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Bulletin: Bantu Holomisa Calls for an Urgent Inquiry into $2.7 Million Coca-Cola Bribery Scandal in Zimbabwe

Peter Smith



Johannesburg, 2128 – August 12, 2023 – The JUSTICE UNDER RULE OF LAW (JUROL) LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE (JLI), an Africa Heritage Society (AHS) initiative, demands an independent Commission of Inquiry into the alleged $2.7 million bribery scandal involving The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC).

Complex Allegations:

  • TCCC is accused of bribery and extortion.
  • Alleged collusion with corrupt state entities.
  • Scheme was reportedly orchestrated by former Zimbabwean Minister of Justice, Hon. Patrick Chinamasa, and President Mnangagwa.

JUROL Leadership Institute’s Call:

  • Urgent investigation beyond the police captain’s scope.
  • Calls on Ministers Lamola and Cele, and TCCC CEO Quincey to initiate impartial Commission of Inquiry.
  • Seeks to expose the truth, uphold justice, and maintain accountability.

Global Implications:

  • Alleged misconduct impacts fairness and the rule of law globally.
  • Beyond Zimbabwean borders – potential damage to TCCC’s reputation.
  • Institute’s unwavering commitment to justice, transparency, and ethical leadership.

Media’s Vital Role:

  • Media is crucial in accountability and justice.
  • Investigative journalism uncovers hidden truths.
  • Raises awareness, inspires public discourse, and urges action.
  • Integral in safeguarding the principles of the rule of law.

Call to Action:

  • JUROL Leadership Institute urges media to amplify call for investigation.
  • Emphasizes the media’s role in holding the powerful accountable.
  • By joining forces, we ensure transparency, fairness, and justice prevail.


  • [Coroline Du Plessis], Manager of Public Awareness and Engagement Programs – [+27848416247] – Email: jurol@boafpol.co.za

About JUROL Leadership Institute:

  • Connects, equips, and inspires individuals for inclusive governance.
  • Promotes justice, ethical leadership, and accountability.
  • Catalyst for positive change, starting with human relationships.

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