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Power Literacy – A conversation with Gwaradzimba on Public Trust

Peter Smith



On 30 January 2006, Gwaradzimba purporting to apply the Reconstruction Act of Zimbabwe in relation to the affairs of TAP Building Products Limited (TAP), asserted rights that he did not have or was given in terms of this draconian law and got away with $1 million in stolen funds that were paid to offshore accounts.

Gwaradzimba maintains that he should not be held accountable because he complied with a judgment that he fraudulent sought and obtained.

The following is a frank and honest conversation between Gwaradzimba and Mr. Mpasiri, who is a director of TAP and is trying to understand how it was possible to prosecute a lie and get away with the cash with impunity.

[2:57 pm, 22/02/2022] BOAF MPASIRI: https://iniafrica.com/index.php/2022/02/22/gwaradzimba-exposed-in-a-money-laundering-racket-in-zambia/
[3:08 pm, 22/02/2022] Gwaradzimba: Enjoy the words.
[3:15 pm, 22/02/2022] BOAF MPASIRI: I am enjoying and I am also learning that the arch of the moral universe is long and bends towards justice under rule of law.
[3:20 pm, 22/02/2022] Gwaradzimba: Inga zvako!!
[3:22 pm, 22/02/2022] Gwaradzimba: One day it will be a full circle with people you don’t know at all decide to just tarnish your image like you have decided to do with me. But, hey, it’s your time, enjoy as you’re doing.
[3:23 pm, 22/02/2022] Gwaradzimba: The online news media iniafrica.com is owned and run by MDM
[3:29 pm, 22/02/2022] BOAF MPASIRI: I grew up thinking that unemployment, poverty, and inequality were caused by things that we don’t see.

I have come to learn that when individuals have no respect for the rule of law and no regard for property rights, economic development is a mirage and you have been party to undermining the future of many Zimbabweans.
[3:30 pm, 22/02/2022] BOAF MPASIRI: I thought you finished MDM.

When are you paying back the money you stole from TAP?
[3:52 pm, 22/02/2022] Gwaradzimba: Obviously you’re referring to someone or something else. Up to today, all my life has always been to do with the objective to achieve equality and freedom (this is what I believe to be what makes me), and one day you will know that. I will never go about disparaging anyone’s name, but just do my professional work as I should. And you will agree, you have and will never ever hear me publicly talk bad about you or anyone. And I think that’s the biggest difference between you and me. You’re everything – applicant/prosecutor/jury/judge. You have done everything required and have found me guilty to the extent you found it necessary to tell the world!!
[3:53 pm, 22/02/2022] BOAF MPASIRI: You stole money. Payback the money.
[3:56 pm, 22/02/2022] Gwaradzimba: I can hear words of you, something which makes me feel sorry for you, and even sympathize..
[4:00 pm, 22/02/2022] BOAF MPASIRI: How can you feel sorry for me when my fight is that, justice under rule of law be the heritage of the people of Zimbabwe and the rest of the African continent. You ought to feel sorry for yourself, masquerading with a CA badge, yet a criminal. Any criminal conduct is a disgrace to the CA profession.
[4:12 pm, 22/02/2022] BOAF MPASIRI: Mr. Gwaradzimba, I am a director of TAP and owe a fiduciary duty to the company I serve. You lied to me that SMM was a shareholder of TAP and you were required by the Reconstruction Act to pursue all the assets deemed to be SMM assets. The facts are known to you today and in 2004 have not changed. In short, there was never a shareholding relationship between TAP and SMM as you told me. What is your legal justification for asserting a crime based on fraud? I used to look up to you and AMG, but the documents in my possession confirm that AMG is nothing a criminal, money-laundering machine. After 18 years of abusing public power for your personal benefit, you must look yourself in the mirror and own up to your own deeds. Fortunately, when Mr. Nyambe starts singing, …
[4:18 pm, 22/02/2022] Gwaradzimba: I thought you would know why I feel sorry for you, but obviously there may not be that capacity.
[4:20 pm, 22/02/2022] Gwaradzimba: Your responsibility and duty to TAP would require that you do what you do professionally not to go and discuss your issues through the media.
[4:37 pm, 22/02/2022] BOAF MPASIRI: Are you a public office bearer? I thought you were an Administrator appointed by the minister and not a court unless you self-appointed.

If you’re an Administrator created by law, then I find it disturbing that you would not want to be subject to public scrutiny.

Once appointed by the minister, to assume the control of a juristic entity, you become an administrative authority, meaning that your authority is exclusively based on the operation of law to exercise or perform any administrative power or duty.

I have been seized with the reality of your decision to apply a Zimbabwean statute in Zambia on the basis that to the best of your knowledge, SMM has a shareholding relationship with TAP.

In as much as you may claim that you’re bound by the Kajimanga j…
[4:41 pm, 22/02/2022] Gwaradzimba: Interesting, your understanding of public scrutiny.
[5:00 pm, 22/02/2022] BOAF MPASIRI: The man I look up to is Thomas Jefferson, who said;

“The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.”

“When a man assumes a public trust, he should consider himself as public property, and justly liable to the inspection and vigilance of public opinion.”
[5:06 pm, 22/02/2022] Gwaradzimba: Inga wakaverenga!
[5:07 pm, 22/02/2022] BOAF MPASIRI: So Mr. Gwaradzimba, I hold you accountable as a trustee of public power, and as such you’re public property and as such, you cannot escape my scrutiny
[5:07 pm, 22/02/2022] Gwaradzimba: Inga unesimba rakakura chaizvo.

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