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Zanu PF Contemplates Withdrawing Zimbabwe from SADC Amidst Election Fallout

Peter Smith



In a surprising turn of events, Zimbabwe’s ruling party Zanu PF is reportedly considering the possibility of withdrawing the country from the Southern African Development Community (SADC). The recent fallout surrounding the presidential election, which has been described as an “embarrassing farce” by the SADC election observer mission, appears to be driving this contemplation. The move reflects a desperate attempt by Zanu PF to retain power in the face of severe criticism and challenges to its legitimacy.

Zanu PF’s Information Tzar Hints at Withdrawal

Chris Mutsangwa, the Zanu PF Information Tzar, has given hints regarding the party’s inclination towards withdrawing Zimbabwe from SADC. This announcement comes in the wake of what seems to be the most significant discord between Zanu PF and SADC since the controversial 2008 presidential runoff. The SADC observer mission’s outright dismissal of the recent presidential plebiscite has pushed Zanu PF into seeking unconventional means of retaining its grip on power.

Echoes of 2008: A Historical Parallel

The situation bears striking similarities to the 2008 scenario when the former president, Robert Mugabe, contemplated the withdrawal of Zimbabwe from the African Union (AU). This consideration arose following the AU’s refusal to endorse the fraudulent runoff election, which had been termed a “shame election.” Mugabe had utilized the runoff to secure his presidency amid allegations of irregularities.

ZEC’s Military Control and Result Calibration

In an increasingly concerning development, Zimbabwe’s election management body (ZEC) has reportedly been placed under the command of the military. This move raises alarm bells about the integrity and impartiality of the election process. Additionally, reports suggest that regime statisticians are working round the clock to manipulate the election results in favor of an outright Zanu PF presidential victory.

Source: Africa News Network

The information regarding Zanu PF’s contemplation of withdrawing from SADC and the alleged manipulation of the election process by ZEC have been sourced from the Africa News Network. These revelations underscore the gravity of the situation and the deep-seated concerns surrounding the legitimacy of Zimbabwe’s recent elections. The nation’s political landscape continues to evolve amidst heightened tensions and growing international scrutiny.

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