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The post-colonial heritage of Zimbabwe is dark because the truth is often the victim of crafty operators like the 3 partners who purportedly established the law firm DMH Attorneys and celebrated 25 years of existence in 2023 in a colorful function attended by President Mnangagwa as the guest of honor.


Equally, contrary to the prescription of s 62(2) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe why is Mr. Colin Mtangi, Manikai’s cousin, refusing to shed light on information that is in his possession and has been so since June 1998 that the offices used by DMH ATTORNEYS were offices rented at EastGate offices by Africa Resources Limited (ARL), a company wholly owned by Mr. Mutumwa Mawere who caused DMH ATTORNEYS to have life without any funding from the founding partners or the President who was credited at the 25th anniversary of a firm he played no part in giving it life.

[2024/01/15, 13:41:35] TM: FYI
[2024/03/24, 18:31:52] TM: https://soundcloud.com/the-1873-fm/the-jli-ai-africa-towards-exposing-the-theft-of-fbc-bank?si=01ac046f78ee43ada18edb814b7fafaa&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing
[2024/03/24, 18:32:05] TM: Hi Mr Mtangi does this speak to what you know
[2024/03/25, 05:52:15] Collin Mtangi FB : Hi Mr Machiri.
Ive listened to the clip and it doesnt resonate with the little i know of how FBC came into existence.
As far as i know the founding father of FBC is none other than Mutumwa. I wasnt quite priviledged to know the other main players.
[2024/03/25, 05:52:18] Collin Mtangi FB : The other full details Mutumwa has it and should be able to give you.
[2024/03/25, 06:03:32] Collin Mtangi FB : By the way, the activities being mentioned in the audio are not known to me at all and its the first time Ive heard of Ret Col T Dube being mentioned as the founding father of FBC!!!!
[2024/03/25, 07:31:07] TM: Thanks Mr. Mtangi. I was trying to avoid talking to Uncle so that the facts could speak for themselves. Your version so far seems to have merit because I have verified that John Mushayavanhu’s bridge to the unknown bank was you. I have also verified that Mr. Gomwe was the founding Chairman of the Bank. Is my understanding correct? I have never heard of Mr. Dube being involved at all.
[2024/03/25, 07:47:36] Collin Mtangi FB : Thats true
[2024/03/25, 07:55:03] TM: https://vimeo.com/905561057

Mnangagwa officiating the opening of DMH offices
[2024/03/25, 07:55:31] TM: Good morning Mr. Mtangi, Sorry to keep bothering you with historical stuff. This video has been brought to my attention regarding the birth and establishment of DMH as a law firm. I have watched it several times but could not reconcile the assertions therein with what is generally known in the public domain that contrary to what Mrs. Manikai asserts as true and a fact that the first offices of the firm were a result of her personal effort and no mention is made at all as to who provided the rent for the offices which offices were ARL ZIMBABWE offices at Eastgate and who paid for the seed capital. It is significant that Mr. Manikai alludes to friends providing the funding but fails to disclose which friends did so and what caused his amnesia on the 25th anniversary of the firm.
[2024/03/25, 08:01:48] Collin Mtangi FB : Its true that those offices at Eastgate used to be ARL offices. However, I wasn’t involved in the intricacies of the change of hands from ARL to DMH.Unfortinately there wasnt anybody to challenge what she said nor would there have been an opportunity for anyone to do so.
[2024/03/25, 08:20:28] TM: Thanks for sharing your knowledge of facts. I have no personal interest to challenge any version that is historical and as such the truth must always inform a story. I shudder to think what would follow if fabrication of the truth becomes the norm. I have reflected on what you have shared with me and I am encouraged that it is not in your nature to deny what is known. Common sense would dictate that getting an office for a greenfield venture like DMH was on day 1 would necessarily have been preceded by contracts and security. I am not sure if I am making any sense that can be considered common?
[2024/03/25, 08:28:10] Collin Mtangi FB : You’re right but again those details are enshrined in the documents known by the parties involved in the contracts.
[2024/03/25, 09:00:44] TM: Do you agree with me that he who alleges bears the onus to prove the allegations because nothing self-creates. Mr. Manikai asserted in the video that is circulating that friends provided the seed capital but failed to provide any details. Incidentally, have you managed to watch the video so that we can talk to its content with some context?
[2024/03/25, 09:09:03] Collin Mtangi FB : I suppose in life you cant force a person what to say when you haven’t the opportunity to see the script and the speaker deliberately or otherwise avoids detail/s that the reader or listener would expect him to deliver. The truth is that both parties know the truth!
[2024/03/25, 09:28:24] TM: Thanks. However, the truth remains what it is otherwise Jesus would have to be invited to confirm. You encouraged me by confirming that you may have personal knowledge of the facts and thus no prejudice would be suffered by sharing or telling it as it unfolded. I am sure in the case of John Mushayavanhu, he would not seek to deny your role in bridging him to FBC Bank. History to me is a story and not an argument. It has no versions at all. Is it true that DMH’s first offices were at Eastgate?
[2024/03/25, 09:56:09] Collin Mtangi FB : Yes before they moved to their new offices
[2024/03/25, 11:06:53] TM: My uncle has not discussed with me his role in the establishment of DMH but I got curious to understand what prejudice Manikai and his wife from acknowledging the facts as they unfolded. There are many lawyers who live on a pay to pay basis for them to afford to pay rent at Eastgate. I hope you will not deny how you met Bill Bucknam and the late Eller.
[2024/03/25, 12:53:03] Collin Mtangi FB : With all due respect Mr Machiri, all the info you’re asking me MDM has all the details. MDM doesn’t lie and he all the records so plse avoid asking me for any verification you may need regarding his empire.
[2024/03/25, 13:45:58] TM: Thanks. I have learned from the Commercial Paper case that any search for the truth need not involve the direct parties as if in life anyone anticipates verification. For your information, the useful information about how Mushayavanhu for instance was hired was so beneficial that no alternative version exists. In this case, you have already confirmed that your cousin, Edwin Manikai’s version is at variance with the truth of the circumstances of the Eastgate office and also that a commercial office requires contracts. I am not sure what you wish me further to confirm with my uncle. If DMH self-created its birth, this would not call for any verification. Even Jesus did not write his own story and I see no reason for treating this search as no more than part of story telling.
[2024/03/26, 06:42:03] Collin Mtangi FB : Morn.
Read carefully what i said. Im not at variance with Edwins video clip. Youve stated that he mentions that he got seed money from friends but didnt mention names is that a crime? He catagorically admits that he got seed money from friends. Can you force someone to divulge the names and places if he doesnt want to do so? Infact he acknowledges the assistance he got from friends at inception of their law firm

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