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2.            Supremacy of Constitution

(1)          This Constitution is the supreme law of Zimbabwe and any law, practice, custom, or conduct inconsistent with it is invalid to the extent of the inconsistency.

(2)          The obligations imposed by this Constitution are binding on every person, natural or juristic, including the State and all executive, legislative, and judicial institutions and agencies of government at every level, and must be fulfilled by them.

It is important to take notice that s. 90 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe provides as follows:

90.         Duties of President

(1).         The President must uphold, defend, obey, and respect this Constitution as the supreme law of the nation and must ensure that this Constitution and all the other laws are faithfully observed.

(2)          The President must—

(a)          promote unity and peace in the nation for the benefit and well-being of all the people of Zimbabwe;

(b)          recognize and respect the ideals and values of the liberation struggle;

(c)          ensure the protection of the fundamental human rights and freedoms and the rule of law; and

(d)          respect the diversity of the people and communities of Zimbabwe.

It is so that the provisions that Mupasiri relied upon as a self-actor are s. 167(1)(a), (b), and (c), s. 167(2)(b) & (d) and s. 167(3) that read as follows:

167.       Jurisdiction of Constitutional Court

(1).         The Constitutional Court—

(a).         is the highest court in all constitutional matters, and its decisions on those matters bind all other courts;

(b)          decides only constitutional matters and issues connected with decisions on constitutional matters, in particular references and applications under section 131(8)(b) and paragraph 9(2) of the Fifth Schedule; and

(c)          makes the final decision on whether a matter is a constitutional matter or whether an issue is connected with a decision on a constitutional matter.

(2)          Subject to this Constitution, only the Constitutional Court may—

(b)          hear and determine disputes relating to election to the office of President;

(d)          determine whether Parliament or the President has failed to fulfill a constitutional obligation.

(3)          The Constitutional Court makes the final decision whether an Act of Parliament or conduct of the President or Parliament is constitutional and must confirm any order of constitutional invalidity made by another court before that order has any force.


For anyone who doubted that Mnangagwa is the law and that the apex court was castrated by Mnangagwa, Chinamasa & Crew, this is a compelling journey that led Mupasiri to create this group under the name UNIVERSITY OF THE FRIENDS OF SHABANIE & MASHAVE MINES (FOSMM) as the inaugural JUROL Director of Public Policy.

Set out below is a chat transcript of chats that started at 7:16 AM today, 16 July 2023, and ended at 11:56 AM.

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[7/16, 7:16 AM] Netanyahu: The two main reasons for sanctions are:

The year 2000 land reform. The 3rd Chimurenga saw Cde Chenjerai Hunzvi and fellow cdes being allowed by the late president Robert Mugabe to invade land occupied by white farmers. The white farmers were owning over 80% of Zimbabwe’s fertile land. They got that land when Cecil Rhodes colonized parts of Africa. Zimbabwe was called Southern Rhodesia. We spent 90 years under colonialism. Wars were fought, the 1st and 3rd Wars of King Murenga.  It was mostly about the dispossession of Africans from their lands. Finally, in 2000, a new African Mugabe allowed his soldiers to violently take back land from white folk. Europe condemned the land reform. The Commercial Farmers Union funded the ZCTU, which translated into a political party to resist land reform and attempt regime change funded and supported by the West, too. The second reason was Zimbabwe’s involvement in the DRC war, where they helped Kabila against nations sponsored by the West to destabilize DRC so that the West would continue to loot the precious minerals. There is also a third reason, though not the main one bit in recent years, it gained momentum, especially when Barack Insane Obama was in office. So-called human rights of LGBTQ people. Zimbabwe is against same-sex marriages. People who will be found infected by that white-sex disease are usually rehabilitated in prison. But the MAIN REASON is that Zimbabweans raising the middle finger to white supremacy by taking back what rightfully belonged to the natives. The West has not forgiven Zimbabwe for that humiliation. Postcolonialism, apart from Haiti, is only Zimbabwe that showed that testicular fortitude and political feat. We are suffering under sanctions because of so-called white people’s political rights.

[7/16, 7:16 AM] mdmawere1: [7/16, 7:08 AM] +27 61 170 7941: Yes, it’s coming up need to take it to the end to give a proper Analysis though.  Who is Tichaona Mupasiri?

[7/16, 7:11 AM] mdmawere1: An activist who was the spokesman of FEEZ, the party led by Tsenengamu.

[7/16, 7:17 AM] mdmawere1: According to you? What if sanctions were the next step to the RULE OF MAN and its authors?

[7/16, 7:18 AM] Netanyahu: They are not. Rules of foreigners are not rules of Zimbabweans.

[7/16, 7:19 AM] mdmawere1: What is a foreigner to you and where do sanctions creep in?

[7/16, 7:19 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: So given the first reason, the land agrarian reform and how it panned out on the ground. Do you seriously think that myself, a renowned agriculturalist, as someone who was stiffed land, looked over, for some no experience no good connected fella or Mr. Minister’s son who goes on to run that farm to the goddamn ground I would not be salty and be on the forefront to say sanction that son of a gun who did that to me? I mean come on…..

[7/16, 7:19 AM] Netanyahu: This is not according to me. These are scientific truths. There is a SADC tribunal ruling. The latest interview of M7 on hard talk supports the 3rd reason.

[7/16, 7:20 AM] mdmawere1: Since you lack title and personal knowledge why not zip your mouth.

[7/16, 7:21 AM] mdmawere1: Never use God’s time for waste.

[7/16, 7:21 AM] +27 84 505 0130: then the executive parcels itself with several farms yet they had indicated it must be one person one farm. if the masses were not there would the executive have taken land?

[7/16, 7:22 AM] Netanyahu: Did Europeans colonize Zimbabwe? Yes, or no.

Did Europeans own an average 1500 hectares of land in Zimbabwe after the dispossession of the natives? Yes, or no.

Did the Europeans lose that land to the Zimbabwe government in the year 2000? Yes, or no.

Did the West react with sanctions in less than 12 months from the dispossession of land from whites in Zimbabwe? Yes, or No.

[7/16, 7:24 AM] mdmawere1: Anything for free, has similar consequences. Expropriation is an attack on wealth or value creation and must attract sanctions to the thief. A coup is a form of sanction like expropriation.

[7/16, 7:24 AM] +263 71 625 1112: Those sanctions are on individuals who happen to be zanupf or government officials

[7/16, 7:24 AM] Netanyahu: That’s a new variable that I perhaps may agree with you. I don’t support multiple farm ownership. There you are right. However, you certainly agree with me that there was nothing wrong with taking back our land, right?

