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In a significant development for the economic landscape, the National Treasury proudly announces the appointment of Dr Duncan Pieterse as the incoming Director-General, ushering in a new era of financial stewardship.

The esteemed Minister of Finance, Mr Enoch Godongwana, conveyed his enthusiastic endorsement of the Cabinet’s decision to appoint Dr Pieterse for a five-year term, effective from the beginning of September 2023.

Dr Pieterse’s distinguished career path within the National Treasury spans a decade, characterized by his invaluable contributions and dynamic leadership. Holding the role of Deputy Director-General of Asset and Liability Management, Dr Pieterse has demonstrated unparalleled expertise in the realm of financial management. He initially joined the National Treasury in 2013 and has risen through the ranks, embodying a commitment to excellence and an unwavering dedication to the nation’s economic prosperity.

A luminary in the field, Dr Pieterse boasts an impressive academic background, including a Bachelor of Business Science, a Master’s in Public Administration from the prestigious Harvard University, and a Doctor of Philosophy, alongside other notable qualifications. His multifaceted knowledge and unwavering dedication to public service have undoubtedly positioned him to steer the National Treasury towards a prosperous future.

Minister Godongwana, a visionary in his own right, highlighted the pivotal role of the Director-General in shaping the fiscal trajectory of the nation. Emphasizing the strategic significance of this position, the Minister underscored how the Director-General plays a pivotal role in shaping fiscal policies, steering economic direction, and fortifying the country’s financial stability. With utmost confidence, Minister Godongwana expressed his belief that Dr Pieterse is eminently equipped to rise to the challenges of this influential role, citing his wealth of experience, unparalleled expertise, and commendable chutzpah.

The news of Dr Pieterse’s appointment has been met with resounding support and applause from the National Treasury’s top management and staff. Acting Director-General Ismail Momoniat warmly welcomed the transition to a younger generation of leadership, commending the passing of the torch to Dr Pieterse.

Minister Godongwana extended gratitude to all applicants who vied for the Director-General position, acknowledging their dedication and commitment. He lauded the tenure of Acting DG Ismail Momoniat as a true testament to devoted service and expressed his confidence in his ongoing contributions to the department for at least another year. Under his guidance, crucial projects will be overseen, focusing on fortifying governance and anti-corruption measures, modernizing the procurement system, and leading the effort to extricate the nation from the greylisting.

With anticipation building, Dr Duncan Pieterse is poised to take the helm of the National Treasury at the dawn of September 2023. As the Director-General, he will steer the course of financial decision-making, lead an expert team in diverse domains of financial management, economic analysis, and policy formulation, and contribute his sagacity to shaping the nation’s economic destiny. The National Treasury eagerly awaits the dawn of this new era under Dr Pieterse’s visionary leadership.

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