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“It gives me great pleasure to welcome Mr. Tanhira Peter Makoni, the Head of Legal Affairs at the Zimbabwe Migrants Support Network to the Banking on Africa’s Future (BOAF), the BOAF LAW PLATFORM, an initiative to convert networks of actors on the demand (consumers or clients) side of the lawyering enterprise and the supply side, the legal practice industry, a regulated practice into a community of mutual aid, (BOAF LAW PLATFORM – welcomes MR. TANHIRA PETER MAKONI as I paid up member,” said Advocate Jack Matiza.

Mr. Makoni’s profile per LinkedIn

Mr. Tinashe Mapsiri, a member of BOAF and a director of its Public Awareness and Engagement division, said: “I am equally excited to welcome Mr. Makoni to this platform which seeks to connect, equip, inspire, showcase and celebrate the role of practitioners in using the justice delivery system as a dispute resolution mechanism.

I believe that absent a functioning, just and fair justice system, a future that is characterized by active, forward leaning, open, accountable human actors will never self-create.

It is significant that the obligation to promote, protect and uphold the rule of law, a sine qua non, for the delivery of a responsive and responsible governance system will remain elusive.

This platform is an attempt to create an anticipatory, literate and mutually beneficial ecosystem in which the excellence of providers is an order not just for the Law Societies and the courts but for all.

The lawyers who wish to be visible in a bigger pond will soon see the benefit of belonging and being community power builders to be luckier in acquiring solution seeking clients or members in the BOAF parlance.

In the few days that I have followed Mr. Makoni, I am confident that his work ethic and problem solving focus, will benefit clients, most of whom are generally not satisfied with the efficiency and problem solving-centric approach to their craft.

Mr. Makoni said: “I am pleased to be part of an a grouping that believes in the age old promise that change must have a voice that translates into an INVOICE and a face of human being to stand ready to serve.

I believe in platforms or community-centric approaches to solving problems especially having regard that absent human beings, there is no rule of law, and consequently there exists not rights and duties of belonging.

The constitution itself is what binds humans in a nation-state and as such, the role of the justice system is give life to the protection of rights and freedoms and equally for citizens to be protected by the law and to benefit from the promise and exercise of the promised protection.

The link between the rule of law and prosperity not just of the legal practitioners but of all is direct and causal to allow anyone to be blind to the corrosive impact of legal literacy based on recorded and shared experiences and precedents.

I was intrigued when Mr. Mawere, a fellow BOAFER, asked me what is a law firm and more poignantly what is a LAWYER.

If anyone is interested in being part of conversations that inspire, ignite and promote using shared insights, ideas, experiences and knowledge derived from prosecuting disputes using independent and impartial forums, please follow this link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/EPLbfio8AnOKgwsYrbxK15.

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