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[6/17, 8:45 PM] mdmawere1: TOWARDS THE BOOK – THE STORY OF FBC BANK


Mr. Mwalimu is a connection of Mr. Mutumwa Mawere is a connection of Mr. Mwalimu on WhatsApp groups.

Om 13 June 2023, Mr. Mwaliuu sent a link inviting Mr. Mawere to join a WhatsApp group wirh the name ZISO MEDIA.

It started with a greeting as set out below: GREETINGS ELDER and it folowed as.follows:

“[6/13, 4:00 PM] Mwalimu: Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/JBUGPFp6w6S5V1FTzmpYK7
[6/13, 4:00 PM] Mwalimu: Greetings Elder Mawere
[6/13, 4:02 PM] mdmawere1: Who is this?
[6/13, 4:03 PM] Mwalimu: This is Ngwindingwindi aka Mwalimu.”

It then culminated in this poignant message that was shared with Vurginia, also a connection of Mr. Mawere?

“[6/16, 10:01 AM] Mwalimu: In my youthful days I heard quite a lot about this tycoon Mutumwa Mawere being associated with First Bank, FSI Agric, FSI fuels, Turnall Asbestos. Thus was my understanding back then. I admired that.
Now, on the First Bank issue I would really wish to ascertain the foundation of the bank, shareholding structure, government involvement and why Mutumwa Mawere is no longer the owner of the bank. What really happened to the bank? It is now FBC, fine, but are you not still part of it in any way?
[6/16, 10:01 AM] Mwalimu: I’m going to go through and get more information. Will chat after reading
[6/16, 10:07 AM] mdmawere1: Ok”

Who is Victoria? On 12 June 2023, Mr. Mawere created a community of groups he is part of into a community with the name BOAF standing for BANKING ON AFRICA’s FUTURE (BOAF).

BOAF is an initiative of AFRICA HERITAGE SOCIETY (AHS), a registered not-for-profit organization (NPO) in terms of the laws of South Africa in 2003 whose office is located at 325 Rivonia Boulevard, Rivonia in South Africa.

“[6/12, 8:28 AM] Victoria: hello hi mr mawere
[6/12, 8:29 AM] Victoria: you added to the group BOAF
[6/12, 10:06 AM] Victoria: may i have the audio
[6/12, 10:06 AM] mdmawere1: pol.boaf.cloud – register on this.
[6/12, 10:07 AM] Victoria: okay thank you
[6/12, 10:09 AM] mdmawere1: www.soundcloud.com
[6/12, 10:09 AM] Victoria: okay
[6/12, 10:11 AM] mdmawere1: Create a group – BOAF – VICTORIA AND add me to the whatsapp group? Everyone added will be admin.
[6/12, 10:11 AM] Victoria: okay
[6/12, 10:12 AM] mdmawere1: The group will be about LEADERSHIP LITERACY 101 – founded by Victoria on 12 June 2023.
[6/12, 10:17 AM] Victoria: okay sir
[6/12, 10:17 AM] Victoria: now working on that
[6/12, 10:19 AM] mdmawere1: Great.”

Victoria and Mwalimu did not know each other and the bridge to them being in this group is Mr. Mawere, a paid-up a member of BOAF.

To the exrent that Victoria and Mwalimu know each other, the basic purpose underpinning the a BOAF powered project to convert connections into community power to solve problems.

The problem statement waa eloquently defined by Mwalimu on 13 June 2023 as set out above in his chat with Mawere following his invitation for Mawere to join a whatsapp group without knowing that the BOAF initiative was created as a disincentive to the approach inherent in Mwalimu and Victoria founded on the idea of retailing problem solving rather that the BOAF way that involves building community proceesses to deliver impactful and inclusive outcomes.

This is what Mwalimu who has been a client of FBC Bank sought to establish from Mawere in relation to a registered financial services bank that in terms of the banking laws of Zimbabwe could not commence operations could not provide banking services to the public without seeking and obtaining a licence from.the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

Instead of seeking the answers from the RBZ, he sought to burden Mawere, the person of flesh, thereby exposing the problem caused by no shared understanding not only between Mawere and Mwalimu.

Corporate literacy would have informed Mwalimu to appreciate the promise and challenges of misdirecting questions and the impact of this approach on general literacy and bona fide problem solving.

It is also instructive thst FBC Bank was listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) in 2000 and as such the records contained in the initial public offering prospectuse would be readily available in the records kept at the ZSE.

Equally, FBC bank is registered as a company and aa such its records are kept at the Registrar of Companies office in Harare and as such in terms of the Companies Act, such records are kept at this office.

To the extents that these questions were raised by Mwalimu to Mawere, it is self-evident that Mwalimu may not know that s2(1) and s2(2) as read with s62(2) of the Constitution are relwvant prescriptions in terms of the right and duty to access informatiom help by the RBZ, FBC BANK and the Registrar of Companies in relation to:

  1. the foundation of the bank.
  2. shareholding structure,
  3. government involvement.
  4. why Mutumwa Mawere is no longer the owner of the bank.
  5. What really happened to the bank?
  6. It is now FBC, fine, but are you not still part of it in any way?

This group was created by Victoria to raise awareness that openness and transparency requires that the answers to Mwalimu be sought and obtained using a vehicle lile BOAF and for its paid-up members to formally engage not only the organs of government of Zimbabwe but FBC Bank to dusclose the relevant information in the interests of the rule of law.

It is fortunate that Mr. Mawere is in this group so that he can help all the people like Mwalimu to help test the legality anf validity of the conveyancing of title to the shares of FBC BANK from 1997 to 2023 or 27 years of the life of this bank.
[6/17, 8:47 PM] mdmawere1: Good evening. Pleaae read the above and share your response whether the issues shared have provoked you personally to be part of the story telling based on facts and not gossip.