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THE AFRICA I WANT – MR. Z.W. MUNAKU asserts that its personality and character must be inclusive, open and accountable to the weakest member of society



What kind of Africa do you want your personality to shine?

The Banking on Africa’s Future (BOAF) initiative is aimed at pushing the envelope of thought and action using shared chats as a pathway to more efficient problem solving address.

Please enjoy the chats below:

[9/12, 8:44 PM] mdmawere1: [9/12, 8:28 PM] Sophie Mokoena: I am having a meeting my team. We will discuss documents. I am sure you are aware that there was a big breaking story in UK and the Elections in Kenya.
[9/12, 8:29 PM] mdmawere1: I am not aware of anything unless told. As you may be aware, there are breaking stories in SA that would not wait for the queen or Ruto.
[9/12, 8:51 PM] Munaku: Munangagwa is without ethics at all.The good book said the is no honor among thieves.They were talking about him and his circle of friends.He has no conscience.But i understand he must be exposed.What he does in the dark should be show cased in the the day light.The investors must know that the is no assurance for investing in Zimbabwe.The South African gov must know the meaning of their actions
[9/12, 8:52 PM] Munaku: The dirty linen must be hung where it can be seen in all its “glory”.
[9/12, 8:54 PM] mdmawere1: Did you know about the involvement and complicity of the SA govt, courts and the white law firms in asserting the criminally acquired rights in SA judicial proceedings and the naked audacity of people like Gwede to trivialize the unconscionable actions of prestigious law firms like ENS INC and DLA PIPER?
[9/12, 8:58 PM] Munaku: No i was not aware but nonetheless it is not below its dignity.With Gwede you must remember him mantashing.He is that kind of person.No set morals.
[9/12, 8:59 PM] Munaku: … moral standards.
[9/12, 9:03 PM] mdmawere1: Do you agree that Gwede took an oath to uphold, defend, respect and obey the constitution as the supreme law of the Republic yet in this case, Ms Simpson of DLA Piper and Adv Christo Bothma, rogue attorneys, escape his ridicule and vernom directed at blacks who are of Zimbabwean heritage while Zim funds estimated at R100 million have been used to pay legal fees rather improve hospitals in Zim.
[9/12, 9:09 PM] Munaku: Our sojourn is marked by their complicity and duplicity.It has most certainly not been u eventfull.Elections take place in Zim and the process is unprocedural.They turn around and give it a thumps up.The economy doesnt think so.It plunges and people jump from Zim into South Africa.I am unimpressed that they did not anticipate that.Now when Zimbos flood into South Africa overwhelming their services they are wide eyed and say Zimbos should go back to a problem of South African and Zimbabwean government’s making.
[9/12, 9:14 PM] mdmawere1: Profound
[9/12, 9:18 PM] Munaku: I do.In SA it can be remedied by the very action you are taking.Their process are still subsivient to the people and courts.The are the proverbal dog wagged by its owner so to speak.The threat of having everyone knowing their complicity scares them out of thier wits.It should be the stick that will guide them.They are on a anti state capture crussade.This would be another scoop of state captured by Zimbabwe to the point their state institution now do Zim gorv’s dirty work.
[9/12, 9:22 PM] mdmawere1: Do you think the media and the general public know the reality of judicial capture to permit a person like Gwede to be discouraged from making reckless utterances based on gossip that all Zimbabwean heritage residents and citizens are predators and criminals?
[9/12, 9:30 PM] Munaku: They don’t. Its a suitable stick.It should have a deterent effect.I doubt he would want it to spill over into that terrain.Put the fear of God into him.I am sure you know a good number of journalist.Its can be queit juicy.Have them notify him about it and its ramification.That might have a sovering effect on him.Journalists just love juicy material.Lol.
[9/12, 9:32 PM] mdmawere1: Should it be about me v Gwede or a generalized issue about the weaponization of the courts and the role of silence in undermining justice?
[9/12, 9:39 PM] Munaku: The weaponisation of the courts and the role of silence in undermining justice.You and Gwede are the test case.Listen if you are going to eat a dog make sure its fat ,juicy male one.Its process that i am talking of.This should be queit easy.The ANC is going for elections.You know how it is wield the big stick and speak very sofly it will go a long way.You would be surprised at the effect.All is fair in love as in war.Lol.
[9/12, 9:40 PM] mdmawere1: Do you agree that personalization of issues is the best weapon for doing nothing?