[7/16, 7:25 AM] Netanyahu: This is paralysis of analysis

[7/16, 7:25 AM] TENDAYI: I’m less concerned about what led to sanctions but rather what sanctions entail for the collective. They are an affront

[7/16, 7:25 AM] +27 84 505 0130: exactly no contestation – the majority in the country should own the majority of land area

[7/16, 7:26 AM] mdmawere1: A thief is the source code for sanctions and has nothing to do with the type of prejudice – land – or any object of value.

[7/16, 7:26 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: But multiple farm ownership is there and thus the reform process was fatally flawed because it only delivered to a few and the rest are made to celebrate it.

[7/16, 7:27 AM] mdmawere1: What is ownership to YOU?

[7/16, 7:27 AM] TENDAYI: That is unnatural even before colonialism. No such ever existed

[7/16, 7:28 AM] mdmawere1: Expropriation is divestiture and deprivation of value that doesn’t self-create.

[7/16, 7:28 AM] +27 84 505 0130: do you want legal or traditional definitions?

[7/16, 7:29 AM] mdmawere1: Please address issues and refrain from playing any person expressing them.

[7/16, 7:30 AM] +27 84 505 0130: what are your own societal values and principles of ownership?

[7/16, 7:30 AM] TENDAYI: Noted with thanks🥊

[7/16, 7:31 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: And as such attracts matching punitive measures to discourage future iterations, no?

[7/16, 7:32 AM] mdmawere1: Ask not another when common sense, logic and reason are the variables that should matter in the affairs of humans.

[7/16, 7:32 AM] +27 84 505 0130: No you know what it means I did not ask the question because to me occupying the land or having papers declaring them as owners means the same. If you have a clearer definition you can give but that is off the rail because whether we define it or not, it does not make any material difference.

[7/16, 7:32 AM] Netanyahu: Sanctions retard economic growth and development.

Sanctions are a crime against ordinary citizens of Zimbabwe.

Sanctions create a polarized nation.

Sanctions cause people to leave their country.

The sanctions have an impact on the health sector, mining, manufacturing, financial services sector, and basically all industries.

Investor confidence becomes law.

Some nations fear investing in Zimbabwe because of the bullying attitudes of the USA.

[7/16, 7:32 AM] TENDAYI: Sanctions are a collective punishment. Why are you unable to see that

[7/16, 7:32 AM] +27 84 505 0130: You should have known better and not ask What is ownership?

[7/16, 7:33 AM] mdmawere1: Expropriation is death in motion and the end is poverty for many.

[7/16, 7:35 AM] +263 77 409 8361: Sanctions were meant to stifle the success of the land reform program lest other African countries follow suit to the detriment of white interests in Africa. So nothing good should come out of Zimbabwe until the perpetrators of the land reform program are deposed from power.

[7/16, 7:35 AM] mdmawere1: Sovereignty exists not as a sanction but expropriation is man-made.

[7/16, 7:35 AM] Netanyahu: No. What was difficult to do was take the land back from whites. The issue of equitable distribution is easy to correct, and the government is actually correcting that. Holding constant that multiple farm ownership, we have on record over 605 000 family heads who got resettled on average 50 hectares. 105 000 are owners of small-scale mines. If that is not black empowerment, nothing else will definite it.

[7/16, 7:36 AM] TENDAYI: Be that as it may. Sanctions remain a blunt instrument that entrenched attitudes and incumbency

[7/16, 7:36 AM] +263 77 409 8361: On point!

[7/16, 7:36 AM] mdmawere1: This is gossip. Stop It

[7/16, 7:36 AM] TENDAYI: Still hasn’t been allocated equitably. Eg 21 farms for nhingi

[7/16, 7:36 AM] +263 77 409 8361: Gossip? My foot kkk!

[7/16, 7:37 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: I do see that,  but Zimbabwean sanctions are specifically aimed at entities like the ZDF and the ministers and the rest of the enablers of a government that is so bent on attacking its own people order to continue plundering a nation. What’s so hard to see there?

[7/16, 7:38 AM] TENDAYI: They are not targeted

[7/16, 7:38 AM] +263 77 409 8361: If you find time read Zidera the document and get all the facts

[7/16, 7:38 AM] mdmawere1: Thanks. Expropriation is the elephant in the room. Absent value with human personality in it, no expropriation.

[7/16, 7:39 AM] mdmawere1: Common sense like the common law does not lie in any document but in the mind.

[7/16, 7:40 AM] +263 77 409 8361: Sanctions theory of change: let Zimbabweans suffer until they rebel against their own govt.

[7/16, 7:40 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: 5% only got the benefits? Recently we just found out that Bona Mugabe owns more than 15 farms and nothing has been done to rectify that. That is one family member in a family of- many! Now, multiply that by all Zanu folks, and add their lackeys, hangers-on, and all! They should have left in the hands of the whites then if that was the deal

[7/16, 7:41 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: Read the European Union Sanctions List as well to get the other facts

[7/16, 7:41 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: I can’t help you there.

[7/16, 7:41 AM] +263 77 409 8361: You don’t find common sense in a document kkk. Look for facts

[7/16, 7:41 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: Maybe they should.

[7/16, 7:42 AM] Cornwell Mutetwa: Worst part the most productive of the farms were subdivided illegally by Zanu pf land barons into some dingy residential stands without any services. What land reform is that?

[7/16, 7:42 AM] TENDAYI: Ask how sanctions ate applied and we can advise

[7/16, 7:42 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: They rebelled before…. against the Rhodesians. And again against the Mugabe presidency

[7/16, 7:43 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: I know lawyers that have worked on the drafts I will ask those in DC.

[7/16, 7:44 AM] mdmawere1: Waiting for your sense that must be common to you and not imposed by you.

[7/16, 7:44 AM] Netanyahu: Let’s deal with the major issue, not minor. Don’t look at an individual. The facts are: Land reform was a noble idea.

The secondary work is correcting multiple farm ownership so that land is distributed more equitably and as well to ensure that Zimbabweans benefit from the land reform. The land audit was completed. Now the corrective measures are being implemented.

Furthermore, there is a need to unlock the value of land reform. The government is working towards that, though. It must accelerate the pace. This happens through training the farmers and financing their farming adequately.

[7/16, 7:44 AM] +263 77 409 8361: We don’t dispute the fact that the approach to the land reform was wrong and there is still room for us to correct that.

[7/16, 7:44 AM] Netanyahu: True

[7/16, 7:44 AM] mdmawere1: Major issues to you must never be to all.

[7/16, 7:45 AM] +263 77 409 8361: Kkkk kuuu!

[7/16, 7:45 AM] Netanyahu: Your problem is an addiction to facetious idealistic academic arguments

[7/16, 7:45 AM] mdmawere1: This is the arrogance of a mind that is disrespectful.

