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[1/30, 7:52 AM] mdmawere1: Morning

[1/30, 8:00 AM] Assan Kadango: Morning boss how are you

[1/30, 8:11 AM] mdmawere1: Fine and you.

[1/30, 8:18 AM] Assan Kadango: I’m splendid boss

[1/30, 8:26 AM] mdmawere1: Are you still following?

[1/30, 8:26 AM] Assan Kadango: Yes boss .

[1/30, 8:31 AM] mdmawere1: Would you mind being an independent business correspondent (IBC) under the BOAF borderless community building initiative?

You will get 10% of the profit generated from the transactions you will have generated using the e-boaf platform.

[1/30, 8:52 AM] Assan Kadango: How does it operates boss I’m eager to I need to make money boss

[1/30, 9:02 AM] mdmawere1: Great.

[1/30, 9:02 AM] mdmawere1: #1 Guts

[1/30, 9:03 AM] mdmawere1: #2 Accepting to be an IBC?

[1/30, 9:04 AM] mdmawere1: #3 Before being an appointed IBC, you need to know what this identity is and is not and how it will affect your visibility.

[1/30, 9:04 AM] mdmawere1: What do you think an IBC is and is not?

[1/30, 9:23 AM] mdmawere1: [1/30, 8:43 AM] mdmawere1: Hello can you type. I am in a noisy place

[1/30, 8:44 AM] Mdhakisi Born2entertain: Registration keeps bouncing back on post code

[1/30, 8:45 AM] mdmawere1: What message do you get.

[1/30, 8:46 AM] Mdhakisi Born2entertain: Will screen shot n send in a bit

[1/30, 8:47 AM] mdmawere1: Great

[1/30, 9:24 AM] Assan Kadango: I think IBC it’s an intiative which allows me to do my business independently under rules and regulations of BOAF platform

[1/30, 9:25 AM] mdmawere1: What is an ecocash agent?

[1/30, 9:30 AM] Assan Kadango: An ecocash agent  is a trusted person who acts on behalf of Ecocash

[1/30, 9:30 AM] mdmawere1: Do you agree that an agent is a channel actor in the value chain to an end customer?

[1/30, 9:31 AM] Assan Kadango: Yes I agree with you

[1/30, 9:33 AM] mdmawere1: Do you agree that for an agent to exist, there must be an independent agent?

[1/30, 9:35 AM] Assan Kadango: Yes of coz you should be independent to avoid inconveniences

[1/30, 9:41 AM] mdmawere1: Should independence be about convenience or the reality is that the buyer of the cement pays the seller and the seller in order to sell would have bought the cement independently without the knowledge of the buyer and the seller would have paid transport costs deom an independent supplier of the services. The seller invoice the buyer and the money collected will be distributed by the supplier to independent value adding actors. If the customer fails to pay, the supplier cannot use non-payment by his chosen independent value actors as an excuse for not paying. If the buyer fails to take and pay for product sold and delivered, the seller would assume the non-payment risk and equally if the buyer fails to pay, the seller would have to absorb the costs incurred including the loss of income.

[1/30, 9:58 AM] mdmawere1: I thought we were trying to understand what an IBC is and is not.

[1/30, 9:58 AM] mdmawere1: Is an IBC not a value chain actor to bridge the buyer and seller?

[1/30, 9:59 AM] mdmawere1: The bank is an IBC, the transporter is an IBC, the admin in the chain is IBC etc


[1/30, 10:00 AM] makoni peter: How are you? I guess fine. I was wondering if i could send me a book text that i recently published on labour law. I am just making a follow up. I once spoke to youin November 2022.ilI just know how much influence you have in the RSA business community

[1/30, 10:02 AM] mdmawere1: Who is this?

[1/30, 10:03 AM] makoni peter: Am kundly asking if i could get your physical /postal address where i can send your personal  copy…

[1/30, 10:03 AM] mdmawere1: Do we know each other?

[1/30, 10:03 AM] makoni peter: Tanhira PETER Makoni. Iam a lawyer based in Eastern Cape

[1/30, 10:04 AM] mdmawere1: Which part of EC?

[1/30, 10:04 AM] makoni peter: I spoke to you on linked in and you gave me port elizabeth

[1/30, 10:05 AM] mdmawere1: Do you know Adv Matiza?

