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Understanding the Art of Managing Difficult Customers in your Business Operations

Brian Kazungu



Brian Kazungu, 10/05/2023

Every business has a cocktail of diverse customers who come from different backgrounds and who have different ambitions in life.

All these people are brought together in your sphere by their need for the products or services which you are selling.

Some of these people have a good attitude while some of them have the nastiest of a temperament which you can ever imagine.

You may be persuaded to describe some of your customers as ‘angelic’ because of how good they are to you and to all the other people in your business.

Almost everyone wants to serve a good customer since some of them can even give tips (reward) whenever they come for shopping.

On the other extreme end, there are those customers who seem to choke life out of you. Almost everybody tries to avoid them.

Difficult customers seem like they enjoy causing chaos and embarrassing other people. Such customers can actually create a big scene even out of the smallest mistake you can make.

Now, these difficult customers are the ones we are going to talk about. Yes, you may not like their attitude, but you need them.

As a business, you must devise a way of calming their wild temperament and turn their patronage into a mutually beneficial business relationship.

If you can’t manage to be friends with them, you must rather strive to make peace.

Always remember that in business, you must be guided by focus and enlightenment even though your customers may be influenced by emotions and excitement.

You can’t afford to be too emotional and yet still maintain sound judgment in your interaction with customers.

Indeed, some customers may not like you as a person or you may not like them either, but you need them. You need their money in exchange for what you have (product), and so, please, be sober and treat them right.

The solution in handling difficult customers is to keep focused on what you want from engagement.

Always remember that: Some of the most beautiful roses on earth have thorns. The stinging bee gives us honey. We don’t throw away fish because it has scales and bones.

You have to bear in mind that some customers are difficult not because of your shortcomings but because of their own personal problems.

As such, your good attitude or the best customer service which you will give them can be the life transforming therapy they are looking for since the human soul always yearns for a massage.

You can tame even the most difficult customers through:

  1. mastering the art of effective communication
  2. exercising tolerance
  3. being flexible
  4. controlling your emotions.

N.B: Always give your customers the VIP treatment they desire.

You must uphold their dignity through showing respect and by genuinely apologizing for any inconvenience caused in the process of engagement, whether you believe it’s your fault or not.

Always provide them with good quality products in a professional manner and don’t forget to express your gratitude to them for their patronage. Always be an ambassador of peace and never forget to dutifully manage your temper.

If you cannot handle a difficult customer on your own, please, immediately call your superior for help since a business cannot afford to lose a customer through mishandling of a situation that can possibly be addressed.

Always remember that when a customer is no longer the central or focal point of your institution, you will lose patronage, revenue and relevance.

Adapted from The Universal Customer Service Manual written by Brian Kazungu

Author Profile: https://www.amazon.com/author/briankazungu

Brian Kazungu is an Author, Poet, Journalist, and Technology Enthusiast whose writing covers issues to do with Business, Travelling, Motivation and Inspiration, Religion, Politics, and Communication among others. https://www.amazon.com/author/briankazungu https://muckrack.com/brian-kazungu http://www.modernghana.com/author/BrianKazungu [email protected] @BKazungu-Twitter He has written and published several books covering various aspects of human life including leadership, entrepreneurship, politics, personal development as well as poetry and travel. These books are found on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/author/briankazungu

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