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Enos Denhere’s Explosive Letter to Tim Fletcher of CDH Inc.: Unveiling Corruption in Africa – Exposing the Truth TCCC Wants Hidden Regarding the US$2.7 Million Bribery Payment to Chinamasa

Caroline Du Plessis



By Caroline Du Plessis, Investigative Journalist

In a seismic revelation that sends shockwaves through the corridors of power, Enos Denhere, a dedicated investigative journalist and esteemed member of the JUSTICE LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE (JLI), has dispatched a letter that detonates at the doorstep of Tim Fletcher, Director at Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr (CDH) Inc. This letter ignites a firestorm of probing inquiries into a labyrinthine US$2.7 million bribery scandal that has far-reaching implications.

At the heart of this scandal lies a staggering allegation: The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) purportedly greased the wheels with a substantial US$2.7 million bribe to none other than former Zimbabwean Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa. The alleged motive: to orchestrate the cloak-and-dagger transfer of equipment ownership, intricately entwined with the SZL upgrade deal.

Denhere’s letter isn’t a mere missive; it’s an explosive manifesto. She unreservedly voices her astonishment at the content and context of a missive that once addressed the late Kaplan, with the backdrop of the SZL equipment imbroglio. Denhere vehemently condemns the content’s venomous undercurrent and the unjust vilification aimed at Mutumwa Mawere, a pivotal figure ensnared in the tumultuous saga.

However, the epicenter of Denhere’s grave concerns resides in the involvement of CDH Inc., a formidable South African law firm standing as a bastion for TCCC. Denhere’s acumen reveals that CDH Inc. has come under the shadow of allegations, alluding to its entanglement in a bribery web that transpired as the equipment’s ownership torch passed from Petter to TCCC. Denhere, with the conviction of truth, impels Fletcher to respond to these allegations, demanding transparency and unfettered truth.

Denhere’s incisive questions are akin to piercing arrows:

Does Fletcher vehemently refute the allegations leveled against him and the entirety of CDH Inc.? If not, Denhere resolutely beckons Fletcher to present his side of the saga. In the face of mounting whispers about a possible Commission of Inquiry, Denhere inquires whether Fletcher and CDH Inc. hold fast against such an investigative endeavor. If so, she demands to know why. Denhere magnanimously acknowledges the intricate nature and timing of these questions, yet vehemently underscores the paramount necessity of transparency, especially when weighed against the weighty allegations at hand.

The detonation of Denhere’s investigative hand grenades cascades beyond individual fates, casting ripples that ripple through the corporate strata and the legal domain, fracturing reputations and sending legal fortifications into tumult. Under the surface, Zimbabwean political currents surge, underscoring the indispensable role of media and investigative journalism in upholding democratic principles, fostering accountability, and unearthing hidden truths.

As Denhere’s relentless pursuit of clarity and justice unfolds, the very tapestry of the SZL equipment imbroglio assumes intensified significance. In its wake arises a thunderous discourse on the dimensions of corporate morality, the manipulative choreography of political maneuvering, and the unwavering sanctity of the rule of law. The echoes of answers resonate louder, as the public’s right to unfiltered truths takes a resolute stand.

In a landscape where facts often retreat behind veils of secrecy, Denhere’s fervent pursuit of lucidity and culpability serves as an anthem to the unyielding spirit of the media. As the narrative surges forward, the world awaits with bated breath, eager to witness how TCCC, CDH Inc., and the dramatis personae in this labyrinthine tale respond to Denhere’s rallying cry for transparency and justice.

In the end, Denhere’s endeavor isn’t a solitary quest; it’s a clarion call for unity in the face of corruption’s shadows. The trenchant story of truth-seekers, champions of justice, and steadfast guardians of accountability unfolds. This isn’t just a narrative; it’s a summons to unveil the layers of complex conspiracies and chart a path toward a more equitable tomorrow.

Below is Mr. Denhere’s letter to Mr. Tim Fletcher:

Dear Mr. Fletcher,

I am writing to you as an investigative journalist committed to promoting transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct within corporate and legal realms. I

 am also a member of the JUSTICE LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE (JLI), initiative that seeks to promote, provoke, ignite and inspire active citizenship using the media as the enabler and bridge to citizens becoming aware that the constitution imposes binding obligations on every person to ensure that aby law or conduct that offends public policy and international law is void and not leave it to the courts to be the custodians of the rule of law.

I also with to take the opportunity of informing you that we as members of JLI were astonished by the content and context of a letter that was addressed to the late Kaplan in his capacity as a duly appointed joint provisional liquidator of the insolvent estate of Petter Trading Pty Limited (Petter)(in liquidation) not only because of the content but the context the tone and vilification of Mawere who in terms of the evidence we reviewed as part of our case study on corporate and legal matters clearly confirm his nexus with the SZL recapitalization and localization deal that he negotiated with your clients.

Take note that members of the JUSTICE UNDER RULE OF LAW (JUROL) initiative have independent of Mawere made a number of applications seeking President Ramaphosa’s intervention by appointing a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the US$2.7 million bribery and corruption scandal that involves the payment of this money in December 2005 by TCCC to former Zimbabwean Justice Minister in exchange for the title to the equipment being divested and deprived from Petter without the knowledge and involvement of either Petter or its principals in relation to the equipment.

We embarked on a campaign in 2016 to build a cadre of competent and capable fact-centric journalists as a guarantor to deliver the promise of media excellence and living up to the promise of a vibrant, dynamic and progressive media that tells it as it should be told in order to hold truth to power whether in the private or public spheres of human affairs.

As stated above, I was authorized by members of JUROL noted with serious concern, the representations made by Ms. Fahdia Bhayat, in her chilling letter of February 22, 2007.

We believe that we all owe a duty to promote and protect the constitution and its prescriptions and as such the conduct of your firm in this matter raises serious professional, ethical, legal and constitutional questions that need to be addressed at broader institutional and public policy levels that surrender to the personalization of matters as is clearly evident from the strategies and tactics of Mr. Bhayat as a representative of your firm in relation to the said letter.

It is instructive that Mr. Mawere, the victim has taken the abuse for 19 years with grace whilst many actors including Ms. Bhayat have had the audacity to step forward and attack the rule of law in a vicious and unconscionable manner with impunity. I understand that you’re a Director of CDH Inc., which is the law firm that represented TCCC in the SZL recapitalization program.

I’m also aware of the allegations that have been made against CDH Inc., including that you and your firm were involved in a bribery scandal that resulted in the transfer of the title to the equipment from Petter Trading Pty Limited (Petter) to TCCC.

In the interests of transparency and openness in Africa, I have been mandated by our members to ask the following question regarding this serious matter:

  1. Do you deny the allegations that have been made against you and CDH Inc.? If not, can you please provide me with your side of the story?
  2. Are you opposed to the appointment of a Commission of Inquiry to investigate these allegations? If so, why?

I understand that you may not be able to answer all of these questions at this time. However, I would appreciate any information you can provide me.

Your cooperation in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Enos Denhere

Investigative Journalist & Member of JUROL

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