to be react to any requests that are retailed.

I began to appreciate the urgency and need to be a community power builder.

Common sense, logic and reason would dictate that Mr. Mawere should have ignored with no consequence the intrusion into his private space by a transactional approach taken not only by Irene but many who take the view that when in trouble, they should target so-called public people for help without having any appreciation that no one has more than 24 hours in a day to solve other people’s problems.

I have followed the thread between Irene and Mr. Mawere and the inescapable conclusion is that no single individual should be subjected to a life of helping others for no benefit to him for giving up time yet the reality of this conversation exposes the lack of shared understanding regarding converting connections on social media that are often abused to the prejudice of the targeted persons into community power to solve problems beyond the selfishness of the persons who only use people to solve their specific problems.

When I joined BOAF, I was like Irene and my interest was solely targeted at getting close to Mr. Mawere under the guise of mentorship for my own ulterior motive without any appreciation of the prejudice to Mr. Mawere’s privacy.

In this case, it is clear that Irene wished after paying Nyaradzo to find a free alternative.

When Mr. Mawere asked Irene to join BOAF, he reaction was typical in that she misconstrued her joining fee to be some quid pro quo for solving the problem.

She clearly thought by joining the BOAF community this would buy her the solution she wanted and Mr. Mawere would have had the obligation to make what Nyaradzo had failed to deliver according to her, possible.”

Below is a picture showing Irene and her sister after the problem was solved through the agency of Mr. Biti.

Mr. Biti aptly said: “I chose to step forward to the plate and help solve the problem not because I had an obligation to help people I didn’t know but because of what I have learned from Mr Mawere that building community power to solve human problems engenders the mutuality that is often missing in our discourses as humans. I saw this problem as an opportunity to demonstrate the power of mutuality in solving problems. Irene approached Mr. Mawere selfishly with the intention of making him part of the solution of a problem that was not his obviously with no intention of giving up anything to solve it.

Having observed that Mr. Mawere has selflessly helped people like Irene including me, I independently adopted the problem as my own to expose the true benefits of the BOAF initiative that I am passionate about.”

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