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[7/6, 9:07 PM] Lovemore Pastor Evans: Although I don’t think it will change anything in the country’s political landscape it will still make for interesting reading for those that seek to be informed. In normal societies Kuda and the president would be facing potential jail time but, it’s Zimbabwe is it not ☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾
[7/6, 9:08 PM] Lovemore Pastor Evans: In Jan 2019 the govt issues a $366m T bill to Sakunda (Kuda’s holding company). In Feb 2019 the RTGS is announced and SI 33 is released by the govt stating that the RTGS and USD would be 1:1.
[7/6, 9:08 PM] Lovemore Pastor Evans: On 4 June 2019 Landela a firm associated with Mr Tagwirei applies to the RBZ to encase the T-bill at 1:5.5 and this is approved. So for whatever RTGS they held, suddenly these tad mysteriously inflated in value to 1:5.5 instead of the official rate. Put simply, YOU Chris was robbed, you paid this price.
[7/6, 9:08 PM] Lovemore Pastor Evans: Citizen not Chris*
[7/6, 9:09 PM] Lovemore Pastor Evans: There’s a lot more that follows including fake invoicing etc. What though in fairness I am still trying to figure out is how City Bank allowed itself to act as correspondent bank on the back of such a dodgy money trail. I think Kuda and Sakunda are sanctioned right yet they were able to bypass City in the completion of all these transactions.

And so I shall continue reading. Right now it seems the trail of facades and front companies is likely whst escaped City.

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