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This Version of Love (A Poetry Anthology) Book Review

Earnest Sitshebo



1. Book Title: This Version of Love (A Poetry Anthology)

2. Author: Audrey N. Chirenje

3. Release Date: 30 October 2023

4. Lessons/Themes/Insights

This is a must-read anthology written by Audrey Chirenje. Once you get hold of the book and delve into its pages, it is tangible; it can be felt and above all addictive.

This is a suitable anthology set book for junior and high school literature learners. It is an unputdownable collection of LOVE poetry. It is a LOVE anthology extraordinaire.

This book contains a variety of lessons, themes, and insights, including:

· Love is a commitment between two uniquely different beings.

· Love is a game of compromises exchanged by two hearts – it takes two to tango.

· Love cannot be copied or duplicated. Everyone has their own version of love.

From reading the anthology, This Version of Love, you realise that when one loves, he/she walks by faith, lives in a world of fantasy, experiences life in dreamland and enters the spiritual realm of love.

The same love bird also gets into the reality world, experiences concrete operational love; becomes desirous, faces challenges, fears, doubts, vicissitudes, trials and tribulations, temptations, defeats, victories; and triumphs of good over evil.

Life Lessons from reading this book:

· With love nothing is impossible because GOD is LOVE; He fearfully and wonderfully created every human being with their unique version of LOVE.

· Love is a series of events, moments, a comedy of errors, decisions, and indecisions

· Love has battles to be fought and won, so one needs to fight spiritual, mind and physical battles in order to triumph over Satan and his hordes and legions of demons.

· Love needs to be played by unwritten rules and mysterious regulations that keep on changing to suit the lows and downs of a relationship.

· Love is relation-based, common ground has to be sought and more-so, tolerance, patience, and forgiveness are some passwords that need to be known and believed and put into action

· Love is a doing word. When one is in LOVE, they ought to express it through action by sharing it.

· Love is not selfish; it needs to be lavished on a ‘give-and-take’ basis.

· Love is possessive; it is an exchange of vows, beliefs, emotions, likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, good and bad times alike.

. Love is double-sided like a double-edged sword. Yes, indeed LOVE thrives on sacrifice.

· Above all else, love is a sacrifice and indeed GOD is LOVE.

One quote from the book

‘My greatest desire which was also my greatest fear was finding someone who loved me. Then, I would let my guard down and love them back. What if he then figured I wasn’t good enough? I have finally understood what love is.’ Page 38

What made you angry in reviewing the book?

No mention of ‘GOD is LOVE’ and that true LOVE never sleeps nor slumbers.

What was the climax?

The realisations that LOVE is a commitment, it is knowledge, it is dying to oneself, it is righteous, dedication, duty, bittersweet, and an obligation.

Reviewed by: Earnest Sitshebo – Educationist, Curriculum Development Specialist, Humanitarian and Rights Activist.

Mobile: +263774030277

E-mail: [email protected]

X (formerly Twitter): @sitshebo1

Instagram: esitshebo

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