[7/16, 7:46 AM] Netanyahu: Paralysis of analysis.

[7/16, 7:46 AM] mdmawere1: And you? A little God in motion.

[7/16, 7:46 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: Bro,  how long will it take us? So many who fought the war of liberation have had to depart from this earth…. while waiting. How hard is it any way to do this?

[7/16, 7:46 AM] mdmawere1: Please check your mirror.

[7/16, 7:46 AM] Cornwell Mutetwa: You think you can destroy all those illegal urban residential areas which some of were boastfully saying it’s a measure of Economic performance? Converting prime Agriculture land for residential purposes is the highest level of idiocy

[7/16, 7:47 AM] +27 84 505 0130: Sanctions are a political assent of ideological frustration. The American policy of divide and rule, when it fails, they try to find ways of dividing people using spanners like sanctions. Our biggest challenge in Africa, especially our outgoing and formerly educated lot during the colonial era, is their inability to think outside their former colonial parameters. Zimbabwe does not have to fear sanctions. The first strategy Mugabe should have done was to incorporate all national forces – labor, intellectuals, military, business, IT, industry, and youths (a very important aspect of national development) into a strategic framing past the land reform. Unselfishly done, this was going to create a national agenda and framework that cannot be aligned with a political party. With such a thing, all political parties would be required by law to respect such a strategic plan – maybe a 10-year strategy or even a 50-year strategy. This should have been followed by the establishment of the rule of law and respect for state policies. With this Mugabe did not need to do anything else but enjoy his last days in office.

[7/16, 7:47 AM] Netanyahu: Mawere is actually blinded because his SMM had a major shareholding of white monopoly capital. So what he thinks he understands confuses him. After all, SMM was a gift from the Zimbabwe government and not his own creation.

[7/16, 7:47 AM] mdmawere1: Did this come from a robot?

[7/16, 7:48 AM] +27 84 505 0130: it’s a lack of national strategy. problem is they do armchair strategies for political expedience and not for national development

[7/16, 7:48 AM] +27 84 505 0130: What do you mean?

[7/16, 7:49 AM] +27 84 505 0130: Is it emotional blackmail or personification?

[7/16, 7:49 AM] +263 77 409 8361: Who is leading that city council doing that kkk?

[7/16, 7:50 AM] mdmawere1: Please read and reflect.

[7/16, 7:51 AM] mdmawere1: It’s like you are writing to yourself or to fools.

[7/16, 7:53 AM] Netanyahu: Perfect. That’s a solutions-oriented mind. Brilliance is on the verge of genius. I agree with you. While we cannot deny the impact of sanctions on the Zimbabwe economy, to a good degree, your comment has a lot of sense than the Mawereisms of asking satirical questions on important subjects.

I believe sanctions actually empowered us to be creative and innovative in the fullness of time. Right now, Americans are saying sanctions missed their target and failed on regime change. So that’s an opportunity for us to not only re-engage them continually but to perhaps do what you have just said.

[7/16, 7:54 AM] mdmawere1: And you are a self-appointed judge?

[7/16, 7:54 AM] +27 84 505 0130: What level of schooling did you achieve?

[7/16, 7:54 AM] Netanyahu: Every human being has the right to sit in the executive seat of rationality.

[7/16, 7:54 AM] mdmawere1: [7/16, 6:56 AM] mdmawere1: Morning

[7/16, 6:58 AM] +27 61 170 7941: Morning.  Halfway done. Had other commitments

[7/16, 6:58 AM] mdmawere1: Is it making any sense?

[7/16, 7:08 AM] +27 61 170 7941: Yes, it’s coming up need to take it to the end to give a proper Analysis though.  Who is Tichaona Mpasiri?

[7/16, 7:11 AM] mdmawere1: An activist who was the spokesman of FEEZ, the party led by Tsenengamu.

[7/16, 7:38 AM] +27 61 170 7941: I think l know him personally, he did his secondary education at Shonganiso Mission in Masvingo where he grew up in a village called Chandipwisa and he was a promising author in the making. He wrote a book when he was doing Form 4 lm not sure if that book was published the boy was just brilliant 👌

[7/16, 7:42 AM] mdmawere1: Why seek to know a person in history and not in the content of the history he creates from his works?

[7/16, 7:48 AM] +27 61 170 7941: History gives a fair analysis of a person though it doesn’t conclude since a human being is subject to improvement or failure in the presence just like you and anyone else. For us to know Mnangagwa we need a bit of his background and weigh it with his current.  We can’t talk of Mutumwa Mawere without mentioning his Shabanie and Mashava mines background.  So should be Tichaona Mupasiri. We can’t talk of Godfrey Tsenengamu without talking of his Zanu PF youth chairmanship. But alone will make the analysis fair based on facts on the ground and his history.

[7/16, 7:49 AM] mdmawere1: What if you are wrong as this is a record with no memory?

[7/16, 7:55 AM] mdmawere1: Who told you that rationality has anything to do with humanity?

[7/16, 7:56 AM] mdmawere1: By your standards?

[7/16, 7:56 AM] +27 84 505 0130: It seems I am speaking to persons of limited intellectual and emotional capacities. Thank you for wasting my productive time.

[7/16, 7:57 AM] Netanyahu: Who told you it’s to the contrary? And when will you quit your facetious questioning and start sharing your own views on the contents of the topic at hand?

[7/16, 7:57 AM] mdmawere1: Thank you for abusing God’s time.

[7/16, 7:58 AM] mdmawere1: Please stop acting God.

[7/16, 7:58 AM] Netanyahu: Who is God according to you?

[7/16, 8:00 AM] Cornwell Mutetwa: What an idiotic question

[7/16, 8:00 AM] Netanyahu: And by introducing terms theological, do you think we can debate to an agreement or consensus in the faculty of scientific reasoning? Aren’t things theological or matters of religion likely to be debated to the grave?

[7/16, 8:00 AM] mdmawere1: You and I walk on the same ground so never pretend to use high-heeled shoes in a small pond.

[7/16, 8:00 AM] +27 84 505 0130: Ndogona kutenga zvima nails nezvimwe zvisinganetsi kutakura pandouya then marata namapuranga totenga ikoko

[7/16, 8:02 AM] Netanyahu: Who is God to you? I know you have a habit of not answering questions and lime to divert people from subjects that offend you or that you don’t like. Why talk about God whom we have different understandings of?

[7/16, 8:02 AM] mdmawere1: Please pause and appreciate what you are doing to undermine humanity and the genius of irrationality in relation to the affairs of humans.

[7/16, 8:02 AM] Netanyahu: Direct that to yourself

[7/16, 8:03 AM] mdmawere1: And you?