[1/30, 10:05 AM] makoni peter: Yes…

[1/30, 10:06 AM] mdmawere1: How well?

[1/30, 10:06 AM] makoni peter: We give each other work and consult for each other

[1/30, 10:07 AM] makoni peter: Personal and professional level

[1/30, 10:07 AM] mdmawere1: Did he ever talk to you about a BOAF LAW platform initiative?

[1/30, 10:09 AM] Assan Kadango: Indeed an IBC is a value chain actor to bridge the buyer and seller.

[1/30, 10:09 AM] mdmawere1: TO SOLVE A PROBLEM OR BRIDGE A GAP

[1/30, 10:10 AM] mdmawere1: What is Makoni asking for here?

[1/30, 10:16 AM] Assan Kadango: Asking for a book text


[1/30, 7:44 AM] mdmawere1: Morning

[1/30, 7:44 AM] mdmawere1: [1/30, 7:13 AM] DHA – V: Good morning, I need a copy of the passport in order to follow up

[1/30, 7:44 AM] mdmawere1: Good morning my Chief. Let me get it.

[1/30, 9:23 AM] Leslie Mangunda: Good morning mukoma, herewith the copy of the passport.

Passport number is DN279975

[1/30, 9:23 AM] mdmawere1: Copy of the passport.

[1/30, 9:26 AM] Leslie Mangunda: I am at a client’s farm now, I will send the email copy this afternoon when I get to the office in Harare.

[1/30, 9:28 AM] Leslie Mangunda: These are the copies that I would get from the court since the police was holding my passport for the duration of the court case.

[1/30, 9:28 AM] mdmawere1: Ok

[1/30, 9:28 AM] mdmawere1: Where is the farm?

[1/30, 9:29 AM] Leslie Mangunda: Goromonzi.

[1/30, 9:35 AM] mdmawere1: What are the activities?

[1/30, 10:30 AM] Assan Kadango: You are an IBC on this post

[1/30, 10:32 AM] mdmawere1: But do you think he considers me value adding or an agent of abuse. He was wants to regularize his immigration papers of SA but does not want to pay for the bridge but would gladly pay for a lawyers as bridges.

[1/30, 10:35 AM] Assan Kadango: He consider you as an agent of abuse

[1/30, 10:35 AM] mdmawere1: AGENT OF ABUSE OR FOR ABUSE?

[1/30, 10:36 AM] Assan Kadango: For Abuse

[1/30, 10:41 AM] mdmawere1: Do you think he knows better?

[1/30, 10:46 AM] Assan Kadango: No it indicates that he lacks knowledge

[1/30, 10:47 AM] mdmawere1: After knowing this illiteracy, what role do you see for yourself in the chain?

[1/30, 10:53 AM] Assan Kadango: I have to talk to them before any progress about my payment value after agreement then I proceed .

[1/30, 10:59 AM] mdmawere1: What is waiting for your payment?

[1/30, 11:01 AM] mdmawere1: I thought you are now a paid up ,member on BOAF records but you own me the money. If you agree to be an IBC, you will earn 10% of the membership fee paid and if you register 10, then you will pay through your value add.

[1/30, 11:01 AM] mdmawere1: Then after 10 paid up members, you will refund the advance for your membership.

[1/30, 11:10 AM] Assan Kadango: I’m glad boss to be a paid up member .so can you tell me more about how I will work(process to register one to become a member) so that I will register as many

[1/30, 11:38 AM] Assan Kadango: Yes I need your assistance boss

[1/30, 11:46 AM] mdmawere1: 1. Good morning Sir.

2. I am a paid up member of the Banking on Africa’s Future (BOAF) – 10,000 Points of Light (POL) initiative, a platform to convert connections into community power.

3. I believe that the only power who do not have power or market leverage is the power to organize by building institutions.

4. I am happy to inform you that I have been appointed and accepted this appointment to be an Independent Member/Business/Problem Solver Correspondent (IBC) in relation to the affairs of the campaign to build a bank of 10,000 POL or connected human beings.

5. To this end, I am informed by Mr. Mawere, a fellow paid up member that you are not yet a paid up member.

6. In the premises, before enrolling you, I would like to confirm if you are interested in being part of this bank of problem solvers who through this initiative will raise awareness of the power of building networks for people who choose to be part of them.

