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Tinashe Dereck Goredema – As Long as I Have My Camera with Me, I Will Not Stop Taking Pictures.



Art has a way of capturing the hearts and minds of people across the racial, religious and political divide, with artists being celebrities in most societies, be it they are musicians like Michael Jackson, actors like Jean  Claude van Damme, painters like Leonardo da Vinci etc.

In all this, there is another form of art which even though it may not produce as many celebrities as other artistic fields like those mentioned above, it makes sure that the most important moments of life are captured for memories, reference and evidence among other reasons.

This kind of art is called photography.

Photography as an art has evolved over the years, with serious changes in the quality of pictures that are produced, and the various ways of storing and sharing the captured moments also changing with the times.

Nowadays, besides the traditional camera, people, whether as a hobby or for something work related, they can now also use their smart phones to capture some of the best quality pictures ever seen, despite having gone for formal training as photographers or not.

Because of an increase in the use of the internet, people can now take photos and share them online especially on social media for different reasons while some can even try to sell their photos to various companies such as Getty Images and Fotolia which buy and sell stock images.

Zwnews24.com’s Brian Kazungu had an interview with Tinashe Dereck Goredema, a man whose heartfelt passion and hobby of capturing captivating images especially of unique objects, places and nature is gradually getting him attention from people who appreciate the beautiful of photography.

Zwnews24: Would you briefly describe yourself so that your followers, the picture or photo lovers, can have a clear picture of who you are and what you stand for as a photographer.

TDG: Well, I am someone who has had a passion for capturing memories of places and events that I have been to. However, it took me a long time to realize that I could actually take good pictures. I have always been fascinated by nature, be it trees, flowers and wildlife. I’m just someone who wants to create images that are totally different from what we have been accustomed to seeing and that keeps pushing me to stretch my mind and take adventures with my abilities when it comes to photography. 

Zwnews24: What is your motivation behind photography as your hobby or career? Is this something that you have always wanted to do and to be when you were young or it’s a completely different story?

TDG: To be frank, I never thought I would take this seriously but I once got a Samsung J3 smart phone which had a good camera. It inspired me into taking pictures everywhere I go, and up to now, photography is my thing .That phone made me want to pursue the art of photography even further.

Zwnews24: Did you formally study Photography at any institution or it’s just something in you, a passion that drives you?

TDG: Never ever! I have never attended any formal training in photography, but it’s something that I look forward to do. I want to sharpen my skills towards being the best possible professional photographer.

Zwnews24: When and how did you notice that there was something special about pictures or photos, like a beautiful relationship between you and the art of photography?

TDG: I believe when you have done well, you feel it within yourself that this is it. That’s the feeling I got when I took photos. Later on, I started getting responses from people concerning photos that I took and posted on Social Media. This, on its own made me to really appreciate what I was doing. Most importantly and remarkably, there was a picture I took of a flower. It is a beautiful picture that made me to see that with photography, I might be onto something.

Zwnews24: Given a chance or opportunity, would you take photography as a career or profession? Is it something that you can be prepared to go to school for and learn for you to be a better photographer than what you are? 

TDG: Passion is what has driven me to keep on loving photography and this would be one reason I could take it as a professional career. I feel like you should pursue something that is heartfelt. 

Zwnews24: What exactly is it that makes you want to capture a specific something on your camera?

TDG: When you are travelling, there are scenes and sights that just captivate you, and I feel that this needs to be captured. I always follow that lead.

Zwnews24: What has been people’s response to your photography and how does it make you feel to receive such feedback when you are doing something that you love to do? 

TDG: A lot of people kept on telling me that I’m on the right path with photography and this has helped me to continue on this journey. Some people were and are even surprised by the pictures that I take. There are some who even doubt when I tell them it’s me who took the photos. This alone confirms to me that these pictures are unique and beautiful.

Zwnews24: Do you look forward to continue with photography or it’s just something temporary that you are doing to pass time and release stress in a country that is tough to live in at the moment because of the economic situation?

TDG: As long as I have my camera with me, I will not stop taking pictures. Photography is something that I take seriously and as such, I don’t see myself stopping along the way.

Zwnews24: Based on your experience in this field so far, what can you say are the advantages of photography to yourself and to those who love the photos that you take or those who are passionate about photography in general?

TDG: Photography is one art that will definitely open doors for you if you do it well and when you engage in it passionately.

Zwnews24: If you were to recommend someone to follow the path that you have chosen? What is it that you would say as words of advice or encouragement?

TDG: I would say this is a beautiful pursuit but it is something that requires passion and patience. More so, when you perfect your art, it can also be financially rewarding.

Zwnews24: What do you think is the relevance and impact of photography in your community, in your country or across the whole world? Do you think the art of photography should be recognized, celebrated and be promoted in our society? Share your reasons.

TDG: I believe we should be able to embrace photography as a worthy real art because it’s another form of storytelling and it also helps us to promote our cultures and showcase our lifestyle to people in other countries. As such, you can see that it will and can work as a powerful instrument to promote our tourism, for example, in this case, when a true reflection of Zimbabwe is captured in photos and broadcasted to the world, people would be interested in coming to our beautiful land.

Zwnews24: How deep is your passion for photography? What have you already done, what are you planning to do and how far would you go to promote photography in your community, in your country or across the whole world?

TDG: I have a deep passion for this art to the point whereby I am aiming to invest intensively in acquiring a proper set of tools to improve the quality and nature of my work.  I would want my art to be an inspiration to many people to such a point that they can also desire to follow photography as a hobby or even as a full time job. I think getting my work to a broader populace will help promote the work I do. 

Zwnews24: Are there people or organizations that you would like to acknowledge and credit, be it for their emotional and material input or contribution (support) towards your work?

TDG: The journey would not have been possible without the support of my family and friends, who recognize, appreciate and promote my gift. My aunty, Claris Wadzanai Goredema, I’m grateful for her wise counsel and support. My brother and friend, Simba Huni has been very supportive and he has actually also taken up photography after being inspired by my work. I’m thankful to zwnews24.com for giving photographers such platforms to exhibit their work since this goes a long way in promoting photography. Over and above all, I thank God for making it possible and for making me to appreciate the beautiful things in life so that I can capture them and also inspire others.

Zwnews24: Who can you say is your role model in this kind business? Your inspiration, which is a person who makes you want to do it better every day? 

TDG: I would say my uncle, Baynham Goredema. He has been able to make a living out of it. To him, it’s not just a passion; it’s a means of life.

Zwnews24: What is it, whether material or otherwise, which you can look at and say, because of or through photography this is where I am now?

TDG: My artwork: the photos that I have taken so far, is my achievement. Sometimes, I look at some of these and get really amazed that it was me who was able to do this. 

Zwnews24: Which places, both locally and abroad that you have not visited before which you would want to go and indulge yourself in the world of photography? Those places which you say to yourself, if I can go there just for the sake of pictures, my spirit will touch the skies!

TDG: I would want to go back to a place called Chihwitsi, down in Mashonaland Central in Mukumbura here in Zimbabwe. That’s one place I felt like there is a lot of room for me to exercise my art. I know I will get great photos from that area.

Tinashe Dereck Goredema is a photo enthusiast. He loves life and enjoys travelling. He believes in the miracle of photography in creating beautiful moments and priceless memories.

Twitter: @DereckGoredema

Instagram: @tinashe_dereck

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