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Navigating Digital Dialogues: Unraveling the Dynamics of a WhatsApp Conversation – A Project Powered by the JLI-AI AFRICA INITIATIVE

Caroline Du Plessis




In the ever-evolving landscape of digital communication, WhatsApp chats often serve as microcosms of diverse exchanges, ranging from casual greetings to deep intellectual discussions. The provided WhatsApp conversation, though seemingly straightforward, unfolds a tapestry of key issues and lessons, touching on communication styles, expectations, and the dynamics of learning and sharing knowledge.

Key Issues Explored:

  1. Communication Evolution: The conversation begins with a simple greeting and a request to join social media groups, yet it swiftly pivots to a discussion on the evolution of the recipient’s communication style. The use of terms like “terroristic verbiage” sheds light on the impact of linguistic choices on comprehension and engagement in online forums.
  2. Institution Building and Subscription Fee: As the dialogue progresses, the idea of an institution-building project emerges, accompanied by a subscription fee. This raises questions about the commodification of knowledge and the balance between offering valuable insights and sustaining such endeavors.
  3. Religious Context and Time Value: The inclusion of a seemingly unrelated inquiry about religion opens a gateway to discussions about the value of time and the necessity to exchange something of value for knowledge. The conversation navigates the delicate balance between personal beliefs and the practicalities of time management.
  4. Learning and Mentorship: The requester expresses a desire to learn from the recipient, emphasizing a willingness to be a part of a community for intelligent debate. The conversation explores the dynamics of mentorship and the challenges of balancing personal time with the demand for sharing knowledge in a broader setting.
  5. Consideration and Respect for Boundaries: As the exchange becomes increasingly uncomfortable for the requester, the recipient emphasizes the importance of consideration and respect for the limitations of time and personal space. This raises broader questions about setting boundaries in digital interactions.

Lessons Derived:

  1. Communication Styles Matter: The choice of language and communication style significantly influences the comprehension and engagement of participants. Striking a balance between eloquence and accessibility is crucial for fostering meaningful exchanges.
  2. Value Exchange in Knowledge Sharing: The dialogue delves into the concept of value exchange, where the recipient raises the question of whether knowledge should be freely given or require an investment. This sparks reflection on the sustainability of knowledge-sharing initiatives.
  3. Balancing Personal and Community Commitments: The conversation reflects the challenges of balancing personal time with community engagement. It prompts consideration of the responsibilities and limitations individuals face when involved in intellectual and communal pursuits.
  4. Respect for Individual Boundaries: The conversation underscores the importance of respecting individual boundaries in digital interactions. As the dialogue becomes uncomfortable for the requester, the recipient’s decision to end the communication highlights the need for sensitivity.


This WhatsApp conversation serves as a microcosm of the complexities inherent in digital communication. From linguistic nuances to the delicate dance between sharing knowledge and maintaining boundaries, the dialogue offers insights into the intricacies of modern discourse. Navigating these conversations requires a nuanced understanding of communication dynamics, the value of knowledge, and the importance of respecting individual boundaries in the digital realm.

This conversation on the WhatsApp platform revolves around a request to join various social media groups and eventually leads to a discussion about the potential involvement in an institution-building project with a subscription fee. Here’s an analysis of the content and context:

  1. Introduction and Request to Join Social Media Groups (5:41 AM):
    • The conversation starts with a polite greeting and a request to be added to the recipient’s social media groups.
    • The requester expresses a desire to participate in conversations and the exchange of ideas.
  2. Identity Confirmation (5:42 AM):
    • The recipient seeks clarification on the identity of the person making the request.
  3. Introduction and Desire for Intellectual Exchange (6:03 AM):
    • The requester identifies himself as Martin M. Musara and mentions previous interactions on another platform.
    • Expresses hope for more lively exchanges on WhatsApp groups.
  4. Discussion on Linguistics and Communication Style (6:21 AM):
    • There’s a discussion about the evolution of the recipient’s communication style, with the requester suggesting that the previous platform suffered from a lack of comprehension due to “terroristic verbiage.”
  5. Institution Building Project and Subscription Fee (6:42 AM):
    • The recipient proposes an institution building project, hinting at a subscription fee of R1000 per year.
    • The requester seeks clarification on the conditions and the package associated with the annual fee.
  6. Discussion on Religion and Time Value (9:05 AM):
    • The conversation takes a turn to discuss religion and the value of time.
    • The recipient emphasizes the importance of giving up something of value to bridge equivalent value.
  7. Uncomfortable Exchange and Decision to End Communication (9:44 AM):
    • The requester expresses discomfort with the conversation, citing a hangover and feeling overwhelmed by the recipient’s questioning.
    • The recipient suggests forgetting the number, indicating a decision to end communication.
  8. Request for Learning Opportunity (9:51 AM):
    • The requester expresses a desire to learn from the recipient, minus the perceived “terrorism.”
    • The recipient questions the entitlement to free time for learning.
  9. Shift in Topic – South African Courts (1/31, 8:35 AM):
    • The conversation shifts to a third party discussing the presentation of facts to South African Courts, with the recipient responding with considerations on responsibility and limitations.
  10. Inquiry about Seminars and Knowledge Sharing (1/31, 9:30 AM):
    • The requester inquires about the recipient organizing seminars and sharing diverse knowledge systems with wider audiences.
    • The recipient questions the understanding of his human limitations.
  11. Discussion on Gifts, Limitations, and Learning (1/31, 9:47 AM):
    • The conversation delves into the recognition of gifts, limitations, and the value of education.
    • The requester expresses a desire to be part of a wider audience benefiting from the recipient’s knowledge.
  12. Advice and Perspective on Consideration (1/31, 9:50 AM):
    • The recipient advises the requester to organize and not agonize, emphasizing the importance of respecting time and limitations.
    • The requester expresses a willingness to learn.
  13. Conclusion and Final Remarks (1/31, 9:59 AM):
    • The recipient delivers a final statement about the importance of considerate thinking and advises the requester to learn on their own.

