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Tinashe Mupasiri



31 January 2024

In pursuit of fortifying South Africa’s digital landscape, Telkom has announced the allocation of its R5.9 billion investment, pledged at the last South African Investment Conference, to support the upcoming national general election. The telecom giant aims to bolster connectivity through the deployment of advanced 4G and 5G network infrastructure across the nation.

Mr. Serame Taukobong, CEO of Telkom

Telkom’s commitment aligns with its broader vision to emerge as the preeminent digital infrastructure company, driving South Africa’s digital future by leveraging its integrated ICT infrastructure and capabilities. The company is dedicated to developing solutions that enhance customer experiences, foster growth in enterprises, and empower small businesses.

Mr. Serame Taukobong, CEO of Telkom, emphasized the pivotal role of investment in South Africa’s economic development, productivity, and job creation. In response to the President’s call for increased economic investment, Telkom sees its substantial pledge as a contribution to the nation’s progress.

A longstanding and successful partnership exists between Telkom and the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), having collaboratively executed six national general elections and five local government and municipal elections since 1994. Mr. Taukobong expressed Telkom’s readiness to provide national digital connectivity, reinforcing the IEC’s critical role in the democratic process.

“Digitalization is integral to South Africa’s economic development,” affirmed Mr. Taukobong. Telkom’s infrastructure serves as the backbone of the nation’s economy, supporting essential service providers such as banks, retailers, and the mobile sector. The company’s overarching goals include accelerating mobile growth, promoting high-speed broadband adoption, expanding the network, and connecting South Africans to a better life.

Telkom’s latest investment is poised not only to enhance digital connectivity but also to underscore its commitment to the democratic process, reinforcing the foundation for a robust and inclusive national election in the coming months.

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