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The Importance of Financial Literacy and Good Character in the Management of Your Gift/Talent



Brian Kazungu, 10/05/2023

Your gift/talent is divinely designed to help you to easily adapt, to make progress and to prosper in a given environment.

It is also meant to help you to solve other people’s problems especially for a reward (income) – value exchange.

The income that you get from utilizing your gift can be used to pay for products and services that you cannot create for yourself because of various reasons, including lack of ability and time.

Hence, when your gift is developed, it is important that you know how to price it and then look for environments and people whose inadequacies may be solved by such giftedness that you possess.

There is always a person and a place which requires what God has put upon you and thus, you need to know how to identify such people and how to engage them.

In managing and determining the pricing of products and services that are based on your gifting or talented-ness, you need to understand that people are generally paid for the following: Energy, Time, Knowledge and Resources.

When you are paid for what you do, it is either you are paid for the input of one of these attributes or for a combination of two or more, if not for all.

Basically, you are paid for the energy that you use to do something, which is generally called labor. You are also paid for the time that you spend on doing something.

More so, you are paid for the sum total of resources that you utilize in accomplishing something in the same way that you are also paid for the knowledge or skill that you have in a particular issue.

Let us break down and explain these four factors so that you can see how they relate to the issue of gift management and development.


  1. Physical – muscle, stamina

Sources of the above mentioned are food, training and supplements etc.

  • Spiritual – faith, hope, confidence, courage.

Sources of the above mentioned are religion, education, culture, tradition and relationships etc.

Time: Hours, Minutes and Seconds

  1. Within the given time, we either take advantage of opportunities or defend/guard against threats.
  • If we don’t utilize the seconds, minutes and hours that we all get equally here on earth in every given day, we are bound to lose out on opportunities and succumb to threats.
  • Taking advantage of opportunities frees us the time for leisure and socialization while succumbing to threats or danger keeps us busy.


  1. Natural – acquired, inherited or given natural resources such as land and everything thereunto, the seas or water sources and everything thereunto as well as the air and everything thereunto.
  • Man-made – everything that belongs to you which is a product of utilizing and exploiting nature that can be used in the response to opportunities and threats.

Knowledge (Wisdom/Intellect whether natural or acquired)

  1. Natural knowledge entails that your understanding or knowhow on and about something is directly gifted to you by God.

The insights, perceptions and revelations that you have on a given subject or issue is not subject to the traditional educational mechanisms or handed down to you either generationally or through other forms of relationships.

  • Acquired knowledge entails that you are subject to a form of observably organized mechanism of information or knowledge transfer.

Regardless of whether knowledge is natural or acquired, it is important to understand that it is used for decision making and thus the subsequent decisions that we make in life are used for taking an appropriate action.

As such, when you make wrong decisions about the worthy and impact of your gift, it means, you will act wrongly thus potentially subjecting yourself to negative reality or ending.

In this case, you may even succumb to failure, poverty or disappointment.

If and when there is no industry standard or guide for pricing the fruits of your gift, you must try and evaluate the cost element of the input of energy, time, knowledge and resources plus other related expenses and then add a reasonable mark-up.

You must however understand that, managing your gift requires you to work on your character. It’s not only about using your gift to offer a service in exchange of money and other benefits – you must also make sure that you are well-behaved.

It is important that you fully develop your character to such an extent that people would love to engage you in the pursuit of their dreams or in their fight against challenges which they face from time to time.

When people engage you for what you are best at doing, they don’t only engage your specific gift, but they also engage you as a total person and as such, you must be sociable and forthcoming in the process of engagement.

N.B – Do not forget to work on your attitude and on your people skills.

You must also strive to learn even the basic principles of financial management and investment since, at the end, after utilizing your gift, you get a reward in the form of and this money must be used wisely.

This is because of the fact that, the payment or revenue that you get from your clients is what you also use to pay other people in the exercise of their gifting in your life towards the satisfaction of your own needs and wants.

If you are not a forthcoming person, especially when people have options, they may choose to engage someone else. They may also choose get an alternate solution especially if that other option maintains and respects their dignity and sanity.

When people bypass you in meeting their needs and wants because you do not interact well with them in the display and application of your gift, you are bound to lose financially, and thus, you will also fail to meet your own needs and wants as well.

As such, in managing your gift, you must be able to understand that you have many stakeholders including clients and other people who also have the gift, capacity and ability to make your gift to flourish and to make your dreams come true.

