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Mr. Mucha Mugota’s wish that he casually expressed in a whatsapp group called ZIMBABWE ECONOMIC FORUM (ZEF), that Mr. Mawere should write his memoir has provoked intense debate after Mr. Mawere’s lukewarm’s response suggesting that it would not be appropriate for him to be the author.

The proposition of a memoir was taken up by Mr. Edmore Nyamadzi, who is a participant with Mr. Mawere in another WhatsApp group called BOAF ESWATINI AGRI.

A interesting debate then ensued in this group resulting in Mr. Mugota being added to this group.

Prior to this, Ms. Thoko Zulu, an accomplished writer of screenplays was approached by Mr. Nyamadzi to test her appetite to convert Mr. Mawere’s fascinating story into a movie.

Set out below is what motivated Mr. Mugota to propose a memoir as a useful addition to the corporate and legal heritage of not only Zimbabwe but the continent of Africa;

“I thought would be a good thing, especially with Mr. Mawere’s input and illumination of the areas that are either misrepresented in the different circles.

Having read and understood Ms. Zulu’s angle. I appreciate that it is important to look at this as a national heritage initiative to document our heritage.

I only discovered today that Mr. Mawere has about 35,000 followers and a network of 30,000 on the linkedin platform.

With this community, it would not take a rocket scientist to know that if 10% of this community prechased this memoir for R150 per copy, an amount of R950,000 would be raised to cover the first batch of 64,000 e-nooks to be produced.

It is important for us as budding entrepreneurs to take advantage of this opportunity to learn from a person I and many have admired as a pathfinder of corporate involvement of blacks in post-colonial Zimbabwe.

I am.excited to be part of this landmark project and I am very encouraged that Mr. Mawere has agreed to help shape and define the character and personality of the story that has yet to be told after 19 years of unprecedented hijack of 26 companies using public power.

Many find the SMM story very unfair and if one is into business a bad precedent was set. The law still exists and as it was used on you it is likely to be used on someone again.

It would have academic, social, political and economic value, from where I stand.

To me Mr. Mawerw is a living legend and an African business titan, instead of celebrating him, some still out of igmorance villify him.

It is unfortunate that he may have lived ahead of his time!!!

Many of us marveled at his business acumen as young lads and then we watched as public power was used to divest and deprive the control and management of his the empire.

Various players have various beliefs and understanding and versions of what really transpired, depending on whom they believe or their sources.

The idea of a memoir is to me that the main actor in the events would share his side of the story.

I was intrigued by Mr. Mawere’s chat with AMG over the hijack of his Mt Pleasant house, it was a poor camouflage that revealed more than it hid!!

A lot is not in the public domain and its overshadowed by the one-sided narratives that are in the public media. I was astounded by the Gono Advisory Note…”

Set out below is a reverting chat between Ma. Zulu and Mr. Mawere.

