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Deputy President Mashatile to Lead HRDC Meeting in Northern Cape, Focusing on Human Resource Development Strategies

Tinashe Mupasiri



Deputy President Paul Mashatile is set to lead a significant Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) meeting on Friday, 18 August 2023. The meeting, slated to take place at the Sol Plaatje University in Kimberley, Northern Cape Province, will gather representatives from government, labor, the private sector, and civil society, all united under the HRDC banner.

The HRDC, operating as a national multi-stakeholder advisory body, is guided by Deputy President Mashatile. Its primary mission is to translate discussions into actionable measures and programs that are geared towards fulfilling the strategic objectives outlined in the Human Resource Development Strategy Towards 2030.

In line with the HRDC’s commitment to fostering stronger connections between provincial councils and the national HRDC, Deputy President Mashatile spearheaded a visit to KwaZulu Natal earlier this year. The goal of this visit was to gauge the progress made by the province in implementing programs aligned with the HRD Strategy 2030.

At the culmination of the 4th HRDC Summit, two pivotal social compacts were inked by representatives from pertinent social partners. These compacts focused on ‘Building foundations for a transformed economy and society’ and ‘Building skills for a transformed economy and society’. The upcoming HRDC meeting in Kimberley will mark the signing of the third social compact, targeting ‘Building a developmental/capable state’.

Deputy President Mashatile’s proactive involvement in HRDC initiatives has effectively rallied all key stakeholders behind the shared objective of investing in education, training, science, and technology. The ultimate aim is to address the critical issues of skills shortages and unemployment that the nation faces.The upcoming HRDC meeting will feature a presentation by the Northern Cape HRDC, recently revitalized and led by Premier Zamani Saul. This presentation will provide valuable insights into the province’s endeavors to cultivate the necessary skills essential for driving economic development.

Joining Deputy President Mashatile at the meeting will be an assembly of Cabinet Ministers, the Premier of the Northern Cape Province, and other prominent government officials. This event underscores the nation’s united efforts to prioritize human resource development as a pivotal driver of sustained economic growth and societal transformation.

Weighing in on the significance of the event, Mr. Tinashe Mpasiri, a BOAF member, commented that the timing of the HRDC meeting is crucial, given the concurrent gathering of heads of state at the 43rd Ordinary SADC meeting in Luanda. The theme of the SADC meeting is “Human and Financial Capital: The Key Drivers for Sustainable Industrialisation of the SADC Region.”

Mpasiri emphasized that this convergence of events underscores the paramount importance of discussions around human resource and capital development. In an era where artificial intelligence is gaining traction and often perceived as a threat to traditional human resources, he highlighted the necessity for minds to meet and deliberate on how best to cultivate skills and expertise in problem-solving.

He further expressed that in order to effectively tackle the persistent challenges of poverty, unemployment, and inequality – collectively known as the triple challenges – new approaches are required. This, he noted, inevitably involves the strategic development of human resources or capital.

The HRDC meeting, under the leadership of Deputy President Mashatile, signifies a critical step in addressing these concerns. The meeting aims to steer discussions toward innovative strategies that harness human potential, embracing the role of technology and artificial intelligence while ensuring that the workforce remains resilient and adaptable.

The insights provided by Mr. Mpasiri underscore the urgency and relevance of the HRDC meeting’s agenda. With prominent minds and leaders converging to shape the course of human resource development, the outcome of these discussions could potentially shape the future of both South Africa and the wider SADC region.

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