Did you listen to my audio with Gwede?
[9/12, 9:42 PM] Munaku: Personalisation is more direct.It show cases the weaponisation……
[9/12, 9:44 PM] Munaku: With Gwede ?I dont think you shared it with me.The was one when you spoke about Gwede but not the one you talked with him.
[9/12, 9:45 PM] mdmawere1: Imagine Jesus was never a victim, who would choose to follow him?
[9/12, 9:46 PM] mdmawere1: Do you want to listen so that you can properly apply your mind to the promise and challenge of building an inclusive SA based on the rule of law?
[9/12, 9:47 PM] Munaku: Definately.That would be great.
[9/12, 9:51 PM] Munaku: The is no wifi where i am so can you have it audio format like the others you have shared so i can properly listen to it.I am not at home.
[9/12, 9:52 PM] mdmawere1: Ok thanks
[9/12, 9:59 PM] Munaku: Am i reading this right?Were you ever the ANC branch chairman?
[9/12, 9:59 PM] Munaku: Great.Let me listern to it now.
[9/12, 9:59 PM] mdmawere1: Yes
[9/12, 9:59 PM] Munaku: Wasnt never aware of that.
[9/12, 10:00 PM] mdmawere1: You suffer no burden to know everything.
[9/12, 10:13 PM] Munaku: He was just throwing his weight around like somebody talking to a subordinate.Arrogant you could say.It hurts me.Let me see what we can come up with.It shouldnt be too hard at all.Just want to make sure all bases are covered.Probably tomorrow on this one.I didnt know Gwede wasn’t that smart.Typical half smart politician.
[9/12, 10:26 PM] mdmawere1: Do you think he thinks he has an equal in this world?
[9/13, 6:50 AM] Munaku: He was not talking with you but talking at you.The was nothing at odd with South Africans in general.One must understand the vicious effect of apartheid.It was a system that for years depended on the superiority of one race over the other.It is what is playing out here.The dismissive reference to Zimbabwe.It pained me.My people go through this it in their dealings with South Africans. In one sentence they think we are not equal to them in this world.Its a national psyche.Like we used to do to the Mozambican or Malawians in former times. We have to come up with a solution to this.Naturally South Africans do not deal well with a sustained resistance or push back.I will come back to you a little latter on.Am going out leaving my phone on the charge.Its battery power is low.It is important to have solutions.
[9/13, 8:08 AM] mdmawere1: Hello
[9/13, 12:13 PM] Munaku: Went through it all.Will go over it again before the day is over today.
[9/13, 12:21 PM] mdmawere1: Great. Does it make sense from a first read?
[9/13, 12:44 PM] Munaku: Yes it does.I am trying to get a strategic bearing on it.Als looking for any strengths or weaknesses.I am doing something else but i will really go into like i said to look for weak legs and where the is strengths to buttress it.
[9/13, 2:04 PM] mdmawere1: Ok
[9/13, 10:08 PM] mdmawere1: Hello
[9/13, 10:44 PM] Munaku: Got caught up in family and other issues when i was in the midst of typing.I think you could see that.It is the type of challenge that a halfhearted approach would not board well for its resolution.I was in bed right now.Got up to check if my charger was working. It has gone through the second reading and i pretty much have the stirrings of what i want.It will be a 2 if not multi pronged approachs one feeding of the others.The law though it follows its own path will lend ammunition to the other’s armories.You seem to be well along that road.We need to flesh it out.You know details.Now i am going back to bed.
[9/13, 10:45 PM] mdmawere1: Ok
[9/13, 10:53 PM] Munaku: Have you thought of that court process that was in Namibia.The one that Afri forum won that white farmer’s victory.Have you thought of people like Dali Mpofu.The have law but have heavy political leanings.You gave me the fly imagery.Journalist are drawn to people like that because they can skink up the whole place.They love it.Or to Bo Farrel Havegees or something.They are fearless.They are just thought running in my mind.What do you think.
[9/14, 6:23 PM] mdmawere1: Hello
[9/14, 7:49 PM] Munaku: Hello how are you?Was travelling just got home a few minutes ago.
[9/14, 8:23 PM] mdmawere1: Fine
[9/14, 8:35 PM] Munaku: Great!.Am cooking.You never did give me your thoughts on this angle.Its a conversation to determine the course to follow.
[9/14, 8:36 PM] mdmawere1: It would appear that you may not see any public interest angle to the matters.
[9/14, 8:40 PM] Munaku: I do.It feed of the proceeds of the court processes and the political….
[9/14, 8:41 PM] Munaku: The public interest does.
[9/14, 8:43 PM] mdmawere1: You ask me whether I have thought of people like Dali. You may not be aware that any injury to a person who is not an authentic SA citizen as alluded to by Gwede is not considered as legitimate.
[9/14, 8:54 PM] Munaku: No i had not.Had no experience or awareness of it but in this journey all efforts are not spared to bring to mind all the possibilities.If it doesnt work fine we try next door.Well i havent walked in the shoes you are wearing to know the texture of the ground but the overriding purpose is as you have pointed out to bring it all out in the open using available material.By the way i am cooking pork.Sometimes it has this interesting aspect of providing the oil to cook itself such that the is no wasted effort.
[9/14, 8:57 PM] mdmawere1: How have you found the information shared so far?
[9/14, 9:02 PM] Munaku: It is pointing to angle i am looking at.
[9/14, 9:02 PM] mdmawere1: What is the angle?
[9/14, 9:12 PM] Munaku: Well i dont know if that needs saying but the effects of the unprocedural and improper ZANU PF weight allowed on the S African judiciary with the collusion of the ANC people like Mantashe.He doesnt seem to want to have a word of it.The is a synergy of strength that is observed in the narrative.
[9/14, 9:13 PM] mdmawere1: Do you think the facts confirm that the President’s crew is untouchable and borderless?
[9/14, 9:26 PM] Munaku: Well weather i think of that or not is another thing suffice to say that the Presidence’s action seem to indicate his own state of mind.Mawere people create their own realities and it can be challenged.That is the drawback.You know how it works somebody creates a reality and then acts it out and is surprise when none shares.The task you seem to have been working on is to disabuse of those imponderable improprieties.It takes efforts to achieve.You have been well on your way on that course.When concluded many will learn.
[9/14, 9:28 PM] Munaku: Typo .Whether
[9/14, 10:17 PM] Munaku: No longer work but personal.I see.
[9/14, 10:19 PM] mdmawere1: What would you recommend as a next step?
[9/15, 6:29 AM] Munaku: Will come back.It needs deep thinking.That is the reason i take time to come back on our communications.They demand the most attention…..and sincerity.
[9/15, 6:46 AM] mdmawere1: Good morning
[9/15, 6:47 AM] mdmawere1: Should you attempt to think alone or raise awareness in groups on what you think are the key issues that need the benefit of community-centric minds based on what you believe are common cause facts?
[9/15, 6:59 AM] Munaku: Same thing.Let me rephraise it.You think to raise awareness in groups on what .. Nonethrless i was refering to my own plate.Important issues/dishes deserve time so that the is no still birth.Strategic angles have to be expored.I always give this case and similar other the most valuable minutes/time.
[9/15, 8:13 AM] mdmawere1: It may not be the same thing. From the Gwede issues, do you agree that there are certain observations that are worth sharing.
These could include:

