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WHO IS NEXT AFTER THE RECALL?: “Call2Action: Uniting for Rule of Law and Legal Literacy in Zimbabwe”

Caroline Du Plessis



In a bold move to safeguard the principles of justice and legal literacy in Zimbabwe, Professor Tichaona Mupasiri has launched the Call2Action campaign. The urgency and significance of this initiative lie in its mission to transform individual connections into formidable community power. The goal? Holding public power and its exercise accountable—a constitutional obligation binding on every person.

Urgency in Action

The urgency of the Call2Action campaign stems from a growing concern: the abuse of public power. Professor Mupasiri, joined by influential figures like Divine Mafa and Mutumwa Mawere, recognizes the need for immediate action. The campaign addresses the pressing issues surrounding the constitutional validity and legality of Tshabangu’s Recall Affair.

Connecting Individuals to Build Community Power

The essence of the Call2Action campaign lies in its call to convert individual connections into a collective force. Professor Mupasiri emphasizes that meaningful solutions are not found in isolation but through the combined efforts of forward-leaning individuals. The campaign aims to gather 1000 people who believe that a $20 contribution can make a significant impact on issues related to the rule of law and legal literacy in Zimbabwe.

A Constitutional Obligation for Every Person

At the heart of the Call2Action campaign is the recognition of a constitutional obligation imposed on every person. Section 2(2) of the Constitution mandates individuals to hold accountable any practice, custom, or conduct that offends or is contrary to the constitutional principles outlined in section 2(1). This obligation forms the foundation for uniting individuals under the common goal of defending the rule of law.

Testing Constitutional Validity and Legality

The campaign’s focus on testing the constitutional validity and legality of Tshabangu’s Recall Affair is strategic. It seeks to examine not only the specific case but also the broader implications of using public power to proclaim by-elections. The dispute over Tshabangu’s recall raises questions about the misuse of constitutional provisions, emphasizing the need for a collective response.

Be the Change: Join the Call2Action

The Call2Action campaign is a rallying call for individuals to be part of something larger than themselves. By contributing $20, supporters can actively participate in the quest for justice, rule of law, and legal literacy in Zimbabwe. The vision is clear: to build a community power that stands against the abuse of public power, upholding constitutional principles.


The Call2Action campaign is not just about CCC and Chamisa; it transcends political affiliations. It is a call for unity, a call to end the abuse of public power in Zimbabwe. Professor Mupasiri, along with other advocates, invites individuals to play their part, recognizing that alone, efforts may be futile. Together, as a united community, the Call2Action campaign aims to make a lasting impact on the pursuit of justice, rule of law, and legal literacy in Zimbabwe.

In this urgent and crucial moment, the question is simple: Will you join the Call2Action? The power to shape the future lies in collective action and shared commitment.

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