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Heed the Call – Zimbabwe 2023 at the Crossroads – The Missing Link – Active Citizenship

Caroline Du Plessis



🌍✨ Join the Shapers of Tomorrow, Today, to Secure the Africa You Want! 🌟✊

Hello, Shapers! 🚀

Are you passionate about shaping a brighter future for Africa? 💡 Ready to be part of a community dedicated to building a more open, transparent, inclusive, prosperous, accountable, and responsive society? 🌐✨

🌟 Professor Tichaona Mupasiri has ignited a call to action, and we want YOU to join the movement! 🌟

🚀 Why Join?

  • Challenge the abuse of public power
  • Uphold the rule of law
  • Foster transparency and accountability
  • Be part of grassroots mobilization for positive change

💪 Your Role Matters! Together, we can provoke discussions, inspire active citizenship, and ignite a passion for problem-solving. Be a part of the solution! 💬✊

🌈 How to Get Involved:

  1. Comment “Count me in!” below.
  2. Share this post to spread the message.
  3. Tag friends who share the same vision.

🌐 Let’s Shape Africa’s Future Together! 🌍✨ #CommunityBuilding #ActiveCitizenship #ChangeMakers #ShapeTheFuture #JoinTheMovement

Take note of the document on this link: https://heyzine.com/flip-book/74b2efa955.html

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