[1/25, 10:53 AM] mdmawere1: [9:21 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: For me conversations with Mawere were the BEST, because as Munzengwa admits, they were inspiring and enlightening. And your Zimbabwean journey is of more interest, l don’t know if those episodes are captured in your 3 books because that was Mutumwa at his BEST. Write the memoirs
[9:23 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: Have you understood the problem statement?
[9:23 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: According to Mucha?
[9:25 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: Hey, Ed. Thank you for the touch down. Well, he could if he has the time, which l very much doubt he has. My honest opinion is, it would be more controversial and if other people wrote it. Why? Because he is the kind of man whose demeanor hides a lot of controversial truths. It won’t be easy, but it is doable if he won’t resist the prodding and persuasion to just let go and be “seen”
[9:25 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: I’m sorry I had a long call while you were typing. I get what you are saying but what if the writing and narration depends on his referrals, colleagues, recordings and the like. There’s a history about his journey certainly
[9:25 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: It can still work, l suppose. Compiling and reading all that material and selecting what goes into the memoir is still a lot of work for it to make sense. I don’t think it can work if it’s about random selections for publication. For the little time l have interacted with him, l am intrigued to write a screenplay for either a documentary or a feature film
[9:25 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: Much appreciated. Thanks for the consideration. Have done some research on his Zim escapades, particularly the SMM debacle and the dispossession
[9:25 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: I have also followed from a distance, what’s your take
[9:25 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: That was the most vile piece of legislation and theft of private property in Zim, bigger then even the land dispossesion from the former farmers
[9:25 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: I’m not very conversant with legal laws but looks somewhat something didn’t go well. What’s your comment or comments on him writing memoirs personally
[9:25 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: 👆🏻…now this is intriguing!!!
[9:25 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: But even if he were to write the memoirs himself, he’d still need an editor
[9:25 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: Certainly difficulties will be there and to me worth the story. Yes him doing it is possible but is it not him blowing his trumpet? Most likely not balanced, who checks the negative side? What I’m certain of its an interesting compilation of the man’s journey.
[9:25 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: I am in total agreement that compilation of his journey although challenging, should be worth it. Blowing his own horn wouldn’t attract a credible audience and absolutely not balanced. But it will cost money
[9:25 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: Writers don’t write for free
[9:25 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: …unless you are thinking using university students
[9:25 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: A memoir and a documentary is what I would suggest, with funds permitting
[9:25 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: I’m not really a literature someone but I believe, as initiated by J Bard, it’s a good project, but especially done by someone else with balanced facts as controversial as some may think of the main acto6
[9:25 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: actor
[9:25 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: TRUE say
[9:25 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: What about bringing an audience and each says what they know of him, a hall or dinner gathering or something like that
[9:25 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: Yes it will cost definitely
[9:25 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: For which purpose? To document or as a fundraiser towards writing the memoir? And where will be the venue? In Zimbabwe or South Africa?
[9:25 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: And are we SURE or guarantee a huge paying audience?
[9:25 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: Hmmm the purpose of the gathering can be both raising funds and getting more information about the subject and possibly in SA
[9:26 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: Audience is beyond anyone’s control let’s be honest
[9:26 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: It will take time, money and expertise to organize successfully
[9:26 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: Let’s put it on the group and see the response. What do you think
[9:26 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: Depends how it’s packaged or branded
[9:26 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: Fantabulous idea
[9:26 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: The group response will be the guiding map
[9:26 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: Sorry dialed by mistake
[9:35 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: YES, according to Mucha
[9:35 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: What is your understanding?
[9:35 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: Yes, l AGREE
[9:36 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: If so, what should be the next step forward?
[9:39 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: The group response was diverted by the assassination of the human rights lawyer. The heated debate we hoped for after Mucha’s post about your memoirs wasn’t forthcoming
[9:41 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: …the response was also diluted by your posts thereafter. I think you should have sat by the sidelines and waited
[9:41 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: This l think is what should follow
[9:43 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: …and if for some weird reason the event doesn’t gather momentum or raise enough funds then maybe we could abandon ship
[9:44 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: And this 👆🏻 l second
[9:45 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: The group has no life – ONE POINT OF NO SHARED UNDERSTANDING.
[9:46 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: …but it’s too huge a project to be successfully executed by one individual hence you have the 3 of us, Mucha, Bard and I
[9:51 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: No, this is no disaster, this is Epic. Lol!!! I would be very worried if there were no conflicting views because one of the fundamentals of great story telling lies in very BIG conflicting ideas. That’s why l mentioned the brain storming sessions. Their purpose is to bring the conflicting ideas together for a shared understanding
[9:52 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: Is it correct that you regard yourself as a great script writer?
[9:53 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: Enough to belong to your own identity as a human being?
[9:54 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: There are no GREAT Scriptwriters in my field Mawere. Every new project presents another opportunity to unlearn and relearn new processes
[9:55 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: A writer cannot exist out of their own singled out identity
[9:56 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: In order to respond, did you do any empirical research or what lies between your two great and perhaps exceptional ears is the universe?
[9:57 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: What lies between my two great ears is often misunderstood
[9:57 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: Yet the affairs of humanity exposes a different and scary reality. Those who pretend to know more become subject matter experts even on a reality that does not exists but will exist if a circle around the challenge or problem is created without anyone in the middle as an actor – or popstar?
[10:00 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: Yes, TRUE this
[10:04 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: Again what do you think could have made Mucha to make reference to me in his voluntary share without affording me an opportunity to express myself on the question of the missing script not just about me but about many others including his?
[10:06 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: I assumed it’s a conversation you both engaged in prior to the posting as we initially discussed it when you asked what l thought of the proposed memoir idea
[10:07 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: You assumed without doing your diligence. Is this correct?
[10:08 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: Assumption in reference to the specifics of your private conversation with Mucha
[10:10 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: Sometimes conversations with you are similar to interrogations by a criminal lawyer 😄
[10:11 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: …you’re stubborn, intimidating…and a very hard man to read
[10:12 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: Once in every good while people are forced to stand down
[10:13 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: Do you agree that life was created to be STUBBORN, INTIMIDATING AND VERY HARD? Would you prefer to abuse the truth or learn from its expression.
[10:14 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: Does it occur to you that Mucha is the one who proposed the idea in good faith without the benefit of my input?
[10:17 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: Most definitely it does occur to me
[10:18 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: Is this not the reality of the story. It was authored in his mind and expressed in a group.
[10:18 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: Life was created to be celebrated
[10:19 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: Life was created but the creator forget to put cash in the model.
[10:21 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: Well, the same way you posted half our conversation where l allegedly referred to your most insightful work as bullshit. Lol! Most intelligent people who followed your Conversations with Mawere must think l am very stupid
[10:21 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: Lol!
[10:22 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: Yadeuka yadeuka. Why seek to hide your own voluntary contribution to humanity?
[10:23 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: I don’t think many people understand your dry humor
[10:26 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: Although not very educated, I am neither stupid nor naive. Lol!
[10:26 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: Why default into a bishop when you and I walk on the same ground?
[10:26 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: You lost me in your response as no one has accused you of being stupid or naive.
[10:27 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: Like everyone else l learn my valuable lessons
[10:27 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: What if there are many who choose not to learn because they think they already known the start and end of life?
[10:28 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: You hide…a lot. I wish l could see you. Who is Mutumwa?
[10:29 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: If something is known to you then you should always be the last to talk about hiding.
[10:29 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: Lol!