  1. Gwede is an oath taking public office bearer.
  2. He believes his understanding of the identity question is the only superior one.
  3. To him it does not matter whether one is documented or undocumented – the difference is the same.
  4. He holds the view that SA is overloaded by foreigners whose presence crowds out local aspiring persons.
  5. He believes this problem is explosive and ought to be nipped in the bud and this problem ought to be understood in the context of equity so that other nation-states can also restrain their nationals from trekking southbound.
  6. He holds the view that anyone with an alternative view is stupid and selfish.
  7. I belong to the class of selfish foreigners who after being granted citizenship on charitable grounds believe that they are equal to authentic citizens like him who have the God-given right to write the law and others to obey.
  8. Although he took an oath to obey, respect, uphold and defend the constitution as the supreme law of SA, he does not believe that foreigners fall within the ambit of his jurisdiction.
  9. The issue that I raised with him of whether a Zimbabwean draconian law that offends the SA constitution can and should be applied extra-territorially, his view is that to the extent that the law originated in Zimbabwe, my home country, this is none of his business and I should take up the matter with ED notwithstanding the fact that the country that recognized and enforced this law is SA through its judiciary.
  10. Arising from this reality, what is your take from the facts shared so far and the DLA Piper matter regarding:
    a. Arbitrary substitution of attorneys by Kirsty Simpson, a Director of DLA Piper, who from inception has been the vehicle used by Manikai to prosecuted the reconstruction act in SA under the guise that the reconstruction order did not affect the rights and power of SMM yet the essence of the order is to divest and deprive shareholders and directors of the control and management of the hijacked company.
    b. What is your take on the construction and reality of the legal standing of a creature placed under the control of an Administrator pursuant to the operation of this law?
    c. Does a company under reconstruction fall within the ambit of a juristic entity or an organ of a foreign state in which public power was used as a weapon to deprive and divest?
    d. Do SA have title and jurisdiction to recognize the authority of an extra-judicially appointed Administrator to represent a former company?
    e. Can a reconstruction act co-exist and operate concurrently with the companies act, a law of general application.
  11. Now fixed with the knowledge that this diabolical act was recognized, what facts can you share as facts and not as weapons just to share your new knowledge and the possible questions that may follow in order to provoke, ignite and inspire forward-leaning problem solving conversations so that this precedent may be the last?
    [9/15, 2:27 PM] mdmawere1: [9/15, 1:54 AM] Sasha Robinson: Unbelievable!