7. I trust that you will find the above in order.


[1/30, 11:56 AM] Assan Kadango: Thanks very much boss for assistance

[1/30, 12:00 PM] mdmawere1: Let us see if he responds.

[1/30, 12:09 PM] mdmawere1: Have you checked on the wallets that RTGS is now on the available walters?

[1/30, 12:11 PM] Assan Kadango: I checked now .it’s available

[1/30, 12:11 PM] mdmawere1: Great. Do you keep track of the black market rate?

[1/30, 12:14 PM] Assan Kadango: Almost daily


[1/30, 12:27 PM] Assan Kadango: 100R is equivalent to $5 U n $1 US is equivalent to 1 000 rtgs

[1/30, 12:28 PM] mdmawere1: So how much is the membership in RTGS?

[1/30, 12:29 PM] Assan Kadango: 50 000 rtgs

[1/30, 12:30 PM] mdmawere1: How would you receive and send 50K RTGS right now?

[1/30, 12:44 PM] Assan Kadango: Through boaf account number is it so

[1/30, 12:45 PM] mdmawere1: I am saying how do you normally receive and send payments of RTGS and where do the RTGS reside?

[1/30, 12:47 PM] mdmawere1: Can I help you understand the process?

[1/30, 12:47 PM] Assan Kadango: Yes help me

[1/30, 12:47 PM] mdmawere1: Do you keep your RTGS in the bank or outside?

[1/30, 12:49 PM] Assan Kadango: Mostly outside coz it loses value everyday

[1/30, 12:50 PM] mdmawere1: Assume you are now an IBC, do you agree that you assume the role of a bank like an Ecocash agent?

[1/30, 12:51 PM] mdmawere1: This is called BRANCHLESS BANKING

(Photo credit: Facebook)

[1/30, 12:51 PM] mdmawere1: What is meant by branchless banking?

Branchless Banking represents a significant alternative to conventional branch-based banking. It allows banks to offer financial services outside traditional bank premises by using delivery channel such as smartphone applications, USSD channel, Debit Card, QR Payments etc.

[1/30, 12:52 PM] mdmawere1: What are advantages of branchless banking?

Branchless banking services comprises multiple services such as easy deposits and withdrawal of money, loan management, fund transfers, account inquiries, etc. It also lets its users operate in rural areas where every bank can’t reach.

[1/30, 12:52 PM] mdmawere1: What are branchless banks called?

A direct bank (sometimes called a branch-less bank or virtual bank) is a bank that offers its services only via the Internet, email, and other electronic means, often including telephone, online chat, and mobile check deposit. A direct bank has no branch network.

[1/30, 12:53 PM] mdmawere1: What are the benefits and disadvantages of electronic banking?

Maduo a ditshwantsho a BRANCHLESS BANKING

Advantages and disadvantages of e-banking

Convenience. …

Transfer service. …

Monitoring service. …

Online bills payment. …

Quality service. …

High liquidity. …

Low cost banking service. …

High interest rates.

[1/30, 12:53 PM] mdmawere1: What is the difference between a bank and a nonbank?

A nonbank bank is a company that offers limited financial services and typically does not accept demand deposits. Demand deposits and commercial loans can not exist in the same nonbank bank. Nonbank banks are not governed by the same rules and regulations as commercial banks.

[1/30, 1:02 PM] Assan Kadango: Much thanks MD for the information

[1/30, 1:02 PM] mdmawere1: Does it make sense?

[1/30, 1:05 PM] Assan Kadango: Yes Boss it makes sense

[1/30, 1:07 PM] mdmawere1: Are then ready to operate as a bank?

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C2C Community




Set out below is an interesting chat between Mr. Mosaics Marufu, an office bearer for a body corporate in Zimbabwe representing disabled persons.