[10:30 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: I rest my case for today
[10:30 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: Expose that which you believe is hidden and not talk about assumptions dressed as fact.
[10:31 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: I cannot expose what l don’t know
[10:31 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: Truth must underpin story telling lest gossip takes the centerpiece?
[10:32 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: Yet you seem determined to import assumptions, speculation and superstition in the narratives to permit you to condemn me to write a memoir to respond to ghosts.
[10:33 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: Documentaries are based not on gossip or assumptions but facts. I don’t know if any attempts to get that close to the truth will be successful
[10:33 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: Yet the truth has no legs but gossip has.
[10:33 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: Mutumwa ka…
[10:34 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: You are raising great issues and hence I am responding for posterity so that Mucha may know better.
[10:34 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: Which is the reason for the attempt to get through your door to discover the truth
[10:35 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: What if the truth is in front of your eyes yet your mind is the devil in the mix?
[10:36 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: Mmm…am l blind not to see the devil, l wonder
[10:37 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: Why not change from the I to the WE narratives?
[10:37 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: What if you are not the only one?
[10:37 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: We? I and them?
[10:38 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: I suspect not to be the only one
[10:39 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: Why not invest in finding others like you and me by sharing chats?
[10:41 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: You already share others and my chats
[10:41 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: ARE YOU A DR?
[10:41 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: Without our permission in most cases
[10:42 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: Do you agree that this thread is jointly owned by the two of us?
[10:42 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: My assumption, yes
[10:46 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: [10:25 am, 25/01/2023] TENDAYI: Morning
[10:27 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: Good morning
[10:38 am, 25/01/2023] TENDAYI: Are you Dr Mawere
[10:40 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: I guess it bothers you why not ask the authors unless I said so?
[10:44 am, 25/01/2023] TENDAYI: Should I, a mere mortal, shoulder the burden of maligning those who dress you in such robes?
[10:46 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: Should I suffer the burden to respond to the idea that I never authored? Who suffers any prejudice if I am called an idiot?
[10:46 am, 25/01/2023] TENDAYI: Indeed
[10:47 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: Agh…sigh
[10:49 am, 25/01/2023] Thoko Zulu: Assuming l can also post my own edited version of our conversation. Lol!
[10:49 am, 25/01/2023] mdmawere1: You don’t suffer any obligation to use that which has been shared between more than one person?
[1/25, 12:27 PM] mdmawere1: [1/25, 10:54 AM] Thoko Zulu: Agh…sigh
[1/25, 10:59 AM] Thoko Zulu: You’re a very GOOD writer, one of the BEST I have met
[1/25, 11:00 AM] mdmawere1: Guess what? I am not a writer but I am me. I wear no mask.
[1/25, 11:01 AM] Thoko Zulu: You wear a very BIG mask
[1/25, 11:01 AM] mdmawere1: This is because you choose to me when you are complete as a person yourself.
[1/25, 11:02 AM] mdmawere1: Stop imagining other people but looking into your own mirror.
[1/25, 11:02 AM] Thoko Zulu: Although we all wear them
[1/25, 11:02 AM] mdmawere1: I never called myself Dr or writer but you and another did without my consent.
[1/25, 11:02 AM] Thoko Zulu: I am looking at my own
[1/25, 11:02 AM] Thoko Zulu: Lol!
[1/25, 11:03 AM] mdmawere1: You are the one who should call yourself a writer and it is not for me or anyone to label you.
[1/25, 11:04 AM] Thoko Zulu: Are you married? Do you have children?
[1/25, 11:07 AM] mdmawere1: Why?
[1/25, 11:08 AM] Thoko Zulu: One of the bullshit questions we will be asking when/if we shoot the documentary
[1/25, 11:09 AM] Thoko Zulu: Your Mt Pleasant home was taken
[1/25, 11:09 AM] mdmawere1: Who said I want to be involved in a documentary as proposed by Mucha?
[1/25, 11:10 AM] mdmawere1: Who said it was taken? From where to where I may ask?
[1/25, 11:11 AM] Thoko Zulu: No documentary then, this is clear
[1/25, 11:11 AM] mdmawere1: I am lost. Did I approach you to do a documentary or what?
[1/25, 11:11 AM] Thoko Zulu: I will search and extract the clip from a previous conversation l read which was shared
[1/25, 11:12 AM] mdmawere1: If you want to know, you can always ask.
[1/25, 11:12 AM] Thoko Zulu: And forward it here
[1/25, 11:13 AM] Thoko Zulu: What can l ask?
[1/25, 11:13 AM] mdmawere1: About the house affair.
[1/25, 11:13 AM] Thoko Zulu: What happened?
[1/25, 11:15 AM] mdmawere1: However, if the affair is of interest to you, should a BOAF not be created comprising of interested persons so that instead of repeating myself 100 TIMES ON THE SAME ISSUE, WE DO ONE HOUR FOR POSTERITY?.
[1/25, 11:17 AM] Thoko Zulu: This would be practical, yes
[1/25, 11:21 AM] mdmawere1: Do you agree that it could be the case that among my followers and connections, there could be many who genuinely may wish to know the problem and the facts in it?
[1/25, 11:27 AM] Thoko Zulu: Yes
[1/25, 11:29 AM] Thoko Zulu: Your point?
[1/25, 11:30 AM] mdmawere1: The first thing is to define a problem statement.
[1/25, 11:30 AM] mdmawere1: That needs to be solved.
[1/25, 11:31 AM] mdmawere1: The second is to test it.
[1/25, 11:33 AM] Thoko Zulu: 🤷🏾‍♂️
[1/25, 11:33 AM] mdmawere1: Not sure what the response is.
[1/25, 11:34 AM] Thoko Zulu: Well, now that you mention it
[1/25, 11:36 AM] mdmawere1: Do you agree that when properly construed Mucha wanted to give me a job to write a memoir simply to satisfy himself?
[1/25, 11:38 AM] Thoko Zulu: Lol! And l was weighing options for a documentary to satisfy whom? And was it a paid job for you to write the memoir?
[1/25, 11:39 AM] mdmawere1: You assumed like Mucha that it was a great project for me.
[1/25, 11:40 AM] Thoko Zulu: Wouldn’t we have the answer behind the reasons for proposing the memoir if you asked Mucha instead of us speculating what his intentions were?
[1/25, 11:41 AM] Thoko Zulu: For you how? And not valuable information or life lessons and inspiration for the audience?
[1/25, 11:42 AM] Thoko Zulu: Content is rarely written for the subjects but intended beneficiaries or target market
[1/25, 11:42 AM] mdmawere1: That is what Edward did and he generously responded.
[1/25, 11:42 AM] mdmawere1: He also checked with you. And you also responded.
[1/25, 11:43 AM] Thoko Zulu: As a writer l saw a potentially good project where l would be paid
[1/25, 11:44 AM] Thoko Zulu: …to be part of the writing team
[1/25, 11:49 AM] mdmawere1: Paid by whom?
[1/25, 11:49 AM] mdmawere1: As a service provider. But to whom?
[1/25, 11:53 AM] Thoko Zulu: Agh…sigh
[1/25, 11:53 AM] Thoko Zulu: A conversation for another day
[1/25, 11:55 AM] mdmawere1: Not sure where this idea of a project creeped in. I am sorry if an impression was created that your services were required for Mucha’s noble idea without an owner?
[1/25, 11:58 AM] Thoko Zulu: I am sorry to have supported an idea without ownership
[1/25, 11:59 AM] mdmawere1: No problem. Do you agree that all too often opportunities are squandered by defaulting to service provider to client binaries?
[1/25, 12:05 PM] Thoko Zulu: At this point l feel like my face has been slammed against a concrete wall. I didn’t subscribe to being a service provider but joining a team who somehow didn’t know how best to celebrate your legacy
[1/25, 12:07 PM] Thoko Zulu: I sincerely believe Mucha’s suggestion came from a very good place
[1/25, 12:08 PM] mdmawere1: Why should any living person be the reason for you to think and act in the mind of a forward leaning problem solver?
[1/25, 12:10 PM] mdmawere1: I have no reason to believe that Mucha was motivated by any malice but genuinely believed that it should be my business and not his to ensure that stories are told as bridges to an informed, inclusive and open future of Africa.
[1/25, 12:12 PM] Thoko Zulu: And indeed like Mucha, there are lessons to be learned
[1/25, 12:14 PM] mdmawere1: Do you agree that Mucha did not intend on causing anything to happen or own his idea but may have had no interest in being part of any value chain to convert it into reality?
[1/25, 12:16 PM] Thoko Zulu: I wouldn’t confirm Mucha’s intentions or interests because sometimes you’re so brutal when imparting knowledge or advice that sometimes people miss valuable information in translation
[1/25, 12:24 PM] mdmawere1: Why do you seek to interpose yourself into the minds of others?
[1/25, 12:25 PM] mdmawere1: Should we not share the thread with him to permit him to know the gossip?
[1/25, 12:53 PM] mdmawere1: [1/25, 12:29 PM] Thoko Zulu: I don’t see the necessity. My conversations with you don’t relate his experience and should be kept separate. If you’re interested to open new dialogue with him about the same issue, you can proceed without forwarding my thoughts to him
[1/25, 12:30 PM] mdmawere1: Are you a dictator? What prejudice would the cause suffer if he was party to the conversation?
[1/25, 12:31 PM] Thoko Zulu: He wasn’t part of the conversation here
[1/25, 12:33 PM] mdmawere1: He provoked it all in case you have forgotten.
[1/25, 12:34 PM] Thoko Zulu: I don’t want my conversations shared without my consent
[1/25, 12:34 PM] mdmawere1: I want my conversation shared. It is my property.
[1/25, 12:35 PM] mdmawere1: Can mealie meal protest against being eaten as sadza?
[1/25, 12:36 PM] Thoko Zulu: Then go ahead and share your conversation without my responses as both have different ownership rights
[1/25, 12:37 PM] mdmawere1: Then I would lying to history. I will never betray or shade history.
[1/25, 12:38 PM] mdmawere1: Reverse sadza to water, mealie meal and firewood.
[1/25, 12:43 PM] Thoko Zulu: You’re so ruthless when you feel misrepresented
[1/25, 12:46 PM] mdmawere1: Not at all. Speaking truth to anything should never be construed as brutal.
[1/25, 12:47 PM] Thoko Zulu: I remember Dali Thambo’s interview with the late President Robert Mugabe and Grace. He asked how Mugabe was at home as a dad and husband. Which is what prompted my marital and parental question after assuming like Mucha that you were buying into the documentary idea. I sometimes wonder during our conversations what kind of man you are at home
[1/25, 12:48 PM] mdmawere1: I guess that was between Amazing Grace and Amazing Bob.
[1/25, 12:49 PM] Thoko Zulu: Have a great day, my good Sir
[1/25, 12:50 PM] mdmawere1: Thanks for adding a chapter to my story.
[1/25, 12:52 PM] mdmawere1: It is a pity Mugabe is late. He could have come to the rescue.
[1/25, 1:26 PM] mdmawere1: Good afternoon Sir
[1/25, 1:27 PM] mdmawere1: Hope you have enjoined a gossip chat that was provoked by you.
[1/25, 5:22 PM] mdmawere1: Hello
[1/25, 5:22 PM] mdmawere1: What was your idea on the memoir?
[1/25, 5:22 PM] Mucha Mugota: Good afternoon mukoma
[1/25, 5:22 PM] mdmawere1: Good afternoon
[1/25, 5:30 PM] Mucha Mugota: Interesting
[1/25, 5:33 PM] mdmawere1: Indeed. All you did was to provoke an idea that speaks to many but what was registered in the minds of some was the expense side of the idea and not the income side.
[1/25, 5:48 PM] Mucha Mugota: I thought would be a good thing, especially woth your input and illumination of the areas that are either misrepresented in the different circles.