Adapted from the book Managing your Gift written by Brian Kazungu

Book Link: https://amzn.to/331q8Th

Author Profile: https://www.amazon.com/author/briankazungu

Brian Kazungu is an Author, Poet, Journalist, and Technology Enthusiast whose writing covers issues to do with Business, Travelling, Motivation and Inspiration, Religion, Politics, and Communication among others. https://www.amazon.com/author/briankazungu https://muckrack.com/brian-kazungu http://www.modernghana.com/author/BrianKazungu [email protected] @BKazungu-Twitter He has written and published several books covering various aspects of human life including leadership, entrepreneurship, politics, personal development as well as poetry and travel. These books are found on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/author/briankazungu

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Nature and Essence of Gifts – Pursuing a Career Based on your Natural Talent



Brian Kazungu, 10/05/2023

Your gift can be described as your Natural Adaptive Advantage, especially, if it helps you to easily adapt and to make progress or to prosper in a given environment or situation.

If the same gift gives you a certain degree of mastery or domineering personality before others in different circumstances, it can then be referred to as an Authoritative Natural Adaptive Advantage.

However, a certain ability can be taught to you until you master it to your own advantage and for the benefit of others. That is called a Skill or an Acquired Adaptive Advantage.

If you reach a level of mastery over others in a certain field, after having acquired a skill through training, and then effectively utilizing it to your benefit, and to the benefit of others, it then becomes an Authoritative Acquired Adaptive Advantage.

A gift or an Adaptive Advantage can be categorized as either open or closed. An open Adaptive Advantage is a gift which is easily and strikingly recognizable to the natural five senses of any ordinary/normal human being.

When it comes to an open gift, there is no need for putting any effort in recognizing it, be it on yourself and on others. Almost anyone can sense this type of a gift/advantage.

It can be your striking beauty, your melodious voice, your amazing body structure or any other easily observable breathtaking super-imposing natural quality or characteristic.

On the other hand, a Closed Adaptive Advantage is that gift which usually takes another person or special situation for it to be identified, recognized or for it to manifest.

The gifted person in the case of a Closed Adaptive Advantage may not even be aware of this gifting or of the fact that it gives him/her an advantage in any case.

People who are gifted in the context of Closed Adaptive Advantage may not even realize that there is something super unique about them until someone says so or until a certain unusual development takes place to reveal their unique personality.

Knowing your gift is one basic important step towards a fulfilling and successful life.

As such, it is important that you identify your gift and then strive to develop it to the best possible level for efficient application and maximum benefit.

One of the first steps towards discovering or identifying your gift or talent is to simply look at those things or tasks that you can do with utmost easy and yet some people will be having some difficulties in doing or accomplishing the same.

There are those things in life that when you do them, people always exclaim and marvel on how do you it.

When you do something that you are gifted to do, other people will be curious on how you even think about and do such things with so much simplicity and efficiency.

Have you ever come across people who look at you with awe when you are doing something or talking about something with so much fluency and too much easy, yet they themselves may find the task to be too difficult or the subject to be complicated?

Such is quite often a sign which shows you that this is your ordained sphere where you belong and as such, you must always be ready to analyze the comments, reactions or feedback that you get from other people in your interaction with them.

The other approach that you can use to identify your gift is to look at your physical architecture, i.e. the way how your body is constructed and how the related components thereof function.

There is a precious reason why you are designed in that particular way. The quicker you discover it, the faster it will work for you.

You need to look at yourself in the mirror and see your physical architecture or listen to your own voice.

Besides your physical make-up, which is the way how your body parts are uniquely joined together, there is also an element of the mind and senses that must be considered in the discovery and identification of gifts or talents.

Yes, we may all have the same senses of touch, sight, taste, smell and hearing, but the way how such senses operate in some people can be uniquely extra ordinary and different from others for a reason.

Your physiological and psychological anatomy is a unique package that holds the keys to your self-discovery. It is a treasure box of opportunities and success, and thus, it must be given due and utmost care and attention in the journey of life.

Our diversity as a people is not accidental but it is rather a special divine arrangement.

For example, your appearance when people look at you or how you sound when they talk to you, helps them to identify you in a group. That on its own is a confirmation of the fact that you are uniquely different for a reason.

If you have ever watched a television documentary called National Geographic, you may have noticed that every animal is made or designed in a certain way in order for it to hunt for food and to help it escape from or to fight against danger.