[1/30, 2:08 PM] Mukwakwami: Yes…that is in the public record… however that’s the financial mechanism that was at play…still stands perception wide that Subject.. Mutumwa Mawere  acquired SMM from Turnall Hdings UK…as an aside what surprised me personally was that Asbestos was being ditched globally…and tho arguments for a safe blue asbestos was promoted..I hear rumours that The Zimbabwe Government would assist in projects to sustain the conglomerate…it was at that time that the Zambezi Bulawayo water pipeline was also touted as a saviour…these are some of the aspects surrounding my perception of your venture..thus Zanupf as the governing party featured prominently

[1/30, 2:13 PM] mdmawere1: #1 After putting my side, I am surprised you still assert that MUTUMWA MAWERE acquired SMM from Turnall Holdings when this is untrue and false?

[1/30, 11:15 PM] Mukwakwami: If you read what I shared it’s mostly confessional.. because up now I thought so..but you clarified…it.. whether most Zimbabweans think or thought like me here is an unknown….

[1/31, 5:56 AM] mdmawere1: Thanks. I think the whole idea is not for me to read but for others like you to choose to be the voice for the new narrative based on evidence that you may now have that contradicts the version that may have existed.

Imagine the correct facts are buried after revelation because of your choices and actions, what would be justification of your role in the value chain of building open, transparent and accountable governance systems based on the truth and justice?

[1/31, 8:32 AM] mdmawere1: [1/31, 7:55 AM] Shayne Kundai: Morning Dziva

[1/31, 8:06 AM] Shayne Kundai: When I was growing up I used to hear about you on the news and how and how President Mugabe would mention you in his speeches.You would be portrayed as an antagonist

In all my article reading I have never found one that you yourself mention the acquisition of SMM.This conversation is the first time hearing you say this.

I think the narrative that people have yekuti Mutumwa Mawere had a fall out ne ZANU PF is all what the public has been exposed too.You know how Zimbabwe is when it comes to propaganda.In Zimbabwe you cannot own anything unless you are a ZANU PF beneficiary.When fallout comes you are cast out and you lose everything

The memoir is a good project.It will give clarity to the public

A documentary as well will give people access to the truth

[1/31, 8:16 AM] mdmawere1: I have no recollection of Mugabe mentioning me in his speeches.

If you have copies of such speeches, please kindly share.

I am intrigued that such content exists and is known to you. 

The project to be of any value must be inclusive.

[1/31, 8:16 AM] mdmawere1: Good morning

[1/31, 8:42 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Save if I may ask what was the relationship between smm mm and gvt.

[1/31, 8:43 AM] mdmawere1: What do you think or have heard so that I may know from you?

[1/31, 8:45 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Ok thanks my understanding is you had shares as well as gvt. But it’s unfortunate couldn’t follow after the mines closed.

[1/31, 8:46 AM] mdmawere1: Shares in which company or companies.

[1/31, 8:47 AM] mdmawere1: It turns out that Adv is offline and not recheable anyway.

[1/31, 10:57 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Lucky them

[1/31, 10:58 AM] mdmawere1: How so?

[1/31, 10:59 AM] mdmawere1: Is it a consequence of luck or effort as well?

[1/31, 11:02 AM] Mosaics Marufu: You might have the effort(guts) but it’s also 10% luck.

[1/31, 11:02 AM] mdmawere1: Did you see what happened when I asked Mucha to name a beneficiary cause, what his response was.

[1/31, 11:22 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Trying to locate chat can you please tag it

[1/31, 11:29 AM] mdmawere1: [1/25, 7:38 PM] Mucha Mugota: Wow! Just wow! 

You are on to something mukoma.

[1/25, 7:40 PM] mdmawere1: Is it ok?

[1/25, 7:41 PM] mdmawere1: You are the brains behind. You will receive 5% of the proceeds towards a charity of your choice.

[1/25, 7:49 PM] Mucha Mugota: Its great mukoma.

[1/25, 7:51 PM] Mucha Mugota: Will ask it be donated to Capota School for the Blind in Masvingo. Its a worthy cause close to my heart.

[1/25, 7:57 PM] mdmawere1: Now it is your turn to show up for this noble cause.

[1/25, 7:58 PM] mdmawere1: You are the GENERAL and I will be there to support the cause.

[1/25, 7:58 PM] Mucha Mugota: Kikikikiki. 

I will do my best mukoma.

[1/31, 11:30 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Yes I read this one

[1/31, 11:33 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Yes like me he was really exited. I also appreciate this gesture as I work with visually impaired too

[1/31, 11:33 AM] mdmawere1: Do you agree that he was the author of the idea of the memoir?