You are correct on the expense and income sides. Am sure eoth more thought it can be done.

Many find the SMM story very unfair and if one is into business a bad precedent was set. The law still exists and as it was used on you it is likely to be used on someone again.

It would have academic, social, political and economic value, from where I stand.

You are a living legend and a Zimbabwean business titan, instead of celebrating you, we persecuted you. Its unfortunate that you may have lived ahead of your time!!! We marveled at your business acumen as young lads and then we watched as the system crashed the empire you had assembled.

Various players have various beliefs and understanding and versions of what really transpired, depending on whom they believe or their sources.

The idea of a memoir was so that the main actor in the events would share their side of the story.

I was intrigued by your discussion with AMG over the Mt Pleasant house, it was a poor camouflage that revealed more than it hid!!

A lot is not in the public domain and its overshadowed by the one-sided narratives that are in the public media. I was astounded by the Gono Advisory Note…
[1/25, 6:17 PM] mdmawere1: Great.

If you wish to be part of he crowd to see this ambitious project to promote active citizenship based on openness, transparency and accountability, please join this group:


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Mr. Tichaona Noel Zimuto gives his thumbs up for Mr. Mucha Mugota’s call for Mr. Mawere’s narrative on the demise of SMM to be given space



  1. Set out below is Mr. Tichaona Noel Zimuto in response to this article that Mr. Mutumwa Mawere shared with him on 28 January 2023.

I fully support Mr Mugota’s idea of a memoir.

Regardless of what happened, you are a true story of black excellence and we grow up looking up to you as a role model and source of inspiration.

Your story needs to be told and serves as a lesson to all.

A lot of bias and misinformation is in the public domain hence the need to set the facts straight.

I have joined the WhatsApp group BOAF and stand ready to play my part in any way possible.

Thank you very much for reaching out with this great idea.

I look forward to engaging further.”

  • Based on the above, the following is common cause based on Mr. Zimuto’s response to Mr. Mawere’s question regarding his take on this https://iniafrica.com/index.php/2023/01/25/boaf-the-africa-i-want-mr-mucha-mugota-expresses-his-wish-for-mr-mawere-to-write-a-memoir/ that was published 25 January 2023:
  • No memoir exists written by Mawere, 19 years after all companies deemed to be directly and indirectly under his control were divested and deprived from him by the force of a decree that was designed solely to achieve the purpose of alienating him from the 26 companies employing about 20,000 people.
  • Versions exists regarding how Mr. Mawere’s British Virgin Island (BVI) incorporated company, Africa Resources Limited (ARL) acquired entire issued shareholding in SMM Holdings Private Limited’s (SMM), UK registered company, SMM Holdings Limited (SMM), that owned 100% of the issued shareholding of SMM.
  • The acquisition was completed in the UK on 7 March 1996.
  • The versions are principally in the public domain but none exists that has been authored by Mr. Mawere resulting in a cloud being placed over the whole acquisition leaving many people to rely on secondary versions.
  • Against this backdrop, Mr. Edmore Nyamadzi, a member of the Banking on Africa’s Future (BOAF) – 10,000 Points of Light (POL), an initiative to convert connections into community power to solve problems was inspired by Mr. Mucha Mugore to take the next steps to establish why steps could be taken to use Mr. Mawere’s lived experiences as a case study to provoke, ignite and inspire active citizenship based on facts and not fake news, approached Mr. Mugore directly as follows:
  1. EN:         Hie Mucha, I added you to a Boaf group I see your interest in Mawere writing a book let’s discuss it further.
  2. MM:      Much appreciated.  Thanks for the consideration. Have done some research on his Zim escapades, particularly the SMM debacle and the dispossession.
  3. EN:         I have also followed from a distance, what’s your take?
  4. MM:      That was the vilest piece of legislation and theft of private property in Zimbabwe, bigger than even the land dispossession from the former farmers
  5. EN:         I’m not very conversant with legal laws but looks somewhat something didn’t go well. What’s your comment or comments on him writing memoirs personally
  6. MM:      I suggested he does so. Not the 1st time. The man is a walking thesaurus and sharing his experiences by documenting them would create a record for posterity and be a lesson to all future generations.  To me the man was a hero and role model he still is today as he was there. A genius. He is sui generis.  I wish he records his life experiences before death robs us of him…
  7. EN:         I think I agree but what if he said no, what’s best in your view.  
  8. MM:      We keep at it.  Or gets an author to do a biography of the man.
  9. EN:         Yes, good point but the journey is really long for a current author but not impossible anyway something must be done most likely now indeed.
  10. MM:      Let’s push it
  11. EN:         He is still a hero maybe to me I have not been there since he started but my tiny glimpses into his history says much than what surface says
  12. MM: Yes. I did a dissertation on the SMM issue. It is a treasure trove.
  13. EN:         What do you suggest is the starting point I’m not an author
  14. MM:      Lets brainstorm
  15. EN:         I suggest I put it on the group but someone asked him directly and flatly he said otherwise
  16. MM:      We can try other avenues
  17. EN:         Would you mind I put this on the group
  18. Mr. Edmore then added Mr. Mugore to the BOAF ESWATINI WHATSAPP group on 22 January at 11:16 am and the following chats too place in the group:

[1/22, 11:16 AM] Edmore Nyamadzi: Much appreciated.  Thanks for the consideration. Have done some research on his Zim escapades, particularly the SMM debacle and the dispossession

[1/22, 11:16 AM] Edmore Nyamadzi: Yes. I did a dissertation on the SMM issue. Its a treasure trove.

[1/22, 11:18 AM] Edmore Nyamadzi: Goodmorning Mr Mawere what’s take on what is in these 2 paragraphs above 👆🏾picked it from Mucha

  • [1/22, 11:20 AM] mdmawere1: I was not aware of the dissertation that @⁨Mucha Mugota⁩ is talking about.
  • I was never consulted or afforded an opportunity to give my input.
  • [1/22, 11:21 AM] Mucha Mugota: This was for different purpose and not in any way about @⁨mdmawere1⁩ personally. It was an academic exercise which was on the Reconstruction Act and Property Rights donkey years ago. It must not be misconstrued as anything that it’s not.

It may have been a mistake to even mention it in the 1st place.

  • [1/22, 11:22 AM] Edmore Nyamadzi: Academic exercise?? Hmmm, where?
  • [1/22, 11:23 AM] Edmore Nyamadzi: Hopefully he will respond
  • [1/22, 11:25 AM] mdmawere1: I am disturbed that a word like ESCAPADES would justifiably be imported into any narrative that speaks to any research endeavor. As I have said on this and other platforms including judicial proceedings no one has ever described me as a fugitive who knows me or who knew me.

It is the case that there are people in this group who one should expect to step up to the plate where falsehoods are served as meals help a person like @⁨Mucha Mugota⁩ to use research to bridge gaps based on empirical evidence and not copy and paster character assassination jobs.

[1/22, 11:28 AM] mdmawere1: Would you care to share your research?

  1. I am sure you are aware of the historical link between me and the decree that preceded the Act.
  2. When you state that HIS SMM ESCAPADES what is the meaning of this? Educate me as the actor in your narrative?
  3. [1/22, 11:29 AM] Mucha Mugota: The word was used not in the negative @⁨mdmawere1⁩. No offence was intended.  The context was not one to cast aspersions on you, never have I nor will I do so.  I am intrigued and fascinated by your journey, obviously what is in the public domain.
  4. [1/22, 11:29 AM] mdmawere1: WHAT TO YOU IS THE SMM DEBACLE?
  5. [1/22, 11:29 AM] Mucha Mugota: Have we spoken about this before?
  6. [1/22, 11:33 AM] mdmawere1: Thanks for actually stepping up to the plate. Please don’t take this initiative piloted by @⁨Edmore Nyamadzi⁩ as an attempt to attack you.  I had no idea until yesterday that you had authored a research paper on the Reconstruction Act.

You could help by identifying the problem statement that you solved through research about the Act and the conclusions that informs your TREASURE TROVE conclusion.  I am genuinely ignorant.

