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Is human identity capable of being homogeneous to allow for example black people to categorized as ONE?

Caroline Du Plessis



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A Chinese and an African meet in Europe. This conversation will certainly shock you but the truth must prevail!
CHINESE: Xhenxhi Honhong is my name.
AFRICAN: Delighted, my name is Emmanuel Noël de Souza.
CHINESE: So you’re not African but Franco-Brazilian?
AFRICAN: Yes, I am African
CHINESE: And your name is Emmanuel Noël De Souza?
AFRICAN: Yes, I owe my parents this pretty name.
CHINESE: Even simple names that don’t require any technique, any technology, you can’t produce them at home? Do you have to import them or have them donated to you? So we are going to start making them here in China to come and sell them to you. It is out of the question that we leave this vast and profitable name market to Europeans alone. And you will prefer our names to those of Europeans for a well-known reason: “Made in China” is always cheaper!
AFRICAN: You also make jokes at home, so that’s good! And what are you doing here?
CHINESE: I study neuroscience and I’m also very interested in robotics. I also give courses on Chinese civilization at the University D of Paris, and you?
AFRICAN: I am a doctoral student-researcher.
CHINESE: Researcher in what?
AFRICAN: I am a researcher in French literature and a specialist in Victor Hugo.
CHINESE: How so?
AFRICAN: I read and comment on the works of French authors and I analyze Victor Hugo a lot.
CHINESE: But you’re not a forensic doctor, why are you carrying out analyzes on a corpse?
AFRICAN: Haha, I read and research Victor Hugo’s writings, I don’t touch his corpse. Besides, I don’t even know where he is buried.
CHINESE: So your job is to research what Victor Hugo wrote, in other words you’re looking for what Victor Hugo has already found. What intellectual laziness is yours! Do useful studies to save your brothers from starvation rather than looking for what others have already found since the dawn of time.
AFRICAN: You really have a sense of humor…In fact I approached you to invite you to our worship service.
CHINESE: That’s great! I have already attended out of curiosity Christian, Muslim, Buddhist worship, … but never an African worship. So this is an opportunity that I will not miss. Where will worship take place?
AFRICAN: At “International Church of the last soldiers of Jesus” in the ninth arrondissement…
CHINESE: Wait, are you inviting me to church?
AFRICAN: Yes, at the church of the great American prophet Weiss White, the prophet of great miracles, the only man in the world…
CHINESE: Don’t you also have your own religion? Are your own prophets also strangers? How terrible and miserable you Africans are! I won’t have time for your worship anymore and I have to leave you now… But how well dressed you are!!!
AFRICAN: Thank you, it’s the African loincloth!
The Chinese murmuring alone as he leaves: Poor African, he doesn’t know that what they call African loincloth and of which they are proud are Dutch fabrics made in our factories in China.
This message is a call to awaken the consciences of Africans. And does not suffer from any bias, injustice or discrimination.
“You only ride on a bent back.”
Africa wake up!!!


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