Overall, the conversation covers a range of topics, including social media group requests, intellectual exchange, subscription-based projects, religion, and the value of time and learning. The tone appears to shift from a polite request to join social groups to a more uncomfortable exchange regarding expectations and responsibilities.

[1/30, 5:41 AM] dhlakama…: Hello & morning mkoma.

do kindly add me to your various social media groups.

I want to join in your conversations and battle of ideas.

Good day, & be blest!
[1/30, 5:42 AM] mdmawere1: Morning. Who is this?
[1/30, 6:03 AM] dhlakama…: a small, insignificant someone. martin m. musara. we interact on X but there is very little traction there. I had hoped there would be a better lively exchange in the WhatsApp groups.

thank you
[1/30, 6:05 AM] mdmawere1: No human flesh is small and insignificant. Equally, expecting a fly like me to know all who may wish to interact personally with me would undermine the creator’s purpose.
[1/30, 6:09 AM] dhlakama…: it’s typically this, your mind-construct, that I wish to be exposed to as often as possible, I don’t care to match it, but simply to be a lifetime student of & to it!

Just add me mkoma. thank you!
[1/30, 6:14 AM] mdmawere1: Imagine I am dead today, who would do this for you?

Imagine further that I am connected to a minimum of 10,000 people on this platform. Would you wish me to act as a group admin with the creator’s time, or you would be provoked to be the change so that I am spared the use of time for admin duties for free?
[1/30, 6:21 AM] dhlakama…: do you begin to see the refreshing evolution of your linguistics from the savage mediaeval prose that was a wrecking ball to our fragile minds that I took you to task to transform on X?

it is, in my limited view, the linguistics that dwindled the historical lively exchange on your X timeline. People simply fled because comprehension had shrunk with your terroristic verbiage! Now I can follow this half asleep, thank you.

I only hope to be a part of your community on social networks. I guess it will be a single destination where there is intelligent debate.
[1/30, 6:22 AM] dhlakama…: I got your number from there
[1/30, 6:42 AM] mdmawere1: Thanks for the response. Would you want to be part of an institution-building project so that an open platform can be created by people like you who know or ought to know that anything for free is soon dead?
[1/30, 6:48 AM] dhlakama…: do I correctly read an inference to some kind of subscription? Or it’s just my paranoia in overdrive?

I care to be a part of a community of ideas driven by you.
[1/30, 7:15 AM] mdmawere1: You are correct. I am sure you will agree absent giving up something of value to bridge to an equivalent value, then expropriation of time, the currency of life, would be the consequence.
[1/30, 7:33 AM] dhlakama…: cut to the chase, the conditions are?
[1/30, 7:52 AM] mdmawere1: There is no chase unless you wish me to be admin. The annual fee is R1000.
[1/30, 8:16 AM] dhlakama…: and what’s the attendant package for the annual fee?
[1/30, 9:05 AM] dhlakama…: I notice that it has evolved into some kind of case study now.

what & where is this?
[1/30, 9:05 AM] mdmawere1: Are you a Christian?
[1/30, 9:13 AM] dhlakama…: clueless. Why do you ask?
[1/30, 9:14 AM] mdmawere1: This question is instructive
[1/30, 9:19 AM] dhlakama…: Could this escalation still be still hinged to my earlier request?

to answer you, I have not, to date, considered nor sought that label. so I can’t objectively answer you.

be that as it may, I don’t see a connection between my request and religion, but I stand to learn
[1/30, 9:20 AM] mdmawere1: Is there money and people in religion?
[1/30, 9:20 AM] mdmawere1: Is religion free?
[1/30, 9:36 AM] dhlakama…: mkoma. I am nursing some brutal kingsized hangovers now. my head splits. your relentless savage & merciless meandering interrogation of myself didn’t help things.

