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An Exposed Mind on How to Get Rich 2 – The Skills to Unlock the Doors of Success – Morgan Mandaza

Brian Kazungu



Morgan Mandaza - Inspired Entrepreneur Passionate about Personal and Community Development

Morgan Mandaza, 10/10/2023

Life is a journey that demands valuable, positive, and nurturing skills to lift you up from where you are to where you want to be.

Here are the skills that you can use to attain unimagined levels of success:


Meaning of Communication – It is the intentional and purposeful exchange of mutually beneficial data using common or easily agreeable symbols (Brian Kazungu)

Communication is one of the most neglected skills and yet it is an invaluable resource that helps you to achieve a successful and joyful life.

As such, it is critically important for organizations and individuals to master the art of effective communication and to also make sure that the message they convey is understood and well received.

In whatever you do, you must understand that what you say and how you say it matters the most in both your social and corporate engagements and thus the need to align your words with your vision and objectives (dreams).

You must be able to communicate with a sense of conviction and express yourself with the words with words that are spiced with a certain degree of inclusion, tolerance, and acceptableness so that your message can be well received and properly understood.


It takes self-management for you to be able to effectively manage your priorities and your time and for you to remain focused on things that really matter in life. Self-management includes managing your heart, your brains, and your body.

It is the first part of the equation towards experiencing a successful and fulfilling life.  Self-management determines who you ultimately become because success always follows a character.

As such, in the pursuit of your personal and business goals, you must guard what occupies your mind since what you imagine, visualize, and affirm is what determines your reality in the future.

In this life, the truth is that you are what you think and so, you must discipline your thoughts. Plant unto yourself a seed of self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-assurance in everything you do.

The way you view yourself determines your future. For example, your attitude, perception, and perspective are serious success factors which are all influenced by the quality of your thoughts.

You are the driver of your own life, if you drive it carelessly, disastrous damage will be your life’s portion.

Always remember that your self-management abilities are the vanguards success. Greatness and success are all dependent on your positive thoughts and bold actions and thus you must be able to tame your fears and make decisions that can move you towards your desired goals.


The relationships which you have with other people are the strong pillars from which all success and achievements in life leans on.

It is the relationships and networks you create that create a breeding ground for your success and greatness.

For example, a good choice of friends can be a device which will move you up to greater heights of success while a wrong choice of friends can plunge you into an abyss of chaos.

A relationship can either build you or destroy you, and so, you must be able to discern people beyond what your physical eyes can see especially by using the golden rule which says – Test Before You Trust.

Relationships can be strengthened by finding and adopting ways which helps to effectively handle disagreements and by developing a smart conflict resolution tactics.

In your engagements with people in any community, you make sure that you keep yourself sociable and positive minded so that you can attract people who can nourish your soul and uplift your spirit in the pursuit of your dreams.

Always surround yourself with visionaries, idealists and possibility thinkers because it is these kinds of people who adds to the quality of your life and helps you to achieve unimaginable success, greatness and excellence.               


Self-confidence simply means believing in yourself.

In this world which you live in, you must awaken the giant within you and convince yourself that you can create and achieve the life of your dreams. Believing in yourself is an attitude that you develop over time.

It takes your choice to believe in yourself!

Self-confidence is the grip that gives you power in the face of challenges. It helps you to learn from your mistakes, to develop new skills and to adapt to change.

It gives you a deep-seated belief that you have all what it takes to create your desired lifestyle. Self-confidence enables you to self-care. It makes it possible for you to overcome your fears and self-doubt.

When you have self confidence in life, you can pursue your passion with intense conviction and inexplicable zeal.

In conclusion, I would like to remind you and re-emphasize that you must strive to improve on your communication skills, learn self-management skills, adopt good relationship management approaches and be self-confident in the pursuit of your goals.

Keep blessed, stay focused and continue walking on the path of greatness because very soon, you will achieve your goals.

Morgan Mandaza is an inspired entrepreneur who is passionate about personal and community development. He loves to share life transforming information gathered from personal experiences as well as from reading books and doing business with various stakeholders.

Brian Kazungu is an Author, Poet, Journalist, and Technology Enthusiast. Websites: https://www.briankazungu.com https://muckrack.com/brian-kazungu https://www.amazon.com/author/briankazungu https://www.modernghana.com/author/BrianKazungu Email: [email protected] Social Media - Twitter (X) - @BKazungu - Linkedin - www.linkedin.com/in/briankazungu

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