[7/16, 8:05 AM] Netanyahu: It’s you trifling our discussion with satire. You are better on the terraces kindly shut up, and you allow us (me and the persons who were discussing the land reform) to continue discussing our diversity of thoughts and views than to come and weary us with your pride and prejudice.

[7/16, 8:05 AM] Netanyahu: To learn in silence is also wisdom.

[7/16, 8:06 AM] mdmawere1: Foolishness needs no referee.

[7/16, 8:07 AM] Cornwell Mutetwa: The is no land reform to talk about here. Just illusions.

[7/16, 8:07 AM] Netanyahu: When facts have run out, the weapons of insult are the closest tools of the arrogant.

[7/16, 8:08 AM] Netanyahu: The subject is not for political fanatics. Your party on record said land reform was theft. Your leaders were and are predominantly house Negros and Uncle Toms.

[7/16, 8:08 AM] mdmawere1: Indeed, and be the change

[7/16, 8:10 AM] Cornwell Mutetwa: @Genaral have you ever wondered why the is so much poverty in Zimbabwean cities after land reform? Wasn’t there supposed to be a migration from poverty to the fertile land that was recovered from whites?  Don’t go the sanction route it’s a tired donkey.

[7/16, 8:10 AM] mdmawere1: On point

[7/16, 8:11 AM] Netanyahu: Zimbabwe only has a ruling party and small opposition parties. The main opposition is a project of white supremacy. Therefore, there is no main opposition in Zimbabwe that functions constitutionally and in terms of nationalism. Prof Jonathan Moyo was right when he said that the leadership in ZANUPF may be blamed for their failures, but no one can take away the spirit of nationalism in ZANUPF.

[7/16, 8:13 AM] mdmawere1: Zimbabwe is not a human of flesh and as such has no aspirations like the so-called ruling party. The sense that is not common undermines inclusivity.

[7/16, 8:13 AM] Cornwell Mutetwa: On that let me open your mind. All the brains in Zanu pf were sidelined at independence in 1980. When Mugabe said he doesn’t have a successor aitaura pachikuru.

[7/16, 8:14 AM] mdmawere1: Sidelined. A new sense that may be unique to you.

[7/16, 8:16 AM] Cornwell Mutetwa: Violence is a weapon for brainless people. Where has violence ever produced something positive?

[7/16, 8:17 AM] mdmawere1: Are you talking to me or using me to talk to other nameless actors?

[7/16, 8:18 AM] Netanyahu: Even the Bible says, ” There shall be no poor people amongst you, but if there be some poor in your cities and towns.” See. Poverty is predominantly in towns where the lazy, thieves, and happy slaves live in. In rural areas and farms, there is a different economy altogether. The happiness index is higher. ZEC delimitation report is a testimony that people have migrated to two places: diaspora and non-urban. The rural has more constituencies than the urban. My brother, it’s in a town where you suffer from low salaries and wages. Dirty water, uncollected garbage, potholes, exorbitant council rates. You are cursed there.  You pay for some things nature has freely gifted humanity. You buy water and pay to park cars even in uncongested areas.

Leave the rural folk alone.

[7/16, 8:19 AM] Cornwell Mutetwa: I am talking to @Genaral

[7/16, 8:19 AM] mdmawere1: Ok thanks.

[7/16, 8:21 AM] Cornwell Mutetwa: So, by your own admission you took productive commercial farms and converted them to rural and urban residential purposes? Who does that?

[7/16, 8:22 AM] Netanyahu: Do you agree that slavery and colonialism were violent? That the USA was built through violence. They used the sweat and blood of our Ancestors to build everything you admire there. Do you know that the USA is a criminal system? It’s a nation built on crimes against humanity. That government is a mafia government and a criminal enterprise. Everything you admire there is rooted in rot.

[7/16, 8:22 AM] mdmawere1: Really?

[7/16, 8:23 AM] +27 84 505 0130: I thought this group was for intellectual interpolation but I think it’s turning out to be another ZANU-CCC group can such issues go to appropriate groupings, and when we discuss we remain objective and productive

[7/16, 8:23 AM] Cornwell Mutetwa: But it is cruel to use violence against your own people.  Not surprising that the result is poverty both physical and mental.

[7/16, 8:24 AM] Netanyahu: As well another man invades your house, takes your wife, and claims to provide for her better and produce healthier babies. What do you value? Money or happiness in your marriage with contentment?

[7/16, 8:24 AM] mdmawere1: A grouping of humans has no mind or purpose but the participants have in their persons.

[7/16, 8:28 AM] Cornwell Mutetwa: You are admitting it by yourself. Most of you took the land for speculation.  You are underproducing hoping to have value on nothing one day.

[7/16, 8:28 AM] +27 84 505 0130: yaaaah but should discuss openly without attaching affiliations

[7/16, 8:28 AM] Netanyahu: We used violence against white folk. After all, only a few drops of white blood were shed. 6 Caucasians. Yet Ian Smith slaughtered over 10000 innocent black lives in Chimoio. Cecil Rhodes raped hundreds of young boys. The Germans almost exterminated the Herero people of Namibia in unprovoked acts of war. See! They even sponsored civil war in Zimbabwe. Gukurahundi. And what a shame no sanctions were imposed on Zimbabwe because of Gukurahundi but when 6 two-legged white creatures were killed in a war of land in less than 12 months Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and 4 others met to draft ZDERA.

[7/16, 8:28 AM] mdmawere1: Should is a big word in relation to humans?

[7/16, 8:30 AM] Netanyahu: Over 50% of newly resettled farmers are productive. I even already said. The issue of productivity is secondary and easy to achieve than that of dispossessing a white man from his ill-gotten land.

[7/16, 8:30 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: The answer to that is to unleash violence on black people? 😂😂

[7/16, 8:31 AM] Netanyahu: Violence in Zimbabwe was not on innocent civilians but on a few activists who sided with white supremacy.

[7/16, 8:36 AM] Cornwell Mutetwa: I hope you sleep well every night. What are a few Zimbabweans and how did you reach the conclusion that they sided with white supremacy? The last person to be hanged after conviction of murder in Zimbabwe was in 2005. So how were these killed and where is the justification?

[7/16, 8:40 AM] Netanyahu: War is naturally violent. 3rd war of King Murenga saw the government disproportionately reacting to opposition activists who, in ignorance, were being used by the Commercial Farmers Union to maintain Rhodesians’ rights to the land of the natives. The so-called property rights. Amerikkkans were chiefly funding the opposition through CSOs. But the Zimbabwe government prevailed. The land was taken.