Some animals have colors that make them blend well with the environment so that they can either hide to prey or even hide from danger while other animals are designed to run fast as a mechanism to chase after prey or to run away from danger.

The same characteristics applies to the birds of the air and fish in the sea. This shows that the physical architecture of anything including mankind is a clue of and on what the universe resourced it with for adaptation and survival.

To other people, their gift can be something as soft as a sharp mind, a unique voice or a beautiful face.

Whatever the case may be, our gifts are not in vain. They are divinely endowed to us for our benefit towards adaptation, development and prosperity.

This is why it is important for you to have a personal awareness of your uniqueness and then seek to develop and manage it in a way that can help you in the pursuit of your dreams and to help fellow men in solving their problems.

When no one, be it your parents, the church, community or even the government has made any effort to discover, identify, reward and promote your gift, you may have to do it in your own.

If you fail to do that on your own, sometimes, you may fall victim to people and organizations that can actually identify your unique giftedness and manipulate your blessedness for their own selfish personal interests.

When it comes to discovering gifts, it is also critical that we quickly highlight the fact that there is a difference between discovering your gift through:

Identifying things or tasks that you can perform with utmost easy compared to trying to base your gift on things that you like the most.

Yes, you may like soccer, but that doesn’t automatically make you a soccer player.

You may like music, but that doesn’t mean you are a musician. This may only show that you appreciate the gifting of those who you love to see displaying these gifts.

However, as you enjoy, celebrate and reward the gifts of others, you must never forget that you also have your own unique gift that must be identified so that the world may benefit from it and that you may also derive a reward from the application thereof.

No matter what you may be going through, you must never give up on finding your own gift, for it is a treasure that fulfils your soul when you discover and utilize it. Let nothing, be it age, career or friends dissuade you from working on your gift.

Your gift opens doors of opportunities and makes you practically relevant among other people in the journey of life (Proverbs 18vs.16).

I know of people whom despite their beautiful careers, they still followed their gifts for the common good of all.

For example, Dr Tauya Murehwa, one of the greatest Zimbabwean footballers was actually a qualified medical doctor in the same way that an award-winning novelist from South Africa, Dr Kopano Matlwa Mabaso is also a qualified medical doctor.

More so, despite being a Reverend of the Roman Catholic Church, Archibishop Patrick Chakaipa was one of Zimbabwe’s greatest novelists, just like Phillip Chidavaenzi, a journalist who is also an award-winning novelist.

Despite their careers, these people found it easy and fulfilling to pursue that which they are naturally good at and this gave them a fulfilling experience, not forgetting the added financial benefits and limelight associated with such pursuits.

Personally, despite having separately done Business, Information Technology and Journalism related studies, I derive utmost pleasure from being an author.

I just find it easy to write, and, when I am not writing about something that is occupying my mind and heart, I feel that there is something missing and that gap only gets filled when I pour myself out through literature, which I believe is my other gift.

As you can see, in writing this article, I am actually displaying my gift as an author and also showcasing my gift when it comes to connecting the dots between giftedness and the socio-economic reality of mankind across the world.

Adapted from the book Managing your Gift written by Brian Kazungu

Book Link: https://amzn.to/331q8Th

Author Profile: https://www.amazon.com/author/briankazungu

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Dr Bahadur Bahadur To Inspire Africa Towards Heaven on Earth living In Partnership With The Royal India Restaurant



Dr Bahadur Bahadur, Heaven on Earth Living Training Series

The Institute 4 Success’s Dr Bahadur Bahadur is set to inspire the African continent towards a Heaven on Earth type of living through a personal development training project focused on financial freedom, mental and physical health, love, luck, and abundance.

Dr Bahadur’s Heaven on Earth training series to be held in partnership with The Royal India Restaurant situated in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa will start from the 2nd of October 2022.

Through the program, Dr. Bahadur touches on self-development by placing individuals in the driving seat of their lives so that they can be vibrationally aligned towards mental and physical well-being, financial abundance, and healthy relationships.

Dr Bahadur helps the African child pursue his dream of unlimited success using techniques such as mindfulness and spirituality focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity towards developing attentiveness, awareness, and mental clarity.

The tried and tested training program which has already been carried out on behalf of governments, corporates, and non-profits is premised on innovative developmental methodologies that focusses on psychologically driving the potential of individuals.

According to Dr Bahadur, the man behind the ‘Heaven on Earth Program’, through the wholesome living teachings, he is simply responding to the urgent call by millions of people around the African continent who need assistance towards a healthy success filled life.

