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Simba Chikanza describes Hopewell Chin’ono as a NATIONAL CURSE?

Peter Smith



Last month, Hopewell Chin’ono (avoiding to state the UK bank he says loaned him a GBP50K sportscar loan at 25 in 1996)
publicised allegations saying I am under the influence of the Mnangagwa regime whenever I announce risk warnings concerning his well known money laundering crime history – what I’ve now been asked to revisit in the Twitter space on Friday evening. When I reveal that Hopewell Chinono is a noisy colourful thief, I don’t don’t do it from a background of tabloid journalism, but pure hard numbers that can be perused today, pointed out by a person with an lengthy industrial career in auditing from teenage years when I set up worldclass auditing software for ZimNat, Botswana Insurance and Lion of Uganda companies between 2000-4. I neither reveal this from any influence of the regime I have exposed arguably more than any other publisher has done since the 1800s, being dilligent research that’s even resulted in regime change in countries like Emmerson Mnangagwa’s home nation, Zambia.

A perusal of Hopewell Chin’ono’s history since 1989 at his Malborough High School psychotic demonstration launched on false allegations against the headmaster (Mr Arison Chiware) who’d saved him by giving him entrance into the school when he didn’t qualify (on Chin’ono’s lie that he plays basketball), right up to 2017 when he harrassed a minor on social media, the son of activist Grace Mupfurutsa, right up to 2023 when he has announced saying journalists who don’t do rolling court reporting (an impossibility in courts) are bribed & his convincing of millions of people that CCC leader Nelson Chamisa didn’t tell people to go register to vote; the 17 year old man is over more than 3 decades simply competing in executing Daddy Hopeivism (mere Believism) to capture millions of unsuspecting Africans, the type that’s been manipulated by foreign mercenaries to take over whole nations. A data analysis of his tweets has in them dancing words constantly stampeding to be “the most arrested person” for exposing corruption in a country where since the 1980s police and prosecutors are regularly bribed to arrest others and self for self, by self.

How can such a person be even called an activist, when evidently he is really practicing Daddyism/Hopeivism?

At a time when he has been asked for the name of the 1996, £50K sportscar loaner, Mr Chin’ono has in May 2023 rushed to set up a seminar at the University Of Zimbabwe to claim that the government has politically blocked an old documentary retired 15yrs ago.


A top scientist from Mutare whose own late father (honoured with a 21 gun salute at burial), Dr. Moses Murandu was in 2015, blocked from holding a seminar at the UZ revealing his billion dollar medical breakthrough (featured BBC on, Russian TV etc) despite his family’s strong connections to ZANU PF and top ZNA structures, yet he never looked for retweets to blame the regime, knowing well that the UZ is a command based institution, whose inefficiencies are well known, and he doesn’t need to be called Daddy of Hope for what the UZ did to him, as he choses to be content on that Zimbabwe doesn’t need another Mudhara AChauya (Daddy of Theatric Hope); Emmerson Mnangagwa is enough of a Daddy Of Hope, the nation doesn’t need someone who is doing this on order to distract the public from a money laundering investigation when all he needs is to declare the name of the bank/company he says loaned him GBP50,000 for a sportscar in 1996. Zimbabweans and Africans at large need to beware of this type of character (believists:Trump, cancer machine journalist-Boris Johnson, Idi Amin) because they are the ones who for thousands of years are used by foreigners to take over whole nations. So far Chin’ono has already told close friends he is running for presidency in 2028, and learned people ignore him because they say the man who has capacity to remove a headmaster on false allegations while at 17, has stopped his crimes.

9If politicians in this country are serious, they would from next week, hold parliamentary debates to investigate this national curse in the name of Hopewell Chin’ono. The CCC isn’t bothered closing to concentrate on winning an election. Muchazonditenda mava kuseri kweGwenga! – Simba Chikanza