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Whose duty is it to UPHOLD, DEFEND, OBEY AND RESPECT the constitution and ensure that this duty is fulfilled?

Peter Smith



Until the EFF and Julius Malema decide to stand up and hold Pravin Gordhan, President Ramaphosa, Gwede Mantashe and De Ryter Accountable on Eskom, IPPs and Loadshedding none of us will. Including the sale of SAA for R51.

Can we?

Now just yesterday Gwede Mantashe signed those Renewable Energy Contracts which he knows will not solve the energy crisis in this country but he did then afterwards said Eskom is agitating for the overthrow of the State, which was an attack on Pravin Gordhan, which is all a bluff.

Look I can tell you now that Gwede Mantashe’s attitude towards Pravin Gordhan and Pravins Gordhan attitude towards Gwede Mantashe is that of two old man who have so much dirt against each other and the President that they can attack each other in public but they will never push each other off the cliff that any of them can be charged and arrested.

There is no country where democratic values and tax payers money are protected where the like of Gwede Mantashe will be given authority to be signing billions worth of contracts which are given to the brother in law of the President when Chief Justice Zondo indicated that Gwede Mantashe cannot be trusted with Tax Payers money and has a case to answer.

Now Gwede Mantashe could have been arrested yesterday for State Capture but he won’t. Well on one hand he knows too much on another he is still chairing NEC meetings where he can start and end meetings as he pleases just to defend the President and he continues to sign as in yesterday billions of IPP Contracts. So Gwede Mantashe is still very much needed question is up until when will they need him.

Gwede Mantashe and President Ramaphosa are protecting each other hence Gwede Mantashe who is implicated in the State Capture Report will never be held accountable by the NPA and Batohi who were appointed by President Ramaphosa.

Let me tell you here and now what we are confronted with in South Africa is Grand Scale looting and that the so called RET Thieves if they are thieves will be considered petty thieves with no resources and strategy. This narrative to paint them as thieves is critical to Ramaphosa, Pravin Gordhan and Gwede Mantashe to sustain their liquidation of State Owned Entities.

Ask Batohi and the NPA why they have not charged Gwede Mantashe ask her. Well none of us will until Julius Malema does which truly makes us accomplices in the liquidation and destruction of the state.

Therefore if the so called RET Gang were as resourced and effective as it is claimed by now they should have instituted private investigation against the President, Pravin and Gwede on Eskom…IPPs…Diesel Supply and Coal Contracts. They could have done something.

So let’s leave this grouping out which the establishment has elevated to this grand looting mafia scheme when they are not.

We are hopeless, we have accepted loadshedding without even asking questions and what we are good at is pointing fingers but never holding anyone accountable.

Surely we cannot rely on Thabo Makgoba who will never hold those who are part of the establishment accountable when he claims to be representing Jesus and God in a country where the rich that he so protects are getting richer through the most dubious ways.

What would Jesus have done I ask but that question will not help us now would it?

South Africa under President Ramaphosa is just a Kleptocracy.

He is sitting with the State Capture report which Judge Zondo ensured he was not implicated in and every ANC NEC member who is implicated in it is beholden to him.

We cannot also rely on so called Civil Society Movements and some Journalists as those organisations are either funded or owned by the same business people who benefit from State owned businesses.

The last man who tried to speak against Oppenheimers and the establishment was assasinated and that was Hendrik Verwoerd so this oligarchs don’t truly care whether you are black or white they can support your corruption and madness as long as you sustain their wealth. You depart from that end goal they silence you for life.

Organise and mobilise yourselves get resources and hold this leaders accountable.

Do this to Save the ANC because all this is done under the banner of the ANC which is just a victim and vehicle used by the real State Capturers.

You see some of us have nothing to lose because we were never beneficiaries of the Zuma administration. So the best they can do is call one a Zuma supporter and it ends there but what we equally know is that this people can kill the same manner they killed Babita Deokaran here in Gauteng.

So remain vigilant the system is brutal look at how it killed and silenced Chris Hani.

Vukani Comrades ningalali bayanithengisa o yihlo!!!!

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