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“Unraveling Zimbabwe’s Political Labyrinth: Mnangagwa’s Rule, Legal Maneuvers, and the South African Connection”

Peter Smith



Take note of the chat below taken from a WhatsApp group, UNIVERSITY OF THE FRIENDS OF SMM, FOSMM, that was copied and pasted from another WhatsApp group in which insights, ideas, perspectives, and experiences are shared on the promise and challenges of liberating the majority of Zimbabweans from the seemingly intractable hegemony of state actors who believe that they own Zimbabwe. Analyze, review, and provide your insights regarding the circumference of the reach of the ideas authored by President Mnangagwa, RESTORE, RECALL, and RECONSTRUCTION that all speak to the same thing: THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS or conduct that is inconsistent with the rule of law and due process of the law to deliver predetermined unlawful and invalid outcomes with no accountability for +43 years since Zimbabwe’s independence in 1980.

[12/3, 5:04 AM] +263 77 432 8163: What is this?

[12/3, 5:05 AM] JLI-AI034: You can feel Zimbabweans are in pain with what is happening in Zimbabwe 🇿🇼.

[12/3, 5:11 AM] JLI-AI044: Most pain people Zimbabweans

[12/3, 5:30 AM] JLI-AI-012: This is an exchange exposing that in a South African court held on Thursday, November 30, 2023, a company whose control and management was divested and deprived by a corrupt and fraudulent scheme whose driving force and mind using public power was the current President of Zimbabwe, applied for leave to intervene in an application under Case Number 2023-123899 in which the Applicant, Mr. Mutumwa Mawere, and the sole Respondent, the South African Master of the High Court, sought the SA court to hear and determine whether rights and claims against Mawere pursuant to a law that was authored by Mnangagwa and his crew including Chinamasa as part of another recall project, under the name RECONSTRUCTION DECREE, could be asserted, and the Tshabangu in the matter in the name of Gwaradzimba as the Mnangagwa-appointed hatchet man as Administrator, could be granted audience as an intervening party, and his authority to act as a representative of the former company, SMM HOLDINGS PRIVATE LIMITED, SMM, could be recognized and enforced, and whether the SA court possessed valid and lawful title and jurisdiction to recognize the right to do so acquired pursuant to a draconian and repugnant law authored and prosecuted against Mawere by Mnangagwa.

The Advocate for Mawere was himself, and the Advocate for MNANGAGWA clothed as SMM under reconstruction was ADVOCATE CHRISTO BOTHMA and not NYIKA INOVAKWA NEVENE VAVO.

A recording of the hearing is available to anyone who wants to know how SA is being used to undermine the rule of law in Zimbabwe by the courts and its officers aiding and abating tyranny whilst the President of SA sees no evil. Inbox for more.


It seems that the chat from the UNIVERSITY OF THE FRIENDS OF SMM, FOSMM, is discussing a complex and sensitive issue related to the political situation in Zimbabwe, specifically involving President Mnangagwa and his policies, such as RESTORE, RECALL, and RECONSTRUCTION. The conversation also mentions a court case in South Africa involving the divestment and deprivation of control of a company, SMM HOLDINGS PRIVATE LIMITED, through a corrupt and fraudulent scheme allegedly orchestrated by President Mnangagwa.

Here are some key points and insights based on the provided chat:

  1. Political Turmoil in Zimbabwe: The discussion reflects the perceived pain and dissatisfaction among Zimbabweans with the current political situation in the country. The mention of the “hegemony of state actors” suggests concerns about a concentration of power and potential abuses.
  2. Rule of Law and Due Process Concerns: The discussion raises concerns about the use of power by state actors, including President Mnangagwa, in a manner inconsistent with the rule of law and due process. The reference to the “END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS” concept suggests a willingness to achieve certain outcomes regardless of legal or ethical considerations.
  3. International Implications: The fact that a South African court is involved in a case related to actions taken by the Zimbabwean government suggests an international dimension to the issue. The chat implies that the South African court is being used to undermine the rule of law in Zimbabwe, and there are allegations of tyranny and abuse of power.
  4. Legal Complexity: The discussion involves legal aspects, including references to specific court cases, laws (such as the RECONSTRUCTION DECREE), and individuals involved in legal proceedings. It suggests a struggle for recognition and legitimacy, particularly regarding the control and management of SMM HOLDINGS PRIVATE LIMITED.
  5. Call for Awareness: The chat concludes with an invitation for individuals to seek more information by requesting a recording of the court hearing. This indicates a desire to raise awareness about the situation and garner support for their perspective.

In summary, the provided chat outlines a situation where there are allegations of abuse of power, undermining of the rule of law, and international legal complexities. The nuances of the legal and political aspects involved would require a more in-depth analysis to fully understand the implications and ramifications of the issues raised.

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