With time, the violence stopped because land reform was completed and became irreversible after the 2 principals of the factions of the MDC signed the GPA.  In that agreement, there was a statement that said, “ACKNOWLEDGING THE IRREVERSIBILITY OF THE LAND REFORM… See! Wise ZANUPF or Mugabe’s genius or both?

In the past 10 years, there has been peace in Zimbabwe. There was a significant decline in violence. We only see stage-managed violence. ZANU-PF is preaching peace. Violence has actually migrated to social media where opposition activists cyber bully persons of different opinions and ideas.

[7/16, 8:47 AM] mdmawere1: Exposing fallacy of composition

[7/16, 8:54 AM] Netanyahu: Don’t worry. Zimbabwe is not going to experience 3rd-degree criminal nuisances anymore. The unpatriotic behaviors of the past will greatly reduce if not even become zero. The new law, which is popularly known as the Patriotic Act, was crafted so that Zimbabweans will be healed from mentacidal confusion and delivered from tomism, negrokeetism, and spiritual enslavement. The law deprecates strongly the behavior of dining with white supremacy. The law will sanctify all politicians. It sets them apart from sellouts and insurgents. Unpatriotic behavior is limited and discouraged. Those who will be found guilty will be taken to a correctional service so that they go under a rebirth. The Patriotic Act enables people to be New Afrikaans: Self- respecting, racially conscious brothers/ sisters who have gone through a spiritual & physical rebirth, consistently practicing race responsibility, and participating in Black Nation building, etc…

[7/16, 8:59 AM] mdmawere1: Cynical WOW?

[7/16, 9:00 AM] Netanyahu: In the following article ignore what the writer said about Kasukuwere. I won’t comment on Kasukuwere. Read the first subject only.

[7/16, 9:03 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: We must be talking about two different Zimbabweans then.  That’s OK.

[7/16, 9:04 AM] TENDAYI: Very

[7/16, 9:04 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: I’m gob smacked, to say the least.

[7/16, 9:04 AM] Netanyahu: Tsuro yakarohwa negwenzi rayo

[7/16, 9:05 AM] Netanyahu: Further, in any war situation, there are bound to be casualties

[7/16, 9:05 AM] Linquist: What’s the issue with these two formations saying they are one or whatever?🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

[7/16, 9:05 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: Whatever makes you sleep broski, or cope with senseless murderous activities of those you like. It’s only human to try and find justification

[7/16, 9:05 AM] Netanyahu: Land reform, more accurately was war than violence.

[7/16, 9:06 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: Question.  If one country is at war with another, would officials of one of those countries go and holiday in either of the countries, publicly?

[7/16, 9:07 AM] Netanyahu: Yes.

[7/16, 9:07 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: I hear you big dog. I hear you barking.

[7/16, 9:08 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: Strange war it is bro. I don’t remember Saddam officials going to America to holiday at the height of the Iraq war.  But do you.

[7/16, 9:08 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: Or Nazis going to England on a quick vacation during ww2

[7/16, 9:10 AM] mdmawere1: Cry the BELOVED

[7/16, 9:10 AM] Netanyahu: When Europeans colonized Zimbabwe, they killed thousands. When Zimbabweans took back their land, they killed only 6 white people. The house negro is making noise about those 6 and is silent on the sadistic atrocities committed by Europeans on black folk. That goes to show a high peak of mentacide.

[7/16, 9:11 AM] Netanyahu: No Russian has gone to Ukraine? Or vice versa?

[7/16, 9:11 AM] TENDAYI: What is quite evident is that for some this platform is an alter for dogma. It is in my view cogent to argue against expropriation in all its forms as a tool to advance greed and simultaneously abhor the application of the blunt instrument of collective punishment that sanctions are. It is a disturbing Philippic to advance this “with us or against us ” cow dung George w used to find weapons of mass destruction (WMD)

[7/16, 9:11 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: 😂😂😂. Gukurahundi was Europeans? 2008? 2000? 2017 or 18? Damn Europeans, holding the hands of our own black-run government to continue to kill

[7/16, 9:12 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: None. 0. No Russian official is a citizen of Ukraine and Vice Versa unless they want to die

[7/16, 9:13 AM] Netanyahu: Besides, that war is over. Zimbabwe is now not an enemy to anyone. There is now a new policy of international Re-engagement. Mugabe never visited the USA during the war. He was in Zimbabwe. I wonder which officials you are talking about.

[7/16, 9:13 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: I’m still waiting to see the WMDs found in Iraq.

[7/16, 9:14 AM] Netanyahu: Good answer. Now, if there is a cease-fire, will the officials of those countries visit each other’s countries?

[7/16, 9:14 AM] Cornwell Mutetwa: House negro.  Wow.

[7/16, 9:14 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: So how can that war be over when sanctions- the very act of war,  remain? I’m getting confused or sleepy now.

[7/16, 9:15 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: Those are just words- with no relation to reality.

[7/16, 9:15 AM] Netanyahu: I was talking of a physical war that killed 6 white people.

[7/16, 9:15 AM] mdmawere1: Salute. Profound. Yet so many of us, vomit garbage and have no time to realize the import of thought deficits on what matters to the shaping of an inclusive Africa.

[7/16, 9:15 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: There was never a war against white people in Zimbabwe. Except during Chimurenga

[7/16, 9:16 AM] Netanyahu: Land reform was 3rd Chimurenga. Asi kana une meso enyama hauzvione

[7/16, 9:18 AM] TENDAYI: The fact that Princess ended up with 21 pieces of real estate makes this more cringeworthy.

[7/16, 9:19 AM] Netanyahu: Bona’s farms have title deeds.

[7/16, 9:20 AM] Netanyahu: It’s not a crime to invest in real estate. Even Mutumwa Mawere you may be surprised to find him owning more than 10 houses.

[7/16, 9:20 AM] TENDAYI: Akashanda or tanga kambani ipi zviya?

[7/16, 9:20 AM] Netanyahu: His father was rich.

[7/16, 9:21 AM] TENDAYI: Wonder how

[7/16, 9:21 AM] Netanyahu: A wise man lives an inheritance for his children not a mere position in a political party, especially opposition.

[7/16, 9:21 AM] Netanyahu: Was Mugabe poor?

[7/16, 9:22 AM] TENDAYI: Dr mother also had quite a number of errors.. was that also purchased?

[7/16, 9:22 AM] TENDAYI: 23 they said. Farms

[7/16, 9:22 AM] mdmawere1: Unconscionable

[7/16, 9:22 AM] Netanyahu: I have not done research on hers. I know that those of Bona were purchased and they all have title deeds.

[7/16, 9:23 AM] Linquist: With whose money

[7/16, 9:23 AM] Netanyahu: Ask Cde Mawere how he got his asbestos company. You will be fortunate to get an answer.

