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Businessman Mutumwa Mawere to Relaunch His Book ‘When Minds Meet’ on World Press Freedom Day at The Royal India Restaurant, Sandton, South Africa

Brian Kazungu



Mutumwa Mawere

Brian Kazungu, 25/04/2021

Businessman, author and songwriter, Mutumwa Mawere is set to re-launch his book, the literary masterpiece, When Minds Meet on World Press Freedom Day, the 3rd of May this year at The Royal India Restaurant, Sandton, in South Africa.

This year’s Press Freedom Day theme ‘Information as a Public Good’ resonates with the book When Minds Meet, which according to Mawere, touches on critical issues that must be considered for the African continent to deliver the promise of a better life to its citizens.

The book which is a collection of articles that he wrote for various news publications on issues that are meant to form part of the conversations among Africans towards a better continent is a mind opening piece of literature on the realities that are prevailing in the continent.

Mawere, an academic of note whose scholarly exploits includes studies in Actuarial Sciences, Economics, Business Management as well as Finance and Investments done in various countries such as the UK, USA, Zimbabwe and Swaziland is also championing a Media Excellency initiative.

When Minds Meet which is made of up of 71 chapters and 436 pages, is an engaging, informative and enlightening piece of literature for anybody interested in knowing why Africa hasn’t made significant progress many decades after its independence.

It is also an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs, government actors, policy makers, donors and all those who seek to understand this continent and the world better.

Some of the chapters in this read-worthy book include, Justice and Fairness, State vs People, Poverty Fight, Government and Business, Nationalization, Inequality as well as Powerful Minority and Property Rights.

Much of the content in the book where he addresses a number of issues that needs attention if Africa is to rise up the global economic ladder is based on his personal experiences in the corporate world including a stint at the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation.

The United Nations said that this year’s Press Freedom Day theme ‘Information as a Public Good’ serves as a call to affirm the importance of cherishing information as a public good, and exploring what can be done in the production. Distribution and reception of content to strengthen journalism, and to advance transparency and empowerment while leaving no one behind.

In the same vein, through C2C platform, Mawere is engaging journalists from different countries towards helping them to factually report information on issues in various communities in a way that enables the audience to make better informed decisions.

While explaining the Media Excellence initiative, Mawere said “excellence in the media industry can be achieved only when the hearts and minds of the consuming public are persuaded to learn, unlearn and relearn about what is required to lift the standards of journalism to the ideal that powered the idea that informed the genesis of the profession.

The book re-launch which is powered by the Africa Heritage Society, 1873 Network and Banking on Africa’s Future is set to be attended by various thinkers, academics and business people in the comfort of The Royal India Restaurant, a prime food and entertainment hotspot.

The Royal India Restaurant, a splashy food and events joint which is situated in Sandton is an inviting and serene place with a wide selection of wines, teas and other fast foods that can be best enjoyed either within the restaurant or in the comfort of your homes as a take away.

It is a very welcoming and accommodating place for those who want a perfect outing be it for business or for leisure and it has the capacity to accommodate a considerable number of people especially for seminars, retreats and parties across all the seasons.

Besides the wide range of dishes and the beautiful ambience of the environment for hosting events, there is also a wide selection of beverages such as the Masala tea and wines such as the Lavo wine range which can be found at this exquisite hospitality establishment.

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