Do you see a way of de-escalating this situation, brother?

Gwede is toxic and undeserving of your attention. He will drain your 24 hours.

He needs to be made irrelevant and ignored tactfully.

I don’t see him as having the capacity to answer intelligently on any subject.

I reckon he is set in his mind ( assuming he has one) that he is the ultimate power in this encounter and will never be open to different views.

Such a cowardly stance also points to other characteristics which may be decidedly dangerous when he is cornered.

His blood was substituted by venom a long time ago and as with all bullies, there is need to pick your fight and venue where you can even out the odds and stand a chance to win.

This minister doesn’t have enough words in his vocabulary to hold a real debate and I’m concerned as to how he will likely respond to further calls to his brain to think up what he is incapable of thinking.

It’s time to adopt tactic rather than a full frontal engagement.

Find a befitting and parting salvo to relegate him to being unworthy of your time.

Time will do its job, and a moment in the future will make this right.

I do not advocate silence in the face of unfairness but I recommend you find a worthy protagonist that helps you solve Gwede because he can’t solve himself while intoxicated with this power.

Just my thoughts
[9/15, 2:22 PM] mdmawere1: Thanks. I would have thought that Gwede is the best protagonist for a change to take place.

His toxicity is general and the issues deserve a person like him.

The situation was self-created and he makes the point that I acted maliciously by recording the second call he made.

How many people exist who miscontrue privacy and confidentiality with the right of parties to any chat to preserve such content including minimizing uncessary factual disputes.

There can be dispute that Gwede like many nameless actors believe that this woman called SA is too pretty and the consequential interest in it should be controlled and managed.

He believes that he has a duty to protect the woman and any foreigner, a definition that includes all persons who have no natural and native relationship with SA should fall outside the ambit of his oath of office.

By de-escalating a useful and beneficial conversation, the frontiers of ignorance are reduced by those who like Gwede believe in the genius of asserting and exposing their illiteracy on the identity questions.

The eloquence of silence on what matters fuels tryranny and intolerance.

Gwede has no power to silence anyone and I have not communicated with him since the audio and his propensity to use my name with third parties confirms that he was touched by the unplanned reaction.

He would want the experience to fly off like a fly.

He has the capacity to answer intelligently on any subject hence his inclusion in the cabinet and rose to be Chairman of the ruling party.