[7/16, 9:24 AM] mdmawere1: I never got but bought.

[7/16, 9:25 AM] Linquist: Do you want to conflate the two, Bona and Mr. Mawere?🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️



[7/16, 9:26 AM] Linquist: Kkkkkkkk

[7/16, 9:26 AM] Netanyahu: His Father’s. Mugabe was farming. He had real estate investments. In the 37-year reign, he made money. He was also getting gifts and support from his international friends. How do you know Gaddafi did not give him a billion or Mengistu for example? If Tsvangirai was given 400 million USD by Depros Muchena and other funding from the USA why do you think Mugabe was not getting funds from his friends too?

[7/16, 9:27 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: I mean even those with eyes of metal can see kuti it was a ruse by a few to enrich themselves at the expense of the rest. Do we have a class in Zimbabwe schools that teaches about the third Chimurenga?

[7/16, 9:27 AM] mdmawere1: Hallucination in motion.

[7/16, 9:27 AM] Netanyahu: Is Mawere not a human being like Bona? Ask him how getting got the Asbestos company.

[7/16, 9:27 AM] Linquist: I doubt your submissions cde

[7/16, 9:28 AM] TENDAYI: Expropriation?  If not tell us why some feel and act to take dividends from the commonwealth like the princess did. Prebendalism

[7/16, 9:28 AM] Linquist: Vadaira wani pamsoro apo. He has answered that already

[7/16, 9:28 AM] Netanyahu: I never disagreed that there was corruption in allocation. But the majority benefited.

[7/16, 9:28 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: Iii tsano itayi muchimbonyara dare. Kwamave uko ndekwe fodya. Dzokayi kuvanhu. Kkkkk. What you are saying now makes no sense to be honest with you.

[7/16, 9:29 AM] TENDAYI: Majority of politburo you mean

[7/16, 9:29 AM] +263 71 625 1112: So they are what???

[7/16, 9:29 AM] Netanyahu: Tag it, I may have missed it

[7/16, 9:29 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: 5% or less. The rest can go screw themselves.  Kana uine meso enyama hauzvione or if your head is up someone’s something you will never see this.

[7/16, 9:29 AM] Netanyahu: Open it. Am on a weak Internet network

[7/16, 9:30 AM] +263 71 625 1112: Facts as they are

[7/16, 9:30 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: You are on more than a weak internet link shamwari

[7/16, 9:30 AM] TENDAYI: General application.  That’s why you drive a wish and earn nuts whilst the leader uses a land cruiser

[7/16, 9:30 AM] Netanyahu: How did you get the money to buy those shares?

[7/16, 9:30 AM] mdmawere1: Please never allow a fool an escape route for foolishness is contagious.

[7/16, 9:31 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: And the leader vacations in a country he only sees in the TV

[7/16, 9:32 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: Facts!!!

[7/16, 9:32 AM] mdmawere1: A fool asks HOW to expose foolishness that history is nothing but a story and not a subject of arguments.

[7/16, 9:33 AM] +263 71 625 1112: It was a noble idea but it benefited politicians of the ruling how many farms does each politician have, their wives, children, and relatives you call that minor ???

[7/16, 9:33 AM] Netanyahu: Do you think I should copy and paste your statement on the person who asked about Bona’s wealth? Do you not agree that he asked a good question? If yes, do you not think the same question when asked about Mr. Mawere is in the context of that question about Bona’s wealth?

[7/16, 9:35 AM] mdmawere1: What I think matters not to a fly that needs no smart genius to fly to meat to ruin the meat.

[7/16, 9:35 AM] +263 71 625 1112: Nhai how long, and what’s stopping it to be corrected now, if they don’t want to fix what they messed up then they have to go

[7/16, 9:36 AM] Prof Mupasiri: May you kindly share your version and state of knowledge on how the company was acquired, where, and when.

I am of the opinion that people like you should run with the truth without twisting facts.

Let’s test the facts available with regard to the asbestos company.

[7/16, 9:36 AM] +263 71 625 1112: Too theoretical to the Zimbabwean situation

[7/16, 9:38 AM] mdmawere1: Good morning. Perhaps since he was neither on the buying nor selling side, what his interest is and why is stopping him from attacking land in the DRC to solve the triple challenges of:

[7/16, 9:39 AM] mdmawere1: Poverty, Unemployment and Inequality

[7/16, 9:39 AM] Netanyahu: What I know is that multiple farm ownership is wrong, although at that time, some Zimbabweans were not interested in farms. They had been told that it was the property of whites. Tsvangirai was discouraging them. So the land was in excess, and ZANU-PF officials (some not all) ended up taking more to keep it for future redistribution. Some who think they will continue to own multiple farms will not be like that because the land audit was completed. It’s easy to correct that. The political feat was in taking back the land, which the Catholic pope Leo the Second had instructed, Cecil Rhodes to go and take away from the Afrikaans.

[7/16, 9:39 AM] TENDAYI: A very empty depositary this😱😲 perfecting marvelous nothingness

[7/16, 9:40 AM] TENDAYI: Inequality is nature

[7/16, 9:40 AM] mdmawere1: DRC IS OPEN FOR LAND INVASION

[7/16, 9:41 AM] mdmawere1: @⁨TENDAYI⁩ this patient refuses to learn, unlearn and relearn.

[7/16, 9:41 AM] Netanyahu: You are not capable of understanding it because of your intellectual deficiency and low vibrations of the mind that subject you to cognitive dissonance and mentacidal confusion. You are a victim of the illusion of knowledge. You are a major shareholder of ignorance. You enjoy the dividends.

[7/16, 9:42 AM] +263 71 625 1112: Through looting and graft

[7/16, 9:42 AM] Leon Louw: They’re a sad reflection of easily overlooked racism whereby what we may say and words we may use are a function of race, not our thoughts or personal liberty.

Groupthink is also sad, that “we” are not individuals, but cogs in a racist collective.

Sad, very sad.

[7/16, 9:42 AM] Netanyahu: Education that’s miseducation better stay away from me

[7/16, 9:42 AM] +263 71 625 1112: Which shares

[7/16, 9:42 AM] mdmawere1: And you? The paragon of VIRTUE?

[7/16, 9:42 AM] +27 84 505 0130: Actually sanctions work when you are improperly shaped. If you think we’ll and plan well you can overcome all odds. Smith grew the economy on one side and on the other was fighting a war and on the other had sanctions.

[7/16, 9:42 AM] TENDAYI: What a rant.  Do you feel better after that discharge?

[7/16, 9:44 AM] Netanyahu: There are some people who are engaging me in this intellectual discourse who are not at my level. I must debate my equals only and those negrokeets I am supposed to teach them.

