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Set Me Free – Poem by Pearson Kusekwa

Pearson Kusekwa



I stopped living

The day I came of age

Like Loki,

I’m burdened with great purpose

Dreams of a future

I want to have

Are haunting me

Please set me free

I’ve seen people my age

Leaving this Earth

With nothing to their names

Fate has wiped them from existence

I’m consumed by the fear

That I’m doomed to fail

Is this generation cursed?

Please Lord, set us free

I’ve seen things I can’t comprehend

My heathen heart

Is too weak to believe the signs

Oh Lord, free me from these chains

I don’t blame you

For this sealed fate

That’s biting our tails

But you can’t watch in silence

Give us strength

©Pearson Kusekwa

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