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zwnews24 partners PropertyEnd.com, Africa’s smartest property portal



zwnews24, an online news platform with the mantra “The fact or nothing”, has partnered with Propertyend, a United Kingdom based online property services provider whose mandate is to help property buyers and sellers connect through a fact checking platform for real estate agents.

PropertyEnd is a real estate centred business which carries out an elaborate screening of real estate agents and land developers across the African continent in order to remove the fears traditionally associated with buying and selling of property.

Speaking to zwnews24, Peaceful Chimbwanda, the founder and CEO of Propertyend highlighted the various reasons behind their approach to the property industry.

He said that stories of buyers entering into a transaction for a property advertised by a seemingly genuine estate agent who only turns out to be bogus has pushed them to help with the checks and balances that enables people to make real estate transactions with confidence and a peace of mind.

“We do the hard work of carrying out all necessary due diligence so that any property listed on our portal is vetted and qualified as being from a genuine estate agent or developer in the respective country across Africa.” Said Chimbwanda

Speaking on behalf of zwnews24, Lovemore Chanengeta said that he is so excited to cooperate on a common cause with people whose basis for commerce is the lessening of burdens on behalf of others.

He said that their approach of checking the facts about the genuineness of real estate agents and developers before they make their listings on the Propertyend platform resonates with the fact or nothing mantra of zwnews24.

“This is why we have found it worthwhile to amplify the Propertyend message and good work to our valued audience so that they themselves can be saved from losing their hard earned money through some bogus actors in the property industry.” Said Lovemore

He added that the fact that people can now access the Propertyend portal directly from the zwnews24 platform gives him great joy in knowing that people are not only getting breaking and other related news about what is happening around the world but are also getting the right and trusted information which is critical in making a property investment.

Below is an extract of the interview between the zwnews24 team and Peaceful Chimbwanda, the brains behind Propertyend.

Peaceful Chimbwanda, the founder and CEO of Propertyend

zwnews24: Mr Chimbwanda, would you briefly describe the nature and business mandate of Propertyend.

Peaceful Chimbwanda: Propertyend.com, formerly known as Africa Abroad Properties, is an online African property portal linking sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants. Hosted and run from the UK, Propertyend.com is the ultimate go to place uniquely designed to bring all properties across the African continent onto a single platform.

zwnews24: What is the main motivation behind this Propertyend initiative?

Peaceful Chimbwanda: After struggling to find any meaningful property listings online, I imagined how much of my frustration was shared with many other people from Zimbabwe, or indeed other African countries, in the diaspora. In that moment of frustration, the idea for a trans-African online property portal was born.

zwnews24: What is it that sets you apart in a field that has so many people who are offering an almost similar service?

Peaceful Chimbwanda: We believe the relationships that we have cultivated with estate agents and developers on the African continent over the years gives us the edge. We have also developed a robust customer care culture which removes some of the fears associated with buying or selling a property in Africa.

zwnews24: What do you believe and understand are the main advantages to your clients when they make use of the Proprtyend platform in finding the perfect buyer or seller of properties in Africa.

Peaceful Chimbwanda: Propertyend.com is a one stop property market. It is as good as putting all African estate agents and developers on the same street, but only virtually. What we do for our customers on both ends of the market is the screening process designed to remove those fears traditionally associated with buying and selling of property on the African continent.

zwnews24: We understand that your initiative is a bundling of technology and real estate related services. Do you have any background in these two fields that could have also helped you in identifying the business opportunities behind your entrepreneurial drive?

Peaceful Chimbwanda: I left Zimbabwe in 1998 to study architecture at the Franklin Institute of Boston, Massachusetts in the United States of America. I also obtained a qualification in Management Information Systems before relocating to the United Kingdom in 2006 with my family. My stay in America and the UK has opened my eyes to the role played by a world class infrastructure in attracting investment.

zwnews24: What can you look back at and say that so far, this has been the major achievements of Propertyend.

Peaceful Chimbwanda: We have over the years built a business currently boasting a good portfolio of property listings all from regulated estate agents. Having some of best known estate agents in various African countries listing with us is a major highlight.

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