[7/16, 9:44 AM] mdmawere1: What would be the multiplication effect of 1+@⁨Netanyahu⁩

[7/16, 9:44 AM] Ernest Temba: Hezvo. In the spirit and letter of patriotic act?!

[7/16, 9:44 AM] TENDAYI: Smith had South Africa and other sanctions busters helping kith as they say. Why not get out of bed and stop dreaming

[7/16, 9:44 AM] mdmawere1: Take off the pseudo-high heels of nothing.

[7/16, 9:45 AM] Cornwell Mutetwa: Even if knowledge and wisdom were a privilege for a few, I don’t think you would be one of them.

[7/16, 9:45 AM] +263 71 625 1112: Tsvangirai never talked to the people about farms whatsoever musamunyepere zanupf did it all on its own and it did it on its own way

[7/16, 9:46 AM] mdmawere1: Cash TALK there for one to zip it.

[7/16, 9:46 AM] Ernest Temba: Mathematics is a good subject. Use it then all will be well

[7/16, 9:47 AM] mdmawere1: Smith walked on the same ground as Mugabe yet Smith knew after tea with Mugabe that Mugabe lacked the following:

[7/16, 9:48 AM] mdmawere1: 1. Mental maturity and balance.

[7/16, 9:48 AM] TENDAYI: And bust nostro account too

[7/16, 9:48 AM] mdmawere1: 2. Compassion

[7/16, 9:48 AM] Netanyahu: 605 000 Black Zimbabweans own average 50 hectares each. Consider an average African family unit of dependents of 15. Is that not mathematically 9 million beneficiaries?

[7/16, 9:48 AM] mdmawere1: 3. Literacy

[7/16, 9:48 AM] mdmawere1: Theory

[7/16, 9:49 AM] TENDAYI: Rubbish

[7/16, 9:49 AM] Netanyahu: There’s a common misconception about the word “theory” in science. When you hear, “Evolution is just a theory,” remember, in science, a theory isn’t a guess or hunch, but a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world.

[7/16, 9:50 AM] Mike Hull: Can you show me some proof of the thousands killed? I was given the propaganda line that improved health care and stopping tribes plundering from each other caused a population explosion. This seems supported by population numbers, tenfold increases in hundred years from 1900 to 2000. Set me straight on this. Then, when colonial law and order was replaced, I heard thousands of people were killed, some wind that blows the chaff thing, reminds me of that.

[7/16, 9:50 AM] Netanyahu: Gara kutown, ” if there be some poor in your towns” Holy Bible

[7/16, 9:51 AM] mdmawere1: White people did not come to Africa for a picnic but to convert the creator’s promise to solutions but your mind needs examination?

[7/16, 9:51 AM] Netanyahu: How many were killed according to you at Chimoio?

[7/16, 9:51 AM] TENDAYI: Release the land audit report then…tick tock

[7/16, 9:52 AM] TENDAYI: Why measure snake with bark

[7/16, 9:52 AM] mdmawere1: Even if they were killed, nothing can be done to change history but foolishness tempts many to use the reverse gear to go forward.

[7/16, 9:53 AM] mdmawere1: And then what in 2023?

[7/16, 9:54 AM] Netanyahu: White Jews who sponsored colonialism and slavery in their most sacred text called the ” Talmud ” say Black people are not human beings. They are creatures without souls. Pope Leo then instructed the homosexual Cecil Rhodes to invade Africa and divide it amongst so-called God’s chosen race.

[7/16, 9:54 AM] Mike Hull: 1200, but hardly during “colonial” time. How many had the improved conditions created?

[7/16, 9:54 AM] Netanyahu: Access to information. Go to the lands office

[7/16, 9:55 AM] Mike Hull: Exactly, it’s this obsession with blaming the past for our current mistakes. Let’s look forward

[7/16, 9:56 AM] Netanyahu: What percentage is 6 white people killed in 2000 compared to your own 1200? Though your figure is a European lie and shame

[7/16, 9:57 AM] Mike Hull: It’s the lack of proper process and law and order, how many fled after the 6 were killed?

[7/16, 9:57 AM] Mike Hull: Millions

[7/16, 9:57 AM] Netanyahu: If we are not to blame the past, then let’s all focus on making the present better. No one should talk about Mugabe or the past violence of 1983, 2000, 2002, and 2008.

[7/16, 9:57 AM] TENDAYI: We need to land an audit report. Because it’s so horrible Why has it not seen the light of day

[7/16, 9:58 AM] TENDAYI: 1 death is one too many!

[7/16, 9:58 AM] Mike Hull: I’m talking about the current and planned plunder Zanu is busy doing.  As millions more flee

[7/16, 9:59 AM] Mike Hull: Let’s talk to displaced people

[7/16, 9:59 AM] TENDAYI: More choice delights from the trash can🙆🏽‍♂️

[7/16, 10:00 AM] Mike Hull: And, the flock multiple. Ten times in a hundred years. Explain this, try

[7/16, 10:01 AM] mdmawere1: I am not Jewish and I was born on 11 January 1960 to waste God’s time and grace to hallucinate and pontificate about facts that happened a second before I arrived to use time as currency to solve problems that I know and helped to solve? Please STOP IT. LIVE YOUR LIFE AND CARRY YOUR CROSS. NOW I UNDERSTAND WHY JESUS HAD TO RUN AWAY WITHOUT LEAVING A CALL FORWARD. YOU?

[7/16, 10:01 AM] TENDAYI: Ngavadzore those 21 + 23 parcels

[7/16, 10:02 AM] Netanyahu: The problem with people like ana @⁨mdmawere1⁩ is their religious belief in the illusion of knowledge and reading history from the imperialist with the pen. The miseducation of such negros needs serious de-caucasianisation. Vanoda kunyikwa into the jik of wisdom and understanding. You find that to a good degree, such people will be making arguments within European defined realities. Most of the time they are a free defense mechanism of white supremacy.

[7/16, 10:02 AM] Mike Hull: Would you say you have no bias?

[7/16, 10:03 AM] mdmawere1: The past is dead yet you believe by hallucinations you can make it relevant today to solve present-day problems.

[7/16, 10:04 AM] Netanyahu: Wherever I show it, when corrected but a brighter light without dimming my lesser light with pride, I am humble enough to accept the correction graciously.

[7/16, 10:04 AM] mdmawere1: Focus on the windscreen and not the rearview mirror.

[7/16, 10:04 AM] mdmawere1: You being humble, THE GRAVE DIGGER.