  1. [1/22, 11:34 AM] mdmawere1: I apologize if we did but I have no recollection of being involved directly or indirectly in your research project.  My small memory is blank.  SOS!
  2. [1/22, 11:37 AM] mdmawere1: @⁨Mucha Mugota⁩ I guess you must have passed with flying colors and the existence of this piece of scholarship would lessen the burden for me to write when a version already exists that touches on my life.  I would hate to contradict your version Sir as a product from authentic research enterprise.
  3. [1/22, 11:40 AM] Norman Zim: Can you please share the contents or document
  4. [1/22, 11:41 AM] mdmawere1: Did you know of its existence?
  5. [1/22, 11:41 AM] Mucha Mugota: So that am further ridiculed?
  6. [1/22, 11:42 AM] Norman Zim: Not at all
  7. [1/22, 11:44 AM] Norman Zim: It’s not about that. You can’t afford to die without knowing the truth
  8. [1/22, 11:46 AM] mdmawere1: I am sorry if I come across as opinionated on a subject matter in which I am implicated.  I am grateful that you put pen to paper to raise awareness on the matter.  There are no or should be right or wrong answers.  Let us learn to learn, unlearn and relearn.

I have no intention of correcting what exists but it would be tragic not to learn as I believe that even a barking dog is a better friend than a silent one.  I will be the last person defending your right to express yourself.

  • [1/22, 11:47 AM] mdmawere1: I am truly sorry for this. @⁨Edmore Nyamadzi⁩ please help in apologizing on my behalf.
  • [1/22, 11:50 AM] Mucha Mugota: No need to mukoma. It’s all good.
  • [1/22, 11:54 AM] mdmawere1: Are you aware that there are far too many people who claim to know me even in this group, who have refused, failed and neglected to read the Act that must have informed your research?
  • [1/22, 11:55 AM] Mucha Mugota: Indeed.
  • [1/22, 11:55 AM] mdmawere1: Hypocrisy allows evil to triumph.
  • [1/22, 11:58 AM] Mucha Mugota: There was something else before the Act, again, my faint memory, and being an intellectual midget maybe wrong. The Act came to sanitize.

Again, I may not have the right to comment nor the acceptable knowledge.

  • [1/22, 12:00 PM] mdmawere1: It was a decree.
  • [1/22, 12:01 PM] Mucha Mugota: Yes.
  • [1/22, 12:04 PM] mdmawere1: You want to share a copy for the literacy of others and speak to it?
  • [1/22, 12:04 PM] mdmawere1: Me to share
  • [1/22, 12:06 PM] Mucha Mugota: The Advisory Brief by Dr Gono of 14 May 2009 was an interesting read
  • [1/22, 12:07 PM] Mucha Mugota: That would be great. You shared it with me along with other documents mukoma.
  • [1/22, 12:13 PM] mdmawere1: Which one first?
  • [1/22, 12:15 PM] Mucha Mugota: The one you referred to
  • [1/22, 12:18 PM] Mucha Mugota: Yes.
  • [1/22, 12:20 PM] mdmawere1: Did you rely upon this decree in your research??
  • [1/22, 12:23 PM] Mucha Mugota: I looked at property rights and dispossession. The SMM issue was a part of it.

As I explained to you when you called me on 21/12/2020.

  • [1/22, 12:29 PM] mdmawere1: Just remember that my ears are too small.

I only have two. I don’t remember many conversations hence I record so that I can learn from those that choose to listen because strangely I cannot listen to my own voice.

There are many who dislike this conduct but I have struggled to occupy myself with what I would have said good or bad without alerting the implicated people about what would be on mind.

I would therefore urge you to share what you could have said and what I said without any limitation.

I guess you will be in this chapter of the book that you wished for and in doing so, triggered the question of whether I should be the author or all of us who have an interest in shaping the future that is informed by the rule of law.

  • [1/22, 12:29 PM] Mucha Mugota: The decree, the Act, the cases in the different jurisdictions, Zim, SA, UK and Zambia*, the Advisory Note, amongst other documents, the roles played by Chinamasa, Gwaradzimba etc.  It was not a Mutumwa Mawere thing, nor your biography. I thought you have clearly explained the role of companies, shareholders, directors aptly and the various court actions have extensively covered same. So the focus was on the unfair use of the law to dispossess assets.
  • [1/22, 12:31 PM] mdmawere1: Do you agree that the decree did not exist? It was created in the mind as a start?
  • [1/22, 12:32 PM] Mucha Mugota: Indeed.
  • [1/22, 12:32 PM] mdmawere1: Do you agree that the authors were like hunters with salt?
  • [1/22, 12:33 PM] Mucha Mugota: Agreed.
  • [1/22, 12:35 PM] mdmawere1: Do you agree that this decree provides enough evidence of the use of public power to punish through divestment and deprivation of the control and management of companies?
  • [1/22, 12:41 PM] Mucha Mugota: Yes, as we discussed in 2020.
  • [1/22, 12:43 PM] mdmawere1: As I said I don’t have a good memory. So help others by sharing what I may have said.
  • [1/22, 12:45 PM] Mucha Mugota: Exactly what you are saying here.
  • [1/22, 8:59 PM] mdmawere1: https://twitter.com/daddyhope/status/1617102946927263744?t=meC65qQzBqfZCsWz68Kw8Q&s=09
  • [1/22, 9:36 PM] Joshua Ziyambi: Is there no misrepresentation of facts by Mr Chin’ono here. Is it not misleading to give a short clip that may not necessarily give the full information.
  • [1/22, 10:12 PM] Edmore Nyamadzi: I think one can further check this on YouTube for details of the whole meeting. Remember this was posted on Twitter where messages and videos are so limited. However, the details from the video are quite clear and understandable
  • [1/22, 10:28 PM] Joshua Ziyambi: You are right the full details could be on youTube
  • [1/22, 10:32 PM] Mike Hull: In life he who makes the ridiculous statement carries the burden of proof.
  • [1/23, 6:14 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Chingono blocked me
  • [1/23, 6:15 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Likes no alternative thought, that’s democracy kkk
  • [1/23, 6:15 AM] mdmawere1: Good morning
  • [1/23, 6:16 AM] mdmawere1: When and why?
  • [1/23, 6:18 AM] Mosaics Marufu: My posts against his were not tasty to him.
  • [1/23, 6:19 AM] mdmawere1: What posts and when?
  • [1/23, 11:08 PM] Fungai Zvinondiramba Makoni: I have followed WaMawere discussing with a lot of professionals about issues that should provoke action however most of the people either admire him, sympathize with him or just think he is pushing his own agenda, I’m not a professional like most of my fellow African brothers who have listened to Mawere but I have understood something from his engagement, and that’s the fact that the SMM and issues associated with the reconstruction of companies in Zimbabwe is not a Mutunwa Mawere issue it’s a matter of public interest which should provoke public action. Unfortunately, the opposite is what is the case with a lot of us except Mupasiri who realized something beyond Mutumwa.
  • [1/23, 11:23 PM] Luke Dangirwa: What exactly is Mr. Mutumwa Mawere teaching besides using his painful experience he has gone through the loss of SMM & his Mt. Pleasant home. There is something he is teaching but it’s in parables? Can someone explain?
  • [1/23, 11:42 PM] Joshua Ziyambi: That painful experience wins sympathy from people like myself due to human sentiments hence we want to highlight that to discourage such miscarriage of the rule of law in future. We share the same pain because there are a lot more people who share the same experience.  I am also a victim of a similar ordeal though at a small scale. So when i hear the narrative i feel the same pain. This is why I decided to form a sister group if I may call it , to express such views and those that share the same . The subject of discussion might be Mawere but the reality is that many went through the same ordeal.
  • [1/24, 12:22 AM] mdmawere1: Thanks. There are people who go through life without any experiences at all that others may wish to learn from.

