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President Ramaphosa Appeals for More Action from the International Community in Reviving the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

Tinashe Mupasiri



Sunday, 22 October 2023

Cairo, Egypt – President Cyril Ramaphosa, following his recent working visit to the Arab Republic of Egypt, has issued a compelling plea to the international community to take more decisive action in facilitating the revival of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. The President’s visit was in response to an invitation from Egyptian President, His Excellency Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, to participate in the Cairo Summit for Peace held on October 21, 2023.

President Cyril Ramaphosa

In his address to the international community, President Ramaphosa emphasized the need for a renewed commitment to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, calling on influential countries, such as the United States of America, to play a vital role in supporting initiatives that could lead to a lasting and sustainable peace agreement between the two parties.

The President stated, “The international community cannot afford to squander the opportunity that has been presented by the current conflict to decisively push for a two-state solution. There is unanimity across the globe that peace is viable when a free and independent state of Palestine exists alongside a secure state of Israel.”

President Ramaphosa expressed deep concern about the escalating conflict, particularly due to the provision of weapons to either of the warring parties. He called on state actors to cease the supply of arms, as it undermines the prospects for peace in the region.

“The fighting must end. Israel must stop its siege and shelling of Gaza. Hamas must stop launching rockets into Israel. Hostages must be returned. We must discourage any action that fuels this conflict and threatens to engulf the entire region. Humanitarian corridors must be opened to alleviate human suffering,” President Ramaphosa insisted.

The President expressed his gratitude to President El-Sisi for convening the summit, marking it as the beginning of many efforts that will unite Israelis and Palestinians and the world behind a concerted attempt to find peace in the Middle East. The Cairo Summit for Peace, with President Ramaphosa’s appeal, stands as a call to action for the international community to intensify its efforts towards the long-awaited resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The world now watches closely as international leaders grapple with the urgency and complexity of this enduring crisis, while President Ramaphosa’s appeal serves as a reminder of the international community’s shared responsibility in advancing peace in the Middle East.

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