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Ms Olivia Vaughan asserted in a WhatsApp group that: “Yes, I wonder if they will publish anything remotely close to the truth,” before this publication.

Caroline Du Plessis



[11/13, 10:54 AM] Olivia Vaughan: This is quackery. I think the politics is just a puppet show to distract from desperately trying to scare people into adopting climate change as an existential threat so that interest bearing loans and mandatory grants can be ploughed into renewable energy and technology. Kind of like the $8,5 billion coming towards SA, $1,5 billion of which is commercial credit.

This is a financial reset, not a political one. The conundrum is that with a country failing in Electricity, SA is kind of in the corner and can’t say no. I wander who made all those terrible decisions at Eskom?
[11/13, 10:54 AM] Olivia Vaughan: https://www.businessinsider.co.za/joburg-summers-could-be-3c-hotter-by-2050-and-just-breathing-will-endanger-your-health-2022-11
[11/13, 11:09 AM] Olivia Vaughan: I beg, pray tell how Belgian and Flemmish researchers can predict that breathing will kill you.

I like how they frame the township areas for maximum reach! What propaganda. Do these geniuses know that we have 60% youth unemployed and people starving NOW? They really don’t care if the summer temperature rises by 3 degrees by 2050 and probably wouldn’t even notice if they have survived the poverty and violence to see 2050.

Like seriously, what are we doing? Let’s fix our country with our solutions and leave the folk up North to play with pretty predictive software.

This is what happens when you allow news publications masking as South African to spread news. Headquartered in New York, with a majority German shareholding, I can see exactly why this would even make the news in SA.

Holy smokes, I mean the world accuses Russia and China of propaganda while we have to read this drivel while our country is literally falling down around us.

This is how people are controlled and herded in directions. If there was no news, I think the world would change within weeks.
[11/13, 11:25 AM] Olivia Vaughan: It’s disgusting. I’m starting to think buying a small island somewhere and creating our own stuff is the most logical solution.
[11/13, 11:34 AM] Jim Powell: Pity you can’t get this published in the newspaper
[11/13, 11:35 AM] Olivia Vaughan: Yes, I wander if they will publish anything remotely close to the truth.

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