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Executive Summary: Call2Action – Uniting for Justice and Legal Literacy in Zimbabwe

Caroline Du Plessis



In response to the urgent need to combat the abuse of public power in Zimbabwe, Professor Tichaona Mupasiri spearheads the Call2Action campaign. This movement aims to transform individual connections into formidable community power, holding public power accountable as a constitutional obligation for every person. Follow this link: https://iniafrica.com/index.php/2023/11/18/who-is-next-after-the-recall-call2action-uniting-for-rule-of-law-and-legal-literacy-in-zimbabwe/

Key Points:

  1. Urgency and Significance: The campaign addresses the pressing issues surrounding the constitutional validity and legality of Tshabangu’s Recall Affair, highlighting the critical need for immediate action to protect the rule of law.
  2. Building Community Power: Professor Mupasiri emphasizes the power of unity, calling on 1000 individuals to contribute $20 each. The vision is to create a community power that stands against the abuse of public power, transcending political affiliations.
  3. Constitutional Obligation: The campaign is grounded in the constitutional obligation imposed on every person to hold accountable any practice, custom, or conduct that contradicts constitutional principles, particularly those related to the rule of law.
  4. Testing Validity and Legality: By focusing on testing the constitutional validity and legality of Tshabangu’s Recall Affair, the campaign seeks not only justice in the specific case but also aims to examine broader implications of using public power to proclaim by-elections.
  5. Be the Change: Individuals are invited to actively participate in the campaign by contributing $20. The Call2Action is a rallying call for collective action to combat the abuse of public power while upholding constitutional principles.

Conclusion: The Call2Action campaign is a universal call for justice and legal literacy in Zimbabwe. It transcends political boundaries and invites individuals to be part of a movement that seeks to make a lasting impact on the rule of law. In this pivotal moment, the power to shape the future lies in collective action and shared commitment. Will you join the Call2Action?

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