[7/16, 10:05 AM] Mike Hull: Then, understand we all have a bias and if it’s religion or a belief in constitutionalism, be aware of it. Our bias affects our views

[7/16, 10:05 AM] Netanyahu: Yet no car is without them rear mirrors. All mirrors matter, though predominantly, a person is to focus on the present. I must not be told to focus on the present because some people are ashamed of their past injustices, which are still affecting the present.

[7/16, 10:06 AM] Mike Hull: History should teach us what works and what doesn’t, nothing more, nothing less

[7/16, 10:06 AM] mdmawere1: Yet you are no car. Going back is not going forward.

[7/16, 10:07 AM] Mike Hull: Expropriation without proper process and some compensation seems to have failed the masses.

[7/16, 10:07 AM] Mike Hull: Looking at displaced people is a good measure

[7/16, 10:08 AM] Mike Hull: Successful countries don’t shed citizens

[7/16, 10:08 AM] mdmawere1: Expropriation is for grave diggers.

[7/16, 10:08 AM] Netanyahu: Perfect

[7/16, 10:10 AM] Netanyahu: Read this book for an informative history of Africa. We call it the African’s Bible

[7/16, 10:10 AM] Mike Hull: ⬆️ who is Chancellor Williams?

[7/16, 10:11 AM] mdmawere1: History teaches nothing for it is what it is and if you are thirsty, please cure it in the present tense and not waste time.

[7/16, 10:12 AM] Netanyahu: I think that question is well answered in that book. Every book talks about its author in the first few pages.

[7/16, 10:13 AM] Mike Hull: ⬆️ Perhaps, Chancellor didn’t look at population numbers, but rather some other measure of civilization. Romans changed Celtic, was that bad?

[7/16, 10:13 AM] Netanyahu: You are wrong, Mike Hull is correct.

[7/16, 10:13 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: Hehehe. The only person who knows that he/she knows not a damn thing.  Yet here you are, after demonstrably displaying some of the worst thinking one can ever do, putting yourself on a pedestal. 😂😂. The arrogance is just hilarious. But, do you my guy? Whatever makes you feel good.  I am not hating the player, it’s the game I dislike.

[7/16, 10:14 AM] Mike Hull: If you were asked to write a constitution for Zimbabwe, how would you start?

[7/16, 10:14 AM] Netanyahu: The Maweres, the Mike Hulls are better. You are in the kindergarten of this group.

[7/16, 10:15 AM] Netanyahu: More or less what Copac did bit I would make it predominantly Afrocentric

[7/16, 10:15 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: What do you have against Kindergarten?

[7/16, 10:16 AM] Mike Hull: How does an Afrocentric constitution differ from say the SA current one?

[7/16, 10:17 AM] Netanyahu: I have no time to teach you ABCs while we are seized with finding solutions to things that involve algebra

[7/16, 10:18 AM] Netanyahu: The current Zimbabwe Constitution is not bad. I give it 80%. The SA Constitution empowers white folk and homophiles. There is white monopoly capital in South Africa.

[7/16, 10:19 AM] Netanyahu: Blacks are like foreigners in South Africa. The economy is owned by white folk.

[7/16, 10:20 AM] Mike Hull: Surely any constitution that guarantees individual rights empowers many ideas. Ideas aren’t the problem, its actions. I’m all for expanding every personal freedom, it’s the effects of mine on others, where the law is required.

[7/16, 10:21 AM] Mike Hull: Tendai, is this true?

[7/16, 10:21 AM] Netanyahu: On the Bill of Rights, the SA Constitution is the same as the Zimbabwe Constitution, so the SA Constitution gives extraordinary rights to homophiles. It allows for an invasion of the cultural norms and values of the African people.

[7/16, 10:21 AM] Mike Hull: Has anyone measured the “economy” in terms of race?

[7/16, 10:22 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: Yeah yourself first.  I’m OK. You, the person that thinks we are at war with a country that if they really like, will have us for a lunch snack. The only reason you exist to rant and rave against them is because they just don’t have time to entertain your malarkey. They keep you tied down busy killing each other with sanctions while they make trillions and carry on with their lives. So no.  I don’t want your silly education from the Chitepo School of Ideology

[7/16, 10:22 AM] Netanyahu: Yes. I have some statistics which I will share for you to comment on. I shall share those later.

[7/16, 10:22 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: When have foreigners ejected other foreigners in a country? Or called for their ejection and a govt actually considers it?

[7/16, 10:23 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: Let me guess,  weak internet. 😂😂😂. In a country that is running like a well-oiled machine.

[7/16, 10:23 AM] Woke (Up In The) AF!: Or the USA sanctions are jamming your signals?

[7/16, 10:25 AM] Netanyahu: For now I would like to appreciate @⁨Mike Hull⁩ ‘s professional and mature way of engaging. I hope everyone will take after your civilized behavior. You don’t certainly agree with me on many things, but even if it’s lime that I am challenged to take all the feedback I can get from you and to ponder on your submissions because of that professional conduct you exhibit where a brother is discussing with a brother.

For now good day,

[7/16, 10:25 AM] Mike Hull: Please do, share them publicly here.

I’m less worried about the Ruperts and more worried about myself. I want the stability and predictability a properly managed constitutional order underpins. Then I can go about building my own wealth. I didn’t inherit a fortune and don’t get special handouts from anywhere. I’m just a plain old middle-aged white guy, working for everything I have.

[7/16, 10:27 AM] Mike Hull: I did get the benefit of a good state-sponsored education and feel this is being denied to younger SA citizens, especially black ones.

[7/16, 10:30 AM] Netanyahu: On a parting shot, is it true that Zimbabweans coming to South Africa no longer require passports?

[7/16, 10:49 AM] mdmawere1: And you reckon that you are competent to judge?

[7/16, 10:50 AM] mdmawere1: You must want something from @⁨Mike Hull⁩

[7/16, 10:51 AM] mdmawere1: What don’t you have or pretend not to know?

[7/16, 10:56 AM] Leon Louw: The reason for property rights is more than elementary justice; it’s resource efficiency.

When a group of SA youth visited the USSR during the struggle, most returned converted from socialism.

They told the story of having tea — Russian tea is as good as Kenyan tea — when one of the hosts demonstrated why.

“Don’t try socialism”, he said.

“Here’s why”, as he tossed a cup out of the window from a high floor.

As it smashed to the ground, he said “You see, no one here cares. It’s no one’s cup under socialism.

Do that under capitalism and everyone, even a socialist, will be disgusted.”

In SA, Malema/EFF wants all land to be state-owned, with all people as tenants on land that isn’t theirs.

That’s what the present government doe with “redistributed” (i.e. nationalized) land.

That also was the essence of apartheid. It was called land “deprivation” for most South Africans (ie ‘black’ people). 

Since Malema wants what Verwoerd wanted, does that make him a black Verwoerd?

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