[1/31, 11:35 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Trying to connect all conversation but because of power cuts sometimes loose out but am following

[1/31, 11:36 AM] mdmawere1: Do you agree that he was the author?

[1/31, 11:40 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Yes I read so

[1/31, 11:43 AM] mdmawere1: Is there anyone who stopped a person like Luke and you from proposing a similar arrangement?

[1/31, 11:48 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Not at all but maybe our approach was not of your expecting.

[1/31, 11:49 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Expectation

[1/31, 11:50 AM] Mosaics Marufu: BOAF is an eye opener

[1/31, 11:51 AM] mdmawere1: Do you agree that there would be no benefit to me at all since your lives hitherto like that of Mucha are unknown to me?


[1/31, 11:54 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Yes but your benevolence will be talked of by benefiaries your profile as well

[1/31, 11:54 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Yes I know

[1/31, 11:55 AM] mdmawere1: Do you agree that graveyards have no ATM machines to deposit or withdraw funds?

[1/31, 11:55 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Too far fetched kkkk

[1/31, 11:56 AM] mdmawere1: What benefit would this be to me?

[1/31, 11:56 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Expagorate on this

[1/31, 11:58 AM] mdmawere1: You have asserted this: “Yes but your benevolence will be talked of by benefiaries your profile as well,” and I battling to understand why you import my profile into the equation.

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Community Empowerment

Sandton Businessman and Director of Public Engagements and Outreach for C2C, Mr Jagjit Singh to Extend a Hand of Charity to Cancer Patients in Celebrating His Birthday



Mr Jagjit Singh

Brian Kazungu, 30/03/2021

Mr Jagjit Singh, a South African businessman and Director of Public Engagements and Outreach for Connections2Communities (C2C), with interests in the hospitality industry including The Royal India Restaurant in Sandton is dedicating his birthday to raise money for cancer patients.

“This year, on my birthday, I want to mobilize funds for cancer patients. I appeal to all those that can partner with me on this cause to do so as this means a lot to me. I believe that the issue of cancer is a problem which is worthy our collective attention and effort.

We can all play a part in making sure that we live in a society which is cancer free. Some people can create an awareness on the dangers and solutions associated with cancer so that those who can fund for the related research and medication can do so from an informed mind.” Mr Singh said.

Popularly known as JJ, the Banking on Africa’s Future (BOAF) inductee, entrepreneur, humanitarian and socialite is using an e-commerce platform, sa.africaemart.com as a vehicle where people can participate on this noble cause.

Africaemart Cancer Fund Link: https://sa.africaemart.com/product/C2C—1873-CANCER-INITIATIVE-CAMPAIGN-gYCKl

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, cancer is group of more than 100 distinct diseases characterized by the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body.

Even though cancer has troubled humanity for centuries, it is known to affect one in every three persons born in developed countries and is a major cause of sickness and death throughout the world.

However through research and commitment by various stakeholders, there has been significant improvements in its treatment because of a combination of timely and accurate diagnosis, selective surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapeutic drugs among others.

Singh’s birthday celebrations which are to be held on the 4th of April this year at The Royal India Restaurant in Sandton are being organized by the Birthday Club South Africa (BCLUB SA) whose mission is to celebrate life and whose goal is to be the most fun birthday club in South Africa.

Many organisations such as Hotel Sky, Makhedama Holdings, SADBC, SAWITA, C2C and BMW Team Fast Track have expressed interest and commitment on this beautiful event and noble cause.

Entertainment at the event will be provided by Zuby Khan Productions.

Mr Singh who was awarded with the highest Commendation Award of Honour in Karate for sponsoring and hosting the Karate South Africa 101 Charity Awards have over the years been involved in many worthy charitable and initiatives that seek to empower communities.

Business-wise, under his able leadership, Royal India Restaurant, a prime food outlet has hosted various prestigious events.

It is a favourite venue for South African telenovelas such The Family Secrets to do their filming.

Recently, in partnership with the Pan African Business Forum, the 1873 Network and the Connections2Communities (C2C) initiative, The Royal India Restaurant hosted an Inauguration Ceremony for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris following their ascendency to America’s presidency.

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