There are others who are privileged to have organic stories to download.

Sharing is caring yet to others it becomes teaching without understanding that history doesn’t repeat itself but it can provoke paradigm shifts.

@⁨Steve Nyambe⁩ thanks for the chat and learning is a two-way street calling for an exchange of value.

Parables exist to open the minds that thrive on transactional interfaces.

@⁨Luke Dangirwa⁩ you have no duty to understand anything I choose to say let alone if what is said may not prejudice you.

Worry less about a barking dog as long as it does not bite you. A barking dog needs no interpreter at all.  

It would be absurd to expect another to suffer the burden to explain anything to a person who knows all the answers to questions of life.

Some get inspired whilst smart ones get insulted.  No one is born to give answers to what is yet to happen but to talk to what has happened. History is what it is and the future belongs to its creator who has all the answers yet has no duty to explain anything that lies in store.

I never said that I lost SMM yet some would choose to see loss when public power is used.

Active citizenship calls for a different understanding on civics yet many would pretend to be literate when they may not on what the rights and duties of citizenship are and are not.

@⁨Joshua Ziyambi⁩ for stepping up to the plate without expecting any personal outcomes to yourself.

  • [1/24, 8:14 AM] Luke Dangirwa: I do not want sympathies from anyone. I commented what I thought would provoke further conversation. Then boom I am now an evil person. Boom my chats with you get posted in the group. I did not judge you Mr. Mawere.
  • [1/24, 8:19 AM] Luke Dangirwa: Good morning
  • [1/25, 8:46 AM] mdmawere1: SHARING IS CARING

@⁨Thoko Zulu⁩ thanks for caring to call me a bullshitter.

@⁨Josiyanne Bardavid⁩ do you still remember on one of your visit to SA and I took to you Soweto and ended up as the late Winnie Mandela’s house and she said something profound because I had hosted a fundraising dinner that the then President, Thabo Mbeki, was the guest of honor and she was pissed off.

Years later, I met her again through the agency of @⁨Kennedy Kkabo⁩ in connection with a proposal that he had to honor her in the USA.

She agreed and it never happened but the concept of promoting, protecting and celebrating our heritage included people like Winnie leaving a heritage in words and expressions that future generations can mine to deal with their own challenges as the common denominator of humanity is not generational but universal.

  • [1/24, 7:51 PM] Thoko Zulu: I remember the Mutumwa Mawere column and l LOVED your bullshit and style of writing 😃😀😄
  • [1/24, 7:56 PM] Thoko Zulu: You have posted so many conversations and l have been following some arguments or comments so much that my head is spinning not sure if to turn right or left but as you have mentioned 3 books already at Amazon, l am quite certain there’s enough content for a thousand more books from different approaches by people who have crossed your path
  • [1/25, 5:53 AM] mdmawere1: Good morning.
  • [1/25, 8:08 AM] Thoko Zulu: Good morning you too my good Sir
  • [1/25, 8:12 AM] mdmawere1: This is gross that you would conclude bullshit without any specificity and in doing so deny the reader of the wisdom that is rare to distinguish bullshit from another point of view.
  • [1/25, 8:22 AM] Thoko Zulu: Well, maybe my approach is different because as a writer l am extracting and compiling my own version/story from bits and pieces of what I have been reading to see if it’s possible to come up with a credible screenplay for a Mutumwa Mawere “Between My Two Ears” documentary. It’s a process and putting the cart before the horse when l have not even finished the story synopsis or a simple thing as a logline would be self-defeating.
  • [1/25, 8:28 AM] Thoko Zulu: … I am not even sure you’ll answer my bullshit personal questions
  • [1/25, 8:38 AM] mdmawere1: Because it is coming from you, a living and sovereign creature like me, I would never call your expressed thoughts and conclusions anything but God’s message conveyed through you as a vehicle.

Who am I to then describe God’s message as bullshit because no one compelled you to say what you have said.

I have no influence in what you may wish to say about me but you must remember that was is spoken cannot be withdrawn leading to the inherent abuse being contagious and undermining the promise of community building based on equality.

The idea is not Mutumwa Mawere being the subject for I am also a vessel and not the author.

If what I choose to express by his grace and wisdom is Bullshit, then you need to direct your outrage to him for without his time and grace, nothing will come from me and I am comfortable not sharing his words that you may wish to trash as is often the case.

Do you really think I am so delusional to give up time to record voices including mine and share chats if I was not concerned about the quality of the content and context shared by seemingly enlightened but foolish people like me?

  • [1/25, 9:44 AM] mdmawere1: Please join me in welcoming @⁨Colletta Madzvamuse⁩ and @⁨Mr Edward Samakomva⁩ to this group.

As a participant, please ignore the title and focus on sharing your own experiences, insights, ideas and knowledge. There is no leader in this group.

There is no reservoir to hold the content shared and freedom to choose to read or not is the order of the group. Use the group to share, connect, equip and inspire without expecting the readers to respond or respect you for your expression of wisdom or lack of it to them.

BE YOURSELF and refrain from expecting anyone to like what you deem to be of interest to you. Never be angry when some stranger chooses to make you his or her project of attack or ridicule. Life is lived without a guide or compass, to expect anything better from humans of flesh.


  • [1/25, 9:47 AM] Mr Edward Samakomva: Thank you so much
  • [1/25, 9:47 AM] mdmawere1: You are welcome. BE A SOLDIER and get on with it.
  • [1/25, 9:48 AM] Mr Edward Samakomva: Certainly!
  • [1/25, 9:49 AM] mdmawere1: Welcome come on board and fasten your seatbelts without expecting another unknown person to take the next steps so that you complain or leave?
  • [1/25, 9:53 AM] Mr Edward Samakomva: I won’t leave will learn from others and share my experiences as much as possible
  • [1/25, 9:53 AM] Joshua Ziyambi: Welcome Mr Samakomva we greatly appreciate your being among us
  • [1/25, 9:55 AM] mdmawere1: That is the spirit that should characterize life from birth to death yet the reality is otherwise in the prosecution of life.


  • It is clear from the above that Mr. Mugota’s idea of a memoir was primarily focused at the facts and circumstances of the acquisition of SMMH, the growth, diversification, and the divestment and deprivation of the control and management of SMM and related companies pursuant to the reconstruction decree and subsequent law.

This is what Mr. Mugota said to Mr. Nyamadzi: “The man is a walking thesaurus and sharing his experiences by documenting them would create a record for posterity and be a lesson to all future generations.  To me the man was a hero and role model he still is today as he was there. A genius. He is sui generis.  I wish he records his life experiences before death robs us of him…”

  • Mr. Mugota did not insist that the narrative be done by Mr. Mawere and he was open to an author being tasked with the responsibility of writing a biography of Mr. Mawere. He just vocalized what he felt needed to be done for posterity without prescribing what should be done or not.
  • A person like Mr. Zimuto correctly captured what Mr. Mugore identified as a problem statement, that a gap exists between the reality of the SMM affair and what exists in the public domain.  In the premises, Mr. Zimuto stated that: I fully support Mr Mugota’s idea of a memoir.

Regardless of what happened, you are a true story of black excellence and we grow up looking up to you as a role model and source of inspiration.

Your story needs to be told and serves as a lesson to all.

A lot of bias and misinformation is in the public domain hence the need to set the facts straight.

I have joined the WhatsApp group BOAF and stand ready to play my part in any way possible.