Dr Bahudur, a global entrepreneur, speaker, author, researcher, and lecturer believes that the first port of call when it comes to a positively transformed life is the right conscious and sub-conscious programming of the mind.

His teachings are based on the need to answer the following questions which have been bothering humanity for generations and generations: Why is life so had? How come people around me are succeeding and am not going anywhere? Why does it seem so impossible? Who can assist me? Is there a secret to making life easier?

This program was created to make an immediate impact on an individual’s mental, physical, financial, and relationship well-being in order to achieve a Heaven on Earth living.

The Heaven on Earth program was inspired by the need to inspire the African child towards prosperity and become a land of champions in their diversity.

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An Exposed Mind On How To Get Rich: 8 Fundamental Keys To Success – Morgan Mandaza



Morgan Mandaza – inspired entrepreneur passionate about development

Just like so many other people on earth, I cherish the beauty of success and this has inspired me to follow the entrepreneurship route while continuously exposing my mind to the tried and tested fundamental success principles which have been applied by great people from across the world.

In my journey of self-discovery and business adventures, I have seen that the combination lock on the door to success also needs a combination of different keys that must always be applied as shown in the eight principles that I have listed below.

  1. The Power of Goal Setting

The brain is the goal-setting organ of any person no matter where you come from. All the amazing things that you see in the marketplace today started off as an idea in somebody’s mind and it was worked upon until it became a reality.

As such, once your subconscious mind gets soaked with what you want to achieve, you must quickly set clear and well defined short and long term goals detailing what must be done, when it must be done and how it must be done.

This means that you must be specific as much as possible with all aspects of your goals and remember that vague goals produce vague results. You cannot reach your desired destination when you are not even sure of where you are going. Your specific goals must be measurable along the way so that you can see if you are making progress or not.                                                                                                             

  • Know The Reason of Your Existence

God created you to be on earth for a very special reason. He did put in you a great mission/assignment that can transform the world and thus, all what you need to do is to discover that secret reason for your existence and nothing will derail you.

If you know your purpose and its meaning to God and the world at large, you become a powerful force that can withstand anything.

If truly the reason of your existence is strong enough, you can certainly survive anyhow, and everything you need including the resources, the people and opportunities will naturally gravitate towards you.

  • Continuous Learning

If you want to develop your life and make yourself relevant, then you have to update your mind through continuous learning.

The world is moving and evolving so fast in such a way that if you don’t update your mind new knowledge, then everything you have learnt at school won’t be enough to adapt and succeed.

If you read biographies the world’s great people, you will discover that their success came from continuous learning and through the application of new ideas and technologies. Knowledge is power and it is the way to success.

  • Be Ready to Sacrifice

Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone and thus you must be willing to sacrifice some wasteful habits now so that you can achieve your goals. Behind every great achievement, the story of sacrifice always leads.

The ability to sacrifice adds an extra dimension on your success. You must always be ready to come out of your comfort zone no matter the circumstances and be willing to suffer temporary pain in order for you to enjoy in the long run.

  • Consistency

You need to consistently work on your goals in order for you to improve and become efficient and profitable.

Successful people know how to yield to the principle of consistency and hence, they lead a life of endless accomplishment and satisfaction.

  • Be Able To Listen

You must learn to listen to other people in such a way that they will love and be open to talk to you. Always be ready to listen to feedback, criticism and suggestions that will help you to constantly adjust and move forward.

Be open to listen to great teachers, friends, family and business colleagues so that you can continuously improve yourself in business and in life. Be humble enough to take negative feedback as an opportunity for improvement.

  • Never Quit

It is the most single common quality of high achievers; they simply refuse to quit. No matter how hard it seems, the longer you persist the greater the chances of your success. Life is not it hands you but how you respond to it mentally and physically. Develop the grit and determination to keep going when it seems impossible. It’s not always going to be easy, life will throw you challenges! but rather turn everything around by applying the lessons and grew from the failures.

  • Take Risks

Risk taking is one of the most powerful tool for success. You cannot expect to achieve great things if you are not willing to push yourself to great limits with great risks. Unlike the unsuccessful for they want to play it safe, therefore never live a better standard of living. every successful person adapted some form of risk taking to achieve whatever they want in life so as they obtain great rewards.

Morgan Mandaza is an inspired entrepreneur who is passionate about personal and community development. He loves to share life transforming information gathered from personal experiences as well as from reading and doing business with companies such as Electro Africa and Bream Harvest etc.

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