Prior to this he was the Secretary General of ANC.

His mind is for him to understand but suffice to say that no one has any intention to change his mind.

It would be futile anyway to seek to change another’s mind.

What is important is test his ideas and some of his comments do provoke thought?

He on the contrary is not a coward but a person who believes and holds to his convictions that he has a duty of care to ensure that the foreign factor is limited in shaping and defining the character and personality of the identity of employed SA citizens.

His blood flows like yours and mine.

We may call him a bully but his views remain his and it is always beneficial to unpack such views as they have been expressed.

The propensity to regard any divergent view as agency-motivated is not limited to Gwede because he genuinely believes that humanity is divisible into leaders and followers.

He could believe that he was born to be on the leadership side of the divide and his opinion is a better one.

In this case his approach seems to enjoy support of Ramaphhisa’s cabinet that foreigners must be squeezed out by any means necessary.

The Minister was just reminding me that my issues should remain hidden in between my two big ears and should never find expression in the public domain let alone in his presence.

This is not my personal issue and I am grateful that God used me as a vessel to be on the opposite side of Gwede.

I never imagined that an opportunity would arise for me to be a bridge to a new conversation regarding the fate of documented persons including citizens who are by default an integral part of the targeted class of undesirables.

This is healthy to dramatize the point that no one is safe when identity can easily be weaponized and manipulated to be agenda setting.

I have no mechanism of choosing or knowing in anticipation who God will use to raise awareness on an issues that only emerge randomly.

Time waits for no one. I am grateful that persons like Chivasa who is based in the UK and Mupasiri in Zimbabwe have given legs to the audio and have taken next steps to expose the dangers of a public office bearers like Gwede not being held to account for their utternaces that have a bearing on public policies.

It is always the case to see an opportunity opened by Gwede to confront a bigger issue as a personal matter but by you and others choosing to be issue-based, I have no doubt that it can and will always be a lesson for all and not the object of attack and ridicule

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When President Mnangagwa signed a document purporting to be his mate, see the reality?



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Hopewell Chin’ono’s Hypocrisy Exposed by Mr. Tinashe Mpasiri



On 24 November 2022, Mr. Hopewell Chin’ono shared this tweet on his wall: https://twitter.com/daddyhope/status/1595758807392534528?s=20&t=YflO7bnB-32EN89x_0fPfQ with the following message directed to nameless and faceless South Africans:

“What we ask from South African citizens is for your President to STOP sanitizing Corrupt Rule in Zimbabwe and to STOP lying that our economy was destroyed by sanctions Listen to our President speak about the LOOTING in 1996.

Why doesn’t your president speak about free elections?”

The above mentioned tweet led to a conversation between Mr. Mpasiri, a member of the Justice Under Rule of Law (JUROL) and Mr. Chin’ono as set out on this link: https://heyzine.com/flip-book/d47b109920.html.

When asked why he had chosen to share a video of 1996 in support of his narrative that President Ramaphosa was guilty of sanitizing the corrupt practices by President Mnangagwa and his administration, Mr. Chin’ono responded as follows:

“ZPF leading Public officials operate with criminal business partners to loot public resources. For all intents and purposes sanctions are not the cause of Zim economic quagmire but ZPF looting public purse thru its puppet business partners from as far back as 1996?”

Advocate Matiza, a member of the Justice Under Rule of Law made the following observations and also a participant in the Banking on Africa’s Future (BOAF) – Legal Literacy WhatsApp group, commended as follows: “It is clear from the above that by importing the video in which Mr. Mawere was featured with Minister Mnangagwa as he was known then, Mr. Chin’ono was openly alleging that Mr. Mawere was Mnangagwa’s then criminal business partner who was his accomplice in looting public resources of Zimbabwe.