  • The question should not be about what Mr. Mawere thinks of the idea of documenting the facts as they existed and storing the facts in a secure place for future generations not to be left wondering as to what happened to permit public power to be used to destroy the hopes and aspirations of so many under the guise of reconstruction.

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[1/31, 8:42 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Save if I may ask what was the relationship between smm mm and gvt.

[1/31, 8:43 AM] mdmawere1: What do you think or have heard so that I may know from you?

[1/31, 8:45 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Ok thanks my understanding is you had shares as well as gvt. But it’s unfortunate couldn’t follow after the mines closed.

[1/31, 8:46 AM] mdmawere1: Shares in which company or companies.

[1/31, 8:47 AM] mdmawere1: It turns out that Adv is offline and not recheable anyway.

[1/31, 10:57 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Lucky them

[1/31, 10:58 AM] mdmawere1: How so?

[1/31, 10:59 AM] mdmawere1: Is it a consequence of luck or effort as well?

[1/31, 11:02 AM] Mosaics Marufu: You might have the effort(guts) but it’s also 10% luck.

[1/31, 11:02 AM] mdmawere1: Did you see what happened when I asked Mucha to name a beneficiary cause, what his response was.

[1/31, 11:22 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Trying to locate chat can you please tag it

[1/31, 11:29 AM] mdmawere1: [1/25, 7:38 PM] Mucha Mugota: Wow! Just wow! 

You are on to something mukoma.

[1/25, 7:40 PM] mdmawere1: Is it ok?

[1/25, 7:41 PM] mdmawere1: You are the brains behind. You will receive 5% of the proceeds towards a charity of your choice.

[1/25, 7:49 PM] Mucha Mugota: Its great mukoma.

[1/25, 7:51 PM] Mucha Mugota: Will ask it be donated to Capota School for the Blind in Masvingo. Its a worthy cause close to my heart.

[1/25, 7:57 PM] mdmawere1: Now it is your turn to show up for this noble cause.

[1/25, 7:58 PM] mdmawere1: You are the GENERAL and I will be there to support the cause.

[1/25, 7:58 PM] Mucha Mugota: Kikikikiki. 

I will do my best mukoma.

[1/31, 11:30 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Yes I read this one

[1/31, 11:33 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Yes like me he was really exited. I also appreciate this gesture as I work with visually impaired too

[1/31, 11:33 AM] mdmawere1: Do you agree that he was the author of the idea of the memoir?

[1/31, 11:35 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Trying to connect all conversation but because of power cuts sometimes loose out but am following

[1/31, 11:36 AM] mdmawere1: Do you agree that he was the author?

[1/31, 11:40 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Yes I read so

[1/31, 11:43 AM] mdmawere1: Is there anyone who stopped a person like Luke and you from proposing a similar arrangement?

[1/31, 11:48 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Not at all but maybe our approach was not of your expecting.

[1/31, 11:49 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Expectation

[1/31, 11:50 AM] Mosaics Marufu: BOAF is an eye opener

[1/31, 11:51 AM] mdmawere1: Do you agree that there would be no benefit to me at all since your lives hitherto like that of Mucha are unknown to me?


[1/31, 11:54 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Yes but your benevolence will be talked of by benefiaries your profile as well

[1/31, 11:54 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Yes I know

[1/31, 11:55 AM] mdmawere1: Do you agree that graveyards have no ATM machines to deposit or withdraw funds?

[1/31, 11:55 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Too far fetched kkkk

[1/31, 11:56 AM] mdmawere1: What benefit would this be to me?

[1/31, 11:56 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Expagorate on this

[1/31, 11:58 AM] mdmawere1: You have asserted this: “Yes but your benevolence will be talked of by benefiaries your profile as well,” and I battling to understand why you import my profile into the equation.

[1/31, 12:04 PM] Mosaics Marufu: You asked how you would benefit

[1/31, 12:08 PM] mdmawere1: Do you call being remembered as a BENEFIT for any living person?

[1/31, 12:13 PM] Mosaics Marufu: Not to living being but the legacy of you lives on. Jairos Jiri is a living dead.

[1/31, 12:15 PM] mdmawere1: Tell me this first time narrative that Jairos Jiri is benefiting from being talked about? I thought only Jesus was the gift by the creator to mankind who was not meant to have any aspirations because the pathway to the destination was predetermined.

[1/31, 12:24 PM] Mosaics Marufu: OK LU Q%

[1/31, 12:24 PM] Mosaics Marufu: 2

[1/31, 12:29 PM] mdmawere1: Do you think being correctly remembered constitutes a benefit for a living person?

[1/31, 12:38 PM] Mosaics Marufu: I want to believe that MM Besides a legacy what would a living perish besides living beyond. The momoir we are discussing is no different

[1/31, 12:39 PM] mdmawere1: Do you agree that life exists to be lived?

[1/31, 12:40 PM] Mosaics Marufu: But can live on eternally through deeds

[1/31, 12:43 PM] mdmawere1: [1/31, 12:39 PM] Leslie Mangunda: This really needs some time for me to understand what exactly happened.

If you have a write up that I can go through, that would be welcome.

[1/31, 12:42 PM] mdmawere1: Thanks. Do you want to give me job to write for you? Imagine I was to do this for all people I know and who want to abuse my time to get ahead, would this be the purpose of life. It is just to show that being in my unfortunate place, the people who need direction and problem solving, they are the very people who do not want to give up anything to get what they want but would be foolish enough to expect me to have 24+1 hours in a day to serve their selfish ends. This kind of behavior must stop yesterday.

[1/31, 12:45 PM] mdmawere1: You are still skirting the issue. Please talk to me as if we are all humans of flesh. Your group needs resources now than when they are dead. Why I anyone bother then?

[1/31, 12:50 PM] Mosaics Marufu: This needs proper reasoning I don’t want to just reply for sake of it

[1/31, 12:51 PM] Mosaics Marufu: Come again on last part

[1/31, 12:55 PM] mdmawere1: I am saying if life was created simply to deliver after death legacy, then who would want to live it.

[1/31, 2:02 PM] Mosaics Marufu: Shakespear once said the good things that men do(whilst alive) lives(legacy-memoir) after them.

[1/31, 2:10 PM] Mosaics Marufu: Shakespear once said the good things that men do(whilst alive) lives(legacy-memoir) after them.

[1/31, 2:48 PM] Mosaics Marufu: Very very correct , a autobiography is controlled by the person in question unlike an arbitrary

[1/31, 2:49 PM] mdmawere1: Would you rather buy an autobiography or a literacy library?

[1/31, 2:51 PM] Mosaics Marufu: Autobiography is better

[1/31, 2:55 PM] mdmawere1: Who would be the target? Who should cover the cost and time?

[1/31, 4:33 PM] mdmawere1: [1/31, 4:02 PM] mdmawere1: Hello

[1/31, 4:07 PM] Shayne Kundai: Maswera sei

[1/31, 4:07 PM] mdmawere1: Fine. Are you following?

[1/31, 4:07 PM] Shayne Kundai: Not yet but soon

[1/31, 4:09 PM] Shayne Kundai: Can you link us🙏🏻🙏🏻

[1/31, 4:22 PM] mdmawere1: You want me to be a pimp or to work as a circle.

[1/31, 4:26 PM] Shayne Kundai: Work as a circle

[1/31, 4:32 PM] mdmawere1: Indeed. Read Shau’s take and my response to it. 

Then kindly comment on both and I can share with her to assist in aligning ideas and actions.

[02/01, 07:05] Mutumwa Mawere: [2/1, 6:13 AM] Joshua Ziyambi: Yeah i am , should anyone of them ask where i got their contact what can i say?

