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BOAF gets thumps up from Mr. S.S. Kadzunge

Peter Smith



The power of building circles to solve human problems is often ignored yet there is nothing that beats structure and order. Mr. Sedulous Simbarashe Kadzunge, a member of the 10,000 Points of Light (POL), observed as follows after listening to a conversation between two members of BOAF who are part of the initiative to build a bank of hope whose currency are the human beings in it:

“From this educative dialogue, I have understood the importance of building an information hub, for research, teamwork, and problem-solving purposes.

Sometimes, we as Africans have African problems which need African solutions, for example; many aspiring web developers and entrepreneurs who want to explore the e-commerce field, don’t even know that there are some payment gateways that don’t integrate with our local banks e.g PayPal here in Zim (due to sanctions and isolation) but if we have someone in our information hub who would write articles about which gateways work or not, that would be an African solution to an African problem.

I agree ICT is the world’s future and indeed a community needs to be set up so that we can pull through together, resulting in great innovation.

We have many science students who bloom once they get out of the country, doing wonderful innovations, why? Because there is no local community that exhibits awareness of local talents and expertise, we simply don’t know each other and because of that, both local funders and local talents don’t know where to connect – a problem to be solved by this Knowledge Base.

There is a local Zim guy who was headlining this past January because he developed a first-ever self-powered TV if he was amongst a community of other engineers, funders, etc..

That project would go far and the community would benefit as students and fellow tradesmen would have someone to share experiences and look up to.

Sharing is power and so does knowledge.

I’m surprised that Mr. Mpasiri is not a lawyer and at the same time, I’m seeing that we can have many Mpasiris if knowledge gets accessible to the public. JUROL can make people be aware of their constitutional rights, their limitations, and of those who lead them.”

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