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Anglo American Platinum Declares Dividend Amidst South Africa’s Mining Industry Challenges

Tinashe Mupasiri



On 24th July 2023, Anglo American Platinum made a significant announcement regarding the declaration of a gross final dividend of R3.2 billion (R12 per share) on the ordinary shares from profits accrued during the six-month period ended 30th June 2023. This payout amounts to 40% of headline earnings in line with the company’s dividend policy.

Anglo American Platinum Limited, a member of the Anglo American plc Group, is a prominent primary producer of platinum group metals with its mining, smelting, and refining operations based in South Africa.

Despite the ongoing challenges faced by the mining industry in South Africa, including planned blackouts and rising production costs, the company remains optimistic about the positive outlook of the mining value chain, particularly in relation to critical minerals like platinum and its role in energy generation.

Understanding Dividends and Shareholder Benefits

As the director of Corporate Literacy under JUROL (Justice Under Rule Of Law), an initiative of the Banking On Africa’s Future (BOAF) Network, I can explain that a dividend is a distribution of a portion of a company’s profits to its shareholders. When the board of a company like Anglo American Platinum declares a dividend, it signals that the business has earned sufficient profits during the specified period, and it wants to share those profits with its shareholders. The dividend amount per share is a proportionate share of the total profits, and each shareholder receives this amount for each share they hold.

Unki Platinum Mine CFO: Mr. Colin Chibafa & Mr. Tinashe Mpasiri

For shareholders, dividends are a crucial aspect of investing in a company. They serve as a reward for the shareholders’ financial investment and loyalty to the company. Investors often view dividends as a sign of financial stability and confidence in the company’s future prospects. It provides a tangible return on investment, and for some investors, dividends can form a significant portion of their income. Additionally, dividends can also help attract new investors to the company’s stock, as a consistent history of paying dividends can enhance the company’s reputation.

Mining Industry Challenges in South Africa

The South African mining industry has been facing several challenges, including periodic blackouts, commonly known as load shedding. These planned power outages have forced mining companies to find alternative means to provide power for their operations, and frequently, diesel-powered generators have been utilized. However, this alternative solution comes with additional costs, as fuel prices have been increasing, further impacting the production costs for mining companies.

Load shedding and rising production costs can pose significant obstacles to the smooth functioning of mining operations in the country. The uncertainties surrounding power supply and escalating expenses create a complex operating environment for companies like Anglo American Platinum, which rely heavily on electricity for their mining, smelting, and refining processes.

Platinum’s Role in Energy Generation and Positive Outlook

Despite the challenges faced by the mining industry, platinum continues to play a critical role in energy generation and sustainability initiatives. Platinum is a valuable component in fuel cell technology, which offers a cleaner and more sustainable alternative to traditional combustion-based energy sources. Fuel cells use hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity, with platinum acting as a catalyst in the chemical reactions within the fuel cell.

The rising global demand for cleaner energy solutions has led to increased interest in fuel cell technology, and as a primary producer of platinum group metals, Anglo American Platinum is well-positioned to benefit from this trend. The company’s commitment to safety, sustainability, and community development also underscores its dedication to contributing positively to the regions where it operates.

Furthermore, as a part of the Anglo American plc Group, the company’s diverse portfolio of competitive operations across various minerals and metals positions it favorably to meet the demands of a rapidly growing global population. As the world moves towards a cleaner and greener future, the importance of mining companies in providing essential resources for renewable energy, electric vehicles, and other sustainable technologies cannot be overstated.


The declaration of a dividend by Anglo American Platinum amidst the challenges faced by the mining industry in South Africa is a positive sign of the company’s financial strength and commitment to rewarding its shareholders. While load shedding and rising production costs have presented hurdles, the mining industry, particularly in critical minerals like platinum, remains essential for a sustainable and cleaner future.

The mining value chain, with its focus on critical minerals like platinum, has a bright future. Companies like Anglo American Platinum play a crucial role in providing resources for renewable energy and other sustainable technologies that will shape the world in the coming years. By re-imagining mining practices and working towards a carbon-neutral future, Anglo American Platinum is not only contributing to shareholder value but also creating enduring benefits for society and the environment.

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