However, when exposed by Mr. Mpasiri, a member of JUROL and BOAF, Mr. Chin’ono backtracked as set out below:

TM: Good morning Mr Chin’ono.
My name is Tinashe Mpasiri and I am a member of the Justice Under Rule Of Law (JUROL).
I am an avid follower of your posts and exposé and certainly wish that there were more
Zimbabweans like you, working towards a diverse, inclusive, progressive and prosperous future
for all.
I just wanted to greet you and share with you a post that was shared in a group I am a part of,
that you may be able to shed more light on it.
HC: Thank you. I did an interview last night on the issue. Feel free to share it in your group
Find it here;
TM: Thank you very much sir.
Just for your information, I belong to a group with officials from Wits University and questions
arose yesterday after your sharing of the video.
I have been asked to communicate with you so I get clarity, so we can share with a proper
Your narrative on the tweet is about president Ramaphosa’s failure to act on corruption in
Zimbabwe, but the content of the video, appears nothing to do with the corruption angle.
Kindly assist with the link between the two.
HC: Good morning. Thank you for the question and you can share this audio in your group, you have my permission.
President Ramophosa has been at the forefront of saying incorrectly that the economic crisis in Zimbabwe has been caused by sanctions, which is not true.
The video that you are referencing, is meant to show that the economic crisis in Zimbabwe
started way before sanctions were imposed by western countries.
The economic crisis was authored by looting of public funds by ZANU PF elites and their business surrogates and the plunder of the country’s natural resources.
That video shows president Mnangagwa when he was Finance Minister in 1996, speaking at an event in Washington explaining how public funds have been looted.
So my point is that the president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa shouldn’t be going around
misleading unsuspecting audiences, by saying that the economic crisis in Zimbabwe is being
caused by sanctions.
So for instance, president Ramaphosa talks about the social services pressures that are exerted by Zimbabweans coming into South Africa to use things like public services like health care. And all hospitals in Zimbabwe, all central hospitals in Zimbabwe, five of them, they only require 50 million to run without any shortages and that will make sure that Zimbabweans don’t have to cross the border into South Africa to seek public services that are provided through hospitals but these hospitals in Zimbabwe don’t have paracetamol.
The biggest hospital in Zimbabwe, Sally Mugabe hospital does not even have paracetamol, it
doesn’t have basic things like bandages and 50 million is only, that’s all we need to run our
central hospitals, but it’s not being availed to these central hospitals.
Now, ZANU PF by its own admission, says that 150 million USD worth of gold is being smuggled by ZANU PF elites and their surrogates every month. Which means what they steal in one month can run our central hospitals for 3 years.
That is the point that I making that president Ramaphosa is misleading unsuspecting audiences by saying that the crisis in Zimbabwe which is over spilling into South Africa, is being caused by sanctions, it’s not true it’s caused by sanctions. It’s caused by mis-governance. Thank you.
TM: Thank you very much Mr. Chin’ono.
This is very helpful and I believe we can build a shared understanding of only when we engage.
I will share your insights in my circles and beyond.
A number of questions emerge from your audio. By surrogates and having had the benefit to watch the video, who would be the surrogates and especially having regard to the fact that Minister Mnangagwa (as he were then), was speaking to a different subject matter involving empowerment and the role of government in financing it.
I could be wrong, but it is self-evident that he was talking about government programs whose
execution resulted in financial support being diverted to personal use.
Your response to the above would greatly assist.
HC: Surrogates were people like Mutumwa Mawere who was his front until they fell out.
Today surrogates refers to people like Kuda Tagwirei who has been a front for State looting
using his myriad of companies.

Here Mr. Chin’ono identifies Mr. Mawere as Mnangagwa’s front until they allegedly fell out.

This narrative is similar to the one peddled by Chin’ono’s friend and President Mnangagwa’s confidante and lawyer, Mr. Edwin Manikai as follows:

The message above was authored by Mr. Manikai on 27 March 2021 and was addressed to Mr. Fred Mutanda. The version peddled by Mr. Chin’ono is the same as Manikai’s version.
Mr. Manikai in the middle with Mr. Hopewell Chin’ono
Mr. Manikai in the picture with the visiting American delegation of Senators to Zimbabwe and his wife and Hon. Mliswa, Manikai’s best friend.
The SMM heist gang who authored and executed the divestment and deprivation of the control of 26 companies employing 20,000 people in 2004 using public power described as the precursor to the coup of November 2017 that was orchestrated by the same gang against Mugabe after successfully prosecuting the coup against SMM and related entities.

