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Is profit part of the cost? If so, why are socialists interested in costs rather than exchange values based on equality?

Caroline Du Plessis



Price Vs Cost

Do you know the difference between price and cost? Allow me to educate you. Price is the amount used to buy something, cost the amount used to repair that something.

In a world full of people looking for cheap things, this lesson can be helpful. My fellow entrepreneurs, you are not in business for pleasure. You’re there for life. This is where your bread and butter is. That being said, your thriving ability is based on the quality of things you buy for the business to operate. I am not talking about the things you sell to your customers. No! I am talking about the things you use to get the job done.

Every barber knows that a zhing-zhong hair clipper is costy. The puchasing price may appear very low but the cost price is very high. A zhing-zhong clippers cannot be used for commercial use. Can’t be and won’t be. I believe with this example you can relate. As a service provider when buying consider three things: Cost (that’s not price as stated above), durability and brand quality. Thrive by all means to buy the best.
Noone would want to buy the same thing twice. How would you feel if you buy a phone that literally gives you problems within the first month of its purchase? Frustrating! Refrain from such costy behaviour. You need to consider efficiency all the time. I am not saying be flashy. Uhmmmm naughty people, I 👀 see you.

Customers, how boring is it to have a supplier whose phone is always unreachable? A manufacturer who is always saying, today we have no product our machine is down. You can realate right? What’s the lesson here? It has never been about pricing when it comes buying. It has always been about minimizing cost. Be frank. How much are you losing each day simply wanting to play it cheap? That is cost.


I have nothing to add for this script. May be you do. Share with us how this helped you.

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