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Towards the target 10,000 Points of Light (POL) – Meet Ms. Lebogang Kepadisa

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Below is a thread that is drawn from the BOAF AGRI ESWATINI group that was created to provoke and inspire the building of circles to solve problems.

What is a FARMER? may seemingly sound like a silly question but when properly construed, a farmer has to satisfy the first condition – the person must be a human being first and secondly, the person must be a forward-leaning individual who is a problem solver.

The conversion of a seed to a crop is a multidisciplinary one and this alone is instructive in the overall scheme of things.

The conversation below may assist in helping to shape and define the personality and character of BOAF.

[11:56 am, 19/01/2022] Lebogang Kepadisa: Good day. My name is Lebogang Kepadisa and I’m so excited to be in this group.  I’m looking forward to connecting with other individuals within the platform and learning from what is shared on the group and what I can share just from my personal experiences.

[11:56 am, 19/01/2022] mdmawere1: Good morning Lebo. Welcome.

[11:58 am, 19/01/2022] mdmawere1: Feel free to share what is happening in your life or what is your mind. A group will never collapse into some group thinking allowing for a single person to wait for another to share the reality that is one’s life.

[0:15 pm, 19/01/2022] Lebogang Kepadisa: Thank you so much for the warm welcome.

By profession I’m a Fashion communication strategist and buyer. Im quite passionate about developing middle to lower income households that are designers or run a store and building their brands into a new age digital platform for the benefit of trading within the African continent.

I’ve recently met Tinashe Mpasiri and I’ve been learning from him and what he has been sharing However Tinashe said he gets tired of one-on-one session with me. So, he requested that I add 10 names to my circle of individuals who also want to learn from his experiences and those of others within his network.

I have learned that shareholders do not own companies but are just holders of a share certificate.

I’ve also learned that control of a company is vested in the directors.

I’ve learned a company does not exist but individuals do who act in the name of the company. I was intrigued by this different way of thinking and I find it really refreshing because I was ignorant on these matters. I never asked myself why I need a company having incorporated one. I did not understand the role of a director and I believe that if I’m better informed on these matters, my future is bright.

[0:19 pm, 19/01/2022] Lebogang Kepadisa: I also learned that BOAF is an idea. It got me thinking about many other things that I thought existed actually don’t exist but human beings do. I learned of the power of birthdays as a bridge to connecting with individuals whom ordinarily in the course of life one may never come in touch with or connected with. I find the C2C initiative remarkable in building a community of individuals who share the same values.

[0:39 pm, 19/01/2022] mdmawere1: Thanks. It is great to know a communication strategist and your share is the best testimonial of this. Thanks to @Tinashe Mpasiri who has been and continues to be an ambassador of connected, equipped, and inspired individuals who subscribe to the idea of diversity and inclusivity based on value add. There are far too many people who expect to be led forgetting that no human being was created and born to lead others when we all live in the present and are self-interested to pursue happiness without acting as agents of others. The idea of retailing knowledge is not only limiting but is a time-waster. Wholesaling ideas and knowledge to execute them hold a better promise. Are you aware that we have two websites www.iniafrica.com and www.zwnews24.com that have been made available by one of the BOAF members to make forward-leaning individuals like you become visible, be heard, and be believed? If you are interested in being one of the shining stars that are often missing in groupings where leaders are sought without knowing that the person in the mirror often is the one you are waiting for, please raise your hand so that you can start publishing. The more you volunteer, the luckier you will always be.

[0:45 pm, 19/01/2022] Lebogang Kepadisa: I raise my hand to be a volunteer, I also learned from Tinashe that volunteering makes you stand out and that is how he met individuals like Patrice Motsepe.

[0:46 pm, 19/01/2022] mdmawere1: Imagine we had 20 people like @Tinashe Mpasiri, what would be the difference?

[0:46 pm, 19/01/2022] Lebogang Kepadisa: I’m sure there would be great change in our communities

[0:47 pm, 19/01/2022] Lebogang Kepadisa: Positive change

[0:47 pm, 19/01/2022] mdmawere1: Great. Will get you inducted into the 10,000 Points of Light so that you can unlock your full potential by doing and sharing your gifts to solve problems.

[0:52 pm, 19/01/2022] Mhlomuli Moyo: Welcome Lebo. You’ve been well informed.

[0:54 pm, 19/01/2022] Lebogang Kepadisa: I found this to be interesting in as far accelerating towards the BOAF 10,000 POL. On the left is Tinashe’s social media connections, Facebook 4 300, LinkedIn 7 555, phone book 7 239. Which already surpasses the 10k target.

[0:54 pm, 19/01/2022] Lebogang Kepadisa: Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I appreciate it.

[0:58 pm, 19/01/2022] Lebogang Kepadisa: Converting connections to communities

[1:03 pm, 19/01/2022] mdmawere1: Do you want to know my social media connections?

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