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Peter Smith





Message from Mwalimu

When I write, I do not intend to appease or flatter a party or some individual; when I write I do not seek to defend or attack anyone; when I write, I do not seek favour or rebuke, although I know they will seek to possess my opinion while some will insult my view; it is normal.
Even when I do what I do with a claim to stand on the side of the masses, it is not a guarantee that all will stand behind me.
Now, dear citizens, this is where we are today after the century’s biggest deception of November 2017. We have since become the world’s saddest citizenry when we had begun to have some hope just before the fall of the first republic.
When the people converged in the streets of Harare calling for Mugabe’s downfall, they had more hopes of a better Zimbabwe under the stewardship of whoever was to replace the nonagenarian. It was indeed a day of renewed hope from the little hope they had under Robert Mugabe.
Sad for Zimbabweans; all the promises most of which headlined billboards across the country, nothing has become a reality. First five year term of ED Mnangagwa has killed hopes of a better Zimbabwe.
Prices of commodities are beyond reach of many Zimbabweans; inflation is on the high yet a whole finance minister remains adamant defending his multiple failures. Parents have since assumed the role of paying teachers wages through extra lessons arrangement because the government is not willing to budge to teachers’ demands. Here it is citizens: what affects one sector of the population will definitely have a bigger impact on the whole population.
When will my people realise this deception will get them nowhere? It requires a few among us to point out areas where our people are reeling from effects of deception. Those who will listen will be saved, those who will ignore will keep destroying themselves.
We were promised free basic education, but we are charged beyond reach and even pay extra for extra lessons to individual teachers; we were promised affordable prices of basic commodities, but we keep witnessing spiralling of prices everyday; we were promised an end to electricity problems, but the end is nowhere in sight; we were promised a bitter fight against corruption, but it is corruption itself which has an upperhand over the people.
So, when are the old promises going to be fulfilled when we are getting a new set of promises? When there appears to be despondency among the citizenry, there is more to worry about, hence we then get to see multiple desperate approaches attempting to win back the people who have since shifted hope to other alternatives where they see better chances.
Hear me out citizens of my beloved nation: it is not going to be rosy in the coming weeks running towards election of 2023. The opposition party which the ruling party worked so hard to destroy is surely dead, but behold; opposition has not been killed. Now that opposition is alive and well, there is going to be kugeda geda kwemeno in the coming weeks, for the fear of losing power has been renewed.
What we thought was bad governance was actually better than the deception which got Mugabe out of power.