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Key Testimony Regarding DNA Evidence Revealed in Senzo Meyiwa Murder Trial

In the ongoing Senzo Meyiwa murder trial, Forensic Analyst Captain Phineus Mmampshedi Masetla is set to take the witness stand again in the High Court in Pretoria. Today, we delve into the pivotal testimony provided by Masetla, specifically focusing on the DNA evidence collected from various swabs obtained from the crime scene. As the trial progresses, significant revelations have come to light, raising questions about the involvement of the five accused men in the soccer star’s tragic 2014 murder at the home of his then-girlfriend’s mother in Vosloorus, east of Johannesburg.

Mandla Wedu



The murder trial of Senzo Meyiwa, a revered South African soccer player, has gripped the nation’s attention. As the trial resumes, Captain Phineus Mmampshedi Masetla, a renowned forensic analyst, continues to shed light on the DNA evidence collected from the crime scene. Masetla’s testimony plays a critical role in establishing the involvement of the accused men and providing clarity regarding the events that unfolded during that fateful evening.

During his testimony, Masetla provided compelling evidence that excludes all five accused men from the checkered hat found at the crime scene. This revelation has significant implications for the trial, potentially pointing towards the presence of another party involved in the murder. Masetla’s expertise and credibility bolster his claims, further casting doubt on the guilt of the accused.

Additionally, Masetla highlighted another crucial finding related to the DNA analysis conducted on swabs obtained from inside the house. He stated that the DNA of three of the accused was conspicuously absent from these swabs. This revelation brings forth a puzzling question: if the DNA of the accused men is not found at the crime scene, could it indicate an alternate narrative or the involvement of additional individuals?

Moreover, Masetla’s testimony disclosed an important detail regarding blood traces, which were found and matched with Senzo Meyiwa’s blood samples. Specifically, the blood was discovered near the TV stand and the kitchen. These findings further substantiate the connection between the crime scene and the victim, lending support to the prosecution’s case.

As the trial proceeds, the revelations provided by Masetla’s testimony warrant careful consideration as investigators and legal experts strive to untangle the web of evidence and bring justice to Senzo Meyiwa. The exclusion of the accused from crucial DNA samples, the presence of matched blood traces, and the discovery of the checkered hat open new avenues for investigation and challenge the initial assumptions made in the case.

Captain Phineus Mmampshedi Masetla’s testimony in the Senzo Meyiwa murder trial has exposed significant discrepancies regarding DNA evidence collected from the crime scene. As the trial continues, these revelations cast doubt on the involvement of the accused men and prompt further inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the soccer star’s tragic murder. With each piece of evidence, the truth comes closer to the surface, and justice for Senzo Meyiwa draws nearer.

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