good day dziva.

can’t help thinking sometimes that your essence for being is to terrorize hapless little people: one time with your deep and colorful language, the next with seamless, brutal interrogation!

good day.
[1/30, 9:44 AM] mdmawere1: Please forget my number. There is no time to waste. Like you, I only have 24 hours in a day.
[1/30, 9:51 AM] dhlakama…: I want to learn from you, less your not-too-subtle terrorism. you deny me to apprentice under yourself?
[1/30, 9:52 AM] mdmawere1: Do you agree that you and I are equal? We have only 24 hours in a day. If everyone who wants to learn believes they are entitled to do so, then please give them time touse use it for you alone.
[1/30, 9:57 AM] dhlakama…: It’s a-given.

what’s terribly wrong with me joining your 30k + community members and learning quietly therein?

neither ripple nor any untoward mischief from myself. just some well-behaved participatory student?
[1/30, 9:57 AM] dhlakama…: It’s all I ask
[1/30, 9:58 AM] mdmawere1: Who is going to provide free time to administer the program?!
[1/30, 10:05 AM] dhlakama…: I imagined the 1000zar was channeled towards that,, among other things that am still to learn, the content of the knowledge systems is topical amongst that!
[1/30, 10:06 AM] mdmawere1: Ask yourself if the content is free and self-creates.
[1/30, 10:10 AM] mdmawere1: No outline at all. You owe nothing,hing and I owe nothing. Never expect anything of value to you to cost another person and then ask the targeted person to be a salesperson for you
[1/30, 11:02 AM] dhlakama…: This is quite an escalation! never imagined it would go this much off-tangent to my anticipated destination! we learn every day
[1/30, 11:03 AM] dhlakama…: thank you
[1/31, 8:35 AM] mdmawere1: [1/31, 8:31 AM] Frederick Kyle: The facts are chilling, interesting, and somewhat complex, but with an organogram showing who is who in the Zoo, so to speak, it is not complex at all.

What I don’t understand is why it is so difficult to present this to the South African courts so they can see the grave errors and injustices and make corrective orders.
[1/31, 8:35 AM] mdmawere1: Thanks. Understand from whom one may ask. The next person would ask if it is not done. Who is to do it? Dr. Shumba? Why? Others would say it is Mawere’s problem and he knows all the facts. However the documents have existed and you will note that none of them were directed at me, and if they were I would have needed to be a little Jesus to know which document fits where. What is it that we learn? We are all humans of flesh, and expecting one to be exceptional is fatally defective.
[1/31, 9:30 AM] dhlakama…: morning.

I dnt wish to dilute the richness of the content in the voice texts by passing comments on it.

If I may be indulged at the expense of your time; do you hold seminars and symposia often to share these diverse knowledge systems to wider audiences?

I would venture, timidly,, of course, at the risk of a brutal backlash from yourself & correctly so, that it’s perhaps both selfish and criminal for one so deeply endowed with such diverse knowledge systems to not share to wider audiences! There ain’t no obligation, of course, but just doing a good turn to the universe.
[1/31, 9:31 AM] mdmawere1: Morning
[1/31, 9:33 AM] mdmawere1: Have you understood that I am a human of flesh? If so, the question exposes your state of mind,,, which lacks recognition of this universal limitation.
[1/31, 9:47 AM] dhlakama…: Do you agree that a gifted person hardly ever recognizes their gifts? because it’s perhaps all natural & mundane to themselves; there ain’t no rocketscience to it so to speak?

there are ppl with alphabets after their names, but they spout out nonsense at every turn, leaving us,s the unwashed public wandering at the value of these PhDs and professorships & indeed at the value of obtaining a global education system.

that you have limitations is a given. everyone does. and it’s also a given that perhaps you are better mentally and intellectually equipped than most to be a benefit to wider audiences. if only for selfish reasons, I want to be a part of that audience.

For argument’s sake, would you care to point to a single college curriculum that encapsulates all the knowledge in the 20-minute voice note that you sent me???
[1/31, 9:49 AM] dhlakama…: I reckon you’re getting some of your own back. I learned from you to be brutally honest!
[1/31, 9:50 AM] mdmawere1: Do you ever respect advice? Organize and not agonize. Respect time and the creator’s limitations.
[1/31, 9:51 AM] dhlakama…: let me learn.
[1/31, 9:51 AM] dhlakama…: hoping to get another dose soon. thank you
[1/31, 9:59 AM] mdmawere1: This is it. An inconsiderate mind is a destructive one
[1/31, 10:13 AM] dhlakama…: perspective….

inconsideration / zeal!
[1/31, 10:34 AM] mdmawere1: Learn to learn on your own

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