TM: Thank you for the honest response and obviously when I watched the video, I could not make the link between Mutumwa Mawere and the looting.
Perhaps you can share evidence supporting the allegation of surrogacy and the corruption
therefore in, so that I can afford both president Mnangagwa and Mawere to give their own
account of the precise nature of the alleged link between public power and private benefit.
Unfortunately, the video’s content does not establish the causal link which is vital in determining any dispute in an Independent and impartial manner.
HC: I didn’t say Mutumwa was corrupt.
I said that there were public funds that were doled out which amounted to looting.
You are misinterpreting what I said.
The video has nothing to do with Mutumwa being corrupt, it was meant to illustrate how public funds were looted way before sanctions.

Hopewell denies what he said before and claims the video that he intentionally and constructively shared to demonstrate the origins of Mnangagwa’s corruption had nothing to with Mawere being party to the looting of public funds.

TM: Thank you for clarifying and I am intrigued by your response.
You have asserted as true and fact that Mawere was Mnangagwa front and this aspect is not
evident in the video, suggesting that evidence exists that the alleged fronting you are talking
about, is supported by concrete evidence which is required in any bona fide process, seeking to hold people accountable for their conduct or misconduct. I would be grateful if you can identify in precise terms what Mawere front for Mnangagwa.

Mr. Chin’ono on SABC repeating the narrative of corruption as the cause of the Zim crisis.

Advocate Jack Matiza who was incensed by Mr. Chin’ono’s utterances remarked asked: “How can he be held responsible and accountable for social media post that damage another person reputation? My take is Hopewell is also guilty of selective amnesia he is accusing Ramaphosa of when it comes to sanctions, by stating that Mutumwa Mawere was an front of ED without providing any proof to that. Our self acclaimed award winning journalist and human right defender…ought to know that he who alleges must prove, is he not using or abusing social media or public media platforms to make unfounded statements without allowing the accused an opportunity to air their side of the story is itself an abuse of that person’s basic human rights?
To which Mr. Mawere responded as follows: “What if there exists no shared understanding on what are the obligations and rights of citizenship? What Hopewell could be saying is that information that he may possess is true and fact unless proved otherwise because he holds a privileged position in society as a journalist. In this case, affinity politics would compel him to conclude that because I shared the same platform with the current President of Zimbabwe this reality confirms a generally corrupt relationship. You can imagine what the true import of state capture and the legal consequences arising for its existence.”
Advocate Matiza by stating as follows: “There is certainly need to actively contribute to development of such shared understanding and common standards.”
Mr. Mawere commended as follows: “If asked to explain why the conversation is intriguing, what would be your response?

Mr Chin’ono genuinely believes that CORRUPTION is the elephant in the room.

He hold the view that he occupies a special and exceptional position in relation to the affairs of Zimbabwe.

He has a view on the 1996 video.”

When asked by Mr. Mawere, what identified questions arise from the hypocrisy inherent in Mr. Chin’ono’s open attack against Mawere and when confronted by Mr. Manikai, he quickly denied what he had stated as true and fact, Advocate Matiza responded as follows:

1. Abuse of the profession of journalism by an acclaimed journalist who has no respect for the truth in his narratives.

2.How should one define a human rights defender especially having exposed Mr. Chin’ono’s embarrassing performance by first alleging that Mnangagwa was using Mawere as a front only to backtrack and deny his own bold assertions.

3.In the face of hypocrites masquerading as award-winning journalists, what should be the best response to deal with divisive characters who have captured the profession and are using it as a weapon to advance their ulterior motives?

4. Section 2 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe imposes a binding obligation on every person to ensure that the rule of law is promoted, protected and upheld and in this case, what should be done by ordinary citizens to ensure that people like Mr. Chin’ono are accountable for their conduct which is inimical to the rule of law?

5. Does a person like Mr. Chin’ono know that he is also subject to the constitution and possesses no title or authority to maliciously defame other people. How best can he be held accountable for his reckless and dangerous assertions he makes under the cover that he is a journalist par excellence?

6. Does his conduct based on Mpasiri’s excellent interrogation not fall within conduct that is inconsistent with the constitution of Zimbabwe?

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