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Members of the JUSTICE UNDER RULE OF LAW (JUROL) are keen to learn from you how, as an advocacy group, we can best raise awareness about the reality that Mnangagwa believes he is anointed and, as such, not subject to the rule of law, using this as one of many case studies.
Raising awareness about the belief that Mnangagwa considers himself above the rule of law requires a strategic and multifaceted approach. Here are some suggestions on how the advocacy group, JUSTICE UNDER RULE OF LAW (JUROL), can effectively raise awareness:

Research and Analysis:
Conduct in-depth research on the specific case study involving Mnangagwa’s alleged disregard for the rule of law. Gather all available evidence, legal documents, and statements to build a comprehensive understanding of the situation.
Analyze the broader context of Mnangagwa’s presidency and his administration’s approach to governance, highlighting instances where the rule of law has been undermined.
Engage with Media Outlets:
Establish relationships with reputable media outlets, both local and international, that are committed to promoting democracy and human rights.
Provide journalists with well-researched and documented information about the case study, highlighting the implications for the rule of law and democratic principles.
Encourage investigative journalism to expose any patterns or recurring themes that demonstrate Mnangagwa’s belief in his immunity from the rule of law.
Utilize Social Media and Online Platforms:
Create a strong online presence through social media channels and a dedicated website for JUROL.
Regularly share updates, articles, and analysis related to the case study, ensuring that the content is easily accessible and shareable.
Engage with the online community by encouraging discussions, answering questions, and addressing concerns related to the rule of law and accountability.
Collaboration and Partnerships:
Collaborate with other like-minded organizations, both within Zimbabwe and internationally, that advocate for human rights and the rule of law.
Jointly organize events, conferences, or webinars that shed light on the issue at hand and promote discussions among experts, activists, and policymakers.
Leverage the collective strength and resources of partner organizations to amplify the message and reach a broader audience.
Grassroots Mobilization:
Engage with local communities, civil society organizations, and grassroots activists to raise awareness about the case study and its implications for the rule of law.
Conduct workshops, seminars, and public forums to educate citizens about their rights and the importance of holding leaders accountable.
Encourage active participation and civic engagement, empowering individuals to take a stand against any abuse of power.
International Advocacy:
Reach out to international human rights organizations, diplomatic missions, and regional bodies to inform them about the case study and seek their support in advocating for the rule of law in Zimbabwe.
Provide these stakeholders with regular updates and briefings, highlighting the urgency and significance of addressing the issue.
Legal and Policy Reform:
Advocate for legal and policy reforms that strengthen the rule of law, enhance accountability mechanisms, and protect human rights.
Work with legal experts and policymakers to develop recommendations for reforms based on the lessons learned from the case study and similar instances.
Remember, effective advocacy requires persistence, consistency, and collaboration. By utilizing a combination of research, media engagement, online platforms, grassroots mobilization, international advocacy, and policy reform, JUROL can raise awareness about Mnangagwa’s alleged belief in his immunity from the rule of law and garner support for efforts to uphold justice and accountability in Zimbabwe.

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