[2/1, 6:19 AM] mdmawere1: You are a member of a group that exists to fulfill the obligations of s2 of the constitution to build an open, accountable, responsive and responsible governance architecture and the initiative you are part of under BOAF – JUSTICE UNDER THE RULE OF LAW IS MEANT TO ACHIEVE THIS.


[2/1, 6:32 AM] Joshua Ziyambi: Good, yes i read the conversation between Hopewell and Mpasiri

[2/1, 6:33 AM] mdmawere1: How did Tinashe introduce himself? Please share

[2/1, 6:35 AM] Joshua Ziyambi: Let me go through it once again

[2/1, 6:48 AM] Joshua Ziyambi: By the way Prof Mupasiri and Hopewell’s conversation is it in pdf form

[2/1, 6:49 AM] mdmawere1: What does one learn from this response?



BY WRITING YOUR OWN RECORD OF EXCHANGES WITH ME, YOU WOULD HAVE GIVEN LIFE TO THE CALL TO ACTION TO DEMOCRATIZE THE MISSING DOT – THE ABSENCE OF JOURNALISM EXCELLENCE that would create the reality and absurdity of some journalists winning unmerited awards simply by inventing and augmenting reality using the profession as a weapon of choice and convenience.

If charlatans can win awards as journalism, why can’t you play your part in constructively shaping and defining the kind of Africa you want to be part of by choosing to act so that the public, as custodians of the rule of law, can be informed, educated and entertained as an end and not a bridge for some ego boosting enterprise that undermines the profession and in so doing put the entire profession into disrepute.

By you choosing to act, you will have given life to the project to build an open, democratic, accountable, responsible and responsive governance system in Africa.

Future generations will not be denied the opportunity to know what has been shared to you and unlike Mr. Mucha Mugore who after writing a dissertation on SMM-related matters has refused and failed to disclose the paper that he wrote to obtain a degree yet the content could be important to provoke vigilance necessary to protect the constitution from crooked and shameless public office bearers.

Play your part for others to know and act in the interests of protecting the voiceless constitution.

[02/01, 08:05] Mutumwa Mawere: [2/1, 7:52 AM] Sovereign Heru: Whom is he with?

[2/1, 7:53 AM] mdmawere1: Manikai and former Senator Flake

[2/1, 7:56 AM] Sovereign Heru: When is this?

[2/1, 7:58 AM] mdmawere1: US EMBASSY IN HARARE BUT I WASN’T THERE. This is from the public domain.

[2/1, 7:59 AM] mdmawere1: Have you read the Mpasiri v Chin’ono thread?

[2/1, 8:00 AM] Sovereign Heru: I’m reading it.

[2/1, 8:00 AM] mdmawere1: Ok

[02/01, 08:26] Mutumwa Mawere: [2/1, 8:12 AM] Joshua Ziyambi: I think it can be helpful to share again Hopewell and Mupasiri conversation for the sake of those who might not have seen it

[2/1, 8:19 AM] mdmawere1: Are you asking or answering? If you asking, why when the chats are now your property and you can add your comments for heritage purposes and explain in detail how you got the chats as per our chat before.

[2/1, 8:22 AM] Joshua Ziyambi: I am suggesting to share it again because i previously shared it

[2/1, 8:25 AM] mdmawere1: Suggesting to whom? Why not act as a sovereign human being unless you want to perpetuate the idea of surrogacy peddled by Hopewell. Share what you have without asking another human being what you should do next. You use your legs to take you to a point B and do you ask anyone to give you legs. If not, why now?

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Shau Mudekunye (Photo credit: Facebook)

[1/30, 3:24 PM] Shau Mudekunye: Hi babamnini, where is this thread by Colleta? I would like to read it so I have context. 

The snippets that I read when I can call me to think that I should also one day sit with you and hear exactly what happened to all the businesses. In my 37 years I have always thought of these topics as ‘hands-off’, not for nothing more than I took a stance to leave it alone, semwana wenyu. Which, in hindsight is contrary to my own nature as Shau. Because knowing the truth always gives me better understanding for my stances. It’s most interesting to me that I read about it, and have heard many opinions, but have never sought understanding from you directly, even though I have direct access. I would also like to hear your story as told by you… Not by opinion pieces or the news or in rooms where people talk freely without knowledge that I am your relative.

Speaking from a point of lack of understanding, is a dangerous thing, and an unfortunate reality of our social media driven world. I say this even as a social media practitioner myself. I will also say that I myself should seek the understanding from the knowledge you hold.

[1/31, 12:19 PM] mdmawere1: Hello

[1/31, 12:29 PM] mdmawere1: Thanks for this perspective. Imagine I had to tell the story to you and thereafter to all who would say that I only choose to tell the truth to relatives. I am sure you aware that a public law exists and was used in relation to the affairs of SMM Holdings Private Limited (SMM). This happened in September 2004 when an extrajudicial order was issued and prosecuted against SMM under the guise of reconstruction. It is now 19 years later but the reality is that absent the use of public power, which power when properly construed constitutes public trust and consequently PUBLIC PROPERTY, that must be subjected to public scrutiny and citizen vigilance. In the premises, Mr. Mr. Mucha Mugore, proposed that I write a memoir using God’s time and my memory to write this. It is this proposal that sparked the chat with Colleta and her sentiments that as a niece I must practice some tribalism or nepotism for her benefit without understanding the time is the currency of life and must, therefore, be used to solve problems of the present. I proposed that we use a prepayment approach whereby people who think it is a good idea, pay R150 per copy and the funds will then be used to pay the service providers to make it happen. He obviously refused, failed and neglected to give up R150 or $8 to lead the campaign to interrogate the facts as they exist lest she would be identified and labelled my surrogate if I took your advice of privatizing the story.

[01/31, 14:23] Mutumwa Mawere: [1/31, 1:27 PM] Shau Mudekunye: Hi Uncle Mutumwa! I tried to read everything yesterday but have still not managed to go through it all. To respond to this latest message, I think the idea of pre-funding a book is a great idea, especially for those who would want to read it. A cheaper idea may be to capture it all on camera and distribute it through a subscription service. I am not at all suggesting that you tell only me, on the contrary, I would love for you to control your own narrative – I believe that is our basic right, to tell our own stories. It is dangerous to have your story told by someone else – or a hoard of other people who only come at it from their own understanding and perspective, and perhaps even with their own motives. We all need to be part and parcel of telling our own events.

I don’t think it is really about nepotism, but more to say if we, your nieces, cannot tell the version of events from our own uncle, we may have lost the plot a little bit. I say this because I still believe that your family can be your first ally, but also your most ardent supporter (not that we need to enlist blindly, but as a good to have).As you have seen in the last few weeks with Kudzai and Themba. His dragging my brother’s name through the mud has made me even more vigilant with taking the matter of care of my own family to heart. It is also what likely spurred my own confession to you that much as we are family, I have yet to hear this story from the horse’s mouth. Not so I can defend or judge, but so that I can be a better ally and supporter to my family because I can come from a place of understanding. Understanding is key, and lack of understanding leads to endless disputes. 

Uncle, I can write, I can film, I can produce, I can figure out subscription platforms for you to tell your story – I am financially unable to do much at this moment, but your brother and sister sent me to school to hone my skills and I will gladly lend them to a cause that I believe in. While I appreciate public records, I will still sit at a table and gladly listen to your story directly from you.

[1/31, 2:11 PM] mdmawere1: Thanks for the detailed response. I shall respond point by point so that we can use this chat as a literacy campaign since this platform approach that is user driven may not have a precedent to rely upon.

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